Review: Pure City Cycles Classic Diamond Frame Bike

Tackling the rough environment a city has to offer can sometimes be even more daunting than tackling a mountain or bike trail. Your bicycle should be able to operate as a road bike and a BMX bike at the same time, because let’s face it: the urban lifestyle is a bit of an extreme sport on its own. It is for this reason that the Pure City classic diamond frame bicycle is the best buy for all your concrete jungle adventures.

This bike is made and produced by Pure Fix Cycles who pride themselves in designing bicycles suited for the modern day city slicker. They aren’t only in the business of making and selling bicycles, but they intend to celebrate cycling in its simplest and purest form. With every pedal you take you’ll feel the passion woven by this company in the finest detail of the bike, and you’ll definitely fall in love immediately.

The classic diamond frame bicycle brings the standard road bicycle to life in a modern sense by targeting those who are always on the move and have somewhere to be. Its features surpass their competitors, and with a lifetime warranty you’ll be able to take this baby to town properly!

Two different gearing options

The Pure Fix classic diamond frame bicycle offers you the option of choosing between two different gear settings so that you can enjoy your city to its maximum potential. Choose the 3-speed option for a lovely Sunday afternoon drive in the park, or switch to the 8-speed option in order to tackle those tricky hills and help you cart those heavy loads around. These gearing options have been designed with you, the consumer, in mind in order for you to get the most out of your cycling experience!

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Stylish yet practical

This bike doesn’t only look good, but it feels good, too! Its hi-tensile frame is made up of a high quality alloy that means you’ll be riding this bike for quite a few years! The flat bars have been designed for optimum comfort, and the saddle is equipped with springs so that you focus on the road without having to worry about any chafing.  Apart from the matching fenders, silver bell, and leather grips, this bike’s chain is also surrounded by a chain guard to ensure that your clothing stays clean and oil-free. Pure Fix really thought of everything when they designed this bike!

Rotating selection of parts

To make things even better, Pure Fix gives you the opportunity to customise this bike and make it your own! They offer a wide selection of different parts that you can add onto your bike like different style handlebars, saddles, foot straps, and even water bottle cages. These parts are constantly in rotation which means that there is a constant upgrade of different styles for you to choose from!

This product has been rated a well-deserved 4 out of 5 stars on which is no wonder at all. When it comes to style, comfort, and uniqueness this bike tops the charts in all ways possible!

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