Update 2018: The best outdoor projector for most people is the ViewSonic PJD5533W. It offers the best balance of price and features. (Read the in-depth review below.)


Quick Picks: The Top 7 Outdoor Projectors

Best Outdoor ProjectorsOverall RatingsRelative Price
1. ViewSonic PJD5533WA+$$$$$$
2. BenQ W1070A+$$$$$$$
3. Optoma HD141X A$$$$
4. Epson VS230A+$$$
5. Fugetek ProjectorB$
6. ViewSonic PJD5234LA$$$

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Many people frequently ask these questions while they are deciding to buy a projector, which is a good thing as now they will make a well-informed decision and nobody would rob them while they are out making a purchase because they had no knowledge about projectors in the first place. This way people would be able to pick from the variety of projectors out there, which fits their specifications and needs.

What image resolution do I need?

Image resolution is how clear and well-defined an image is, which is made up these tiny dots called pixels. The ideal image should be HD 1920X1080 pixels, or if they are measured in computer resolution then SVGA (800X600), XGA (1024X768), WXGA (1280X800), WUXGA (1920X1200).

What is contrast ratio?

The contrast ratio is the difference presented in ratio between the dark and bright parts of an image.

How is projectors brightness measured?

Brightness is measured in lumens, any projector ranging more or equal to 2000 lumens is a good projector.

What sources can be connected to a projector?

In the HDMI ports given at the back of projectors, many devices can be connected for example computers, servers, LAN, DVD’s, gaming consoles etc.

What is keystone correction?

This corrects the distorted images when they are projected into geometrically correct and well-proportioned shapes.

Reviews of the Best Outdoor Projectors

View Sonic PJD5533W WXGA 3D DLP Home Theatre

The PJD5533W has a 1280×800 resolution, with latest HD 720p/1080p content showing capacity with matching aspect ratio, it is best to take to work or see a movie on.

It has a total of 1024000 pixels which enhances the image and picture quality. Its advanced DLP (Digital Light Processing) creates a razor sharp picture and responds faster than similar LCD screens. It carries no air filters that need cleaning or changing which make this product have the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in the industry.

It shows vibrant colors as it uses a six-segment color wheel which presents a vivid picture and accuracy. It also supports 3D movies through HDMI making this a good choice for using at homes, schools or work. It uses an auto-sync option to connect with your computer plus it supports DynamicEco application, which dims the light to conserve energy making it environment-friendly.

It offers vast brightness options with decrease automatically when not in use, increasing its lamp life up to 6000hrs, making this device low maintenance. This device is portable as it is very small in size weighing only at 4.6 pounds, with 3-year limited parts and 1-year lamp warranty.

The DLP may sometimes cause a rainbow effect but still it is a very affordable choice for all kinds of professions and usage in different walks of life.

BENQ W1070 1080p 3D DLP Home Theatre Projector

This projector has a screen size range of 40 inches to 235 inches, with contrast ratio 10,000:1, Keystone correction and lens shift option. It has 2000 lumens and ANSI brightness, with the lamp life ranging up to 3500 hours and 5000 hours.

It displays a phenomenal image with HD 1080p, DarkChip3 DLP technology which is made by Texas instrument. It also supports 3D content and supports Blue Ray disk and video gaming through its dual HDMI. It is easy to set-up and has built-in speakers, where it just needs to be plugged in and have a video source connection to get going.

BENQ’s SmartEco saves energy by decreasing 70% of lamp power resulting in prolonged lamp life and low maintenance. The screen goes blank when there is no video connection and displays a sharp vivid picture when in use. It’s best to be used at home especially for video gaming and overall it is a good buy.

Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP Home Theatre Projector

This digital home entertainment projector has HD 1080p video, with 3000 lumens and a remarkable 23000:1 contrast ratio. It is ideal to watch movies, gaming, TV shows etc.

It goes from producing superior color production to amazing image details taking movie viewing to the next level. It supports 2x HDMI, MHL compatibility, VESA 3D sync port, Blu-Ray 3D player, to game stations like Xbox and Play Stations. It has a whisper quiet fan with 6500 hours of lamp life. It also contains 12-watt audio, Dynamic Black and a back-lit remote.

Its DLP display gives its sharpness and picture quality and it is made eco-friendly, where it saves 75% energy during standby, it has auto shutdown option and is made with lead-free materials. This system only supports vertical keystone and does not have a horizontal keystone which means it must be centered horizontally for good picture view.

The DLP enhances its features by ensuring fast video performance, as the DLP chip responses in a microsecond and supports 144Hz refresh rates. The Brilliant colors are due to the 6 color processing fortifying its readability of texts and graphs. Bringing us to the end of its long list of qualities, the Optoma HD141X provides many satisfactory results and so is the ‘go to’ device for those who are thinking about buying a projector.

Epson VS230 SVGA 3LCD Projector

This easily portable device comes at a very affordable price, and its portability makes it perfect for business conferences. It is a versatile device, which is very easy to set up and uses the 3LCD technology which offers benefits of high image brightness, color, and accuracy.

