Best Wireless Speakers for TV 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Update 2017: Updated our Best Wireless Speakers For TV Comparison Table below for 2016. Also make sure to read the reviews before you purchase.

If you are an audiophile and your television’s sound is not good enough for you, then you must consider upgrading your whole sound system. Now, you can either go for a regular speaker system, with wires and all, or you can simply opt for wireless speakers that are much easier to install and operate and stream audio wirelessly for you.

Wireless speakers, specifically designed for televisions, have become increasingly popular nowadays. These speakers can work just as effectively as do the regular TV speakers, except that these don’t need wires to work with and can open up an array of options for you.

They usually come with a sound bar and a subwoofer, to produce top-notch, distortion-free sound quality, and gives you the best sound experience as you watch movies while in your cozy seat at your home.

Now, there are speakers that are compatible with only specific brands of televisions, but at the same time you can go for the ones that are compatible with any TV at all. Also, you need not to worry about the design of the speaker or the size of the place you plan to set it up in as they come in various sizes and shapes, making sure to meet all your needs.

Quick Picks: The Top 7 Wireless Speakers for TVs

Best Wireless Speakers For TVOverall RatingRelative Price
1. VIZIO S4251w-B4 A+$$$$
2. SONOS PLAYBAR TV Sound BarA+$$$$$$$
3. Samsung HW-H7500 A+$$$$$
4. Acoustic Research AW-871B$$
5. Samsung HW-H450 A$$

Factors to consider about wireless speakers for TVs:

In order to make sure that you get your hands on the best wireless speaker for your television, there are a number of factors you must take into account before making your purchase.

1) Sound quality:

There is definitely no point in buying a speaker that does not even produce the kind of sound quality you’ve had in your mind. So it is always advised to check the sound quality before you actually purchase the speaker.

Now you can simply check the sound quality empirically, by testing the speaker or you can just look at the following 3 measures that determine how amazing the speaker is likely to be.

Frequency: This shows the distance the speaker has the tendency to go up to. Frequency, measured in HZ, varies from 20-20,000. A speaker between the ranges of 50-20,000 is normally one worth having.

Watts: These measure the speaker’s maximum amplified power output, the greater the watts, the better the speaker tends to be.

Decibels: these show the effectiveness of the speaker to use the power from the amplifier. A higher rating would mean you can play your audio louder without having to bare any sound distortions.

2) Compatibility:

This happens to be the utmost factor you need to take into consideration while getting yourself a wireless speaker system. You need to check whether the speaker you have set your eyes on is compatible with your Television or not.

As discussed above, there are some speakers that are compatible with only a few TV sets, while there are also the ones that work with just about any TV set. In our honest opinion, it is always best to get one that is compatible with all TV sets ‘cause you never know when you might need to get a new TV.

However, if you do not feel the need of one with universal compatibility then there’s no harm in getting one that goes with yours and a few other television sets.

3) Cost:

Cost is something you can never overlook. You need to know how much you are willing to spend on a wireless speaker system before you go and search the market.

To your benefit, wireless speakers for TVs come in different prices, of course with varying features. So it becomes a must for you to know the size of your pocket and then make a rational purchase.

4) Special features:

You must look for special features in a wireless speaker system. This is so because a wireless speaker, no matter how great, can never produce a sound quality as high as that which comes from a proper home theatre system.

So to steer clear of any problems that may arise once you have purchased a wireless speaker, you should simply look for a wireless speaker complemented by special features such as subwoofers and sound bars, which further enhance the sound quality of a speaker, by generating deep and rich bass and minimizing any sound distortions as you turn the volume up.

The pros and cons of wireless speakers:


  • Saves you from the hassle of arranging wires, hence saving you a lot of your precious time.
  • Much easier to install and operate than regular floor speakers.
  • Do not require a lot of floor space.
  • More sophisticatedly designed, so may in fact, add colors to your living room.
  • Remarkable sound quality due to amazing amplified power.


  • Usually require a subwoofer, which may add to the overall cost of the speaker and will also require greater floor space.
  • Sound bars may make operating the speaker via remote control extremely hard and frustrating by blocking the TV sensor if it sits on the TV stand instead on the wall.
  • Some wireless speakers do not have remote controls, which makes it mandatory to program the speakers to work with the internal TV speakers. In extreme cases, you may actually have to disable the internal TV speakers and be forced to use your wireless speakers at all times.

Reviews of the Best Wireless Speakers For TV

1) VIZIO S4251w-B4

Best wireless speakers for TVVIZIO S4251w-b4 has to be one of the most elegant wireless TV speakers ever, which sure will make your lounge look livelier than ever.

