Best Powerline Adapters 2017 – Powerline Networking Kit Reviews.

Update 2017: The best powerline adapters for most people is the Netgear PL1200-100PAS. (Read the full review below.)

If you have this one Ethernet device that is far away from your network connection then for sure all the internet capabilities that the device have is not yet utilized. The ultimate solution is to get the best powerline networking kit so that the poor far-away device can become a part of your network family and you could then finally harness all the internet capabilities it has got with strong connectivity.

Now when you look at these adapters/powerline networking kits, they are like Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompa, you can’t really differentiate between the good ones or the bad ones. So to help you out, we thoroughly dug into dozens of powerline networking kits, of them, we selected the top nine ones that are reviewed and listed below.

1. NETGEAR Powerline networking kit 1200


If you have all latest consoles and TVs at your home then they sure can connect to your internet and give you all the latest streaming experience_or maybe not? Because your wifi signals are scary pants that wouldn’t leave the boundary of your room, whereas, your TV is far away from your room. Now Netgear basic powerline networking kit would get your TV all the wifi signals it needs.

Setting up

This adapter doesn’t have all the features that come with bells and whistles but with the basic performance and simple use we think it would be the best for all to use. The installation or may be installation is too heavy for it. Putting it more precisely the plugging and playing is as simple as said. You just need one adapter plugged in a socket and a router connected to it via a gigabit Ethernet cable near it. The second adapter would be clicked into the device for which you want connection and it would also need plugging in the power socket and Voilà! You are done.


Now for the speed, one thing you should know by now since the evolution of networking devices is that these speed advertised aren’t actually even touched up for once. They are just on paper don’t take it as it is. But it doesn’t mean that this adapter isn’t fast, something near 100Mbps is also good enough for your entertainment. So this one runs at an average of almost 95 Mbps, which is pretty cool. You would get lag-free connection throughout.


The kicker for this adapter is that it runs cool and has high-quality built. Usually, your adapter may burn or do weird things to your switch. That is because of the low-grade built or poor quality switch. However, users praise this for its cool operation and adaptability to all grades of switches.

The bad part

We don’t like the thing that this adapter eats up a large space when plugged in. So technically your switch becomes completely occupied and can’t be used for anything else if your adapter is plugged in. to counteract the issue there is the Netgear PLP1200, which has a pass-thru but it would come with an extra bit of dollar. For the rest, it comes clear.

Final words

If you have jumped on for this adapter then you are pretty much gonna have a good experience with your powerline networking kit. No switch burns or no lack of or lags in speed. You would have a simple cool running adapter making your connection possible for you at a nominal price.


  • Reasonable
  • High speed and great connection
  • Simple installation
  • Cool when operating


  • No pass-thru

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2. TRENDnet Powerline 500 AV2 Adapter Kit TPL-408E2K


Imagine watching “Game of Thrones” and you are just about to know in season 6 whether Jon Snow made it alive or not and BOOM! Your connection got crappy and froze. Well, this isn’t the only scene you don’t want to get stuck on but every single part of your TV show is dear and important to you and to help it from hiccups and lags you need the best network connection. Your “best” would simply be this one by TRENDnet because it has all the speed to fight the killer lags that spoils your fun.

Cutting to the chase, here’s the thing your connection can speed up to almost on average up to 87Mbps which is totally not the one they mentioned on the box. It says they can match up to the speed of 500Mbps which isn’t the case but 85Mbps is also really good you could do all the video streaming and gaming seamlessly.


You ain’t gonna need no technical setting up, just plug in the adapters that are in the kit to your power socket that is connected to the main circuit and you have your powerline networking kit all set up and ready for use. All you need to do is hook up the adapters to your devices via an Ethernet cable.


Now about the design, we must day the size is good enough there isn’t much to the size that would worry you. Plus the thing runs really cool like a breeze this implies that it is efficient and would stick around for long.


This one has knocked it off! It actually works well for those who have been deceived by many other adapters due to the poor or old age lining and wirings their house has got. So if you have a house with all the old age grandma times’ wirings then this is what would serve you the best.

The bad part

Coming to the part where we were a little unhappy, well it didn’t have any pass-thru. This would really bug if you if you live on lesser power sockets around you.

Final words

Well overall this thing is good we liked and we are sure you are gonna be really pleased when using this thing.


  • Fast speed
  • Excellent for all types of wirings
  • Good size not very big
  • Stays cool


  • No pass-thru

3. TP-LINK AV2000 Powerline Adapter Kit


This adapter over here has all the lights and cameras fixed on it this year. The best of all was raised by TP-Link. This one has been specially tutored to give the best performance out beating its sibling that have the same model but hold lesser ports or comes without a pass-through.


