Best Routers Under $100 in 2018

Update 2018: The best wifi router under $100 for most people is the TP-LINK Wireless N300. (see in-depth review below.)

Best Routers Under $100 in 2018

Best Routers Under $100Overall RatingsRelative Price
1. TP-LINK Wireless N300A+$
2. ASUS 3-In-1 Wireless RouterA$
3. Linksys WRT54GLA$$
4. Securifi AlmondA+$$$
5. Ubiquiti EdgeMax EdgeRouterA+$$$$

Things to consider before buying Routers/FAQS

Wi-Fi standards:

There are many kinds of Wi-Fi standard routers out there e.g. 802.11n, 802.11g, and 802.11ac. The 802.11g whose data rate 54 megabytes was introduced in 2003 is compatible with the 2.4GHz band only and is the most commonly used by the masses.

Now since 5GHz bands have been introduced, 802.11g does not support it so the new standard was introduced in 2009, called the 802.11n which supports the 5GHz band along with the 2.4GHz band, making this the most user-friendly and most famous amongst all.

Finally, the 802.11ac standard is very new but is not supported by a lot of devices, which makes it not the standard to buy.

Data rate:

When you go out to buy a router you may see on the boxes of various router saying 150 Mbps, 300 Mbps or even more. It may seem smart to buy the one with the largest number but wait there is a catch. Both your device and router should be able to support multiple data streams or otherwise, you would be stuck with a lower speed rate of the device regardless of your routers capabilities.

It is recommended to buy the 300Mbps router because they are inexpensive plus most computers, laptops etc. are capable of supporting that equal speed.


If you are going out to buy a router, make sure it has a built in modem. A modem transfers data from your network to your internet and vice versa.

If you don’t like your built-in modem, you can always buy a separate modem and connect it to your router through one of the Ethernet ports.

Value-added features:

It is ideal to have a 300Mbps router using 802.11n standard, but there can be other added features that you could look for which will make your lives much easier.

First, comes the USB ports, which connects to your printers directly allowing any computer on your network to issue a print command.

Secondly, you should aim for the routers that support dual-band feature, where the 5GHz band is used to stream heavy media content or online gaming separated from the simple task of web surfing, this reduces network interference. This as a result allows smooth running with less online traffic.

DLNA certification:

This is for all those technology geeks out there, who own other DLNA certified equipment which will work smoothly with a DLNA router. DLNA certification is given to those devices that are built with some software or hardware standards.


Routers should support WPA2 encryption for added security so that nobody else could hack into your network and keep an eye on your online activities.

Advantages of using a Router

  • Routers enable multiple computers connect to a single network, connection to various LAN and WAN networks have also been made possible through routers.
  • Routers which are installed with security encryption act as a hardware firewall, which prevents all internet hack attacks and filters all packages that come and go through the router.
  • You and your friends could wirelessly connect with a game system, laptop or USB wireless adapter.
  • Router rids you of the mess of wires by creating a wireless network.

Reviews of the Best Routers Under $100

TP-Link Wireless N300

Best Router Under $100Don’t be misled by the small size of this router as its stronger than it looks! It delivers 300Mbps speed, which is ideal for gaming, streaming, downloading and much more.

Moreover, the twin antenna increases stability and covers every inch of the house or office, so that nobody is deprived of using the internet, which in fact now has become our greatest need no matter which field we belong to.

It is compatible with the 802.11b/g wifi standard and has a hassle free and easy installation process. Which makes it user-friendly and one of the desired routers.

In addition to its awesome features, it also gives the option of parental controls for keeping an eye on children or employees browser search, allowing bandwidth which controls how much speed each bandwidth is given to ensure the smooth running of operations and is encrypted with the WPA/WPA2 security connection.

Overall, this is a simple and have-it-all device which is great for office or household use and you should not waste a minute before buying this router.

ASUS 3 IN 1 Wireless Router

Router under $100 ReviewsAs anybody can guess just reading the name that this router offers something special. The 3 extra features that this device has are first it fulfills the jobs of a router, second it is an access point for different computers to access their networks from and last but not least is the range extender. this device covers large areas better than another router with high-speed network available for users to benefit from.

This device allows four networks to be created at a single time, where they can be customized by restricting them from using certain websites and also allowing them a specific amount of bandwidth which will be able to fulfill their surfing needs.

On top of that, setting it up a router had never been this easy before, the router has to be connected to a wifi enabled device, where the setup page would be accessed and all you would have to do is give that page the ID and password for the router, provided by the ISP and voila your router is up and running.

To mark the cherry on top, this router can switch modes faster than an eye blink, where all you need to do is take your pick from the router, repeater or AP mode and change if straight from your browser through an ASUS provided the graphical user. interface (GUI).

