Update 2018: The best party speaker system for most people is the ION Audio Block Party Live. It offers the best value for money and features than the other party speakers we tested. (Read the in-depth Review below.)

If you’re a party animal and the regular speakers are just not good enough for you then these party speakers are what you need!

Just as the name suggests these speakers are specifically designed to produce music loud enough to get you through your party the way you have always wanted to.

One of the greatest features these have is that the woofers in them are far better than those in regular speakers and have the capability of producing a great volume of bass, which will give your music the edge it deserves!

Best Party Speakers 2018

Best Party Speakers Overall RatingsRelative Price
1. Ion Audio Block Party SpeakerA+$$$
2. Sharper Image SBT1008B$$
3. Sony ZS-BTG900A+$$$$$
4. Big Blue Party SpeakerA+$$$$$
5. Sony RDHGTK37IPA+$$$$$$

Factors to consider while purchasing best party speakers/ FAQS:


The cost of the speakers remains to be one of the greatest factors in deciding which speaker to buy. These come in a number of different prices and features according to those prices, so before actually getting a speaker it is always best to window-shop and get an idea of how much they shall cost you so you don’t end up paying way more than you should.

Sound quality:

This once again happens to be one of the most important factors. So be sure to test the sound quality, esp watts, decibels and frequency levels before you purchase these speakers.

Watts basically tell you how much power can the speaker generate from its surrounding and turn that power into HD sound quality, so the higher the watts, the better the speakers tends to be.

Frequency shows the range your speaker can cover a specified distance, so if you are looking for a speaker that will mostly serve you during high crowded parties, then a speaker with the frequency level of almost 100-328 meters.

Decibels show the effectiveness of the speaker to use the power from the amplifier. A higher rating would mean you can play your music louder without having to bare any sound distortions.

So before making your purchase you must inquire about these three technicalities and see if they suit you or not.

Why exactly do you need a party speaker? (Purpose)

This can be a great deciding factor as people buy speakers for a number of reasons. Some buy just to set up a home theater system, whilst others buy speakers for their jamming sessions and some other people get speakers to rock their parties. So it will depend on your intended use of the speaker, say, if you need a speaker to set up a home theatre system then you may not need a speaker with great bass or amplifiers, a normal bass should do just fine for you, whilst if you need a speaker to entertain your guests at the party then one with great volume of bass and amplifiers would be better suited.


The larger the speaker, the greater the sound quality and also, large speakers tend to have greater frequency levels which then help in covering a wide range of area. So it will depend on upon how great you want the sound quality to be and how much area you want the speaker to cover.


The number ranges from 3.1 to 7.1 and it refers to the number of speakers within the system. So a speaker with a number of 3.1 will have 3 speakers in it. it will mainly depend on the purpose of the speaker, the greater the purpose the higher the number will have to be to align with your needs.

Reviews of the Best Party Speakers

Audio Block Party Live Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

How amazing would it be if you could get a speaker, you could easily carry around. Well, your prayers have been answered. This ion audio block party speaker is not only a speaker that produces great volumes of bass and great sound quality but it is also portable and can easily be carried around.

Moreover, one of the greatest features it has is that it is a Bluetooth enabled, which means you can easily connect it to your computer, mobile phone, tablet, iPod for that matter, and stream your music wirelessly.

Also, if you’re worried that it may not be able to work until you have partied to you might and that you may have to recharge it every hour then you don’t have to worry a bit as it has a battery life of up to 75 hours, which shall give you the liberty to enjoy your music for as long as you want.

Furthermore, it comes with built-in wheels that shall enable you to easily move these speakers from one place to another making your life much easier!

Another unique selling point it has is that it has a built in the light show, and the lights move with the music, so if you have turned on some party rock music it will generate brighter lights than the ones it will when you’re treating your ears with some country side, calming music.

All in all, it is not another brick in the wall. With all the features that it posses’ you can set up an instant party anywhere you want, anytime you like. To boil it all down it is a party speaker worth having.

