9 Best Skateboards – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Update: The best skateboard for most people is SCSK8 Pro Skateboard. (Read the indepth review just below)

Skating is a thrilling activity,  if you haven’t tried it yet then go for it and beat it up this summer in the town and do some crazy cruising.

Skateboard come in numerous styles for various tricks so choosing an ideal one especially for the novices may get tricky.

We digged in deeply into all the quality skateboards available and shortlisted the best skateboards we could find to help you out.

Top 3 Skareboard Reviews

1. SCSK8 Pro Skateboard

This skateboard is a complete safe dude for those who don’t know how to tackle the piece of wood easily. For the beginners or those who are likely to misbalance easily, this skateboard is the best choice.

The skateboard comes in a simple plane wide design, making it comfortable and easy to use. In the deck a 9-ply maple has been used which makes your skateboard strong and last-lasting. The thick wood makes it slightly slip/flip resistant, so the beginners won’t have much of a misbalancing issue when skating.

This comes in a 52 mm truck that gives it a handsome speed capability so that you could speed it up as you wish. With 52 mm wide track the acceleration is more in control, so the board won’t go crazy when in steep areas making it safe for you.

The gripper that comes along with the skateboard is wide and strong that holds you back like glue you could freely twirl and twist your body but your foot stays glued to the strong gripper that comes along with this skateboard.

The tires of the SCSK8 Pro Skateboard is pretty good not as good are as in the other boards mainly for professionals who need to do much of wild cruising but then again as it is made for beginners it comes in with the beginners types of wheels. But the wheel can be improved if you adjust it according to your preference or you could replace it as well.

The skateboard is a perfect for the normal users or beginners who do street-skating. However, it won’t be as appropriate for the fanatical skaters as back-flips; goofy-foot, Ollie or similar types of professional tricks can’t be done conveniently. Flipping and sliding especially on a trail, side track or ramp can be done more easily with a lighter skateboard not this 9-ply maple .


  • Thick sturdy 9-ply maple wood
  • decent gripper
  • Various colours
  • 52 mm wheels having good speed and steady acceleration rate
  • Reasonable


  • Not great for flips and tricks due to heavy weight of 9-ply maple

2. KPC Pro Skateboard

The inexpensive board is a complete safe bet for you if you are a rookie and want to buy a swanky skateboard to spend your summers cruising all over the street. It comes with cool art done over it which is neither too plain nor too loud with messy and fiery designs over it.

Its Canadian maple construction makes it smooth, giving a better balancing to your foot and it isn’t too heavy so you could just carry it around easily. The light weight also helps you in doing the flips, grinds, slides, grabs, and air trick easily because kicking and spinning just gets easier with the 7-ply maple.

Truck of the skateboard is made of aluminium , aluminium is used in high-quality skateboards as it makes it easier for you to do the grinds. The light weight of aluminium could easily be lifted and at the same time aluminium is tough enough to make your skateboard last for long.

The wheel that comes along with the skateboard is in white colour and is in rubber that makes it better than those plastic wheels that are more likely to slip off. The rubber wheels make the grip of your skateboard resilient on every type of surface whether it is tile, park, road, or a steep area.

The skateboard comes with a wide black gripper on the top that is of a praiseworthy quality though users have experienced the gripper to chip off after some time but it won’t be an issue as grippers could easily be replaced and won’t cost you a lot. KPC Pro Skateboard gets green lights for its reasonable price, sturdy material and strong gripping.


  • 7-ply maple wood used
  • Rubber wheels
  • Aluminium truck
  • Strong hold gripper
  • A street-skateboard
  • Inexpensive


  • Gripper may chip off in short time


3. Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

When it comes to skating the most relevant and visually appealing art that any skateboard could get is that flaming fire design. We have all grown up being amazed by the flaming fire design and no matter what comes or goes the design stays like an icon and portrays a skating legacy. Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard comes in an enraging flaming design that just makes skating more fun.

It comes in a maple construction and has a street skateboard design. So you’ll be all set to go out in the streets and rock it with your skating skills as the Canadian maple wood is well and good to make your foot carry the plank along with it smoothly. The gripper on the top of the deck assists in maintaining grip.

