Best Projectors for Gaming 2017 – (Top 10 Reviews)

Update 2017: The Best projector for most gamers is the Optoma GT1080. (see the in-depth review below.)

Here is a shout-out to all those gaming fanatics who would just kill for the HD gaming experience. Yes, that’s true! Now manufacturers are offering high-quality projectors for that ultimate, life size ‘Call of Duty’ gaming sessions, where it would be difficult to tell the difference between the ultra-vibrant game features from a Hollywood action blockbuster!

The gaming industry has come up with some excellent games and to bring them to their full glory they should be played on the best gaming projectors.

Some of them are listed below for you to make an informed decision while looking for the projector of your dreams.

Quick Picks: The Top 5 Projectors For Gaming

Best Projectors for GamingOverall RatingsRelative PriceLumens
1. Optoma GT1080A+$$$$$$2800
2. BenQ HT1075A$$$$$$2200
3. ViewSonic PJD5134A+$$$3000
4. InFocus X6 DLP ProjectorA+$$$$$2000
5. Optoma HD25-LVA++$$$$$$$$$3500

Factors to consider while buying projectors for gaming/ FAQ’s

Game Projector Brightness

While determining the brightness, you need to consider first the ambient light from the location and image size that you want to project. This would greatly affect the performance and resolution of the projector.

Brightness in ambient light

  • For home theater, you need 1000 lumens or more
  • For rooms with some ambient light 1500 lumens or more is desirable
  • For areas with high ambient light 3000 lumens or brighter is best

Brightness for screen size

  • 50-60inch 1000 lumens or more
  • 60-80inch 1500 lumens or more
  • 80-100inch 2000 lumens or more
  • 100inch+ 2500 lumens or more

Considering the Contrast ratio

It is important to take into notice the contrast ratio along with the brightness for better quality visuals. The games now include many color dynamics and to experience those, your projector should be able to show the deep blacks and crisp whites. And for that, you need a good contrast ratio. Some contrast ratios are rated below, which can help you get the projector which can be able to fulfill your desired image quality.

Contrast ratio for gaming

  • Good 5000:1 or better
  • Better 40000:1 or better
  • Best 100000:1 or better

Input Lag

This is the time that a projector takes to create an image on the screen. Input lag time of 50 microseconds is common and most players won’t even notice it, but it can create a problem when you are playing online with multiple players. Basically, the input lag time, especially for online gamers should be 20 microseconds, so make sure you keep your eyes open for projectors with short input lag time.

Refresh Rates

If you are wondering what refresh rates are, then the explanation would be that it is the ability of the projector to process a video. The higher the refresh rates the faster and seamless streaming can be. You guys need 120Hz above refresh rates, which will help create a flicker-free imagery especially for 3D games, which tend to be heavier than other games.

Game projector Resolution

One way to go for projectors needed for gaming is 1080p HD because they present videos in lush colors and better quality. Other projectors showing VGA, SVGA or XGA are good but only for office or school work. There are a lot of HD projectors available in the market and that also at very good prices.

Other Factors

Some other factors you need to consider are that your input resolution should be equal to your display resolution, because if there is a deviation between the two then that will increase the input lag time.
Some projectors have the option saying ‘Fast’ or ‘gaming’ mode, by pressing it you will experience a little decrease in image quality but that will cut a lot of your lag time. So it’s a better bargain where cutting down a little bit of your resolution will free you of waiting for the game to load.

When you have a home theater setup, make sure you connect to the projector from the game. This is the shortest and fastest way, because if you don’t, then the game would first travel to the home theater receiver, which is just another way of wasting your precious game time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Projectors

There are several advantages and limitations of buying projectors.


  • Largest possible picture: It is true to say concerning the media that the bigger the better and now you can use some great projectors producing pictures as big as 90″ or 120″, which is larger than what any TV can produce. Projectors picture size is limited by their light output, but still it gives cinema-like feels when used, producing high-quality picture increasing your utility where you can never get enough of it!
  • Small pictures also possible: Let’s say you don’t have enough space for projecting a huge image, then, in that case, the size of the projected image can be reduced to let’s say 60″. The reduced picture will be brighter and can be the cheapest way of having a plasma TV on your wall!
  • Low Cost and Space: Believe it or not, projectors are among the least expensive video products. Buying TV screens are not only more expensive but require more space. Alternating that with the low priced HD projectors in the market can be a very wise decision because they won’t only go easy on your pocket but also your house space.
  • Easy to install: Projectors are very light weight and compact and that is what makes them very portable and easy to lift. So a single person is all it needs to set up a projector and has it running.


