Best Projectors Under $200

After 30-hour research and countless hours of testing, we’ve compiled a list of the best projectors under $200 (2018).

These projectors would not only be perfect for those on a strict $200 budget but also fill the no-big-screen void.

Quick summary of the Top 3 Projectors:

The first one that came our way is the HD 2600 Lumens Vedio Projector, which is rated as the top choice among the Best Projector under $200 for 2018. It is an iPad sized portable projector which displays high definition big pictures in clear bright colors.

Second, comes the Crenova XPE460 Video Projector which is white in color but gives best results when used in the dark, due to the 21% more brightness clause, which has been added to its features.

And the third one picked is the Mileagea LED projector. It’s based on the Wi-Fi direct technology that maximizes any image available on your phone, tablet, laptop etc.

Among these projectors, there are different categories involved including stationary projections for home use or more portable ones which can also fit your coat pocket.


Best Projector Under $200

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Vedio projector is the small package with big surprises. This model comes in a stylish black exterior with a 2600 lumen image projection feature. The glass lens helps in presenting a crystal clear image with great focus and color fidelity. The native resolution is just excellent with 800×480 pixel count and compatible resolution comes in at 1080p.

Moreover, this has impressed many with its too good to be true features, where is come with front, rear and ceiling projection methods. The image can be reversed up to 360 degrees that make a full rotation. The 15-degree keystone correction in both negative and positive axis gives users numerous placement options like the tabletop, ceiling, desk etc.

Furthermore, the Vedio projector has a built-in speaker for enhancing your movie or gaming experiences. This will also prove very useful while giving presentations on excel or word because you won’t have to attach extra speakers for playing any video or audio clip.

The Vedio projector is quite portable due to its small size and multiple connection options. It is able to support multimedia function with VGA/AV/USB/HDMI/SD and TV input. It can enlarge the image up to 200 inches without compromising quality and allowing you to enjoy your movie nights in full swing. All you need is an HDMI adapter for allowing wireless connection on your projector, which is great!

The LED bulb installed in this system has a 20,000-hour life, which uses the latest Smart Eco Lamp care technology and saves energy up to 70%.

Pros & Cons

This is a very good option for a home theater system and definitely one of our top-rated product.

  • Portable
  • Multiple connection options
  • 2600 lumen
  • Extra adapter needed for wireless HDMI connection

Factors to consider before purchasing projectors

There are endless opportunities for you to pick from, but there are some factors that would make the buying process and decision-making even easier.

Here are some of the factors to consider before you purchase your projector:

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is the rectangular shape of the video image. A standard television set has an aspect ratio of 4:3, which means that the image is four units wide and three units high. The projector has different native aspect ratios that can be 4:3, 16:10, and 16:9. This means the chip inside the projector is in these dimensions and would display images according to these measurements as well.


The higher the resolution of the projector the better picture it will display. Resolution refers to the number of pixels it uses to create a picture. It is usually written using two numbers e.g. 1280×800. The first number shows the number of pixels displayed horizontally and the second number is for the vertical pixels. Sometimes, it is also written as 1080p, where the number refers to vertical resolution and p stands for progressive scan. A progressive scan means that the entire picture is displayed at once. Common projectors for home theatres have the following resolutions 1280×720, 1280×768, and 1920×1080.


The brightness of a projector is measured in lumens; they determine the sharpness of an image that will be displayed. The more the lumens the brighter the image is. The amount of lumens that you would need will depend on the setting and brightness of the room the projector will be placed in. Projector lumens usually range from 1000 to 2500 lumens, as they are used in a dim-lighted room and for an extra added feature some projectors let the user control its brightness as well.


Projectors come with two installation settings, one where it is simply placed on the tabletop and the other where it is mounted on the ceiling and is fixed once and for all. Placement of the projector on the tabletop makes it easy to transport from one place to another, but it would always have to be set up before it can be used again.

So a projector to be placed on the table has to have low fan noise so that it’s not disturbing for the viewers seated nearby. And for the ones of you, who choose a ceiling-mounted projector would not have to worry about changing its settings every time, as it’s safely tucked and out of the way.

Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio controls the difference between the darker and the brightest areas of the picture. More contrast ratio would produce more defined and clear image. So look for projectors with higher contrast numbers.

Advantages of Projectors

Here are some pros and cons of using a video projection system, more commonly known as projectors. So that you can equally weigh the gains and losses of a projector and whether it would be a good decision to replace your TV or LCD screen with one or not.

Screen Size

When it comes to the screen size then we all would hands down give it up for the HD projectors. They give crystal clear imaging which starts with 100 inches wide and the number goes even higher. Imagine watching Lord of the Rings in an HD print, now increase the size 4 times and you have got yourself a party.

Your house will become the ultimate destination for movie nights, video-gaming and watching your favorite sport premier leagues.

Easier on the eyes

You guys may wonder that watching programs on a big screen can damage your eyesight, but to be honest that’s not the case. Bigger screens which are not too bright put less strain on your eyes, as they fill your visual field and are quite relaxing to watch. So go easy on your eyes and watch TV on your projectors!

Space if you have the money

Using projectors screens can be a bit heavy on your pocket but will definitely do the job well done. You can hang it on the wall where it would simply roll back in its casing and take no space at all. And whenever you are in the mood for it, just summon down the screen with the automatic remote control and enjoy watching your favorite show.

Disadvantages of Projectors


Any sort of ambient light will ruin your projected images, no matter how high the brightness is or how good the screen material is. You would have to control your lighting or otherwise you would only be able to enjoy the true colors of your projector at night. Which can lead to a very abnormal sleeping routine and you may wake up every morning looking and feeling like a zombie.

Lamp life

Most projectors use UHP lamps, which last a couple of thousand hours and then need replacement. You may have to buy a new lamp every one or two years depending on your use. Replacing these lamps is expensive, even though LED lamps are being used in some brands but still they weigh heavily on your wallet.

Projector Basics

A projector is a two-piece system, one is the projector that projects the image and the other is the screen that reflects it. This may sound like a complicated gadget and may give you the jitters but in reality is very simple and basic.

There are three types of technologies that have been introduced till now DLP, LCD, and LCOS.

LCD is the same technology used in flat-screen TVs. This type of projector comes at very affordable prices and projectors that are using this technology are ranked some of the best in quality. So investing in LCD projectors is not a bad idea.

The second type of projectors that we will be talking about is the DLP or Digital Light Processing systems. They use tiny chips with millions of tiny mirrors. Their prices vary a lot, as some are ultra-cheap but some that use three-chips are ranging on the exorbitant side.

DLP projectors give other projectors competition when it comes to picture quality and motion resolution. But this technology lacks in balancing the blacks and whites (contrast ratio) of the images that it presents.

When it comes to technology, progression and improvement go hand in hand. So the new mash-up of the LCD and DLP technology was developed and is called the LCOS or Liquid Crystal on Silicon.

The LCOS projectors have a liquid crystal layer over the mirrored surface of the lens. This creates excellent contrast ratios and as a result, hasn’t compromised picture quality. The price is also affordable and can result as a very good investment for a lifetime.

Reviews: Other Excellent Projectors Under $200


The Crenova is a mini projector but offers 20% more brightness than other basic LED models because of its latest LED technology. This is the ideal product for watching TV or playing games on your Xbox or PlayStation. But this would not be good for presentations, so users browsing through projectors for office work are looking at the wrong product.

It offers MHL connection for enlarging your iPad or smartphone screen and it can also connect to your MacBook through an HDMI adapter.

Crenova can enhance pictures up to 130-inches but the ideal distance would be 2m from the screen, which will display an 80-inch full resolution image. The Crenova is a long throw projector (check out the short throw projector here ) and will create a high definition imaging. There is a built-in fan for cooling down the bulb and avoiding it from reaching high temperatures.

