Update 2018: The best motorcycle speakers for most riders is the BOSS AUDIO MC400. It offers the best balance of features, price and built quality. (See in-depth reviews below.)

Sometimes when you are riding your motorbike at top speed  with air gushing through your hair, experiencing adrenaline rush pumping through your veins and there only seems one thing missing, some loud music.

Hold your breath folks because that is what you will get by installing the new Motorbike Speakers, which is gonna take you to a ride of your lifetime.

Previously, bike rides totally ruined the sound quality because of the air and noise on the roads but anymore. The Motorbike Speakers are specially designed to counter this problem, bringing you music in the most clearest and loudest sound.

Quick Picks: Top 5 Motorbike Speakers

Best Motorbike SpeakersOverall RatingsRelative PriceEditor's Comments
1. BOSS AUDIO MC400A$$A Very excellent choice for riders.
2. PYLE PLMCA20 A+$$A Great Pick!
3. BOSS AUDIO MC470BB$$$$A nice product, although a bit relatively pricey and not as popular.
4. Shkc6800 Chrome 1000 Watt 4 Ch Motorcycle Audio System w/ 2 RemotesA$$$A good product.
5. NOAM NMC4 A+$$$Another awesome choice for people looking for motorcycle speakers.

Buying them can be a little tricky and you need to be well informed about the features of these new kinds of speakers to make the best purchase.

Motorbike speakers include categories like helmet speakers, handlebar speakers among which the latter are more famous ones.

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Reviews of the Best Motorbike Speakers


It is a great product from the Boss and includes many features like a signal to noise ratio or SNR is 50db, the MC400 is weather protected, which tunes in a 12V motorbike, scooter or ATV.

In addition, It comes with a 600-watt max power amp which provides you with the full entertainment package using quiet less energy. Just pop the sound with the wired remote control and see these 3-inch speakers come to life with dimensions being 4”x4”x4.5”.

These accessories are totally safe from all kinds of weather conditions like fog, rain, snow etc.

The 5mm aux input device allows you to play your favorite playlist from your MP3 or iPod getting party started with having control over the volume through a wired remote, installed in your motorbike. It includes power and protection leds with high impact and high temp ABS exterior.

All the hardware needed to install this device is provided by the seller company, with the manufacturer giving 2 years warranty.

The only feature seems to be missing is the Bluetooth option but this device has believed to satisfy many customers.

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This product from Pyle contains two 3”waterproof speakers. Its mini amplifier is suitable for 12V motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, and scooters.

It has a 3.5mm rca source input, with a frequency response from 20Hz to 20KHz, with dimensions measuring 4.4”x4”x4”. it includes an extra accessory the channel balance which is lea than 2db.

It has a remote control to switch it on/off and it supports CD, MD MP3, and iPods with mute function.

FM sensitivity is equal to 10v with volume control up to 50 watts, also includes treble, bass and volume controller.

It is easy to install and gives a high-quality audio but the only drawback seems to be that the amplifier is not waterproof and should be kept in a place where water does not reach it. Overall it is a good option and should be given a try.


If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive speaker but with all the great features then MC470b is the one for you.

It supports advanced audio distribution profile and also a Bluetooth connectivity option in close range. It is water resistant but not waterproof so you need to be careful while operating it.

Also has a 3.5mm jack for music devices plus its 1000 watt amplifier with wired remote volume controller. It comes along with a 3-year platinum warranty and adjustable brackets from 0.75” to 1.25”.

Frequency response 20Hz-15KHz and SNR is greater than 85db. For a smooth sound for a great ride, this device is hard to beat!

Update: Check out other awesome motorcycle speakers:

SHKC 6800

The shark shkc 6800 is made of a very stylish design which is candy to the eye and its better quality sound is pleasing to the ear. It measures 4×3 inches, with a beautiful chrome coating.

These speakers are totally waterproof and can be used underwater as well! It weighs around 1 pound with 300 watt power in each speaker and it has a total of 4 speakers.

It comes in a unique design and packaging, making it stand out among the other speakers. It works with any amplifier that has RCA connection. It has Bluetooth facility with crystal clear FM reception, with LCD screen, remote, USB and SD input, mute options and much more.

The only setback seems to be regarding area and noise; it works best in smaller areas with less noise. It is a very high-quality product and should be on top of your list!



Here is another great product from Boss, it is water resistant plus the outer layers of the components like amplifier are made weather safe with protection coating.

Some of its basic features include 5mm aux input and RCA, 3-inch chrome speakers, waterproof volume controller, 2 channel amplifier with high temperature and high impact enclosures along with adjusters made with stainless steel.

The voltage needed to power it is up to 16 volts, frequency response from 80Hz to 15KHz, the maximum power it requires is 600 watts, along with Bluetooth audio streaming option. The sensitivity ranges from 150mV to 1V.

This device is high-tech but it only water resistant; the only thing you need to worry about but in a nutshell it’s a great product.


It includes 4 fully waterproof high-quality speakers, with A2DP Bluetooth streaming, with range up to 10 meters, which allows you to control music directly from your music device.

It also has 2-meter speaker wires which make installation easy. It also includes AUX and RCA.

It is a low power consumption product with clear and loud sound available at a very good price. It’s loud volume is its key feature and is able to wake up the whole neighborhood.



