Best Zipper Binders 2018

A zipper binder keeps your documents, stationery, notes, tab, cell phone and much more all in one place for you.

For the neat geeks and for the capricious freaks this is the best thing to have.

After a thorough research, we have short-listed the 5 best zipper binders that you might want to consider.

Best Zipper Binders 2018

Here is a quick look of the top 5 picks:

Top Zipper Binders Weight Color option? 
1. Five Star 1.5″ Zipper Binder 1.4 pounds Yes, 7
2. Case-it 3-Inch Zipper Binder 2.1 pounds Yes, 4
3. Mead 2″ Zipper Binder 1.6 pounds Yes, 3
4. Zippered Executive Ring Binder 1.5 pounds No.
5. Executive Zippered Portfolio 2.8 pounds Yes, 17

Check out the in-depth review below:

1. Five Star 1.5″ Zipper Binder – Best Zipper Binder Overall

With its simple design and more room for keeping all your stationery and files/papers Five Star 1.5″ Zipper Binder can organize your things in an appropriate sequence. The portfolio is efficiently-designed and is of high quality that promises durability.

The ring binder that this maestro has is of 1.5 inches that can hold up to 300 pages. These rings are smooth to open. Without any hard punch or pressure you could just open and attach your pages.

There are 3 pockets that let you extend your file and divide and organise things. So now you could assemble documents subject wise and finding it when needed becomes easier. For the stationery there comes a separate mesh zipper pocket that will separate all the stationery items like pens/pencil or something else from your documents.

The robust material used in this binder assures you to stay with you for years and would be able to take in whatever you throw upon it. There would be no complains and no falling apart, it stays strong and neatly manages all for you by apportioning all your things.

With all good in it, it gets the green signals the only issue some users encountered was the dividers not fitting in so well due to the closed round corners. For the rest it had, it was fabulous.


  • It has a plenty of capacity in it (up to 300 pages)
  • 3 pockets to divide and assemble things in a better way
  • It is durable
  • Mesh pocket for stationery


  • Round edges creates hitch in putting in standard sized dividers

2. Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-Inch Zipper Binder – Best zipper binder for school

With “Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-Inch Zipper Binder” now you could keep your work safe and efficiently organized with its five colours subject divider. Now your entire subject is sectioned and this makes you more efficient and prompt in class when finding your papers for any subject.

Here is what we admired the most, its built-in handle and the shoulder straps made it easy for the users to carry it around. Now you could just carry around the zipper binder without needing to hold it in hand or put in bag. This comes in handy in higher education and professional life where you don’t need textbooks to be carried along with; this one file does it all!

The angled corner zips and the spine of the binder is uniquely designed to make the file open wide. So now to take out files and papers you won’t need to put your hand in and then find things, which is in fact pain for the hands.

Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-Inch Zipper Binder comes with ample of capacity in it due to the numerous pockets it has got and especially the 3 inch rings in the binder make a whole lot of space for papers.

It comes in a strong Kraft board material that makes it be stiff and prevents it from folding or bending. The only thing that becomes an issue is the weight of this binder it’s a little bit heftier than the other binder but then of course a better material in spine and high quality ring explains it.

3. Mead 2″ Zipper Binder

Mead comes in a soft resilient fabric that makes the file more comfortable for you to use. The fabric gives it a comfortable exterior while the inside is made of sturdy plastic that makes it live for long.

It has a plentiful of space in it,  with the 2 inch rings  it can hold up to 380 sheets and the 6 pockets inside it can alone manage an extra 550 sheets. No wonder, you wouldn’t want to write this much, but if you do then you wouldn’t want to lose this much and that is why the space comes in handy.

The stylishly designed outside pocket doesn’t only looks phenomenal but it becomes very useful when you need a paper and a pencil/pen instantly for a sudden use. You won’t need to go through locks and zips to get these things. There are separate pockets of various sizes inside so that you could keep your accessories in it.

