Update 2018: The best star projector for most people is the SOAIY Night Lamp. It offers the best value for money and better built-quality than other night star projectors we tested. (see the in-depth review below) 


Best Star Projectors 2018

These are the best star projector picks based on user reviews, overall ratings and price. (Value for money) – Read the In-depth reviews of these star projectors below.

Best Star ProjectorsOverall RatingsRelative Price
1. SOAIY Color ChangingNight Light LampA+$
2. Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night LightA$
3. Can You Imagine Laser Twilight ProjectorA$$$
4. Galaxy Round Projector Night LightB$
5. Galaxy Clock by MomKnowsB$



Are these lights safe for infants or are they too bright?

Yes, they are safe as they are pointing at the ceiling but direct contact with eyes should be avoided.

Are these projectors affordable?

These star projectors available may vary in prices but all are quite affordable.

Is there a warranty with these projectors?

Many companies give warranty for or more than a month, so any if there are any issues then you can always exchange yours with a brand new piece.

What is the color quality?

Color quality is good and also depends on the price of the projector.

How are these projectors operated?

These projectors are battery operated and some run on electricity.

Reviews of the Best Star Projectors

SOAIY Color Changing LED Night Light Lamp

Best Star Projector ReviewsThis is an amazing diamond shaped light, which projects a life-like image of the northern lights aurora borealis and it turns into a multi-colored night light after the hexagonal dome is removed from it. It creates a pleasing and calm environment for children and adults, both to enjoy.

This projector has multi-colored multi- pattern modes and you could pick any, suiting your mood. It also has 3.5mm audio jack, with volume adjuster, to attach your music device to pump up the party. It has an automatic shut-off system after 1 hour of operation plus a 45 degree tilt, which keeps the device straight or tilts to make the whole room luminous with dancing lights.

The material used to make it is plastic, with dimensions being 4.7”x 5.7”x 4.7”, with weighing only at 10.9 oz. it comes with a USB cable and a 5V AC adapter for power supply. It has rotation option, with 9 LED lights and 3 Laser lights, with individual settings for every light plus a fade in and out option. There is nothing wrong with this product and except maybe it is breakable due to its plastic exterior and overall this product is the jackpot of lamps!

Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light Turtle

Best Star ProjectorThis is the perfect combination of a guide and a night time companion. His turtle shaped night light projects light through its shell which are eight actual star constellation (including the Big Dipper) where parents can sit with their children and make them identify the constellation.

This is great for infants, where it slowly transitions from green to blue to amber. It soothes and relaxes the child and is highly recommended by pediatricians. It is also the perfect light to have during night time diaper changes where sharp room light could disturb the baby and the parents. It is a great piece to put in nurseries and bedrooms which can be turned into a sanctuary at night and evade the fear of darkness from youngsters.

It is made out of non-toxic substances which is safe for children and weighs about 12 ounces. It is 12”x 8”x 3.9” in dimensions and is operated by AAA batteries with a light setting option.

The only drawback is that it does not have a timer and shuts down automatically after 45 minutes and is not washable when gets dirty but in other words it is one of the perfect lights for children and is a must buy.

Can You Imagine Laser Twilight Projector

The Can You Imagine Laser is a good investment and is suitable for all ages and would make a great gift for the ones who are interested in astronomy. It gives an aerial view of the starry sky with green and blue colors and nebula formations, where there are options to choose between cloudy or clear night sky. The sky seem to be slowly drifting further trying to capture the earth effect, where some stars stay fixed while others are constantly in motion. This is the night light to have where you could spend hours staring at the sky projected on your wall or ceiling, relaxing and loosening your stressed mind.

It comes with a 45day warranty, weighs close to 2.2 pounds and stretches to 9.4×10.9×12.3 inches. The manufacturer recommended age for this projector is 8-15years but can be used by adults the same. It has an installed shut down system after 4 hours of activity, where it conserves power and can be used as a night light as well.

It is a creative product but should be used under adult supervision as it is not a toy. Also it has a fan which makes a low hum but can be ignored by playing music. But overall it is one of the top rated projectors and should be given a try!

Le Petite Prince Touch Active Round Projector Night Light

This another great option of a night light to use for children and toddlers. With its non-lead material, it is safe for children. It puts on a dazzling celestial show to help the child to calm down and sleep at night, especially for over energetic youngsters, who are hard to put to sleep. It alternates between different colors or and just stay fix at the LED lights colored orange, blue and green. It covers the ceiling of a 14×12 room easily and is automatically shut down after 45 minutes.

It weighs 4.6 ounces and measures from 3.2×4.9×4.9 inches. It is a very light product and can be placed anywhere as its AAA battery operated, which would last up to two months if used for 45 minutes every day. Its neutral color makes it easy to use for both boys and girls and is an ideal item to place in your kid’s room.

One of its downsides is that it does not have sounds or built in tune player and as it is not very bright but it is difficult to read a book in its light, which could prevent parents from reading books to their kids but in general it feels like the ultimate night light for kids and should be considered.