  • A dark room is required: To get the best results from a projector, a dark room is required, as light can reduce its brightness. But not to worry, if you want projectors which can display equally good pictures with light in the room then you have to buy projectors with 3000+ lumen, which can be more expensive.
  • Maintenance cost: Projectors may have a little bit of maintenance cost tagging along where ever they go. It may need filter-cleaning, lamp replacement or repair, which can be costly for the users.
  • Installation can be sometimes tricky: Projectors can be sometimes difficult to set-up, depending on how you want them to be. First, the perfect space should be allotted for the projector to sit on, then if you decide on installing a screen then that’s just extra added cost. Furthermore, the perfect proportionate display should be set through keystone correction and lens shift options, where both of these a little tricky to handle.
  • Rainbow artifact: Most DLP technology projector have the rainbow artifact, which is created by the 6 colors rotating-wheel, it can be really irritating for some which will destroy the whole point of owning a projector. Most 3-chip DLP, LCD, and LCOS do not have this problem, but they may be a little more expensive than the simple DLP ones.
  • A separate audio system is needed: Projectors usually have no audio or small audio speakers installed which may not be enough to support a home theater, so a separate audio system will be needed to create that cinema-like effect. This will not only take more money but also take up space.

Reviews of the Best Projectors for Gaming

Optoma GT1080

The Optoma GT1080 supports a 2800 lumen display picture adding vibrant and rich detail to your games. With 25000:1 contrast ratio and keystone correction, to bring to the gamers a superior image detail.

With the DLP and Texas BrillaintColor technology this device brings you a detailed color palette, with deep blacks and crisp whites. Allowing the DLP chip to respond at a speed of 16 microseconds, bring the screen to life at a touch of a button.

Moreover, the Optoma GT1080 weighs only 6 pounds and carries with it some amazing features. They include two HDMI ports, MHL connectivity and VESA 3D sync ports which keep will you on top of your game!
Furthermore, its short throw lens produces sharp images which will not only improve visibility but also free you of the hassle of setting the projector at the perfect distance from the screen or wall.

The Optoma GT1080 is eco-friendly and uses hazardless materials in manufacturing and making of the product. At standby mode, it uses 0.5 watts energy which is quite less compared to other regular stand-by modes. It has the option of shutting down automatically when not in use, which also saves energy.

Coming towards the smaller details, the Optoma GT1080 has a built-in speaker that produces sounds up to 10 watts. It operates in a whisper quiet motion, with 12-volt output and a whole 6500-hour lamp life, which relieves you from the worry of replacing the projector lamp for a long time.

BenQ HT1075

This projector model offers 2200 lumen brightness display, with 10000:1 contrast ratio, which is less than the previous one but still offers sharp picture features enhancing your gaming experience. The DarkChip3 DLP technology allows deeper blacks and good quality picture preventing the rainbow effect from ruining the fun.

The HT1075 comes with keystone correction and further lens shift option which makes a stunning 100-inch projection under 8 feet from anywhere in the room. So now there is no need for you to stuff books underneath the projector or change your room setting every time you decide to use it.

The HT1075 automatically connects to the transmitter and receiver once it comes to power, where it has four built-in antennas giving the recipient better streaming options from behind closed doors.

Furthermore, its quick response time makes it ideal for fast-action or motion-sensing games, the 10 watts built-in audio speakers produce deep bass sounds, which gives you liberty from attaching another stereo.

BenQ’s SmartEo technology saves energy and can increase the lamp life from 3000 hours to 5500 hours when used with the economy mode on. All these features combined makes the HT1075 a lower maintenance device, offering vivid picture performance making its users happy.

ViewSonic PJD5134

ViewSonic has been in business for 25 years and has been developing gadgets in the way the consumer wants them to be. Its PJD5134 is a perfect example, which has 3000 ANSI lumen display, along with 15000:1 contrast ratio, vertical keystone correction, zoom lens and much more.

This projector has the lowest ownership cost (TOC), which will save you a lot of your precious dollars. It incorporates filter-less technology unlike other models, which need cleaning and replacement after a few hundred hours of usage. Similarly, the 10000-hour lamp life that the PJD5134 offers is much more compared to other LCD projectors. The DynamicEco technology reduces energy consumption by 70% when not in use. All these features combined reduce the maintenance cost down to zero.

Moreover, the imagery of the projector is enhanced by the 6-segment color wheel. The improved yellow color performance is what makes the visuals more vivid and natural looking for you.

The PJD5134 is HD compatible, supports 3-D through the HDMI input and has a petite structure for easy mobility. The 3-year warranty for limited parts and labor saves you from the fatigue of getting your projector repaired. This is one of the best projectors for video gaming, which can also be used to watch movies, give presentations etc.

InFocus X6 DLP Projector

This affordable, high-quality projector comes in with a multi-functional wireless remote, which fits back in the projector case for easy storage and transportation.

It features SVGA resolution, impressive brightness and contrast ratio. Its deep saturated colors and lush blacks project high definition images but the X6 is best to be used in offices and schools.

The X6 incorporates a filter-free design, lowering your maintenance cost plus 2.0 watts built-in audio speaker for sound output. It also features a VGA and several other video inputs for data presentation from a DVD player, camera or camcorder.

Optoma HD25-LV

Another amazing product from Optoma, that delivers high definition, sharp picture quality because of its high lumen count and 20000:1 contrast ratio. The keystone correction enables a clear and proportionate picture to be displayed from short distances.