The aluminium trucks that come along with the skateboard have adjusting capability so you could loosen or tighten it to your preference. This comes in very handy if you want to change the level of stiffness for the tricks you do.

The 52 mm wheel that comes with it is great and well, it comes in a graphic design that makes your skate look great. Along with the art, urethane molding gives it more hold and it works best in smooth landscape. As for the small size that these wheels have got, the skateboard may not go along well on a rugged landscape.

As it is street skateboard with wide deck and plain ends so flipping tricks may not be that easy on it and the little sized wheels won’t compliment the rugged landscape. But for the newbies who have just developed an interest in skating, this is the safest and best thing that you could just use to cruise on around the town.


  • Canadian maple wood deck
  • Urethane moulded wheels
  • 52 mm wheels
  • Aluminium truck
  • Strong grip on the top


  • Small wheels not for rugged landscape
  • Not for the skating rats doesn’t do their tricks smoothly


Other Excellent Skateboards: The competition

1. Rimable Complete 22″ Skateboard

Rimable Complete Skateboard comes in a plastic deck with fresh material that is pretty tough and assures it won’t go off breaking soon. The plastic is also more likely to support weight and all weather conditions. The top does not come with any type of gripper, but the criss-cross pattern naturally gives your foot a grip on the deck and proves to be better than those black tape grippers that chips off after some time.

The smooth PU wheels are tremendously smooth and have great speed. It has a great grip and is capable of going well on various forms of landscapes easily. At the same time the wheels don’t make much of a noise. You really don’t want people turning their heads all the way around and gazing at you for disturbing their morning peace with the squeaky loud sound of your wheel. The only issue is the that the wheel bearings aren’t that efficient becoming a hitch for the smooth turns and slides

The aluminum truck is moderately thick that makes it durable. Apart from the bearings friction issue, the galaxy themed, calm blue colored sturdy skateboard is surely worth a try especially for the incredible price it charges. It is brilliant for an average skater; however, the plain design won’t do much good for the avid skaters.


  • Reasonable
  • Sturdy plastic deck
  • Criss-cross natural gripping design
  • Smooth noiseless wheel
  • Aluminium long lasting truck


  • Tyre bearings are of insufficient quality

2. Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard comes in an extremely reasonable price and does almost the same as what a skateboard three times more expensive could have done. For its price, it already gets a thumb up especially if you are a novice then go for this, it’s a cheap and sturdy thing that won’t cost you much and would go fine with your unprofessional foot.

The deck is sturdy and the criss-cross design carved on the top helps the deck grasp your feet tightly and prevents you from slipping off. The plastic doesn’t crack so the deck stays for long, though, the shine may decline with rough usage and there may be scratches but that shouldn’t be an issue because this comes along with any plastic. So just live with it!

There are a variety of exciting dazzling colours for you to choose especially the unique glow in dark/clear LED wheel one, though due to the LED light and glowing property it is slightly expensive but not the bank-breaking expensive type it surely is still affordable.

The wheels are 59 mm that means good speed. The truck is of aluminium and this makes your skateboard light and durable. The bearings aren’t exceptional, they don’t support much of a rotation and this may prevent from smooth turns.

For its low price and great qualities it is worth a shot, the rigid bearings wouldn’t be a problem if is adjusted or replaced by better ones.


  • Sturdy
  • Good grip
  • Great wheels
  • Variety of colours
  • Reasonable


  • Low-grade  bearings

3. Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard

The Punisher skateboard is yet another top-notch skateboard that comes in graceful cherry blossom design. Its design makes it a best choice for the girls who are looking for a skateboard that serves their girlish taste.

The top comes in a black gripper that is smashingly strong and holds your foot back and along impeccably. It comes in a terrific PU 54 mm wheel that can make your skateboard the swiftest thing and the graphics on the side makes it look fantastic.

The New Seagle heavy duty 5”alloy trucks are strong and light weight best for all types of skaters, be it the professionals or the neophytes all will do fine with it. The bearings are great there aren’t any friction issues it turns well and this makes it the best thing for various types of flips, Ollie, airs, slides or grabs.