So talking about the speed, it says it has got 2000Mbps. Well, that’s just a gimmick. However, it doesn’t mean it’s slow. This one pretty cool it works on average around 300Mbps. Now 300Mbps is nothing less. You could do all you want to do effortlessly without any lags in between. Plus this adapter is the AV2 technology which boasts to be the latest and the best since 2016

Setting and connection

Setting this is very easy. You plug the adapter near somewhere your router and the device you need connection with. Then you click in the Ethernet wire inside the router and the devices that need connection, now touch the pair button and you’re done. The plus part here is that there are 2-gigabit ports so you could connect it to 2 devices at a time. This doesn’t restrict you in functioning one device. So you could have your game console and HDTV plugged in simultaneously or some other Ethernet device plugged in and both operating smoothly at once enabling you for multi-tasking.


The size of it may seem a little big for to you but knowing it has a pass-through you wouldn’t feel the size be a problem. This would enable you to plug in other stuff as well in the socket and this way you save yourself space and a power socket.

Biomechanics and features

The adapter has pretty shape and ventilation space plus the adapter runs cools you wouldn’t have much energy consumed. You save around 85% energy plus the noise filtration technology is also very interesting. You hear minimal sound while the adapter is running and this is a life saver especially when you don’t want the buzzing sound during your favourite show. the adapter has an amazing signal indicator that turns green when the situation is green and turns red when signals aren’t that good, which by the way wouldn’t be the case. So you always know the situation of your signals.

The bad part

Although there is a pass-through socket for you to utilize but if you have several power sockets then there may be this issue that this may cover up the side sockets a little. But apart from that, there may not be any such issue that you may encounter.

Final words

If you want a speedy powerline networking kit then this is an absolutely great choice to head on for. You would certainly not be disappointed when using this.


  • Runs cool
  • Has high speed and latest technology
  • Energy saving design
  • Pass-thru available
  • Great design with LED lights
  • Easy use and install


  • Large size


4. TP-Link AV600 Powerline Adapter Starter Kit (Best powerline networking kit under $50)

Now if you have this one device lying in the other corner of the house and you need some kind of connection to it. Then you could always buy a range extender at $200 or above_but that would be absurd! Knowing there is a viable option costing you below 50 bucks. Yup! You heard it right, see it for yourself, you could get TP link AV600 at around $40.


Tp-link av600 has a speed talking of reaching 600 Mbps. well, actually things might be a little different. The speed is almost on average around 80 Mbps which is kind of good when you refer it to output that you may get. You are gonna get what you want, a lag-free non-stop high-quality game or video. The kicker here is the range you get a range of almost 300 meter which is mind blowing at this price. The upside that comes with the range is obviously that you could use it at distances or floors apart given that you are on the same circuit.


The compact design is a showstopper here. Users usually nag about the wide structure of adapters that half blocks their switches but the side and the top of this adapter is trimmed leaving everything for the down so you don’t have your switches occupied or blocked. Plus the clean white color and soft indicator lights make it look neat, enhancing your décor.


There are no tricks or techs that you need learning when using this. This is a simple game with the ‘plug and play’ rule. Just get the adapters plug in near your device and then connect it to your device via Ethernet cable and do the same with the other adapter but this time connect it to your router. With that done just push the pair button and there you go! You have the connection for your far lying device.

The bad part

Now the downside to this gadget is that it has no pass through but we wouldn’t mind it too much as at least it doesn’t eat up the space of other sockets (if you have extra power socket at the side or up). But this is a standard powerline kit, you wouldn’t have any extra ports so only one device connects at a time with the help of it.

Final words

This is the ultimate cut-rate thing you could get for your connection plus the quality and design is also impeccable so you could definitely count on it.


  • Highly reasonable
  • Fast speed/sufficient range
  • Easy install
  • Compact design


  • No pass-thru
  • No extra gigabit ports

5. D-Link PowerLine kit DHP-309AV

D-link marveled us with this extender it is a combo of elegance, ease, price and performance. You get an amazing experience with your streaming and browsing when using this adapter. So being one of the best powerline networking kits we think this surely deserves a place in our best Ethernet powerline networking kit list.


What makes this adapter a strong contestant for 2016 despite the outdated Ethernet connection is that the performance is highly reliable. By reliable, it means that this adapter gets a safe connection for you and doesn’t damage your powerline kit, given that it has high-quality components and material used in it. Plus the powerline networking kit stays cool when running, saving energy and extending the longevity of the adapter.