Galaxy Clock Star Projector By Mom Knows

This is a high-quality brand that takes pride in its manufacturing process and as a result, they have given one year 100% money back guarantee. This sure makes puts it on the ‘products to buy’ list, where getting this beautiful star projector is totally risk-free. It displays a mesmerizing star projection and can transform any surroundings and it also comes in with different sound options including beach waves, birds, rainforests and most importantly a womb stimulator, which is researched to help infants and children doze off to sleep. It has a fun design with a huge clock display plus it has many uncommon but important features like music speaker, alarm clock, volume controller and temperature monitor. It is an all-in-one device that can customize its settings to suit your wishes by just clicking a button.

This product is battery plus electricity operated, it uses AAA battery and uses 6 watts voltage. Its strong and good quality material makes it hard to get spoiled. This 12 ounce device can be a perfect gift for a loved one on a special occasion, plus the company provides excellent customer service. It is also automatic shutdown and the time chosen is up to you e.g. 30min, 60min or non-stop.

This product feels like the ultimate night light which offers so many features and definitely comes at the top. It is a must buy and a good investment, the only drawback that is that a USB wall charger is not included but that’s no reason to let go off such a top notch product.

Lizber Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector

This is multifunctional and a good choice for your nursery of kids bedroom. It captures the essence of the galaxy in the LED light display. This device has the soft white color plus another option of blue, green and red flashing in the room with rotation turned on or off. This product is easy to use and adds a little space touch to your child’s room.

It has two types of power supply electricity or battery operated, but caution must be taken that not both are used supplies are used at the same time. Product dimensions are 6×5.3×5.3 inches and weigh 4.8 ounce which makes it portable and space effective.

This also seems like a good choice but it does not support automatic shutdown, which means that it has to turn off manually. Nevertheless, it seems like the products comforts outweigh the drawbacks, so this product could bring you and your child great relaxation and its feels like this should be on your shopping list!

Other Awesome Night Light Star Projectors

Laser Stars Indoor Light Show

Is your child bored with a slavish toy in the market? Are you searching for something new and interesting? Why don’t you try this creative toy? The Laser Start Light Show is a combination of intelligence, creativity, and practicability. It is the latest model with 4 push button switch. It is a green laser star projector with morphing ultra-violet Nebula cloud. This is highly recommended by consumers because they know that it works great and offers highly quality construction and durability. Laser Star projector is best for nurseries and entertaining your child because it provides a story atmosphere that calms young children and even comfort adults by the high-quality light effects it delivers.

It is one of the most popular products in the market. The all new green laser with the holographic technology enhances the two built-in precious glass lenses. It provides a beautiful and tranquil experience that is ideal for relaxing. It creates thousands of stars for a private star-filled universe. The plus point is that it has a built-in keyhole totally optional for wall mounting. It fills any dark space with a super sharp light. It is the most amazing laser light show you will see and this is proved because we experimented it and then recommended you to buy this night light projector because we know it does what it says.

Laser light show projector weighs 3.3 pounds and its dimensions are 9.4 x 10.9 x 12.3 inches. It has a four-hour automatic shut off. It projects beautiful stars with multi-directional directions by the help of the built-in motor. It has the ability to adjust the brightness of the light. It is ideal for wedding and birthday decorations and serves its purpose the best possible way it can. It is very powerful and we guarantee you that your children will love it.

So if you want to experience a truly amazing indoor laser star light show then this is the best one for you because it has an outstanding light show and works well even in large spaces. It will give you a steady stream of moving star patterns that will amaze your kids every time you switch it on. Many parents heard their children counting these stars at night. They get tired and fall asleep within no time. It, no doubt has a wealth of benefits to give the users.

We tested Laser Star Light projected and then recommended you to buy this product because it proved itself better than others. Now you don’t need to search here and there because we made it easy for you to find the best night light projector for your kid. Trust us, you’ll love it!

Lucky Rain Night Light Projector

Are you looking for a night light projector? Is your child in love with stars and forces you to stay on the roof late at night so he can count the stars? Does that fascinate him? Then you’re at the right place. Now you don’t need to go here and there in search of a good night light projector because we have tested and found the best night light projector for you. Lucky Rain Night Light Projector really does a great job. Lucky Rain Nightlight projector is a star projector that suits any preference in a very low cost. If you are finding the most liked and rated projector in the market these days then this is the best for you.

Now your kids will not be afraid of darkness because it delivers a super sharp light on your wall or ceiling at night which looks extremely beautiful. It no doubt gives an outclass performance that young children love. They get fascinated by having the astronomical experience in their room at night. Most of the children count stars at night and many parents noticed their children counting the stars in their room. It gives them a sound sleep because they get tired after counting all of them and fall asleep within no time.