The Optoma HD25-LV will dazzle you with its superior image clarity as it supports DLP and BrilliantColor technology. There are various inputs available on the HD25-LV including two HDMI, USB, VGA, audio and 3D VESA ports.

Furthermore, its industry-leading energy saving features brings it to the top, along with the whisper quiet operation makes it comfortable to use.

One of the top features includes its 3D compatibility through DLP link or 3D RF glasses, whichever you desire. A 3D gaming world could be created in seconds by connecting the Optoma HD25-LV to your Xbox, PS stations or other gaming consoles. The rapid refresh rate of 144Hz prevents any flickering giving you the optimum gaming environment. The only wish that consumers have is that this product should come with a pair of 3D glasses.
But nevertheless, it comes with 1-year warranty with 2000 plus hours of lamp life.

IncrediSonic Pico Projector Vue Series

This projector from the Vue series offers some very good features including increased compatibility due to is small size, 10 times more lamp life compared to other projectors and 120-inch clear display where there is little or no ambient light.

The Pico projector holds other impressive features which make it a very good projector for school or office work, but it’s not compatible for installing in home theaters or for HD gaming experience.

It supports HDMI and is 3D compatible, where your 32 GB SD card can be connected as well. For presenting data or media sharing, there are VGA, USB, and several video ports. It also includes a remote control which helps you adjust settings from a distance.

Overall the Pico projector offers HD quality and greater resolution to carry out your basic projector requirements in style!

ViewSonic PJD7820HD

As the name suggests, this high definition 1080p projector makes you experience crystal clear and life-like images, with the 3000-lumen brightness along with 15000:1 contrast ratio.

Not only this the PJD7820 comes with BrilliantColor technology which gives true and rich colors. The DLP adds more of the Hollywood-touch and makes its response time a 1000 times faster than similar LCD-based projectors. This is ideal for playing action-filled games like Call of Duty.

To top that off, the PJD7820 uses filter-less lens decreasing your maintenance cost, plus its light and compact becoming less of a hassle. The latest HDMI makes it 3D ready directly from the 3D Blu-ray player.
ViewSonic is offering industry’s best warranty with free 3-year parts and labor and 1-year lamp.

BenQ W1080ST

The W1080ST makes a style statement, with its sleek and modern looking design. It’s not only easy on the eyes but also amalgamates some amazing features. Its HDTV compatible with resolutions up to 1080p, which is ideal for experiencing the true gaming content.

Also, it showcases high-contrast quality and brightness. You can enjoy 3D gaming without any compression or disturbance through Blu-ray players. It is a clever device that uses SmartEco mode and adjusts the lamp light according to your need while saving energy on the side. And the great thing about this product is that does not let power saving disrupt or damage your brightness or high resolutions. The Eco-mode saves up to 70% energy by dimming the lamp light every time you pause your game. These features make the W1080ST an ideal projector to have, saving you a lot out of your hard-earned money.

Epson VS230

Are you tired of playing your games on that small computer/laptop screen of yours? If yes, then this Epson VS230 projector is what you need. With a customer rating of 4.5/5 stars, this champ seems to be doing great in the projector market.

First of all, it has an ideal of 35″-350″ which means it does not need a very large room to be placed in, you can easily set it up in your bedroom and enjoy your games on the big screen you have always longed for.

Secondly, it provides you with the amazing 3X greater brightness, and combined with the 2800 lumens of color brightness and 2800 lumens of white brightness, this projector will result in an amazingly high definition experience by making even the minutest details obvious to the normal eye.

Thirdly, it can easily be connected to any device, either your laptop, your computer, your television as long as they have the HDMI slot in them. This might be a bit of problem since you can’t connect it to your mobile phone, but other than that this VS230 projector is one of the finest projectors out there!

EPSON PowerLite

Epson has managed to ingrain its name as one of the most popular brands in the tech market, so the brand name itself should be enough to show how amazing this projector can be. However, just to get a better understanding of what this projector has to offer us with, let’s take a look at all the amazing feature it has.

First of all, it has been designed to provide its customers with 3x greater brightness than do other projectors. And not only that it promises 1080p full HD experience for your eyes, with up to 25000:1 contrast ration. This high definition picture quality will enable you to easily detect your enemy while he is even miles behind in the game, so you can prepare your next move and be ready to give this enemy a tour to hell.

Furthermore, it features lens shift, which shall result in a much easier installation and you can just as easily change the direction of the lens to suit you better. This is that one feature that not most of the projectors have, and so it becomes the unique selling point of this projector.

However, there is one con attached to this Epson Powerlite projector that it has color and white brightness of 1800 lumens, which may not be the ideal brightness level but to cover up for this one slight deficiency the manufacturers have designed it to emit 1080p HD experience as discussed above.

Lastly, it comes with a projector limited warranty and 90-day lamp limited warranty. These warranties tell you a great deal about the durability of the projector and prove it to be one that won’t worn out in a couple of months as do most other projectors!

Buying a projector is not a piece of cake and there are many things that go into consideration, so make an informed decision which will benefit you and your family.

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