When you do basic stuff like web surfing and watching videos then you really don’t need the extra speed and bytes. So, in that case, why buy an expensive thing for the purpose of other stuff you won’t be doing? Just buy this adapter that is gonna cost you less than what the crazy ones cost and enjoy a lag-free experience with your browsing and streaming. This would courteously give you ample of speed for your web browsing and media streaming that you would do on TV or PC or any other Ethernet device.

Connectivity and installation

What comes next is exotic, it’s the pairing. You could pair up to six adapters and have almost 6 devices running simultaneously connected to your main adapter that is the one connected to your internet via router or other switches. So you get multiplicity in connection which isn’t much offered by some other brands. By the way, you get 2 adapters in the box the extra ones need to be ordered separately. Talking of the pairing process, we must say it’s extremely simple you just need connecting one end to the switch, the other to the devices and press the pair button and you are good to go.

The bad part

Now the shortcoming that this powerline networking kit has got is that it has an Ethernet port which is slower than the gigabit Ethernet port but it wouldn’t bother you if you need to do browsing or streaming, it would only bother you if you are a gamer and need a connection to game consoles. Another issue is that this adapter doesn’t have a pass-through so if power sockets are a rare thing at your place then you may have an issue with this, as it may occupy your dear socket when in use.

Final words

If you need an elementary adapter for the simplest of use then instead of investing in an expensive brat just invest in this adapter and enjoy the speed that you would want for the stuff you need to do.


  • Stays cool and go well with any powerline
  • Extremely reasonable
  • Has a sufficient speed
  • Is easy to install


  • No pass-thru
  • Not for games

6. Extollo LANSocket 1500 Powerline Kit

Extollo has hit the market with a lot of bangs and blows, alluring users to buy it for all the next generation features and options it has. You get astounding speed and style that would spoil you by eliminating any tolerance left in you for lags and freezes. You have the wired connection that would give you the uttermost fast online gaming and streaming experience.

Speed and tech

The speed is undoubtedly fast you wouldn’t need any waiting when watching your TV connected to it or doing your games with it. The Beamforming technology, which provides focused signals to the connected device, and the MIMO (multi-input/multi-output) technology boost the speed and the ability to handle multiple orders at a time. This in turns alleviates the signal strength for you.

Other than this, there is the limit of almost 2000Mbps speed which the box says it can catch up to. Well, we would praise the speed but with a little disagreement on the 2Gbps point. The speed doesn’t actually touch up till there it stays on average around 200 Mbps which is also very good for your game and video.

Design and features

You have some other features that may not come with a lot of whistleblowers but they are good enough. Like, you have the ordinary LED light for power and performance indication. There is a pass-through socket on the adapter so you could simultaneously run two devices in each socket.

The bad part

About the bad we can’t really say much, the thing is a good boy with less noise, cool design, and easy-to-use and all so even if you scan through it the only drawback is the weight which is a little much. But this won’t be much of an issue if you have tight and well power sockets. The problem may be slightly where the sockets aren’t that tight and plugging in becomes issue as the heavy weight adapter may not plug into the socket and is more likely to fall off.

Final words

If you are up for Extollo then you have made a good choice. Usually, users become a little skeptical as the brand is not widely known as are some other US leading brands but let it be clear that this is an underdog that would howl louder than you think, so satisfaction is certain.


  • Multiple techs and features giving it desirable speed
  • Great build with LED lights and good finish
  • A pass-thru socket
  • Cool noiseless operation


  • Heavyweight

7. Linksys Powerline kit PLEK400

Linksys PLEK400 has been there since years and still users put their trust on it. What makes the users keep returning to this adapter is, of course, the reliability of the adapter. And for the exact reason, we also continuously recommend this adapter in our best powerline networking kit reviews.


Although it may be a little outdated as some others have entered the market but for the high-quality performance, we still think it is a strong competitor against the latest editions. Besides, those who have a little older lining and electric wiring should readily accept this as it would work best with the wires that share the era in which this was introduced.

The showstopper here is the connection. One adapter needs connection with your router or your network device and then you could add as many adapters as you could on the same circuit lining and you could enjoy a rich connection to the distant devices that are in the space out of your current wifi reach.


You need no software or configuration the push/pair option is simpler next to nothing. You only need the devices plugged in the socket near the devices they need connection with. Then click in the Ethernet cable in the Ethernet port, that’s it! No further effort, you have your connection ready to harness all the fun features your Ethernet devices are capable of.


In a glossy black intense body with bright green glistening LED performance indicators, you get the most good looking powerline networking kit that can go well with your décor plus the size of this powerline networking adapter is quite compact making it a good choice for you to plug into your wall.

