Best TV for Gaming (Including Reviews & More Info)

Update: The Best TV for Gaming for is the Samsung UN32J5003. You can find this particular model in 32, 43, 48 and 50 Inch Sizes. Read the in-depth review below before you make your purchase.

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A television helps to transmit sound with moving images. People use it to get entertained in their free time. They watch news, movies, and drama serials and even play games which are best for passing the time. Almost all of us have game lovers in our homes that are crazy about games. Yes, now you can play your favorite games on your TV too. A TV specially made for gaming is the one that has a high refresh rate and good screen resolution. It provides amazing quality.

Things to consider before buying:

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate means the number of frames that are displayed per second. The higher the refresh rate, the better it will be especially for game lovers. The refresh rate is the most important thing for the ones who are looking a TV for gaming because high refresh rate will deliver crystal clear quality and minute details. So always check the refresh rate before buying a TV because many TVs do not have a high refresh rate.

Curved vs. Non-Curved

Curved televisions are expensive as compared to the Non-curved ones. A curved TV is better than a non-curved one because it reduces glare and gives a better HD quality.


Size is very important when it comes to buying a TV for gaming. Always make sure that the TV you wish to buy has a wide screen and big body. The wider the screen the more minute details can be seen by the user. So always go for the one which has a big wide screen. It is always a better choice!


Screen resolution is the most important factor because the quality of images depends on this only. A TV with the best resolution will be the best one because it will deliver a quality that you cannot think of. Resolution is the most important thing for gamers because they would never want a TV that has a bad resolution because it will ruin it all. Bad resolution is not at all impressive. So always choose a TV considering all these factors.

Best Gaming TV reviews:

Samsung UN32J5003

Do you become crazy when it comes to playing games? Are you a game lover who can sacrifice anything when it comes to playing games on your PS4? Samsung UN32J5003 is the best which can serve the purpose at its best. It has the most amazing resolution, high speed, and amazing refresh rate. It will become the best companion when you’re bored at all times. It is the smartest LED TV with a very sleek design and promises to deliver HD resolution. It has a quad-core processor that affects the computing power and boosts it up.

Samsung is one of the top companies which produce amazing products whether it comes to mobile phones, tablets television, etc. The model which is under discussion has a 32-inch screen that makes you see even the minute details happening on the screen. It is a great combination of price and value for the ones who are passionate about games. You can now connect multiple devices because it has one USB port and 2 HDMI ports which let you connect to two devices at a time. It is a high-resolution TV that provides full range quality. It is not very heavy and has a total weight of 19.6 pounds. Its dimensions tell you how sleek it is. Yes, the dimensions of this amazing item are 36.5 x 9 x 23.9 inches. We loved using it for games.

When it comes to its design, then it has a built-in FLED backlight technology. Now you don’t need to worry if this particular will fit perfectly according to your interior or not because it has the sleekest design of all and will fit in your TV lounge for sure. You can even play movies with the help of the USB port provided. Not only play games, but you can also charge your mobile phone in case of emergency. It can show millions of color types on a single screen. It provides vibrant color pictures and has a Motion Rate 60 which provides a quick response. It provides the clearest and crisp image on the screen and this makes it the best TV for gaming because you enjoy playing games on it every single time you use it.

It has an adjustable sound volume which automatically adjusts the volume level in any case. It is perfect for sound effects because it delivers DTS premium sound quality which makes you realize that you bought something that was worth all that effort and money. It has an audio line-out which helps to get a higher volume. It provides great sharp pictures and is perfect to gift someone. It has all the features which keep you satisfied. It is no doubt the most superior quality TV which a game lover should buy.

Things we liked

  • High Refresh rate
  • Widescreen
  • Color Accuracy
  • Resolution

Things we didn’t like

  • Poor screen uniformity

BenQ RL2455HM

Are you a gamer and searching for the best Console Gaming Monitor? Then, BenQ RL2455HM is the best one for you. It gives real-time strategy-users a great quality by providing two different display modes which give a clearer and crisp view of the game. You can decide which mode you want depending upon your requirement. It has a sleek design and a wide screen with the best resolution. By best resolution, I meant that it will deliver the highest tech output. The most interesting point is that it is affordable. You can easily buy this television and enjoy to the fullest.