With all good this is great it just doesn’t go well with all genders, it has a pretty girlish design so unless you are a guy who doesn’t give much of a thought to style you wouldn’t want this cherry blossom skateboard. The girls, however, should go and instantly grab a Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard so that skating becomes easier and a fun thing to do.


  • Great Canadian maple deck
  • Superb gripper
  • Admirable wheels
  • Good truck
  • Decent design
  • Reasonable


  • Design too girlish for a guy

4. Krown Bengal Rookie Complete Skateboard

Krown Bengal Rookie Complete Skateboard is also worth a consideration for its reasonable price and the tiger eye design. It is appropriate for the novices who are looking for something to get their amateur foot on without any struggle. It has a decent 7.5” of width that can carry a normal person’s foot comfortably. However, for the grownups the thing may not prove to be rock-solid sturdy, it is appropriate for the teenagers and children.

Coming to its deck, a Canadian maple plank has been used and that is generally a decent one used in the skateboard decks. It has moderate life and a bit of care and precautions would make it further long-lasting.

The top has a great black grip tape for a strong foothold on the skateboard. The aluminium trucks make the skateboard light and the aluminium itself is stronger than the plastic trucks. The only glitch that we found was in the wheels and the bearings. The bearings are stiff making the skating tricks and taking turns troublesome but for the price and design it has got it is still a safe recommendation, especially for the newbies.


  • Tiger eye design
  • Light Canadian maple used in the deck
  • Great truck
  • Strong gripper


  • For people up to 200 lbs.
  • wheels and bearings are stiff

5. Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard

Another skateboard that we liked and would recommend you to invest in is the Yocaher Blank Complete Skateboard. It is highly affordable and comes along with some admirable qualities.

There are various colours offered, so that you could choose the one you prefer. The gripper is a standard gripper that does its work well; it grasps your foot back and won’t let you slip off. The truck was good too, though wasn’t in metal but was sturdy and didn’t seem to have any serious issues.

The deck is made of 7-ply maple wood that is lightweight so carrying around your skateboard won’t be an issue and at the same time it is sufficiently durable, as long as you don’t go too hard on it. The deck comes in single tone wood-type design that makes it look simple and sophisticated. All over the wood seemed sturdy enough to keep the thing going for long.

Coming to the wheels, there was a slight disappointment as the wheels were plastic. The problem is that the wheels don’t work efficiently if it comes in plastic and are expected to break down easily. The rubber wheels are much better, if you could buy a rubber wheel and attach it to this then the thing would be flying and would work tremendously. The bearings didn’t roll that naturally, making turns a bit of an issue but a little adjustment or replacement would make it better.

All in all, for its low price it works great and can be recommended to you if you want something smooth and simple.


  • Smooth plain design
  • Good gripper
  • Sturdy deck
  • Adequate truck
  • Reasonable


  • Wheels and bearings are not high quality

6. Airwalk Undone Skull Skateboard

The next skateboard we liked was by the Airwalk; it is a Californian brand and since decades is known for its quality in skateboards and skateboard accessory. So you could always get the best out of the specialist brand.

The skateboard comes in funky design and has double kicktail so you could do most of your tricks easily especially the Ollie and the flips. As for the quality is concerned it comes in a 9-ply maple that is thick enough to last long though for some it may be heavier than the standard 7-ply maple but if you won’t be doing the air tricks then no need to worry about the weight.

The wheels are 52 mm that give the skateboard a good speed and a steady acceleration that makes it easy to manoeuvre the skateboard in the ramp and steep slopes. The truck is aluminium that is light and durable thing for any skateboard and is preferred by the users. The gripper is good, it does its work. let’s you control your foot well on the deck.

All in all, this was great it would have had been the best if it were capable to carry more weight but the weight limit is 125 lbs. this makes it limited to a skinny teenager or a child. So if you fall in that range then make this your choice because it definitely will do a tremendous job for you.


