Review: Northwoods Ladies Springdale Hybrid Bicycle

The city and its rough exterior have a way of forcing us to toughen up in order to survive its urban qualities. Ladies will know how difficult it is to remain feminine in a world that requires us to toughen up. Every other aspect of our lives asks of us to keep a hard shell, why should our transport be the same?

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The Northwood ladies springdale hybrid bicycle is a bike that is built for women to enjoy this femininity on an individual level. Its petite exterior complements you in every way, but it shouldn’t be underestimated: it has the strength of a normal bicycle, too. It offers you the best of both worlds and allows you to commute to work leisurely or tackle tougher terrains that require a bit more elbow grease.

Northwood has been making and distributing bicycles for many years and their expertise cannot be beaten. They strive in serving the public in a professional way and put good old honest hard work in the products they produce. They make cycling affordable and enjoyable at the same time but offering bicycles of the best quality.

21-Speed shifters

This bicycle comes with 21 different gearing options so that you can tackle any type of terrain that might come your way. It is enforced with Shimano technology which means that your rear derailleur is reliable and efficient at all times. You are responsible for the speed of the bicycle so you can speed it up or take it down anytime you want to. Go slowly over those lush green fields in the park, race your way to work during your morning commute, or kick those gears up to get over steep incline hills. Versatility has never been this easy, or looked this good!

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Alloy rims and linear brakes

The springdale hybrid bike comes with alloyed rims to ensure that you get the best experience out of your ride. It is equipped with linear brakes, better known as V-brakes, which are usually applied to extreme sports bicycles. This means that you’ll be able to stop with confidence and know that you’ll be carried safely to the next stop sign. Tackle any type of weather conditions or road situations without having to worry about slipping, sliding, skidding, or gliding. The springdale is a true gentleman in the sense that it takes good care of his ladies.

Aluminium bike frame and 700c tyres

The frame of this bike is crafted specifically to support the female body. Its handlebars and seats are designed in such a way that you’re sitting in an upright position in order to prevent any posture problems. This doesn’t mean that it is uncomfortable – not by a long shot! Its 700c wheels ensure that you have a smooth ride on any type of road and that you don’t have to worry about any bumps that might pop up along the way. The frame and wheels work together to give you optimum performance so that you can handle those nasty potholes and tricky bends at every other turn… and you get to look good doing it!

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