Best MP3 Players (Top 8 Reviews)

One of the first music devices introduced into the market were MP3 players. They are ancient but have maintained their status among the gazillion gadgets that have been introduced into the market since. They are still considered very hip and happening in the modern era.

MP3 players are the pioneer for revolutionizing the music industry. And this time, they are back with more variations in style, specs, size and storage that will make you all want to grab one and take home right now!

Below we have listed some of the best MP3 players, that you won’t regret using. So take your pick and enjoy music on the go.

Quick Picks: The Top 5 Mp3 Players

Best Mp3 Players Overall RatingsRelative PriceColor Option?
1. Apple iPod ShuffleA+$$$Yes
2. G.G.Martinsen Multi-lingual OS MP3/MP4 PlayerB$Yes
3. Apple iPod TouchA+$$$$$$$$$$$$Yes
4. AGPtEK Lossless Sound Music PlayerA+$$Yes
5. FecPecu Lossless Sound 4GB Bluetooth MP3 PlayerA+$$Yes

Factors To Consider Before Buying MP3 Players

How many songs do I have in my music folder?

It is very important to consider the storage space of MP3 players before making a purchase. Some MP3 players come with the option of storing photos and videos along with your music file, this may use up a lot of your memory. So in order to prevent that from happening, firstly, buy one with more GB’s and secondly, keep transferring files to your computer so that you don’t have to delete files that don’t fit anymore. The ones who have a lot of media files may want an MP3 player with 64GB memory, but for the average lot, 10-30GB would do quite nicely. Also, keep in mind that the price of the player rises along with the increase in GB’s that it offers.

What format will I be using for my music files?

This is common knowledge that MP3 players store music files that mostly are in MP3 format. There are many options available on the market that has capabilities of storing files in multiple formats. And so you may want to keep an eye open for those, this is especially for the ones who store their music on iTunes. ITunes stores music in ACC files which may not be compatible with your MP3 player. So try buying those brands which support a handful of formats or otherwise you would have to change the format of your music files before transferring them to your player.

Consider you usage?

MP3 players use lithium-ion batteries which are lightweight and have the longest battery life. All you need to do is plug it into an outlet and let it do the rest. The longer the battery life the more time it will give you to enjoy and browse through your MP3. So keep your eyes and ears open for the best battery life MP3 player that comes your way.

What do I want in my MP3 player?

The MP3 player offers music plus a whole lot more. Some MP3 players have camera function for taking photos and videos. Others have video playback options, which will allow you to stream movies and videos while sitting on your MP3.

Another feature that some well-branded players may offer is Wi-Fi. This feature will make downloading movies, games and videos directly to your MP3 player a piece of cake. This depends on you and your use. If you want an MP3 player solely for music-listening then spending your money on a player with extra features is useless. But if you don’t mind having such features present in your player then you may want to stay vigilant.

For workout or leisure?

Keeping in mind the reason for purchasing an MP3 player is vital. If you want one while working out then one with a water-proof body will be accurate. But if your use is restricted to pleasure then a multi-functional player will do you good.

What quality headphones am I getting?

Most MP3 players come with headphones. So keep in mind to check which ones offer good-quality headphones so that the chances of buying that brand increases alongside you saving money from buying another pair of quality headphones. Like Apple headphones are one of the best ones for listening to music on your player and you would prefer that over other brands with low quality or no headphones at all.

Advantages And Disadvantages


  • Capacity: MP3 players can store a large amount of music in the same disk space compared to other devices that may be using any other uncompressed format. MP3 format cuts down the extra detail and data which is unimportant in a song file, making loads of extra space for your media files. Thus more space means more fun!
  • Availability: Due to the fame of MP3 format used by MP3 players, it has become very easy for you to find songs that are compatible with your player. You can easily get music from CD’s or online stores in MP3 format, making your lives tension-free. Or you can always convert other formats to MP3, allowing you to enjoy whichever music you point your finger at.
  • Portability: Before the discovery of MP3 players, people used CD players. These players were small in size, but the minimum diameter they could reach was 4.7 inches. Allowing enough space for a CD to fit in. But MP3 players are not restricted, allowing them to decrease in size every passing minute until they became no bigger than a chocolate square. This increases the portability of MP3 players immensely. The carrier would not feel any extra weight but would be enjoying music throughout his way.
  • Additional Features: MP3 players are not only capable of playing music but offer many additional features. Many high-end brands add these features to their players such as playing videos, running applications or browsing the web. Combining dual fun in a single ride. MP3 player which come with such features usually has a touch-screen display.
  • No Physical Space Required: Whenever you add more songs or photos to your gallery, the size of your MP3 player does not expand. But this is not the case with CD’s, cassettes or other physical media. When you buy another CD that not only increases your collection but also requires extra space for storage. An MP3 player does not need all that; its physical size stays constant no matter how many songs you store on it. Plus it does not need protection from scratches or dust, which can cause the music files to be damaged like in a CD. So feel free to add as many files as you want to your MP3 player.


  • Sound Quality: When converting to MP3 format, the music file size is decreased, that can alter the sound quality a little. This is because the song will now take less megabyte when stored. The difference between the two formats is very minute but some people may disagree and will not accept anything less than the authentic quality for their favorite tunes. Many of you won’t even notice the difference or can easily solve the problem by using good quality headphones.
  • Metadata: MP3 files use metadata, where information about music files is displayed on the player screen. This information may include song title, album, year, genre etc. But when you collect music from various sources this can provide you with incorrect or incomplete data. But this is not an issue, as all the information about a song can now be collected from the web, so nothing to worry about there folks.
  • Hearing Deficiency: Listening to music most of the time which such close range can damage your hearing. So keep in mind to play your MP3 player for a reasonable amount of time and at moderate volumes, to prevent any negative effect on your hearing.