  • Sturdy deck
  • Aluminium truck
  • 52 mm wheels
  • Double kicktail helps in various tricks


  • Limited weight load i.e. 125 lbs.
  • Heavy 9-ply maple isn’t fitting for the air or grind tricks

Considerations to go through before choosing a skateboard for yourself


  • Size of deck

The size (in width)  for any adult would be 7.5” and above. For the middle aged teenagers and those befalling the weight range of 100-150 lbs. a 7.3” is better. However for the children 6” or 7” is fitting. (Note: length is not much of an issue usually width is what you should consider when buying a skateboard)

  • Material of deck

7-ply maple is the best it is light weight though durability may not be as the 9-ply maple but its light weight compliment the requirements of skating. Plastic and 9-ply do work well especially if you are a starter then it must not be much of an issue.

  • Style

Shortboard: this is more appropriate for the street skating or for parks and schools it comes in good doing all the air tricks easily.

Cruiser: cruiser may have kick-tails and may do the flip-tricks but it is more preferable for simple cruising around

Old school: it comes in an asymmetrical pointed ends and is usually used in doing tricks like Ollie, flip, grind. It works awesome on the ramp and trails and is fitting for steep hills and slopes too.

Longboard: longboard  goes well on smooth surfaces, however, it’s long deck doesn’t support any type of trick. So if you don’t have any plans of doing those amazing tricks and want to do simple skating then long board will do it for you.


Wheels are preferred to be above 52 mm as the speed is better in the above range and the acceleration is much in control and this makes it easy to manoeuvre your skateboard. As far as the material is concerned, rubber is more preferable as it is sturdy and moves well. The plastic wheels aren’t too good as plastic doesn’t prove to be long-lasting. Some wheels come in wood as well, it is good for children or some low dose skating but going out wild in streets with wooden wheels wouldn’t be a good idea at all!


Bearings comes attached to the wheel, the more freely the bearing moves the better it is so the stiff bearings aren’t good.


Truck is preferably good if it comes in aluminium because aluminium is lightweight and this helps doing the tricks and moving around become easier. titanium is the best of all it is light and sturdy. Some trucks are in steel which may be long-lasting but not good, it is heavy and skating becomes a little difficult. As far plastic is concerned they are not bad but durability is always questionable in case of plastics.

Unboxing your skateboard

If your skateboard comes in all assembled then great start using it. but in the case of a non-assembled skateboard follow the directions to get your skateboard going

First of all, get  the deck and attach it to the trucks; your deck has  parallel holes in which you screw in your truck, the truck is attached to the bottom side of the deck.Then get your bearings and wheels, if you are gonna attach new bearings  and wheels then make sure you have  8 bearings because every wheel need 2 bearings and there are 4 wheels required for skateboards in total. Then just get the bearings attached to the wheels and get the whole thing together to the truck. Your skateboard will be ready, make sure you have the gripper there on the top of your skateboard because that is the most important thing that holds you while skating.


How to use your skateboard

Well tons of YouTube videos will help you learn the tricks but take down some notes on how to take care of your skateboard or how to make it better .

  • If your deck is wooden it would be  best if you store your skateboard indoor so that excess heat and rain doesn’t damage the deck.
  • If some part of your skateboard isn’t of best quality then you could always change it. The bearings, wheels, trucks, deck, gripper is all replaceable so if anything goes wrong don’t buy a whole new thing and waste money, just buy that component.
  • Always renew the gripper it isn’t an expensive thing and is a must, the more fresh a gripper is the better your skateboard is going to work for you. Grippers would be easily available in any near by sports shop or you could order it online.
  • Add some accessory to your skateboard. If you have a simple plain skateboard then buy some logos and stickers or if you are good at art then it’s even better, you could design your deck yourself and make it beautiful. If you go out for skating in the evenings or nights then no art is of good at that time, for then the LED lights look really cool. If your skateboard hasn’t got one then you could just go and buy one and attach it to your skateboard. For those who want a recommendation for nice sparkling lights then Board Blazers were really cool. For Board Blazers no wires or technicalities are needed, you could simply attach it, it has a long life so you won’t need replacing it.


You really wouldn’t want to spent on an useless piece of plank that would do you no good. So invest in the best skateboard that cruises smoothly and does it’s work perfectly.  Choose of the best skateboard we have recommended above, start skating and bring the best out of yourself.

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