Update 2017: The best pocket projector for most people is the Optoma ML550. It offers the best balance of price and features than the other pocket projectors we tested. (read the in-depth review below.)

Pocket projectors or handheld projectors are a small portable device that usually weighs less than 2lbs. They use high definition technology to project images, usually needed for business meetings or personal movie viewing. Pocket projectors are also known as pico projectors and are usually smaller than a cell phone. Technologically advanced and much more efficient with the introduction of LED lights in them, pocket projectors are one must have device if you are a business man or even if you’re just tech savvy.

This post lists the best pocket projectors you can find online. You should also read other section of this post to get to know pocket projectors better.

Quick Picks: Top 6 Pocket Projectors

Best Pocket Projectors Overall RatingsRelative Price
1. Optoma ML550A+$$$$$
2. Vivitek Qumi Q6-BK Q6A+$$$$$$
3. 3M Streaming Projector by RokuA+$$$$
4. AAXA P300rA$$$$
5. AAXA P4-X B$$$
6. HDMI Pocket Projector Mobile, 100-LumenA$$$


Here’s why you should consider investing in a pocket projector:

  • Easy to use and lightweight to carry.
  • Many of the models support USB plug in so you don’t need to carry your laptop even.
  • Provide high-quality resolution for images
  • Some of them even support internal memory, so there is no hassle of even connecting an external device.
  • Owning a pocket projector would definitely add to your efficiency in business dealings and travel trips.



Usually, a pocket projector weighs more than 0.7lbs but less than a pound. These mini sizes are the easiest to carry when traveling and can be slipped in any side pocket of a travel bag.

Some even weigh up to 2 3 pounds but not more than 5 pounds. A larger size guarantees more efficiency in image projection but it may be not as portable as a small projector.


If you’re concerned about having high-quality audio during your presentations or personal entertainment time, you should check this feature before you buy a pocket projector. Make sure to invest in one that promises high audio quality.


Mostly pocket projectors have brightness ranging from 200 to 800 lumens. Some even have up to 1000 lumens. So make sure to view an image on the projector you intend to buy for ensuring the brightness quality.


While some projectors have the option of internal memory or support USB attachment, many of them do not have this option. So you should be wary of the connection provided by the projector you’re intending to buy. A model of a pico projector even supports connection to an iPod, so you can watch your favorite videos on the go if you buy this one!


Contrast isn’t really an important factor to worry about since it doesn’t really tell you anything about a projector.


Optoma ML550 WXGA

the best pocket projector to getIf you’re looking for a really small projector that should fit into the palm of your hand then this is it. It’s truly portable and light weight. It projects bright sharp images utilizing each of the 500 lumens. In a dark room, the picture becomes even clearer.

It has a built-in slot for micro SD card and DVD movies so you can directly play your required video without plugging in a PC. It can be connected to Apple devices. The built-in speakers are good for a small group of people, but if you need better audio quality you will need to plug in external speakers.

You can mount it up on a wall or fix it on a tripod stand. It can be run on a portable battery pack which is rechargeable so you can enjoy the device performance uninterruptedly. The fans create a bit of a noise but that can be subdued if the audio is loud enough. This projector is value for money.

3M Streaming Projector Powered by Roku

This is exactly what you need to buy if you are not too keen on investing a lot of money in tech devices. The Roku projector will give you a full house entertainment especially if your kids are having a sleepover or you want to a movie snuggled in your house.

It works well even in a brightly lit room which is a plus point. However, this is not a high-tech projector that could be used for very formal business meetings. The Roku streaming stick lets you view movies online which means endless fun for you.

You should set it up on a wall or on a tripod stand for best performance. This doesn’t come with a remote or keystone setup so you will have to set it up manually, apart from this it’s a great device.

Vivitek Qumi Q6-BK Q6

pocket projector reviewThis projector is one of its kinds, specially crafted for those who desire high image quality which is provided by the projector at 800 lumens. The contrast ratio is 30000:1 which adds to image quality.

It is portable and light weight, therefore, there is no hassle in carrying it. The built-in audio speakers usually do the job but to cater to those who demand better audio quality the projector supports external speakers plug in.

It provides WiFi accessibility but is limited to only smart devices such as phones and tablets. USB plug-in is supported but does not support multi-port USB plug in. For best image results, it should be set up on a tripod stand and used in a dark room.

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AAXA P300 Pico/Micro LED Projector

This micro-projector is best for small room presentations or personal movie viewing. The brightness of 400 lumens adds to providing a bright clear image, although it requires a white background or a dim room to show picture efficiency. The extra battery backup is a good feature for those who are traveling on business trips and the best part is that the battery fits right into the projector so doesn’t take up extra space.

This projector works best with HDMI cable but has slight connectivity issues with VGA and AV composite cables. The micro sd and USB readers are and added bonus for those who could care less to carry their laptops with them. The image projected is of 120 inches which are a good size for a small group of conferences.

This pico projector is totally portable and the best choice for those with a $400 budget. You might need to buy a tripod stand with it to achieve the best quality performance. This is a fairly easy to use projector

NeoJDX Vista HDMI LED Pico

This pico projector is just what you need if you’re looking for a small, portable and lightweight device. The digitally enhanced 1000 lumens results in excellent picture quality. Best for personal use as well as office work.

The built-in battery pack has a great lifetime so you need not worry about running on low battery or stopping in the midst of your entertainment session. It is compatible with iPad and iPod, which means you have an option of projecting your personal selection of videos and songs with your friends.

The feature that sets it apart is that it can change a 2D picture to a 3D one. The built-in speakers save you from a hassle of carrying around separate speakers.

Although it comes without a user manual, it is fairly easy to set up and use. The manufacturing company is quick to respond to any queries you might have regarding the product.

AAXA P4-X LED Pico Projector

This is one device that will definitely make you happy if you buy it. This small pico projector will make you feel like you are in your own personal cinema if you set it up with speakers and project the image on a blank wall. You will have to be careful about bright lights in a room as that will affect picture sharpness and quality.

It comes with a tripod stand which works best if fixed in one place. Also comes with its own HDMI cable and other cables needed to connect to Apple devices. Efficient for those who have frequent business trips and need to give presentations to a small group of people.

To avoid the fan noise, you can hook up extra speakers to the projector so it doesn’t affect sound quality. The LED lamp means you don’t need to replace the lamp often. It’s got a 90-minute battery life which is sufficient for business users. It is portable enough to fit into small bags easily.

HDMI Pocket Projector Mobile

This little pocket projector is going to make you really really happy if you buy it. With the brightness at 85 lumens, the image quality is super excellent as it projects a 60-inch image. The only thing you need to make sure to enjoy the image excellence is to set up this projector in a dark room, preferably pitch black.

The fan noise is barely audible, but you can plug in external speakers to enjoy better audio quality. It is compatible with Apple products as well as other devices through the HDMI port built in it. The battery life is up to 2 hours which can be a downer for those who want to watch a full movie on it, however, they can always plug it into a socket for uninterrupted entertainment.

This projector is not even heavy on the pocket and lives up to the expectations.


So if you’re figuring out a way to market your business more efficiently, or are struggling with the cost of a cinema trip each weekend, a pocket projector is just what you need. The different varieties provided by various brands deal with the exact kind of device that you need. Be it for personal use or business purposes, they have it all figured out. The only drawback to buying a pocket projector is the price that you will have to pay at the counter, but then again that’s a one time cost. Be sure to check out the features that you desire in a pocket projector before you head out to buy one. Happy Buying!