It is made by game professional because they know what the basic requirements are when it comes to gaming. It has a screen size of 24 inches and has a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 that one cannot even think of. Isn’t that amazing? It is the lightest in weight of 9 pounds which will help you to carry it easily.  Be a pro and start using BenQ RL2455HM because it has RTS mode which takes your game to another level. It can display 16.7 million colors and delivers stereo sound. Whoa, so many color types. It is the latest and the most liked and rated TV made for gamers.

It has a sleek design and does not demand a lot of space. It will fit in your décor very easily. It has the easiest installation which will not demand for a lot of time. Yes, you heard me right! It has an easy installation which will just take a few minutes. It has a beautiful and sleek body and the dimensions of this device are 7.4 x 22.8 x 17.1 inches. It has 2 HDMI ports and a headphone jack too and has a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The headphone jack will let you listen to music or any audio that is being delivered by putting your headphones on. Having all the about mentioned qualities, it has made itself perfect for game lovers because every feature and function it has is made especially for the users who are passionate about games. So if you want to call your friends at your place to have a gaming session then this will do a great job.

It has the easiest setup and easy to use. The image quality is great. It is so convenient now that you can also adjust the image quality when it comes to fighting games etc. We tested BenQ and it proved itself the best by delivering the most amazing quality a gamer can think of. So if you are a game lover and searching for the best device that serves all purposes then this is the best for you!

Things we liked

  • Big, gorgeous display
  • Great design
  • Every pixel has three subpixels
  • Light in weight

Things we didn’t like

  • Poor speakers

Samsung UN40JU7500

Samsung has always proved itself by delivering quality products. It is one of the most top rated companies because they have fulfilled their promise by introducing amazing products, delivering high-tech quality at a low cost. For gaming, it is the best device that can be used because it delivers high-quality performance with the best screen resolution, high refresh rate, and sound effects. They have introduced the best TV in the market and that is Samsung UN40JU7500. It is the smartest LED TV and does not demand a lot of space.

It has the highest refresh rate of 240CMR. It is user-friendly and has 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports. Yes, you heard us right! 4 HDMI ports, isn’t that amazing? It means you can connect multiple devices at a time. The plus point of this TV is that it has built-in Wi-Fi which proves itself a unique television being made. It lets you connect to your Wi-Fi and surf the internet as much you want. You can also charge your mobile phones in case of emergency. It works as a PC.

It has a wide curved screen which lets you see even the minute details. Curved screens are always better though they are a little expensive. They are no doubt perfect for playing games or watching movies. This TV is made especially by game professionals because they exactly know the needs of gamers. It has an amazing 4k ultra HD resolution and proves itself to be the finest television made which lets you experience the crispness in full HD quality. High-tech quality doubles the joy because the effects that it creates are something that cannot be described.

It has a weight of 19.4 pounds which can be easy installed. Now you don’t need to spend hours and hours in order to install this TV because they have made it convenient for you. It gives a sonic punch as soon as you play your first game by delivering panoramic viewing experience. It is very easy to use and made for the convenience of the users.

Having a sleek body and dimensions 36 x 3.6 x 21.1 inches is something that cannot be found every other day in every other television. Making it more appealing to you they made a curved body and the easiest access contents which can be used without any confusion. For giving you a drastic and dramatic contrast they have wrapped the TV with Black technology. Black technology gives a totally different feeling by delivering the most eye-catching contrast.

For smart users, they provide them with a very smart remote control which lets you change settings according to your requirements easily. And for people, who are always in a hurry, listen! This one is for you because it has a quick connectivity nature which means that it lets you connect to your devices within no time.

This is the best TV used for gaming because it really does what it says. Now enjoy incredible picture crispness by using Samsung UN40JU7500. It is no doubt an amazing set which will make you realize that you bought something that was worth all that effort.

Things we liked

  • Compact design
  • Latest technology
  • Large display
  • High refresh rate
  • Awesome colors

Things we didn’t like

  • A little expensive
  • Color loss at an angle

Sony KDL50W800C

Sony comes up with the top selling TV used by gamers. Sony KDL50W800C has the most eye-catching design and proved the most liked and top-rated TV which proved itself the best of all by delivering amazing resolution, easy installation, wide screen and prompt response. A good TV for gaming has a high refresh rate. The model under discussion has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Sony introduced a device with so many technical specifications. Game lovers should go for this product because when I see it as a gamer who is searching for a TV that can be used for gaming, then this is the best one of all.