Mileagea LED Projector

This projector offers very special features which include its Wi-Fi direct technology feature. All you need to do is download the projector’s app UNi-Link OS and connect your smartphone, iPad, laptop with windows 8.1 and above to Mileagea through Wi-Fi. It allows you to enjoy anything on your tiny screen to come to life on the 130-inch projector screen with a single click.

Not only this, you can connect devices through HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, SD card and IR ports. The HDMI port is also for connecting your gaming consoles and going on a GTA mission.

The 2 built-in speakers bring you, even more, fun without connecting external speakers, also a standard 3.5mm headphone jack is available for a more private movie time.

Coming towards the more intricate features, this projector offers 120- lumen brightness, keystone correction, and 1080p image size, for a high-resolution video experience. Furthermore, the contrast ratio is 800:1, with 800×480 native resolution which highlights the lows and darks of the picture, creating a more defined image. The lens is adjustable and can be tinkered with to focus and adjust according to your placement.

Elegiant 1200LM LED Multimedia Projector

Like the name suggests, the elegant black design with sharp edges gives this product an extra point in looks. This system is not only good looking but offers some very sleek features. They include the wireless function which allows wireless connection and streaming of audio or video from your smartphone, iPad or tablet. It also supports Miracast protocol and DLNA, transmitting media files to the big screen.

To add the cherry on top, the Elegiant comes with a remote controller to keep everything in operation while relaxing on the couch. The front lens is protected from damage by a rubber cover and the unit holds a riser underneath, for increasing the height for better picture display. Both these extra features make it very handy and practical.

This multimedia projector uses the DLP technology, with a high resolution multi-chip-coated optical lens. This feature allows better color reproduction, better transmittance, and better temperature resistance. To bring your home cinema theater to life, this projector allows multiple connection ports for various devices.

To bring the users true colors and high resolution, the Elegiant uses 1200 lumen count. The picture displayed is not only high in quality, life-size but also life-like. The image takes up the whole wall, with is 130-inch display from a 1-3m distance.

Elecshack HD 3200 Lumen Home Theater Projector

The Elecshack black colored home projector displays amazing and razor sharp images due to its 3200 ANSI lumen. This is amazing as the previous projectors we have been talking didn’t have lumen brightness more than 2000.

It has a 1080p resolution result and has projection screen size ranging from 32-200 inch from a 1.2-6m distance, which is mind-blowing.

It comes with 2 built-in 3watt speakers for better sound reproduction during movie time. The aspect ratio is 4:3/16:9 and 20,000-hour lamp life.

It model is not suitable for presenting word, excel or PPT presentations. It can support 3D viewing but with the help of 3D glasses.

The Elechack projector would make you feel like you have brought back home the whole movie theater due to its professional functions.

60” Multimedia Projector

This is a perfect gift for your child if he is into video games or movies. Not only this. it is a stylish device but is also great for making a night special with a movie and some popcorns.

It has a 60” display, with 40-lumen brightness with all the necessary ports for connecting your regular devices.

There is also a headphone jack for personal viewing and to avoid disturbing others. A remote control, power cable and instruction manual is added in the box for easy setup.

It is very portable and compact in size, so you can carry it along on your journeys.
Things We Liked
  •  Simple and trendy design
  •  Easy to use
  •  Remote controlled

iClever IC-P01 Multimedia Projector

This is the perfect entertainment for holidays, where it offers gaming sessions with friends in HD, movie night with family and a dose of your favorite sport.

The iClever has a high resolution of 1080p with 1000:1 contrast ratio, which is unmatched by many branded projectors. The image that it projects has 800-lumen brightness and a 16:9 widescreen ratio that is able to project images up to 80-inches in size.

It supports the latest LED lamp which promises a mind-blowing picture quality. To assist the user, the iClever comes with a tripod for easy setup and a speaker to avoid the hassle of bringing another speaker set along.

It also supports Blu-ray content, gaming consoles and can be ideal for taking along on presentation day at the workplace. This is the all-in-one projector to go to when in distress.


The above article clearly states the new generation projectors and their features. We hope this article about the Best Projectors under $200 is helpful and informative for you to make an informed decision about which projector to choose for your movie ventures, gaming nights or office work.

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