The bad part

Well, the only addition that could have made this perfect would have had been the pass-through so that your socket isn’t occupied making things a little bit difficult for you especially when you are short of power sockets.

Final words

Coming to the round-up we would just want to say that this is still one of the best powerline networking kits. So despite it being a little old fashioned you could put your trust on it


  • High-quality performance
  • Easy to install
  • Attractive design
  • Capability to adapt to multiple adapters


  • No pass-thru

8. TP-LINK AV500 Nano Powerline Adapter Starter Kit

Wireless can’t fight the walls and brick no matter how strongly they claim they are, maybe they’re cursed or something and as a result, you wouldn’t be able to get the connection from your wireless to some isolated device in the house. So to get the connection to your isolated device you could always refer to this TP-link Nano which would give your devices a fast connection over the wires.


So the fast Nano powerline networking runs at an average speed of almost 65Mbps. Sounds good to us, this runs your HD quality video or online game efficiently. You could connect it to any Ethernet device and enjoy the connection you never had. Explore and amuse yourself with the internet enabled features your devices has. Believe it or see for it yourself and you would be amazed that this powerline kit doesn’t freeze or jams the connection, you get an unstopped connection with all the fun that one could possibly have.


Plug in the 3 prongs style adapter in your socket near the device and then click in the Ethernet cable in the Ethernet port that is connected to the devices or routers and then enjoy a seamless effortless connection. The best part here is that you get Ethernet cable in the box further reducing the effort for you. Usually, you need looking for an Ethernet cable as well.

Bio mechanics and design

Now the next part here that may make you want to buy this powerline networking kit is that the size of it is very small so you wouldn’t have a problem using any adjacent power socket. Plus this is extremely light weight making things simpler for you. The powerline networking kit has a pass-through in case you are short of sockets and need an extra one on your adapter to help you run things.

The thing runs cool and has all power saving components embedded in it so you have power saved and at the same time you have an assurance with the high-quality components that the thing is gonna stay around for long. With that said, you are certainly going to go for this thing.

The bad part

Now there isn’t any significant problem that could be referred to but if you care too much about the latest ‘next generation’ stuff to encircle you then you must know that this is the Home Plug AV technology, not the AV2 which is the latest these days in the market. But that doesn’t create much of difference if there is a good speed, which this powerline networking kit does have.

Final words

Now to sum it up for you this is one of the best Ethernet adapters which you could opt for. Adding to it is the price, which goes very easy on the pockets. With that said, you would certainly be pleased with the performance and cost.


  • Great transfer of data over wired connection
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Compact and easy design
  • Reasonable
  • High-quality components


  • Not the latest AV2 tech

9. ZyXEL (PLA5205KIT)

This one by ZyXEL is effective and simple, challenging all the famous expensive brands in terms of output. With the look of it, you may not like it as it doesn’t have the very smooth edgy design or the very famous brand name to give it a shoulder in rising. But this is that one little champ that has a promising performance whenever you need it. With an effective and speedy performance, you would really forget the heritage and would definitely return to this powerline adapter in future also.

Speed and tech

With the latest AV2 technology this one is one of the most commendable network adapters that we could enlist in this year’s conquerors. Plus the QoS technology improves your experience by prioritizing the device that needs the most speed and data transfer. On mentioning QoS we would elaborate a little for the newbies. Your router may have a connection to several devices apart from the device that is connected via the powerline networking kit. So with QoS technology a device that you use or need more significantly is prioritized. It is intelligently prioritized and gets throughput passing via the faster wires.

The speed story doesn’t end here you get the amazing 600 Mbps speed “theoretically” there are changes owing to situations and current in the wires. So on our testing average was around 97Mbps which is far away from the one mentioned but this is also gonna be real fast you could do HD streaming and online game in this speed seamlessly.


You plug in this thing and simply start playing what you want. You ain’t gonna need learning any hard and fast rule or guideline or some nasty software specs because this thing is as simple as the ‘plug n play’ rule.

The bad part

With rest assured the only downside to this is that you don’t get any pass-thru so your power socket is blocked with this thing. You would have only a single gigabit Ethernet port if that is what you want then this is good but if you like a little more connection over the wired lines then go for the ones with more switches.

Final words

This adapter is good and neat with straight and simple handling, nothing tricky, nothing flimsy, and nothing inferior in performance. So with all these ‘nothings’ you would get some good things and so you could count on this thing with your money.


  • Reasonable
  • Simple to use and install
  • Sufficient speed
  • Tech and specs enhancing the performance


  • No pass thru
  • No extra gigabit port

Why a powerline networking kit?