It has a built-in motor which lets the star spin and projects night sky on your wall. It is ideal for decorating your baby’s room or decorating a birthday party because it gives a very soft light which makes your room or hall attractive. You can choose the color of the light according to your choice whether you want a green light or a blue one or just red. It offers a complete starry night view that project directly on your ceiling. It works well even in large spaces and dark rooms.

It can be powered by 4 AAA batteries or with a USB cable. It is best for gifting someone because it is low in cost but gives amazing quality. It almost gives a 3D effect to the patterns. It has 3 built-in buttons which perform the following functions:

  • A: Turns on the yellow moon and stars
  • B: Turn on colorful moon and stars cover the yellow light
  • C: Rotates the stars

It is 100% new brand night light projector for kids and even for adults too. It soothes the bedtime and works like a magic. If you take off the cover, there will be a higher power beads. It has a voltage power of 5V and made of plastic. The weight of lucky rain night light projector is 14.9 ounces and the dimensions are 5.1 x 5.1 x 5.5 inches. The rotations are slow and steady and the build quality is extremely good. This is actually the coolest light ever and we guarantee you that you’ll have zero complaints regarding this amazing product because it really delivers quality and it is worth buying.

Ohuhu Ocean Wave Night Light

Are you searching for the best night light projector? Are you a music lover? Do you have kids in your house who love playing with lights while listening to music? Then you’ve come to the right place! Ohuhu Ocean Wave Night Light is the best quality projector which becomes an MP3 player too. It has a bright light and keeps you entertained. It is the best companion whether you feel like partying or depressed, it will accompany you all times. It has a built-in music player which converts it into an MP3 player. You can easily play your favorite songs from your mobile phones by connecting to it. It is the simplest device being used.

It has 8 colors and various brightness modes which help you to change the color and brightness level according to your mood. As the name says, ‘Ocean wave’ it brings the seaside at your home and gives you an Oceanside feeling. It is the best way to relax before bed or to make your children sleep. It automatically shuts down after 1 hour of inactivity.

The built-in motor that it has makes a very less noise but it is very soothing. It has a very smooth and clear sound and doesn’t crackle at all. It offers great mobility and flexibility and can be used in washrooms or in an office. It gives pleasure to kids as well as human beings. This little gadget weighs only 1.2 pounds and the dimensions are 6.8 x 5.8 x 5.8 inches. It is made of plastic and proves itself the most durable night light projector in the market. It is ultra-portable and one of the most liked and rated product. So if your child is afraid of darkness at night and if you are a music and party lover then go for it. You’ll love it!

Sega Homestar Projector

If you want to experience a truly amazing indoor laser star light show then Sega Homestar Projector is the best for you! It is ideal for nurseries and entertaining young children because it provides a completely different and interesting atmosphere in your room at night. Now your child will sleep fearlessly at night because Sega Homestar projector will deliver a shiny light which will not be too bright and not too dark. It gives an astronomical experience to your children. It is the most convenient night light projector which demands no installation and very easy to use.

It has an amazing shooting star function which amazes your child and you can easily adjust the time, angle and focus. It is the most amazing factor of bringing 60,000 stars to your room by pushing a single button. You can now easily watch the stars on your wall or on the ceiling of your room. All you need to do is sit back and relax on your couch or on your bed. The Homestar series was designed by Japanese and it is no doubt the most rated and liked night light projector of all. It can also be used to decorate weddings or birthday parties.

It has a 3 watt LED technology and has a projection area circle of 106 degrees in diameter. The weight of this projector is 1.8 pounds and the dimensions are 6.6 x 5.9 x 6.3 inches. The quality of this product is no doubt the best and works very well too. We highly recommend this product because it proved itself the best of all after all the tests and experiments we did. Obviously, before recommending you any product we make our research strong, read reviews and test them. So now we made it easy for you by finding the best night light projector. Your children will love it. Sega Homestar is no doubt the highest rated and offers the best features to fit your needs.

Common Features Of The Star Projectors

Star projectors are lamp lights which give out an image of the night sky or patterns of light instead of giving off light like all ordinary lamps do. Some are portable where batteries are required but others have switched to be plugged-in.

These projectors have built-in LED lights that come in colors that are proved to be the most popular and are the top choices of many including blue and green, for a cool effect, plus red and yellow, from the hotter color family. Studies show that there is a great association between color and mood, they can act as stimuli and that’s the purpose of these projectors to bring joy to the recipient.

There are many models to choose from that have distinct designs and qualities like light rotation options, automatic shut-down option and much more. They are small and can be placed anywhere, not taking much room. They work best in standard-size rooms, creating a great ambiance which feels cozy and spacious like the whole milky way has now fit into your bedroom ceiling!

The Cons: Nothings Perfect!

These products are great for use but there can be some drawbacks, including that these light projectors works best in dark rooms and at night time only and one may never experience its full effect in broad daylight. Also some can find it too bright or flashy especially people suffering from Chromophobia (fear of color) may find these luminous display disturbing.

Your Turn

After reading the entire post, what do you think is the best star projector for your kid? Leave a comment below.

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