VS230 has 2800 lumens of color brightness and white brightness, it is very convenient to use with easy-slide keystone correction and HDMI connectivity which has you always prepared.

Its SVGA resolution is what makes it best for presentations, it has a Sleep mode which pauses your presentation without shutting off the projector and with its instant on and off option it makes to up and about in no time at all. This is the ultimate ‘for presentations’ projector and every career oriented person should have it.


Fugetek DG747L/FG-647 Home Theatre Cinema

Its resolution is 800×600 with HD 1080p, with its brightness values going up to 2500 lumens, contrast ratio 800:1, aspect ratio 4:3 and 16:9. The lamp life average at 5000 hours, the image size is 50”x150” diagonal with two built-in speakers. It gives its best performance when it’s 6-12 feet away from the screen, which makes it throw off the image proportionate to the distance between the screen and projector.

The DG 747 contains HDMI cable, remote control, an LCD projector, VGA cable for Windows PC and much more. The projector comes with one year warranty making it a reliable device to use, the BG 747 is a very affordable device and stays within your budget limit and offers all the features in many expensive projectors. It is sure to be a satisfactory device and has won the hearts of many.

View Sonic PJD5234L XGA DLP Projector

The PJD5234L gives an amazing display with its 3000 ANSI Lumens, 15000:1 contrast ratio and XGA 1024X768 resolution. This is jam packed with all the best options of HDMI, multiple PC and video input options. It also incorporates the HD resolution, zoom options, keystone corrector, 3D Blu-Ray friendly, internal speakers, and DynamicEco, that makes it eco-friendly.

It is zero maintenance device because of its super long lamp life to 10000 hours and energy saving qualities. Its light weight and slim design make it space-effective best for projecting in classrooms and in the corporate sector. It also offers sleep mode to pause mid presentation, the brightness adjusting options and much more!

Aketek Latest Fashionable HD 2600 Home Cinema Theatre

As the name suggests this is a very stylish and good looking projector, which would look very attractive in your little home theater, plus its white color which just goes with anything.

This 2600 lumen HD 1080p projector displays a sharp good resolution picture. With 2000:1 contrast ratio and 800×480 native resolutions, its 5” LCD gives better results than that of its competitors. Its special keystone functions with dual USB, HDMI, AND RCA port makes it connect to a lot of devices at a single time.

This is a great option for outside projector and gaming that you could enjoy with your family, friends and loved ones, but its low brightness option makes it unsuitable to take to classrooms, offices and day time activities. This projector can even connect to your iPad, iPod, iPhone all you need is an AV adaptor. It is light weight and makes very little noise. It is one of the top choices for home theaters.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Projector

One of the most important things you got to remember before buying a new outdoor projector is to see if you have a good stock of popcorns at you place, because who does not want popcorn while watching a movie.

It would be like watching Pirates of Caribbean without Jack Sparrow in it! Well coming to our more serious discussion outdoor projectors are usually to make a home theater but you need to categorize your projector choices as some are for business purposes, which are just to display still images and Power point presentations; and some for indoor or outdoor purposes.

Outdoor projectors usually have better quality with 2000 lumen or greater, with sharp picture resolution and high brightness and contrast because as you know outdoor ambiance cannot be controlled and the experience can truly be enjoyed more if a good sound system is used along with it.

And the plus point is outdoor projectors work equally well as indoor projectors except sometimes you may feel that they are making more noise because it gets more noticeable in a closed environment. A good projector always comes with a long bulb life, so that it is only replaced once in a blue moon, so look out for the projectors with a high lamp life rating, which would reap more benefits decreasing the maintenance cost of the projector.

Portability should also be considered in case you wish to take it with you on trips, in which case it should be as small as possible alongside with cost should be taken into consideration, choosing the projector that fulfills your needs optimally and is also cost effective, leaving budget to buy good audio devices as well.

Other technical aspects that should be closely examined are aspect ratio to be 16:9, with resolution ranging up to 1920×1080 pixels along with the best brightness and contrast ratio settings.

Nevertheless, having decent zoom range and lens shift options helps you make changes to the display picture according to the surroundings and variations in its’ sizes. You should also make sure your projector uses that LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicone) technology which can be a little expensive but does not have the rainbow effect which most DLP projectors have.

The picture quality has depended on the usage of a projector screen and if you are not using it then it is advisable to use special projector screen paint. It is a must for projectors to have HDMI and USB ports, which can come in handy plus if it has Ethernet port than that’s just perfect as it allows the projector to be operated online.

Last but not the least a good projector should come with high standard built-in speakers and if all these factors are present in your projector, then oh boy you are in for a treat!


Well, buying outdoor projector is one of the best investments that you guys can do! It would become your entertainment source for life, whenever you are feeling boredom that’s when you know that joy is just a switch away. It would make you everybody’s favorite and people would want to visit you often because you will be the coolest as you have your very own home theater, a mini cinema if you please.

And don’t let this opportunity of having your very own entertainment unit slip your hands and so hurry up and buy your favorite projector now.

Did you find the best outdoor projector after reading the post? Comment below and tell us.

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