Sharper Image SBT1008 Bluetooth Wireless Tailgate Speaker with Built-in Amplifier and Guitar Jack.

This little guy is one of the best party speakers you will find out there. First of all, it is a portable amplifier speaker with built in wheels, which shall enable you to easily move it around.

Secondly, it is a rarity amongst other party speakers in a way that it has a long-lasting rechargeable battery (11.2v/2.2a), which can easily be charged through Ac and Dc chargers and also through your car charger.

Thirdly, it is a Bluetooth speaker through which you can easily stream your music without the hassle of wiring the speaker up with your mobile phone, computer, tablet, iPod etc. But even if you are unable to use the Bluetooth facility, you can just as easily connect your speaker with any device through aux cables and stream your music the way you want to. This sure does make the speaker a lot better and easier to function than the regular speakers. Lastly, it is an extremely versatile speaker in a way that it has a built in guitar jack and a Mic-in with volume and echo controls and with equalizers for custom sound. It also supports karaoke; however, it does not have a mic-in facility for karaoke but other than that it works completely fine with karaoke too.

Also, whoever has had the opportunity to use this speaker has not been disappointed. People seem to be appreciating this speaker a lot, which tells you a great deal about this party speaker. To sum it all up, it is one of the best party speakers out there and one that shall live fully up to your expectations.

Sony ZS-BTG900 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Boombox Speaker System

This sony boombax speaker system is one in a million. It has all those features that you may desire. First of all, it is one of the sony’s latest models, which means it has been upgraded to meet your needs. We all know how sony has never really disappointed us in any of its products, so rest assured, this boombax will not disappoint you either.

It is a portable party speaker that features Bluetooth via NFC as one of its USPs. Simply put, you can easily connect your laptop, mobile phone, tablet, iPod to this speaker, with a single touch due to NFC, and stream your music wirelessly and without any hassle.

This sony’s new shooter boombax has the capability to generate 20 watts of booming, which means that the amplifiers and woofers in this speaker have been designed to produce a great volume of bass, without any distortion in sound once you turn the volume up.

Also, it has a digital FM and AM tuner in it with 30 memory presets, which shall allow you tune on to any of your favorite radio channels anytime you want and enjoy music even if you can’t seem to connect it with any other device for that matter. It also has a built-in CD ram which supports CD-R/RW (MP3 and WMA) playback and shall enable you to insert your mp3 CDs and enjoy your music that way too.

To sum it up, it gives you the opportunity to listen to your music through Bluetooth via NFC, mp3 CDs, or by just simply connecting the speaker up through auxiliary cables (AUX) with any of your gadget that is compatible with aux.

It has a power drive woofer with light syncing effects, in simple words, it can put up a slight light show that pulses with bass. And one of the most amazing features it has is that it comes with a remote control that shall allow you to operate your speaker in much better and easier way and enable you to preset your radio channels and equalizers for customized sound quality.

The only problem I think it has is that it does not have a great battery life, it just has a battery life of approx. 26 hours, which may be a problem with some people but apart from that it is a remarkable speaker.

Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

This is a highly portable party speaker, which means you can easily move it around from one place to another without encountering any issues as it does not weigh much and can easily be carried around. Also, it has easy grip handles which shall make it much much easier for you to move these around.

You do not necessarily have to be a bundle of wires and a number of sockets in order to make this party speaker work as it can easily be connected to any device through Bluetooth, given that the device facilitates Bluetooth options. However, unlike some great party speakers, it supports Bluetooth over a range as high as 33 feet. But if you’re looking for a speaker that at least gives you good quality music and you do not intend to place the speaker much farther away from yourself then this speaker is the right option for you.

To put a little light on the battery life, it has a battery life of up to 4.5 hours at most after which you must recharge it before it begins to heat up and powers off by itself.