This little dynamite device is sure to knock you down from your seats, so get up, dust your clothes and getting going to buy this amazing router!

Linksys WRT54GL Wi-Fi Wireless G Broadband Router

This spaceship-like router is built-in with a 4-port switch and a wireless G access point. This can connect to any LAN or WAN available in your vicinity. It is compliant with the 802.11b/g protocol and provides with a maximum speed which allows online surfing a piece of cake.

It comes with WPA2 encryption, two external antennas, and a built-in firewall to protect your network from external attacks.

The only setback seems to be is that it comes without a modem, but this device is ideal to be used by consumers with basic internet needs.

Online gaming and surfing will be difficult for this router as its bandwidth can only carry 54 Mbps of speed at a time, but not to sweat this device is to fulfill those people’s needs who use just the basic internet.


This router is a good choice for those who love video streaming or are Netflix fanatics. It allows streaming up to 450 Mbps over 2.4 GHz, which is perfect for watching movies but is not the ideal router to support heavy online gaming.

Furthermore, it offers four fast Ethernet ports for a speedy connection, where more than 15 users can connect and share media online without complaining. Also, the three antennas attached to the device offer increased stability and coverage throughout the house.

This device gives you the choice to allot bandwidth to each device for controlling and limiting online traffic, parental controls are installed to stop your kids or employees from accessing certain sites. Its 802.11n technology operates faster and makes sharing media, files and photos easier.

The option of Guest network allows your visitors to access your Wi-Fi which is separate from your main network.

In addition to all these features, this device comes with a 2-year warranty with 24-hour technical support from the operator. Summing it all up, this device is rated one of the best routers under $100 and is believed to make its consumers happy.


This all-rounder brings consumers great features which will make you forget about everything else and have you fallen in love with this router instead.

This router uses the 802.11ac which is the latest Wi-Fi technology. This 1200Mbps router is dual band, with a 5GHz band delivering 867 Mbps and the 2.3 GHz band delivering 300Mbps, also the twin antennas provide each band with optimum coverage. The IP-Based QoS, controls and allows devices to have a certain amount of bandwidth which will help prevent online traffic.

Guest network and parental control feature also available which gives you control over what guests and kids can access. The settings of the router can also be controlled using the TP-LINK Tether app on your phone.

The four Ethernet ports and two USB ports make connecting several devices easy, where printers can now be directly connected to your router then your computer. The increased speed allows you to stream online without any disturbance. Online gaming has been made easy and the increased bandwidth is capable of carrying out several other tasks.

This device is really the device which will blow your brains away and that also at such a cheap price!

Securifi Almond 2015

This router features a stylish and sleek design which is soothing to the eyes, but also it is the world’s first touch-screen router and it is a great buy in just under $100.

It only takes 3 minutes for the router to set-up and gets going. It is compatible with a lot of modems and it creates a wireless bridge between your internet and your wired devices.

Furthermore, it offers home automation and security through the simple addition of sensors, which will be able to tell when your house windows and doors have been accessed. Its energy saving mode allows the user to control lights, appliances, and thermostats.

Addition to all its cool and new features, the securitfi comes with one year warranty which makes it a safe investment.

This awesome device is not only the most good-looking but also offers the most advance features and should definitely be given a place to stay at your house.

Ubiguiti EdgeMax EdgeRouter Lite ER Lite

This router is equally beneficial for home or office use. It is very light and space effective, as it can also be hanged on the wall.

This is a very affordable choice and offers a dual-core MIPS64 GigE port which comes with a graphical-user interface.

Moreover, it does not make any sound because it has a fanless body and offers great speed for the users.

The only set back is that does not have a firewall or built-in content filtering. But overall it is a good and cheap choice and should be taken into consideration.

NETGEAR RangeMax Wireless Router

As the name suggests, this router comes the space of a medium to a small house and is best for a small family use.

It comes with a manual for troubleshooting and you could refer to the Netgear Genie network manager for easy installation. it also offers parental control keys, with WPA/WPA2 wireless security at a touch of a button. Also, this device offers a wifi on/off button with which you could easily control wifi access timings especially for youngsters, who should not be provided with the net at all times and also this feature helps conserve energy up to 30%.

The only drawback that is obvious is that this router does not come with a built-in modem and so you would have to buy a modem separately.

But overall judging this device, it seems a good deal in under $100 and is best to use in small households, so don’t hold back and go and make this purchase now!


Buying a router is a tricky job but once you get over that process, that’s when the fun starts. Having a router around not only brings ease but also creates a better-managed environment for you to work and enjoy in. So, which model do you consider to be the best budget router? Leave a comment below to let us know! Thank you for visiting a

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