Review: Schwinn Midmoor Men’s Hybrid Bike

Commuting through the confines of the city often makes for a claustrophobic feeling. The everyday ride to work and then back home with the odd stop along the way might not be ideal for many of our working fellas. Boys will, after all, always be boys: they just grow in size. So why should your spirit of adventure be taken away from you once you reach adulthood?

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The answer is simple: it shouldn’t. The Schwinn midmoor men’s hybrid bike is perfect for when you feel like being a kid again. Not only does it allow you to commute as your usual adult routine requires, but it lets you explore, venture, and discover new things inside and outside of your city.

This bike is proudly designed, manufactured, and sold by Schwinn, a tried and trusted American icon in the cycling industry. Not only do they display their passion for making bicycles within their product range, but they also strive to make it affordable to the public. Founded in 1895 they still adhere to old traditions of class, trust, respect, and quality for your money whilst continuing to produce innovative ideas for future generations to come.

21-Speed shifters

The midmoor hybrid bike comes equipped with 21 different gear shift settings making it possible for you to travel on any terrain. It is infused with Shimano technology like EasyFire to ensure that the rear derailleur will last for years to come. Take it slow when you’re out with your family cruising along the beach, kick it up a notch on those hectic mornings when you might be a bit late for work, or put it in gear in order to tackle those hectic hills or rocky roads. You are in control of the speed you go and the midmoor will help you get there, no matter what.

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SR Suntour suspension fork cushions

This bicycle knows that even when facing rough roads you still need comfort in order to concentrate on your journey ahead. It comes equipped with SR Suntour suspension forks cushions for extra careful handling on bad roads and when driving through potholes. The seat is padded for optimum protection where it really matters, so you don’t have to worry about any uncomfortable bumps and bends in the road. The swept back handle bars add to the comfort of riding this bicycle so your hands are taken care of as well.

Alloy linear pull brakes

The midmoor hybrid bike is enforced with alloy linear pull brakes, also known as V-brakes, which are usually used on extreme sports bikes. This means that you’ll have guaranteed safety and confidence when stopping. No more worrying about skidding, slipping, or sliding. Its 700cc wheels allow for a smooth ride, no matter what the terrain may throw at you. Its aluminium frame enhances its hybridity and allows you to tackle any type of weather without having to worry about it reducing in quality. It comes with a 5-year manufacturing warranty for if you have any problems… but we’re almost sure you won’t!

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