Such speakers are usually seen by the pool side or beaches or places like these, where you just want to lay back and enjoy some good music to soothe your soul. However its usage is not restricted to just that, you may enjoy your music anywhere you want but you must make sure that to make the best out of these speakers you keep them in a vicinity of 33 feet from the device you may connect them with.

Sony RDHGTK37IP Portable Party System with Bluetooth and NFC Technology

This happens to be sony’s one of the best sellers. It is a portable speaker that comes with a number of amazing features. First of all, it is a two-way speaker system that has dual woofers and tweeters (to further enhance sound quality) that generate up to 420 watts total RMS power, which enables the speaker to produce sound, most specifically bass, so great that it can cover any room or party without any distortions in sound!

Moreover, it can easily be connected to any device be it your laptop, computer, mobile phone or tablet via either Bluetooth or through aux cables, which gives you the liberty to choose between any of the options without compromising sound quality. And oh, it is compatible with iPhone and iPod as well, unlike most of the party speakers in the market.

Furthermore, it has a great battery life and the front USB ports can also be used for charging, so you don’t necessarily have to have your speaker’s charger available at all times since you can charge the speaker through your laptop/computer as well. Also, it has an 8-pinn lightening charger, which through the integrated cradle, makes charging a lot easier and faster and provides with better playback options.

It also have a number of FM/AM options through which you can easily tune on to your favorite channels and to further improve the sound quality and prevent any sound distortions in the case of weak signals, it has a built in antenna plugged into the rear panel. Lastly, with the built in display lights, you can adjust the LED and strobe lighting according to your playback music.

QFX PBX-61082 Bluetooth Party Speaker with Stand

Having uncanny looks of a suitcase, this party speaker has managed to make a huge mark on the speaker market. It is one of the highly demanded speakers in the market and tends to clear up as soon as they get in! so let’s take a look at all the amazing features it possesses

Firstly, it is a portable – in other terms easily transportable – speaker and due to the stand and the wheels assimilated into it, it becomes incredibly easy to move this party speaker around. Secondly, it also supports Bluetooth connectivity, which means you don’t have to connect the devices up in order to listen to your favorite music. You can just as easily via NFC, connect your computer, phone, tablet, Walkman etc. with it and stream hassle-free music.

Secondly, it has an 8-inch woofer that shall produce a great volume of bass and generates high definition sound quality, preventing any sort of distortions in sound once you play your music on full volume. The woofer also drives the built-in lights in it, so the greater the bass, the brighter the light show will tend to be.

Thirdly, it has a Built-in 12 volt 6.6AH rechargeable battery, which shall ensure a good battery life and quicker charging once the battery goes down.

Lastly, it has a built-in FM radio in it through which not only can you stream music but also stay updated to latest trends going on in the world and also if you’re a sports fan you can easily enjoy live commentaries via tuning on to appropriate radio channels. And oh, I almost forgot to mention the remote control that comes with it, which shall make operating this speaker a lot easier for you.


With a speaker driven by 2000 watts, what more do you want? Watts basically measure the speaker’s maximum amplified power output, the greater the watts, the better the speaker tends to be. So 2000 watts is an amaazzzingggg amplified power and it shall generate a GREAT volume of bass and an excellent sound quality!

Also, it is a portable party speaker that can easily be carried around without requiring a whole team to move the speakers and to make this process even easier it has wheels and stands incorporated into it. Furthermore, not only can it be connected through aux cables to your preferred device to get the party started but you can also connect these party speakers via Bluetooth, which shall make your life much easier and allow you to stream your music wirelessly, or should I say – hassle-less.

To take a look at the technical aspects, it has a 200-Watt RMS, 2000 Watts P.M.P.O , a 15″ Woofer with 1.35″ Titanium Diaphragm Compression Driver, that shall produce HD sound quality! It also has a built-in equalizer, so you can customize your music according to your needs. It has a Digital LCD Display, so you can easily know what FM channel or which song are you currently onto. Lastly, it has Built-in LED lights with 4 different colors that will put up a dazzling light show.

