Best Wireless Access Point 2018

Update 2018: The best wireless access point for most users is the Ubiquiti NanoStation loco M5. (read full review below.)

Best Wireless Access Point 2018

Best Wireless Access PointsOverall RatingsRelative PriceTransfer (Mbit/s)
1. Ubiquiti NanoStation loco M5A+$$150
2. OM2P-HS 802.11gn RouterA+$$$$300
3. TP-LINK TL-WA901NDA$450
4. EnGenius EAP300B$$300
5. TRENDnet TEW-638APBB$$300

What is an access point?

An access point connects to your network device which could be a router or a modem and then it broadcast wireless signals to other Ethernet devices that cannot connect via a wired connection to your network. Along with the basic function your AP nowadays also extends the signals for you so your network may now have a wider coverage.

Factors to consider about Wireless Access Points

If you really want to get yourself a wireless access point that lives up to all your expectations, then you must consider the following points before you make your purchase.


This happens to be one of the most important factors you need to pay attention to. The range tells you how wide an area can a specific WAP cover, the higher it is, the better it will be for you. The range, typically, falls somewhere between 5000 to 10,000 square feet. So if your main purpose behind getting a WAP is to extend the WI-FI coverage of your internet device, then cannot afford to overlook this factor!

Intended purpose of the WAP:

If you need a wireless access point for your office, then one with dual width broadband will be more suitable for you. This is so because it will easily divide the internet services between tasks. What it will do is that those tasks which require greater internet speed and bps, will work on 5 GHz and those with lesser requirements will work on 2.4 GHz.

However, if you need it just for home usage and not for too many people, then a WAP with 2.4 GHz bandwidth shall do just fine for you.


It becomes extremely important to consider the number of devices you intend to serve with your WAP. If you plan to connect a lot of android or older computers and gadgets with it, then a WAP with 2.4 GHz shall do just fine for you. However, if you plan to serve upgraded smartphones and other gadgets with newer technologies, then a WAP with 5 GHz will suit you more.

Speed of network throughput:

Typically measured in megabits, kilobits, and/or bits per second (bps), this tells you the rate at which information can be processed. The higher the rate, the faster the internet tends to work.


As always, price remains a prime factor while getting a WAP. To save yourself from playing the fool, it is best to browse these wireless access points once on the internet and get a basic idea of how much they should cost you. They come at various prices, of course with varying features.

The wifi standard:

The wifi support standard is very important to consider. So if you have a device with an 802.11ac then it’s better if you buy an AP that has an AC-wireless support for it to be compatible. If your device has an N-wireless type then you could buy the 802.11n standard that would be compatible with it.

Dual band

A dual band access point may increase the efficiency of your network by providing two radio frequencies. To handle the traffic may become overloaded for a single 2.4 GHz band.

Other features

Other features such as PoE (power over Ethernet) could improve the speed as this technology would no more need any cable wires and the short cord connection reduces the time of data transfer and also reduce the wiring of your devices. Other than this

What is a wireless Access Point?

Best Wireless Access Point Reviews

Ubiquite Nanostation loco M5

Best wireless access pointYet another amazing launch! Unbiquite network brings to you one of the best wireless access point, which has managed to become the market leader amongst all access points nowadays. It has a number of amazing features that set it apart from most other wireless access points.

It has a 25 dbi antenna, which shall increase your WI-FI’s coverage manifolds for you. In simple words, this wireless access point has been designed to cover great distances without affecting the speed of your internet connection. If anything, it shall increase the network throughput speed of your internet connection. This will basically transfer your information at a lightning speed.

If you intend to place this wireless access point in your office, or somewhere where a lot of people are likely to need the internet, then this WAP should do just fine for you.

Furthermore, it has a sealed weatherproof outdoor radio, which shall save you from the effects-heavy storms and rainfalls usually have on internet connections. I am pretty sure that we all can relate to how the WI-FI stops working just as the weather gets a little rainy and stormy. With this device in hand, you will be saved from this trouble, which is more than amazing.