Being sturdy, roomy, neat, and stylish makes it a good choice there is a little flaw that the zipper that comes with it is doesn’t zip up till the extreme end. This means your small accessories might just slip out from that ½ inch gap unzipped if you just throw it inside.

4. Zippered Executive Ring Binder Portfolio

When style reaches to its peak it is then called “simple”. The simple plain burnished leather look of the cover makes it sophisticated for educational and especially all forms of professional purposes. The decent looking binder comes along with a note pad inside it.

The handle that comes along with the file makes it easy for mobility. You could just carry this around with all your things in it. Now-a-days technology is vital and carrying it around just gets simpler by putting it in the pocket given in this zipper binder. It can accommodate up to 10.1 inches of tablet in its pocket.

It comes along with a built-in calculator that makes calculations easier for you. Just open your folder and there you see a calculator ready to be touched. It has 3 rings in it for punching in documents; sheets could be placed in the pockets as well. It has got 5 card-holder slots so this becomes your secretary keeping it all for you in one place.

The brown classy folder is best for all professionals and higher education students. When it comes to students in pre-school or mid-school then we must say this won’t be the appropriate thing to go for! It is just not made for the rough-and-tough way of usage.


5. Executive Zippered Portfolio – Best premium Zipper binder.

For the leather aficionado who are looking for a folio befitting for educational or  professional purpose then  buy the Executive Zippered Portfolio that comes in 17 amazing colour complimenting all ages and group. So the students get the bright amazing colour and the brown and greys are for the sophisticated professionals.

If you have Mac book Air or tab that you carry around all the time then the pocket inside it will easily accommodate it for you. Any 11” tab /MacBook/ iPad can fit in secured by a strong smooth zipper that won’t rip off or break for a long time.

The leather is the salient feature of this portfolio; light to lightly pebbled grain leather has been used in this portfolio and is available in multi-colours. The leather is of first-class quality, leather connoisseur may easily judge it to be of good quality. It is smooth, glossy, refined, and well finished that must do perfect.

It has 2 pockets for the documents, 3 card holder pockets, and pen loops for pen. It can carry tech with the stationary essential and is light weight that makes it an ideal choice for the people always on the move to buy this. However, can’t be recommended to those who want to attach papers to rings and want portfolio mainly for documents carrying rather than for carrying tab and limited stationery.

Why a zipper binder?

Just imagine you have 100s of important documents to keep with you and may need these documents for years. There are high chances that you lose some documents and the paper may get eaten up and folded. Above all, finding a single document would be a torturous process of going through 100s of documents you have collected.

To organize your life and to save time you need a zipper binder for various purposes such as for educational use, professional use, keeping records of for instance your medical reports and stuff.

You could divide the documents according to subject or dates and this may make it very easy for you to then go through your documents and find the document you need instantaneously.

Most of the zipper binder comes along with a handle or shoulder straps that enable you to carry it along with you. The mobility of all your stuff makes it easy for you to carry it all the time and use it when needed. Otherwise, things wouldn’t have had been easy to carry.

A zipper binder just puts in all you’ve got in one place so your tab, sheets, utensils and business card are all in one file. There are several pockets that allow you to do this. For every item there is an appropriate pocket designed and you may have all the things in one file.

For every person the type of zipper binder they might need may differ on the basis of their requirements. You should know what’s best for you!

What zipper binder should you be looking for

A zipper binder for student

A zipper that a student may require should be preferably  sturdy because they use it every day and use it roughly, so for it to last for long it better has a sturdy interior and exterior. It should have pocket for stationery, for sheets and rings in it may also be preferred. As mostly students do not frequently carry tech with them so even if the binder doesn’t have any type of pocket for tab or similar thing it must not be an issue.

A zipper binder for professional

For a professional purpose especially for managers and CEOs it’s better that they go for the sophisticated zipper binders that are plain and simple in look and has sufficient space in it. They won’t need a lot of paper keeping, but they might need space for a tab, iPad or MacBook and thus they should preferably buy a zipper binder that accommodates these things.

