Best Motorcycle Helmets (Top 10 Reviews)

It does not matter if you are a marvel superhero or a bike rider, you need a helmet for protection and let’s face it, it definitely adds more swag to your personality. Am I right or what?

A shout out to all bike enthusiasts out there, here is a compilation of the Best Motorcycle Helmets for you.

Quick Picks: Best Motorcycle Helmets

Top Motorcycle HelmetsOverall RatingsWeight 
HJC CL-16 HelmetA+5.2 pounds Check Price
HJC Solid Men's CL-17A+5.6 pounds Check Price
Shoei Qwest Helmet B5.3 pounds Check Price
Arai Vector-2 HelmetB4 pounds Check Price
Shoei RF-1200 HelmetC5.6 pounds Check Price

There are a lot of top-notch companies out there, which are working to their full potential to bring you guys the safest bike rides possible. Here is a list mentioning the top nine helmets on our boards that are guaranteed to bring you the thrill and will make everyone’s head turn when you are about to make an entrance.


1The first helmet on our list that outweighed the others is the HJC CL-16 Helmet.

HJC is a helmet manufacturing company that has been in the production business from 1971. It produces some of the best and high-quality helmets and what makes it popular is its wide variety of helmets in the mid to high-end price ranges. And the CL-16 is among its top-quality helmet available at an affordable price.

This master piece is Snell and DOT approved, both are draconian in rules where nobody gets an easy pass. Having the dual approval means it will actually save you from getting head injuries. And safety is the only reason behind wearing a helmet while biking.

The features that make the CL-16 so popular and pass-worthy were its light-weight body and the super strong shell made out of the polycarbonate composite material, which prevents the blow to reach your head while in an accident.Furthermore, the CAD technology makes this fit perfectly without any discomfort throughout your long bike rides.It comes with the UV Protectant and Anti-fog Face Shield. This shield is pin locked and can be removed easily without any hassle. The shield has special powers which will make you not remove it most of the time. It gives the rider 95% UV protection and anti-fogging capabilities, which will protect your face and vision from any kind of weather conditions.

ACS Venting System allows flushing out of hot air and humidity from the air vents installed at the front and back of the helmet. Moreover, the fabric used for building the interior is just amazing. It is removable, odor-free and absorbs moisture, keeping you fresh and bacteria free for a long time. The speed cooling interior makes riding on a hot day very much enjoyable.


And let’s not forget about the design because where are you going to find such features, stylish looks and sturdiness in a single product but this? In short this is the perfect helmet for those who fancy their lives plus some amazing features.

  • The CL-16 is approved by standards like Snell and DOT.
  • The shield installed has both UV protected and anti-fogging capabilities.
  • Advanced Channeling Ventilation System keeps the helmet fully ventilated and does not makes the rider feel suffocated.+
  • Like all products, this helmet needs a little maintenance to ensure its longer life.



The next one up is again from the brand HJC, which as we told you before never disappoints its consumers and comes up with the very best products. The CL-17 is next in line to the CL-16 and has similar but improved to perfection features.

The CL-17 has again met the standards set by DOT and Snell, which both are very stringent in their checking but HJC never fails in meeting or exceeding them. The exterior is extremely strong and won’t allow any damage to happen to the biker.

The polycarbonate shell won’t give up easy even if the opponent is none other than Hulk himself.

Alongside being hefty, this helmet is very comfy and fits the head perfectly.The CAD technology has added extra pads to the forehead and cheeks for extra comfort. These can also be removed for washing and for keeping the helmet smelling like spring throughout the year.This helmet is a game changer with all sturdy and hard-core from the outside and real soft and mushed up on the inside, bringing extra protection and extra comfort all-in-one.The interior has special grooves installed for goggles or glasses to fit in.

The CL-17 hasn’t forgotten about the ventilation and so has an added vent on the chin for easy air inlet, also the airflow is facilitated in such a way that it rotates from front to back and then out. The strategic placement of the vents on the chin bar and back make breathing easy and also prevent the screen from fogging up.


If the CL-16 was perfect then the CL-17 is even better than perfect and we couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

  • The CL-17 comes in a very affordable price while presenting top-notch features.
  • Advanced Ventilation system makes airflow better, reducing moisture and heat.
  • Removable pads on the crown and cheeks give more comfort to the rider.
  • Groves have been added for those who wear glasses or are wearing googles to escape dirt or sun.
  • None whatsoever

3. Shoei Solid Qwest Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

2The Shoei says it all. For those of you who don’t know, Shoei is a Japanese company based in Tokyo and has since its time been the best in its game. They are the innovators of helmets and know exactly what their customers need like ones know the back of its hand.

They have brought forth some amazingly designed helmets, amongst which the Solid Qwest is also named. This cool matte colored helmet is designed with latest features to bring the bikers a comfortable and safe ride.First of all, the feature that makes this helmet very popular is its noise reduction feature.

We all know that it can be quite noisy in traffic and the driver can be easily distracted because of all the unwanted noise. So to relax your ears and for better concentration, Shoei added this feature, where the user just has to pull down the shield and will no longer hear the car honks and beeps.

A long noiseless, peaceful journey among nature is what one craves for and now Shoei has turned that dream into reality.The Solid Qwest is Snell approved, which is not an easy standard to pass. This approval removes all doubts about the comfort and sturdiness of this helmet.

The shell construction is AIM+ and the shield is CW-1. There are also five different sizes available in this model making every head size experience the luxury of the Qwest.The ventilation system builds in this helmet is superb that does not let the wearer feel any humidity or heat plus keeping him very well ventilated. There is also extra protection added to the chin and mouth area.The interior of this helmet has the dual lining of EPS, which makes the helmet very plush and luxurious.