Also, it is very easy to install. You should be able to enjoy the services that it offers just within a matter 1-2 days, which is great.

Moreover, it shall give you the privilege of downloading heavy files, say movies etc. at a speed as good as 10 mbps and that too from a distance of over 1200-foot. Just stop right here and imagine if a network can give such a dazzling speed from such great distance, then how amazingly would it work from somewhere nearer.

To sum it all up, nanostation loco M5 is one in a million and one that you would not want to miss out on!

Check out how it looks like: 


Linksys WAP300N

This little monster is the very multi-talented access point you might be in the hunt for. There is all that you would need from it. It works as a bridge , a range extender, and an access point. Moreover being diversified doesn’t affect the quality it only makes it the best.

So you get the speed that would make things work in a snap for you. You could have all the amazing media streaming with this AP. The access point works at a speed of max 300Mbps and being dual-band reduces traffic for your networking enabling it to transfer data swiftly. Plus the gigabit Ethernet cable retrieves a fast connection from your network device and broadcasts an enhanced wireless signal to other devices. You don’t want intruders enjoying all the excellency so to deal with that this AP has WPA2, WEP and MAC filtering standards making your network safer from  intruders and malware.

Now the downside is that there may be a little difficulty in configuration and usually there are users complaining about signals drops that are solved with rebooting so this may get annoying. However, the price is great and there aren’t any critical issues with the speed and safety so we think it is worth a kick.


  • Dual-band and gigabit Ethernet LAN equipped  AP with fast speed
  • High-Security standards


  • Configuration is tricky
  • Infrequent signal drops

OM2P-HS 802.11gn Access Point Router:

wireless access point reviewsThis happens to be one of the most popular wireless access points you can find in the market. It has been upgraded with newer technologies and of course better features, which shall give you twice as good a service as did the previous Mesh routers.

It is an 802.11gn wireless access point, which shall be able to provide you with amazing internet speed and stability. It has also been designed to cover up for large areas, be it your office, your mansion or whatsoever for that matter. The high-performance this wireless access point offers you, in the form of accessibility, speed, stability, and range, is what distinguishes it from those of competitor’s WAPs.

Furthermore, it has been designed to cover up for large areas, be it your office, your mansion, your shopping mall, your restaurant or whatsoever for that matter. This wireless access point should be able to disperse high-speed internet to all the devices in the specific place. Isn’t it great?

Also, it gives you the opportunity to create a cloud-based account for yourself to manage your device your way. This surely does put you in a better position as you can easily set passwords etc. to protect your device from hackers.

Now to shed some light upon the technicalities of this WAP, it features a dual PoE (Power over Ethernet) support, which shall give you the option to choose from either the 802.3af PoE or the passive 12-24 volt PoE.

Lastly, it has a power of 20 dbm to 200 Mw(23 dbm). This power is twice as much as what most other WAPs offer and is highly suitable for large places like offices, shopping malls etc.

In our honest opinion, if you are looking to upgrade your WAP for your office or somewhere similar, then this WAP is what you need to get your hands on!

Cisco WAP561-A-K9

A little pricier though but with a plethora of features and perfection this is one of the best access points for speed. If you are sick and tired of some poor quality network signals then fix it for once and for all.

This is one of the speediest access points with multiple features enhancing the quality of signals. First of all, the internal antennas amplify the signals and then the QoS allows focal signals transmitting to all the connected devices. Moreover, with PoE you need no cable wiring, as with a short cord connection, that the PoE tech needs,you could simply enjoy the better speed and lesser downtime. Not to mention, PoE makes installation and maintenance very fast.

Along with ease in  setup and quality signals you also get the best security for your network due to the options that enable you to customize your network and set guest entrance protocol so your privacy isn’t affected.

This is surely an expensive one but if you want to find a true access point that has the performance as advertised then it would be this one.