However, looks are not what we need here, right? So let’s go on and see whether it works just as amazingly as it looks or not.

With a power output of 102Db, it promises to deliver the optimum sound quality any audiophile has ever wished for. And once combined with the subwoofer, it will produce an ever clearer and crispier sound quality, by emphasizing on every sound detail, and generating a great amount of bass with zero sound distortions even when you turn the volume to full.

Furthermore, unlike most of the wireless TV speakers, VIZIO S4251w-B4 comes with a mountable sound bar, saving you from any trouble or frustration of operating the remote control.

Moreover, with a length of 42” this speaker can easily cover a wide area and produce great volumes of sound. This sure will give you a cinema-like experience while at home!

All in all, VIZIO S4251w-B4, surely has everything that it takes to make a speaker worth having.


Sonos playbar happens to be one of the most popular wireless speakers for TVs. It has been given as high as 4.5/5 stars, which alone suggests how amazing this speaker is.

With 9 amplified speakers, Sonos playbar has the capability to produce an excellent sound quality. It can easily transform the surround sound into amazing amplified sound, which can cover up a large room with deep and rich bass, without creating any sound distortions.

Moreover, it is a rarity amongst wireless speakers as it has two such unique selling points that will make anyone want this speaker even if he/she were not looking for a speaker in the first place.

Firstly, it has a “Night sound” feature, which has been designed for those people who can’t help but watch movies late night and do not even want to wake their neighbors up through the loud sounds in movies. What this feature basically does is: it manages all the sounds by itself in a way that it gives more volume to dialogues making them audible and softening the volume for louder sounds.

Secondly, it features speech enhancement, which gives more detail to dialogues and makes them comes across much more clearly than they would otherwise.

To sum it all up, this wireless speaker is not to disappoint you at any point in time and shall live up to all your expectations!

3) Samsung HW-H7500

Samsung, as we all know, has carved its name in the list of the most reliable manufacturers ever. The brand name itself should be enough for you to decipher the effectiveness of this wireless speaker. But let’s still take a look at what this speaker has to offer!

First of all, it has a curvy design, which shall make it much easier to install it. And also because of the curviness it will go perfectly with TVs having a diagonal of 55-65 inches.

Secondly, it has a power output of 320 Watts, which will produce an excellent sound quality and give out a surround sound of 8.1 channels, which is simply amazing!

And in addition to the already superior sound quality, this speaker comes with a wireless subwoofer, which shall further enhance the sound quality and generate great volumes of bass.

Furthermore, it is wall mountable, which shall make your life much simpler by enabling you to control the remote control much easily.

Also, it has 1 HDMI in, and 1 HDMI out Interface, which makes this speaker somewhat universally compatible. In simple terms, you can use this speaker even if your TV does not support Bluetooth.

However, as they say, nothing is perfect, the only problem this speaker has is that it will create sound distortions if you turn the volume high enough in order to fill large spaces. But other than that it is an amazing speaker, with a good enough mid and high range.

4)Acoustic Research AW-871

This pair of wireless speakers has been carefully designed to live up to all the expectations you may have from a wireless speaker for your TV.

Firstly, as it is a wireless speaker and works via Bluetooth, it shall save you from the hassle of arranging and rearranging wires every time you wish to see a movie or something at a louder volume.

Secondly, it can generate a surround sound quality of as good as 5.1 channels, giving your music, movies, seasons the edge the deserve.

Thirdly, it has a total RMS power of 20 watts, which shall easily transform surround sounds into great amplified sound with deep bass and minimal sound distortions as you turn the volume to full.

Another specialty this pair has it that it has 8 batteries per speaker. Hence, resulting in greater battery life and prevention from overheating of speakers.

However, this pair of speakers has not been very well perceived by its customers because it is suitable only for smaller areas and does not have an excellent mid and high range. Also, it has no special features like a subwoofer or a sound bar to generate a better sound quality!

5) Samsung HW-H450

Wireless Speakers for TV reviewsNot only does this wireless speaker look amazing but it also works just as amazingly! It has a number of awe-inspiring features, which makes it a must have!

It has a power output of 290 W, which is more than enough to transform the surround sounds into an excellent theatre-like sound, with minimal distortion and maximum sound detailing!

Furthermore, it comes with a sound bar and a wireless subwoofer, which will further enhance the already amazing sound quality by eliminating any distortions left. Also, the subwoofer will help to generate a much deeper and richer bass than would the speaker otherwise.