Now view things on a larger scale with a broader aspect of everything by enjoying the 3D effects. It takes you to another world when you start playing. All the parents out there listen! Now you can easily control two things by just one push. That is the built-in sleep timer and parental controls which have made it convenient for parents. Parents actually love these controls provided to them. Forget about the fact of getting bored because it is the best companion at all times. You can watch movies or play anytime you want on this wonderful gadget. It delivers enhanced colors with HD clarity. It lets you play games as a professional by using Sony high-tech television.

It has a sleek design with dimensions of 44 x 7.6 x 27.3 inches and weighs 33 pounds. It will not ask for a lot of space because it has a simple and an elegant design which is quite affordable. Are you a lazy person who hates typing or want to get rid of using the remote control again and again? Then you’d be glad to know that it has built-in voice search that helps you to open anything by just calling out whatever you want. Sony has made the most convenient devices for its users which let them do everything by just one push or by one call.

It has an easy installation and does not demand a lot of space in your home. It will fit in your TV lounge perfectly because it has a beautiful body and adjustable volume controls. It delivers the best high tech results. Stop searching for a TV that requires a console because you can now play PS3 games without a console. Yes, you heard me right! Now play your PS3 without a console. Sony couldn’t be any better because they delivered everything in one package.

Call your friends over the weekend and enjoy gaming by using Sony’s latest most high-quality television. It will really do a great job because it proved itself the best after all the experiments we did.

Things we liked

  • Great picture quality
  • Low input lag and motion blur
  • Color accuracy
  • Stereo speakers

Things we didn’t like

  • Not very bright

VIZIO E400i-B2

Vizio E400-B2 is the best TV for the ones who love playing games all the time. It is a mean of entertainment for them because it keeps them entertained all the time; whether it comes to watching movies, playing games, etc. It has a low cost, wide screen, delivers high-tech quality and great speed. It features superior details with HD resolution. It is also used to watch videos, listen to songs and other means that can be used for entertainment.

A good television for gaming requires a refresh rate and this is something that a gamer can know only because the refresh rate is the most important factor which should be considered before buying a TV which you want to use for playing games. It has the perfect refresh rate of 120 Hz and gives a full range HD resolution of 1080P. 1080P is the highest resolution till now and it delivers amazing picture quality and wonderful effects. It is a full-array LED TV with a wide display size of 40 inches. It is the fastest TV which delivers crystal clear picture quality and I think all of us prefer devices with a high speed because we are too lazy to wait.

Have you ever thought of connecting your television to the internet and use it as a PC? Vizio has brought the latest technology TV that has built-in Wi-Fi which helps you connect to the internet and enjoy watching online movies or surfing the web. It has the latest technology and known as a smart LED TV. It has built-in speakers and has a total weight of 23.8 pounds. Its dimensions are 47 x 26 x 7 inches. It can be mounted easily will look perfect in your entertainment area with the Home Theatre system.

Vizio has always been known for introducing the best products worldwide. They promise you to serve the perfect products having the best quality. You’ll fall in love with this television by seeing so many features that make it the best one. And when it comes to its design then it has a sleek and an attractive body that will look perfect in your house. Your kids will love playing games on it by watching the screen resolution and the picture quality that it delivers.

It has a powerful body that works great for an affordable price. So if you are a game lover or want to make your kids happy by surprising them with this amazing product then go for it. We assure you that it will provide everything you need.

Things we liked

  • Good picture quality even when used in a dark room
  • Compact design
  • High Refresh rate
  • Great TV for gaming

Things we didn’t like

  • Limited viewing angle

Sony XBR65X900B

Sony, delivering its customers with the best products every other day, comes up with one of its amazing offers that actually produce great quality. Sony XBR65X900B is the TV that is loved by gamers. It has a great demand and provides you with high-tech quality and amazes you every time you use it. It comes up with the widest features of all and has a well integrated streaming feature too. This is why it differs from all.

It is the smartest LED TV with a refresh rate of 120 Hz that means it will give the highest speed and result without hanging even for once. We miss the ones who are staying at far off places. But now, with the advancement of technology you can even video call someone by a television too. You can skype with your closed ones anytime you want even by using Sony XBR65X900B. We were surprised to see the features that it provides when we used it for the first time. They are no doubt, simply amazing.