Moreover, it comes with a remote control to enable you to easily operate the speakers, the remote control has all functions from play to fast forward to rewind. Also, it provides a MIC with it, so these speakers can be used for announcements as well.

To conclude, it is a great speaker worth having and all the customers who have had the opportunity to use them seem completely satisfied as these speakers are designed exactly according to your needs!

The Competition: Alternative Top Rated Party speakers

Pyle PA cabinet speaker

Pyle, known for its best products brings you the most liked and best quality Bluetooth speaker. It helps you to listen to music as much you without any wire included. The PA Cabinet speaker is the best gadget which can be used anywhere you want. it gives an outclass performance and pairs to devices in a fraction of a second. Pyle has made it easier for its customers by introducing a gadget that entertains you all the time. It is the best companion for a person who’s having a bad day.

It is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices whether you’re using an Android phone or an IPhone. It has a maximum output power of 600 watts and has a built-in 8” woofer that assures you to give an amazing performance. It delivers high bass stereo sound and has an Auxiliary port which helps you to listen to music even when you don’t have Bluetooth on your mobile phone. It has a frequency level of 45Hz – 20 KHz and sensitivity level of 94dB. It has an impedance level of 8 Ohms. it has microphone port which lets you connect it to a mic and use it as a loudspeaker. It is best for passionate music lovers because it delivers clean and crisp sound quality.

The Pyle PA cabinet speaker pairs with your Bluetooth-enabled devices in no time. You can change the volume levels by the control buttons provided. It weighs 17 pounds and its dimensions are 9.8 x 12 x 17.5 inches. It is a powerful device and has a great build quality. It can easily be oriented vertically or horizontally. It is actually amazing because it gives a great sound with HD quality, without any distortion. Now call your friends over the weekend, throw a party and enjoy to the fullest! Because this amazing monster will make you realize that you bought something that was worth spending all that money.

Pyle PSUFM625

Pyle PSUFFM625 brings quality at your door step. It delivers amazing sound quality and gives you a serious sonic punch every time you play your favorite song. If you are a music lover and become crazy as soon as a song plays then go for this wonderful gadget. It is worth spending all that money.

It has 2 speakers. 1 of it is active while the other one is passive. It has 6.5” woofer and 3” Piezo Tweeter. The woofer that it has assures you to gives the best sound quality a speaker can. Pyle proves itself the best by delivering the best quality in the market. It is the most liked and rated brand ever. It has a built-in USB port which helps you to connect your USB with the speaker and listen to your old favorite playlist. The USB port can also be used to charge your mobile phones in case of emergency. It has an output power of 600 watts and the frequency response is 20Hz – 20 KHz.

It delivers full range stereo sound and has various control buttons which help you to change the settings according to your requirements. It weighs 21.2 pounds and its dimensions are 12.6 x 17.5 x 19 inches. Get the party started by using this perfect speaker. Call your friends over the weekend and enjoy as much you can because it is the best companion at all times. It does not demand a complicated installation. The plus point of this speaker is the lights. It has a built-in flashlight which flashes as soon as a song plays. So you can enjoy the lights affect too. If you are a music lover and tired of wires in this advanced age then go for this. You’ll love it every time you play your favorite song! They really do a great job.

Ion Audio iPA30

Ion Audio iPA30 serves the best performance. It delivers an outstanding performance and takes you to another world as soon as you play the first song. It makes you realize that you bought something that was worth the effort. It gives a sonic punch whenever you play your favorite song. It is the best companion at all times whether you’re having a bad mood or you want to party.

Ion Audio iPA30 is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. You can pair your device within no time. It works as an MP3 player and has a built-in FM radio too which keeps you updated with the latest news and songs. It has an integrated handle which makes it easier for you to move it from one place to another. Almost all of us are very particular when it comes to protecting our favorite devices. Stay stress-free by using iPA30 because it has corner bumpers which prevent damages at all times.