Moreover, it is wall mountable, which means it can easily sit on your wall instead of your TV itself. This shall make handling the remote control a lot easier than if the sound bar were to sit on the TV.

Also, it has various inputs, including 1 audio, 1 HDMI in, 1 HDMI out, and 1 optical, which shall set your speaker apart from most others.

To cut the long story short, if you are looking for a decent wireless speaker for your TV, then this speaker will do just fine for you.

6) Harman Kardan NOVA BLK:

With this wireless speaker system nothing else matters! It promises to provide you with the kind of high definition sound performance you have always longed for.

This elegantly designed speaker, has a power output of 40 watts and a 2.0 stereo system, which shall produce an excellent sound quality, with amazing bass and minimal sound distortion.

To make it even better, it comes with 2.5” drivers and 1.25” tweeters, which shall further enhance the sound quality to a much greater degree. The tweeters and drivers will also result in more clarity in sound and will make even the minutest sounds audible. Hence, making your movies, seasons etc. a lot more exciting than they ever had been.

Moreover, it has been made to work with all genres of music, be it trance, countryside, rock and roll, hard rock or whichever, this speaker will smoothly blend in with it and give out a remarkable sound quality, without compromising on bass, treble sound, or clarity as you turn your lounge into a party hall!

7) GOgroove:

This happens to be one of the highly demanded wireless speakers these days. It has a number of amazing features, which have earned it a customer rating of 4.5/5. Not only the features that it has are amazing but also quite unique, which gives this speaker superiority over most other speakers.

What sets it apart from other wireless speakers is that not only does it offer Bluetooth connectivity but it also has a 3.5mm AUX port. This gives you the opportunity to connect this speaker up with even devices that do not support Bluetooth. Hence, giving GOgroove universal compatibility.

Furthermore, it has a built-in subwoofer, which shall save you a lot of floor space and also enrich your movies and music sound with deep bass.

Also, unlike most wireless speakers, along with a separate remote control it also has on board controls. This shall come in handy when you can’t find the remote control or something hinders you from using it. And not only can you turn the volume up and down through these controls but you can just as easily tune bass, treble sounds etc.

To sum it all up, this speaker is one not to sweat at but one to have at your home!

8) Sylvania SB379W

if you are looking to upgrade your sound system but need a speaker that works without wires and has a high frequency level, then this speaker is all you need.

It has a 39 inches 2.1 CH Bluetooth sound bar, which shall be able to cover up a large area, without compromising on the sound quality. and once this sound bar is combined with the 5.8 GHz wireless subwoofer, it shall turn your lounge into a party arena. this speaker promises to deliver an exceptional sound quality, so you can enjoy your movies and music to their very core!

Furthermore, it is wall mountable, which means you need not to place it on a TV stand and ruin the fun for yourself. You can easily attach it to your wall and save yourself from a lot of floor space. It also has a remote control, which shall allow you to tune all you want, bass, treble sounds , and of course volume.

With a power output of 70 watts, sylvania should deliver an amazing sound quality with excellent surround sound and minimal distortion.

However, the darker side to this speaker is that it has an average mid and high range, which does not satisfy most audiophiles. And also, it can create sound distortion once you turn the volume to full.

9) Wireless TV Speaker

This cordless, easy to handle, portable TV speaker is really something worth having. This wireless TV speaker has managed to make a mark on the minds of a thousand of customers. Customers, who have rated it 4.5/5, which alone hints you about the excellence of this wireless.

Not only does it allow for Bluetooth connectivity but you can just as easily connect it via AUX cable to any other device not compatible with Bluetooth. This sure does open up an array of options to connect this speaker with, doesn’t it? And we must say that not all speakers have this amazing feature, which makes this speaker a lot more special than it already is.

Moreover, it is a portable wireless speaker, which means you can easily carry it around!

Also, unlike most other wireless speakers, it has a headphone jack as well. This shall allow you to restrict your audio to yourself and prevent any nuisance you may have been causing before.


To sum the whole article up, Wireless speakers for tv work just the way regular floor speakers do. Except that these speakers will save you from the hassle of wiring them up with your television, and also ensure safety for your kids, in case you have any.

Furthermore, as these are becoming popular than ever before, manufacturers are always coming up with latest models with upgraded features. This means you can easily get one that copes up with all the problems that you may be having from your current speaker system.

Al tough, they do have some loopholes and may not give out a sound performance as high as does a proper home theatre system, but these shall just do fine for those who just need a good sound system that makes watching movies and listening to music, better for them.

What do you consider the best wireless speaker for tv? Which one are you planning to purchase? Comment below!

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