It has 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports which helps you to connect multiple devices at a time. The USB ports can help you charge your mobile phones in case of emergency. It has an IR blaster and a touchpad smart remote control. It delivers ultra HD quality and a very crystal clear view. It has become the most liked and rated TV for gaming because gamers are getting crazy over this.

Coming to its design, it has the most unique and attractive body which looks perfect everywhere you install it. Considering that, its dimensions are 67.6 x 12.6 x 36.2 inches and weighs 102 pounds. The weight doesn’t matter when you know it will bring up something that is totally wonderful. It takes you to another world as soon you play your first game. Yes, it gives such an amazing quality on big screen. The total pixels that it provides are 3840 x 2160. Isn’t that amazing?

When it comes to quality then one always choose Sony because it actually delivers the best performance and spreads its magic everywhere. The picture and sound effects are amazing and perfect for gaming. It gives a 3D effect. It has an easy installation which can be set up within no time. It is very easy to use and proved the most convenient TV for its users. We recommend this product to you because it fulfills what it says.

Things we liked

  • Excellent value
  • Great picture quality
  • Smartest LED TV

Things we didn’t like

  • Color accuracy issues


Sony is ruling the world these days and is known for the symbol of excellence. The only reason behind this is the advancement of technology they provide. Their products are beautiful, easy to use, inexpensive, and deliver the best quality with a wide range of features. Sony has come up with another product that has spread magic all over. And that is Sony KDL40W600B! Now watch movies, play games or listen to songs as much you want because it will be the best companion at all times. It will serve you the best way it can because it does what it says.

This sleek design LED TV has a wide screen of 40 inches and has a refresh rate of 60Hz. For making it convenient for its users, Sony has come up with 4 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports which help you to connect more than one device at a time. It has the easiest installation and proved itself very easy to use. It has built-in features like parental controls or sleeps timer which becomes a helping hand for parents. It gives crisp details with clear audio. It has a new user interface which can fulfill all you everyday needs.

It weighs 18 pounds and its dimensions are 36.5 x 6.5 x 23 inches. Sony is providing you with excellent picture quality and good smart TV interface at a low cost. It is affordable and one can buy it easily. It gives HD quality of 1080P. It can easily be mounted on the wall. It also has buttons at the back side which make it very convenient for its users to change settings when they don’t have the remote control nearby. It has impressive image quality which has depth in it. So if you are looking for a good TV which can be used for gaming then go for this one because after using it, we now know that it delivers high-tech performance.

Things we liked

  • Short and thin
  • Compact design
  • Great speed

Things we didn’t like

  • Low refresh rate

Who should get this?

If you’re not happy with your TV because it is not compatible with PlayStation then you need to change that. A television with all the above-mentioned qualities is for game lovers. The people who are passionate about games should buy this. If you are crazy about games or movies then you should have this in your life. So buy a good TV for gaming, call your friends over the weekend and enjoy.

What makes a good TV?

A good TV is the one that has a high screen resolution, refresh rate, wide screen, and attractive body. It is always better to choose a TV that has a widescreen and built-in Wi-Fi. The wide screen lets you see the minute details and Wi-Fi helps you to connect to the internet and surf. A good TV for gaming is the one having high refresh rate because a number of frames that it will display per second depends on the refresh rate. A good TV should have a 3D effect and best sound quality so it may give you the best sound effects it can.

How we picked

We searched the top TVs for the ones who are crazy about games. We found out the most liked and rated TVs that will do a great job. We made our research strong, experimented them before recommending you. Hence, the above-mentioned details are 100% true and they actually do their job very well.

How we tested?

When it comes to recommending our customers any product then we make sure t suggest them the ones that worth buying. We gathered all the information about the best TVs at one place. So now you don’t need to search them here and there because all the information about them is at one place. First, we figured out the best TVs that are introduced and liked by the users. We read their reviews and tested them. Obviously, we couldn’t test all of them but the ones that are mentioned above had the best specifications and they experimented. We respect our customers and we know you trust us. So we double check before suggesting you any product. That is the only reason why we always come up with the best products in the market


For the best combination of picture quality and value, we gathered the best TVs used for gaming. A TV like this is especially for the ones who are crazy about games. That is why we made it easier for you and provided you with all the information one should gather before buying a product used for such purpose. We tested them and they proved themselves the best of all.

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