A zipper binder for general purpose

Zipper binders is so useful that it is just not limited to professional or educational purposes. You could use it at home as well. A simple pocket zipper binder will do it for you. You could keep in it a few essential stationery and all the documents as your medical reports, the guarantee cards you get for several products that you usually lose when it’s needed,  and other important things. So if a binder has several pockets it perfect. You may not need rings in your  binder  as its mainly for handwritten notes  which isn’t a home thing to do so don’t go for that one because it makes the binder heavier.

The Competition: Other Excellent Zipper Binders

Genuine Bonded Leather Executive Zipper file

The versatile portfolio is best for business man/women. Its compact sleek and cutting-edge design just nails it! Its outer shell is finely stitched in burnished and smooth genuine bonded leather.  Due to the smooth texture that is easy to keep clean and due to the sturdy non- crackling leather, one can say this thing is going to last for long.

The 3 sided zipper zips up till the edge securing it from any type of dust water and makes it safe for usage. This comes with notepad and an in-built calculator all situated strategically making it look appropriate and organized. The calculated can used as preferred either detached or attached to the binder.

There is a pocket for sheets, a pocket for cards for e.g. business cards and stuff, and then the meshed zipper pockets ideal for the utensils and stationery.

Every pocket and accessory is situated such that it makes the binder look neat and organised; it suits best for the professional people. Its compact design accommodates a decent amount of load so not for those who carry around a whole stack with themselves.

Five Star Vertical Flip Zipper Binder

For mid-school students who are looking for a binder that is inexpensive and is a quality zipper portfolio Five Star Vertical Flip Zipper Binder would always a good choice. It comes in an incredibly low price for the features it offers it’s a good deal and is worth a shot.

Its sturdy spine and water proof material makes all our documents, utensils or whatever you keep inside secure. Parents with children who have a habit of using things ruggedly should definitely choose this for their children, this would surely last long.

There is an amazing and unique vertical flip feature. The files can be conveniently accessed when opened vertically due to the vertical extendable pocket this binder has got. This feature enables the user to position their files upright vertically thus occupying less space on the desk.

There is a capacity of the file is 580 sheets. It has got 3 removable rings; every user according to their preference may or may not use the file as ring binder. There are several pockets for various purposes for instance sheets or utensils.  The pocket which is cushioned intended for tab so that it is secure and safe there.

This comes in a moderate size and the vertical standing enables it to fit inside any standard sized school has comfortable shoulder straps so it could be carried easily. It can be fastened by clutch style lock it has got.

All over the thing is great except for the fact that the rings aren’t of that good quality it’s sometimes very difficult to open it and is flimsy as well. However, for the price and multi-features it has got, it’s a decent choice.

Case-it Open Tab Velcro Closure 2-Inch Binder

Your file can not get any better when it has multi-purpose pockets, rings, a soft exterior and an easy peasy Velcro closure. You would find all of this and a choice of 8 colours in the exciting Case-it Open Tab Velcro Closure 2-Inch Binder

The Velcro closure makes it very easy to open and close your file. Along with this it has the ring on one side and all the other pockets on the other side making it look organized and it helps in finding things immediately.

The exterior of it is soft and thinly cushioned, the mesh fabric would keep your things safe and at the same time can be compressed and doesn’t occupy much space in your bag.

There are five dividers in the ring folder and there are portions in the pockets for sheet that makes it easy for you to attach subject related documents. The file is designed to open wide and flat so that taking things out gets even simpler for you.

The Kraft board used in the shell of the file makes it sturdy and this assures you that your file would not bend or wrap.

The only thing that we found missing was a handle or shoulder strap but if you are either ways gonna place it in your bag then go ahead and make this your choice, it sure is a safe bet.


A systematic life saves you time, and time is money. You really wouldn’t want to waste time on taking care of your essential documents. So buy the best zipper binder and let it do it all for you. It will have a great impact on your performance, as it will organize things for you and put your things together for you so that you have it all in one place when you need it.

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