  • Plethora of features enhancing speed like PoE, QoS, and dual band
  • Easy setting
  • Secure system


  • Expensive


TP-LINK, as we all know, has carved its name amongst the top sellers of routers and wireless access point. So now, just by looking at the brand name one can expect the product to amazing.

Just like all other launches, Tp-LINK’s this wireless access point, is just as amazing and effective as are it’s other products. This wireless access point promises to offer you an exceptionally high-performance in terms of speed, stability, and range.

It has the capability to generate an internet speed of up to 450 Mbps, which is, without a doubt, the optimum speed a surfer wishes to have.

This high speed shall enable you to download movies, seasons, or any other heavy files in a matter of just a few hours.

Also, it has been designed to give out an excellent WI-FI coverage of up to 100 feet, with zero disruptions in the speed or performance of the internet. You can use this device easily at your home, your office, a shopping mall, a restaurant or anywhere else you wish to.

Moreover, it features PoE as well, which shall give add to the ease and flexibility that comes with this wireless access point.

Furthermore, it is very easy to install, which again adds to the convenience this device provides you with. It also comes with a WPA encrypted secure connection, which shall enable you to set it according to your needs and keep it away from any hijackers. Hence, keeping your information as confidential as you have always wished it to be.

To sum up, this WAP has all that it takes to be a must have!

EnGenius EAP300 Business-class

If you are looking to upgrade your wireless access point to get yourself a higher speed performance and greater coverage, then this WAP is one you may consider.

With an internet speed of 300 mbps, this wireless access point happens to have a Docile no. of 3.0, which remains the highest one up till now. This shall provide you with dazzling internet speed, enabling you to transfer, download and stream heavy files in no real time at all.

Furthermore, it has an 5dbi antenna, and up to 25dbi transmit power, which shall take your WI-FI services to long distances, without compromising on the speed and performance of the internet. Also, it has been given a design so sleek that it looks just like a smoke detector, which shall not even harm the interior of the place you put it in.

Also, it is extremely easy to install it. And what is even more amazing is that it is wall-mountable, which means you can easily attach it to your wall to give out the best WI-FI signals and also save yourself some space.

To sum up, it is an 802.11gn wireless access router, with yet another 802.3af PoE, which makes this WAP better than the most. Due to these and all other the features mentioned above, this WAP should sit perfectly for you if you plan to place it in you’re a large area.


This 802.11gn wireless access point/router has managed to be one of the top-sellers in the WAP market due to all the remarkable features that it offers.

It may look somewhat outdated by the design it entails but in reality it works just as effectively as do the newer, better-designed ones. Just like most highly purchased WAPs, this too offers an internet speed of up to 300 mbps, and easily extends the WI-FI signals of this range. This is something that we all wish for.

Furthermore, to further enhance the coverage, it uses Wireless distribution system (WDS) to give out an excellent internet coverage, with no disruptions in the speed. And once, this WDS features combines with the advanced antenna technology (MIMO), the internet coverage increases manifolds and allows you to take full advantage of unbreakable, excellent WI-FI signals all over the place.

Also, to protect you from any hijacking in to your system or hacking of the internet services, this WAP offers you with a WPA/ WPA 2 encryption system.

To conclude, this wireless access point, compliant with IEEE 802.11n (draft 2.0), IEEE 802.11g and 802.11b standards is something you would not want to miss out on!


This little buddy is all you need if you are looking for a top-notch internet speed with a range good enough to cover up large distances, say your workplace.

This little wireless access point offers you with an internet speed of as high as up to 300 mbps. And that too, by extending the WI-FI to cover up for you as you move around, up and down your home or your office. It shall provide you with high-speed internet, no matter where you are at your place. This sure saves you from the frustrating of having to sit close to the router to get the best signals.

Furthermore, it is a wall-plug wireless access router, which you can easily mount to your wall, saving you the worry to place it somewhere to not harm the place’s interior.

Moreover, it comes with external antennas, which further help in increasing the device’s coverage. And get you WI-FI signals even at places with network issues.