The 8 Best Mp3 Players Reviews

Apple iPod Shuffle

Best Mp3 Players This mini treat is available in five fabulous colors, just take your pick and have endless fun with the iPod Shuffle. This can hold hundreds of songs whether R&B, jazz, rock or belonging to any other genre. On top of that, it gives you the option of 15 hours of endless playing. So surf through the entire collection and have a favorite pick of the day.

If you are athletic or just like lying on the sofa all day, this lightweight, low maintenance, and hardcore gadget would keep you entertained for the entire day. Just clip it to your shirt or jacket and you are good to go.
The easily visible control buttons on the front of this device make music easily adjustable, where you can know which song is playing without any display screen. This is because there is the option of voice over, that can tell the user about battery status, song name, and playlist all in 29 languages. Is that cool or what?

G.G Martinsen Media Player

Mp3 Player reviewsThis MP3 player is the complete package. Its compact and slim design make it easy to carry and it will fit anywhere. It offers a 16 GB memory, enough for any average music-lover.

Not only this, the G.G Martinsen comes with a 1.7” LCD screen that makes locating songs much easier. It can be turned into an e-book plus it can record sounds, in case you feel like listening to your own voice for a change.
This device can support many formats including MP4, APE, and FLAC. Now giving you the freedom of storing your videos and photos on it too. Don’t get too excited and be careful not to use up all the memory with your images, also leave room for your music.

Furthermore, it can be connected to a computer via mini USB cord for better media management. This multi-colored MP3 player will be beside you during all your shenanigans.

Apple IPod Touch 6th Generation

Apple the master of technology does it again. Their 6th generation iPod touch is going to give you a lush life rush. With its superb Retina display screen, this helps you browse through dozens of options ranging from listening to music to net surfing.

You can select the device with storage space convenient for you 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. This great invention offers great hours of music playing and video viewing that will make you dance your heart out until dawn.
To add the cherry on top, the applications that it supports are incredible making this your dream MP3 player. The whole world will sum up in this device that includes FaceTime, Siri, HD camera, imessage and much more.
It comes in attractive colors, with lightweight casing allowing you to have a lot more than just a sizable music library.

So if you are looking for an MP3 that literally has-it-all then the Apple IPod Touch is the one for you.

AGPtEK 2016 New UI

Here is another great choice for those who want all but at a cheap price! So introducing to you the New UI. This stylish, compact design is good for anybody who’s looking for an MP3 player. It offers it all!

Firstly, the UI is a lossless investment, its big sounds, and big memory capacity makes storage for thousands of songs. It has an internal memory of 8GB and can support a 64GB SD card. Allowing you to shift your entire music library from one place to another in no time at all.

Secondly, it comes with an LCD display that is not of the highest quality but is enough for you see song info. The company has added in extra modes for driving and gyming. Also, it can connect to other sound outlets through an AUX port, full time ready to party anywhere you go.

Thirdly, the UI has the best battery life which won’t need charging for up to three days straight. Giving you 70 hours of non-stop music fun.

FecPecu Player

The FecPecu is a simple and classy MP3 player, which offers all the basic functions of a good player. It has a long battery life so that you can enjoy music while you are out on your long trips, without the headache of charging. The FecPecu supports 64GB memory card, so now you can fit as many music files as you want.

The additional features include Bluetooth and FM radio. Now pack your bags and go for a trip because you are all set for a long time. Just plug-in your headphones and escape from all the worries of the world.


This is for those outdoor enthusiast or gym junkies, who want full-time background music while they are at work. This small weightless design can clip anywhere you like and can play music non-stop.

While you are playing or working out you don’t want your favorite tunes to be playing, just some hip hop music to get you going. And this is what the AGPtek G02 is for, it does not come with any display which can tell what song is playing but it keeps on playing whatever you put in it.

So this is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a workout buddy.

Apple IPod Classic

The iPod Classic is the insignia of Apple Company. There was no one like the Classic before and no one will be like it in the future. It’s one of a kind and will remain the industry standard for years to come.

This device is made for the absolute music-lovers who have a massive music collection. If you don’t like to pick between your favorite songs for loading on to your music players, then there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, this device will give you the potential to move around with your entire music collection in the palm of your hand.

The IPod Classic can hold up to 40,000 songs at one time. It is true that 36 hours won’t be enough for listening to the entire library of 40k songs but that’s what it offers. Take it or leave it!

Jokes apart, this product is Zeus of the Music Olympus and no other can stand in its way. Although a bit older now, but still this is one of the best mp3 player apple has made.

Apple IPod Nano 7th Generation

Here comes another revolutionary product from the Apple family. This mutineer has broken all norms of the traditional media players and has introduced a new outlook to the word iPod.

The iPod Nano is the slimmest player out there, with a 2.3-inch multi-colored touch display. Here you can play songs or radio, watch photo and videos and even keep a track of your calorie intake.

Furthermore, it supports 4.0 Bluetooth technology, can play 30 hours of continuous music and all while looking so good. Its anodize aluminum design available in six gorgeous colors has given it the edge. Where you would just hook to its look.

Moreover, this 16GB mini monster has amazing pixel count, showing a total of six apps on the homepage, including Nike+ as your personal fitness guru. On the sides, it holds easy-to-touch controls for adjusting volume along with play and pause options. Combining all this leaves out no reason for not choosing this as your very own music device.


Choosing an MP3 player has never been an easy task. Some of the top-rated music players have been mentioned above. We hope you choose the best, among the many products that have been fully explained keeping your best interest at heart.

What do you think is the best mp3 player on this list? Comment below to tell us!

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