Well if you really want a great connection for your devices that have some distance or wall blockage from your network devices then you have 2 solutions. Either rip apart every wall of your house and get an unblocked signal for the best result. If anyone opts for this then, frankly you don’t need reading any further, in fact, they need calling some doctor. But if this isn’t what you want then you have another choice and that is a powerline networking kit.

So a powerline networking kit could get the connection for your Ethernet devices by simply getting a connection via the adapters that are there in the kit.

What is a powerline networking Ethernet kit?

Powerline networking kit is a pair of devices that creates a connection for your Ethernet devices over a wired connection. How so? Let us explain. You plug in one device to a power socket and then that device is connected to your network device which could be your cable modem or router. Then the next device is plugged in a socket near the devices that needs the connection and then an Ethernet wire connected to the adapter is clicked in the device that needs connection. When this all is done you would then need to pair both the adapters and this way, you get a connection.

The connection would only work if both the sockets that are used are backed by the same circuit line because it is that circuit line that delivers the data packets. So if you have different electric wiring connection at your home then you need to be particular about the sockets you choose. The sockets would need to have the same circuit.

Powerline networking kit vs. range extender

A powerline networking kit is basically set of adapters that connect to each other. An extender, in turn, works differently, you need no wired connection. Your device is simply connected on one end to a router and then it spreads wireless connection to all the devices it connects to.

A powerline networking kit is relatively cheaper than an extender. On average you may find Powerline networking kit under 100 bucks but an extender especially the good one would cost more.

Coming to the speed and quality of the connection, well that totally depend on throughput and other features but as a general consensus by the experts, there is an assumption that the wired connection is relatively better than the wireless ones. So in this case, if we choose a winner, it would be the powerline networking kit which has a wired connection.

A powerline networking kit can access or connect to only as many devices as are the Ethernet port/switches on the adapter, which on average is around 1 or 2, so it isn’t that much. While on the other hand extenders can incorporate as much as dozens or hundreds of devices that come in the range it covers.

An adapter or powerline networking kit needs a socket to work but an extender only needs to be connected to the router so it doesn’t occupy the power sockets of your house.

Extenders are a little bit technical in use it needs configuration, connection, and user ID and passwords but your adapter wouldn’t need any such thing it is a simple ‘plug and play’ type of device with the least of procedural requirements making it user-friendly.

What devices would work with powerline networking kit?

Any device on earth would work with your powerline networking Ethernet kit provided it has an Ethernet port and you have an Ethernet cable wire that connects your router/devices to your adapters/ powerline networking kit.

Speed and standard of your powerline networking kit

Well, the speed and standards are always given on the box for you to get an idea the about the capacity of your powerline networking kit. But in powerline, the HomePlug standards are actually denoting the max speed limits your adapter could touch. So the HomePlug AV standard normally run at a speed of almost max 300Mbps and the AV2 standards are above 500Mbps. the newer addition is the HomePlug Gigabit adapter that has a speed of almost above 1000Mbps.

NOTE: the speed usually mentioned are not the one that you would run at as the wirings, blockages, walls, and other factors derail the speed and you don’t even run at half the speed mentioned.

How to set up your powerline networking kit

This one is truly one of those devices that work right out of the box. For best results always go for the same vendor as they minimize all the incompatibilities and support issues. It has the utterly simple ‘plug and play’ system. Once you have plugged the adapters in the power socket directly connected to the main circuit (extensions won’t work), you would then need connections to the Ethernet devices and the router that would transmit the connection. This would be it, no further configuration or set up, your powerline networking kit would be ready to do the magic for you.

Some problems that your adapters/powerline networking kit may face

So there may be times when your adapter starts misbehaving giving poor quality connections. Maybe you haven’t chosen the best one but the other reason with it may be most probably that you have some other area to look into.

Nine out of ten times the problem is that on the circuit, where your adapters are connected, some other devices are also connected. For instance, your cell phone may be on the charge and this may cause disruption weakening your connection.

If there are any AC circuit-breaker panels in your home/office wirings then you won’t be able to get any connection. The other reason that may be there is that your electric wiring are old and the conventional wires may be poor in quality affecting your connection as well.

For the apartment people, you need to know that most of your neighbours and you may be sharing the same circuit lining so if they have a compatible adapter it may affect your connection. To counteract this issue you could always install some kind of encryption and then protect your network connection.

Plus if there are any AC circuit-breaker panels in your home/office wirings then you won’t be able to get any connection.


So now with pretty much clarity you would be surely able to pick the best Ethernet powerline networking kit. Without any further delays just order the one that best suits you and enjoy a strong wired connection for your distant Ethernet devices.

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