Boss still brings you another amazing product, with 3” high dual speakers, chrome coated and are waterproof. It comes with a multifunctional remote; this amplifier supports Bluetooth where audio streaming on Pandora Spotify has become much easier.

It also has a 3.5mm aux option which connects MP3 player and iPods. Its SNR is greater than 85db, plus frequency response varies between 80Hz and 15KHz. It is compatible with 12V vehicles and comes with a 3-year platinum dealer warranty.

Its brackets are adjustable to fit a 0.75” to 1.25” handlebar. The packaging also involves hard wares and wires needed for installation. This device is made for hitting the road with its multi functions, its best for installing in your motorbike.

SHARK SPKS6800-spks

These speakers along with their great reviews come in a stylish design, with mirror brackets for easy installation. These are marine grade speakers, which mean they are 100% water proof and will still work even after taking a dive in the swimming pool.

These 2 channel speakers are 300 watts which produce the same quality sound even at high speeds. The amplifier comes with a RCS connection, made with black chrome, which makes it a pleasant sight to look at.

They are available at a very price, with options for different audio inputs and most importantly very easy to install, following the manual that comes with it.

Its key features involve its excellent sound quality which is enjoyed by all!


What are wattages?

Wattages have an effect on the performance plus the volume of the speakers, which is measured in decibels, and a number of wattages you need for your bike depends on the area to mostly travel in.

Which is better: helmet or handlebar speakers?

It really depends on your preference, but the most popular ones are proved to be the handle bar speakers.

What kind of motorbike audio system should I buy?

A 100watt speaker is great for town cruising. A 150-watt speaker gives excellent results while riding at 40-70 mph and a 200-watt speaker the most powerful yet is great for driving on highways.

How to connect speakers to the power source?

Speakers are connected to a power supply using a 12-volt accessory wire.

What kind of music device is used with the speakers?

Any MP3 player or devices from the Apple family with a standard headphone jack(3.5mm) will work just fine with the speakers.

Factors That You Need To Consider Before Buying These Motorbike Speakers

There are tons of things that you need to consider before going to buy speakers for your motorbike. So you must be vigilant and take into consideration all the factors mentioned below so that you don’t regret your decision afterward.

Types of Speakers

There is a lot of variety available in the market like helmet speakers, Bluetooth speakers or handlebar speakers. And the decision is totally up to you taking under notice your own preferences but please do keep in mind that handlebar speakers are mostly everyone’s sweetheart.


These are to measure the volume of your speakers and it is one of the most important features of motorbikes speakers, as the higher the wattage of a speaker the better is it to perform in the coming time.

However, if you mostly ride around a town which is less noisy than speakers with low wattage are suitable for you but if you like to take travel on the highway or open areas than high wattage would be perfect for you as air tends to get noisier along these paths because of the increased speed of your bike and you would want the music to reach you loud and clear.

Input Sources

Input source is used to connect the speakers with the music device as some speakers have head units that are already installed input source, the give you the option to fill the head unit’s SD card with your favorite songs or playlists and enjoy them on the go or simply connect your portable device with the speakers such as iPods, mp3 players, phones etc.

Additional Features

It never hurts to have extra features come along with your speakers and they make life easier as well. Extra features may include thumb controls, docking stations, and Bluetooth option.

The advantages of these above-mentioned features can be the thumbnails prevents you from getting distracted while riding your bike which can result in nasty incidents.

Also, docking stations hold your music source such as phone or iPod while they are charging so that you never go low on battery.

The Bluetooth option is just the best as it can save you and your bike from a load of extra wiring to connect your device and speakers but what’s the need for that as you can do that wirelessly using Bluetooth option. What a handy little tool, isn’t it?

Water Proof and Water Resistant

Bike speakers should always have features that can prevent damage to speakers from the rain water.

If you ride bikes then it is inevitable that you will cross paths with rain on some of your journeys and as you all know motorbikes have no shade or cover to avoid rain like cars do, so you would need to do some damage control.

Water resistant comes into play while there is little rainfall but when it’s raining cats and dogs then waterproofing is essential because water will find a way to seep in your speakers hence destroying them while they have been protected.

Speaker Size

Speaker size is very important to consider while buying speakers. It should be seen whether these speakers are of the right size and thickness to fit on the handles or in the helmets. Also, the diameter of the speaker has a direct effect on the sound quality and frequency of the music.

Sound Quality

To buy the right kind of sound quality speaker one should always carry out a little research on the best-voted speakers by experts with also analyzing your preference in music.

As speakers which play hip-hop or rap songs have completely different sound quality than the one which plays jazz. While every company claims to have the best speakers, one should always test it before purchasing, in other words, listen to your ears instead of your eyes.

Why are motorcycle speakers great?

Less prone to accidents: after the introduction of motorbike speakers, there will be fewer accidents as ear buds would no longer cover our ears and make to deaf to the dangers in your surroundings. Also wearing ear buds while riding can get you a traffic ticket in states like New York or California.

No damage to hearing: listening to music through ear buds with such close proximity damages your hearing, but with the usage of speakers this damage can be controlled or reduced as this time the music source is much further away from the ear drum.


Motorcycling is one of the most elating and thrilling activities but this party gets pumped up even further after the music element is added to this exhilarating ride by installing speakers.

To all the dudes out there adding the music feature to your bike may even get you some special attention and fame among the female circles. And by choosing the right kind of speakers for your bike you can adore each and every moment of your life spent on your bike seat!

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