It has a long battery life and can be used for up to 50 hours on a single charge. Isn’t that amazing? It has large buttons made of rubber which makes it more durable and can be seen clearly. The weight of this device is 20.8 pounds and its dimensions are
12 x 14.5 x 15 inches. Now you will not get bored at home because iPA30 will keep you entertained at all times. It is designed especially for its users to keep them entertained by giving the best results and high-quality stereo sound.

It is easy to use and gives a sense of satisfaction as soon as you play your favorite songs. So if you are looking for the best Bluetooth speaker in the market then this is best for you. It is no doubt the most liked and rated device because it proves itself the best by doing what it says!


If you want a heavy-duty sound that delivers high-quality stereo sound then QFX SBX-412300BTBL is the best for you. It lets you play music by just one touch wirelessly. All you need to do is pair your phone with it and it’s done. Enjoy as much you can! Call your friends over the weekend and enjoy to the fullest. Yes, it has the finest quality among all other Bluetooth speakers and we suggest you to buy this because we know it fulfills its promises and does what it says.

It is the most professional speaker and has a built-in light which lets you enjoy as much you want. Now you don’t need to miss discos or party places because it will do their job. It has three 12” built-in woofers and three 1” tweeters which are the reason why it gives the best results. It will deliver such an amazing sound that will make you realize that you bought something that was worth all that effort and money. You can listen to your old playlist by inserting the memory card in the SD card port or by inserting your USB. The built-in USB port helps you to charge your phones in case of emergency.

For making it more convenient for their customers, they provided them with a remote control that helps you to change its setting by having the control in the palm of your hand. You can change the setting according to your requirements. The weight of this amazing monster is 66 pounds and its dimensions are 17.8 x 40.2 x 15.2 inches. It has a strong body and really does its job well. Durability and reliability are guaranteed. The bass response is very pretty and will never get distorted. You will fall in love with it whenever you’ll listen to your favorite music.

It is perfect to use at birthday parties or get-togethers. So don’t miss the chance and grab this amazing offer because it really is worth it! We know our customers have high trusts on us and we make sure not to disappoint them when it comes to suggesting them a product. Hence, we tested this speaker and it proved itself the best in all standards. We highly recommend you this Bluetooth speaker because it actually is the best of all!

SoundLogic XT Wireless Bluetooth Indoor & Outdoor Party Speaker

Don’t judge this guy by its size. It will serve you well if you’re looking for a good party speaker that shall entertain your small parties. Like most of the party speakers, it too supports Bluetooth and has the Bluetooth version 2.1, which shall enable you to connect this party speaker with your mobile, tablet, laptop etc. and stream your music wirelessly.

Now let’s shine some light on the technical aspects of this party speaker. First of all, it has been designed to generate sound quality of up 2×2 watts, and further 1 x 5 watts by connecting it to a subwoofer. Secondly, it has a play time of up to 1.5 hours if the music is played on full volume but if played on moderate volume then the battery can easily last for good 3 to 4 hours. It can support Bluetooth within the vicinity of 27-33 feet, which means it would be best if you place the device you have connected the speaker with, close to the speaker to avoid any sound distortions. Lastly, it has a built-in rechargeable battery with power up to 3.7 V/100MA which shall speed up the charging process for you.

To sum it all up, it is a pretty good speaker if you are looking for an average featured speaker. The battery time may be a bit of an issue as you may have to charge it multiple times a day but other than that it shall work just fine for you.


With the increased trend towards music, party speakers are becoming increasingly popular and according to the most recent statistics, every 4 out of 10 people do own some sort of speakers. Now it’s not mandatory that people need these speakers just to use them during parties, but people get such speakers in order to set up their home theater systems too and some may just purchase them because they enjoy loud music. To sum it all up, a wide range and variety of speakers have been launched and newer speakers with newer upgrades keep coming up every day to cover up for the problems in the previous models!

Which speakers on this list do you consider to be the best party speakers? Leave your comment below and thank you for visiting A Great Pick.