Also, what set this apart from another WAP is the Ethernet port built in it, through which you can easily wire up any device and enjoy best internet speed and stability.

To sum up, this WAP due to all the features aforementioned is surely worth a shot!


If you are looking for a wireless access point that does not take much space up and is easy to install and place and still manages to give out just as amazing features as do most top-rated WAPs, then you have come to the perfect place.

This wireless speaker promises to extend your WI-FI signals so much so that you can enjoy high-speed internet anywhere you are at your home or office. The range extender mode makes it possible for this wireless access point to boost up your WI-FI signals and give you what you expect of a WAP. It even promises to disperse signals to place previously unreachable, particularly those with network problems.

Even so, if you still feel that you need more area to be covered, all you have to do is push the Range Extender Button and enjoy an even greater internet coverage of up to 200 feet.

Furthermore, it is a wall-mountable wireless access router, which you simply have to plug in a socket and enjoy all the benefits that it gives out.

It also has an Ethernet port built in it, which opens up the option to wire it up with any of your gadgets in case it is not WI-FI enabled or anything of that sort.

It also features a Tether App, which results in easier access and management of the device via your smartphone, LED, computer etc. Hence, adding to the convenience that comes from Wireless Access points.

To boil it all down for you, this wireless access point sure is small in size but much bigger in action when compared to most wireless access routers. This surely is one of the best wireless access points which is worth a shot!


There is this access point by Netgear that is versatile and has been there for ages and is still  competitive against the  new ones in the market. Nonetheless, it won’t go heavy on your pocket.

This AP has an added feature of range extender, which you wouldn’t deny wanting. So use this as an access point and enjoy fast flowing internet in your backyard, gazebo, couch, bed, pool or anywhere without any issues with speed. The gigabit Ethernet port would give you the fastest connection by connecting to your router and broadcasting fast wireless wifi connection to all your devices.

You get an awesome quality and performance for a price that is cheaper next to nothing. You get an excellent wireless access point in a wall-plug style so there is no tension of placing it or attaching any wires. The sleek neat design blends in impeccably with your house décor allowing you get a super-fast connection without any wirings lying around.

It’s a little laid down, meaning it’s not jam-packed with all those nifty features. Frankly, it can’t be at a price so low. However, the performance is so impressive that we would always recommend you go for it especially if you don’t care about the extra specs.


  • Fast speed
  • Reasonable
  • Can perform as AP or extender
  • Wide range


  • Standard one, no futuristic features


Wireless access points are what help you to connect your smartphones, laptops, computer, iPads and other gadgets to the internet via opening up WI-FI accessibility for you. Hence, saving you from the frustration and inconvenience that comes from wiring your devices up to your internet routers. This little champ interfaces directly to your router and gives out WI-FI to all your electronics, given that they are WI-FI enabled.

Although with the rapid advance in technology, there hardly remains a need for separate Wireless Access Points as routers themselves serve the purpose these WAPs are destined to. Nonetheless, there are still some routers that are not WI-FI enabled, and that is when these WAPs come in handy. But this is not the only purpose they serve.

Nowadays, people mainly use them to further extend their WI-FI services to cover up greater distances than they would have been able to via their routers. Also, they add more speed and stability to your internet connection.

To boil it all down, Wireless access points shall bring a lot of ease and stability to your internet services and enable them to cover a wider area than before. Hence, making your life easier than ever.

Usually, people believe these wireless access point to be outdated as they think that these only work with those routers that are not WI-FI enabled. But that, my friend, is not the case here.

With the rapid growth in technology and newer upgrades, wireless access points do much more than just extending WI-FI. They may for starters, add to the quality and speed of your internet connection and even assist those routers that are WI-FI enabled. How they help WI-FI enabled routers is that they simply extend the range the router would have been able to cover up previously. And not do they increase the range just by 2,3 feet but they can increase it to as high as 10,000 square feet. Pretty mesmerizing, isn’t that now?

So if you think you need to enhance your WI-FI’s coverage then these wireless access points are what you need in life!

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