Shoei is the best brand for helmets that there can be and always brings excellent quality products that are in-accordance to the costumer’s needs. And the Solid Qwest is the jackpot of helmets.

  • The noise reduction feature is phenomenal making the bike ride peaceful and safe.
  • Breath guard and chin curtain provide extra safety to the face.
  • Snell approval makes it even more trust and purchase-worthy.
  • There is no feature added to protect the vision from foggy conditions.

4. Arai Vector 2 Helmet


Arai is another giant in the helmet manufacturing business. It is a Japanese company which takes its brand name very seriously. The specialty of Arai helmets are that they are handmade and checked after every stage of production, so, without doubt, it can be said that no fault is missed by Arai’s manufacturing team.

The helmet that Arai brings to us is the Vector 2 Solid Helmet. It is a unique oval designed helmet which fits the head perfectly like a cocoon. The shell is made up of CLC giving it extra sturdiness and durability. Plus this helmet’s no joke as it has the DOT standard approval which clears your doubts about the reliability and strength of this product. So now you can without any worry ride your bike on rough terrains because the Vector 2 will be there to save you.Ventilation is one of the most important features of a helmet and Arai isn’t ignorant of this fact. And so it brings an improved ventilation system with extra vents installed at the brow, rear, chin and neck area. Amongst which some are air inlets and another flush out the hot humid air.

On the cheeks, there are two 5mm pads attached which give the helmet a better and comfier fit. These pads are removable and washable, leaving your helmet clean and odor-free.Stop wondering what other features Arai’s Vector 2 has to offer because no expensive model can beat the visibility clause. This is what most reviews highlight that Vector 2 offers better and wider visibility field compared to similar but expensive models.


Arai’s Vector 2 is a fairly good and inexpensive choice and is guaranteed to not disappoint you when put to use. This product has been given a lot of features but no extraordinary feature was mentioned, which can be a setback for this model.

  • It is DOT certified making it very reliable and suitable for using in races or dangerous routes.
  • Cheek pads make the interior softer and can be removed or washed on will.
  • Wider and better visibility makes this model win against other high-end brand models.
  • There were no extra-special features added like an anti-fogging or anti-scratching shield.

5. Shoei RF-1200 Helmet


If you liked the Shoei Solid Qwest then you will love the RF-1200. It has broken all records and has brought to you the father of all helmets the RF-1200. It is expensive than the previously mentioned models but it is an investment of a lifetime.

Some of its top features include its compact yet stylish exterior and on the other hand a very comfortable and easy fit interior. Shoei has included this without compromising the sturdiness, durability, and strength. This light weighted helmet is very well-designed and looks very stylish. But looks aren’t everything so let’s go towards its strength and body structure.It has been made very comfortable to wear but extra features like breath guard and chin curtains have been added that further enhance the interior.

The reason behind its price tag is the advanced ventilation system used. It has a total of ten vents placed at the top and bottom of the helmet for better airflow. The absorbent liner used in the interior provides less moisture and great fitting around the head.

Its streamlined shape does not interfere with the speed of the bike, plus its noise reduction with aerodynamic features makes your ride even more worthwhile. The aerodynamic feature makes it very light weight and easy to sit on the head for a long time. This also decreases the strain placed on the neck and shoulders due to the weight of the helmet.The noise canceling feature makes your journey smooth and quiet.This model is DOT approved, meaning it is hefty and will save you from collisions and strong blows to the head. So all you need to do is slide on your RF-1200 and set off on a long road journey without any fear.


Although this product is one of a kind but it still lacks in some features that other cheaper helmets may have. But overall it’s a must buy and will live up to your expectations

  • Compact and stylish design will make everybody notice you.
  • Excellent ventilation system which will keep your airflow up and flow.
  • Noise cancellation makes your journey peaceful and noise-free.
  • The price can be an issue for some.
  • Due to the increased price, extra features could have been added to this helmet like UV protection, Bluetooth option, anti-fogging shield etc.

6. Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Street Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet


The Qualifier belongs to Bell helmets that have been the innovators of helmets since 1971. They bring users perfection and protection, wrapped in a single package.

The Qualifier has passed all tests and standards like DOT, ECE and AS and nobody dares question its safety measures. Its value is of aggressive quality and will never fail to meet your expectations.It is very light in weight and would not strain your neck during long rides. The shell is constructed using polycarbonate, which gives it the strong and lightweight exterior. The shield can easily be removed without any tool using the Quick Release mechanism for effortless replacement.

And as an added bonus the shield has anti-fog, UV protection, and anti-scratch qualities. This improves your visibility during bad weather days.The ventilation system is a state of an art design contributing to refreshing and moisture-free journeys.

The interior is made using removable, adjustable and washable padding that easily snug around your head for perfect fitting. The wind collar pad closes any openings bringing to you a noise-free peaceful ride.The retention system is build using a D-ring chin strap that does not let the helmet budge, protecting you at all times.


Bell is the name of quality, where sportsmen also put their trust in its products and use them during races. The setbacks weren’t many but overall it’s the helmet to go to in time of need.

  • Shield is removable without any hassle due to the Quick Release system.
  • Wind collar cancels out all noise pollution created by nearby automobiles.
  • The shield uses anti-fogging and anti-scratching characteristics for improved visibility.
  • The visor is not scratch-free meaning it would need maintenance and protection from pointy things.

7. Shark Raw Blank Helmet


This badass helmet looks like you are about to go to war on your fighter plane. The Shark is a France-based company, which produces killer looks and sturdy exterior making you stand out of the normal crowd.

The aviation inspired design combines a ¾ thermoplastic shell with off-road style goggles. These goggles are removable with the help of the quick release system and under the googles, there have been extra grooves given for wearing glasses.

The sweat-wicking liner and ventilation system keeps you cool and lightheaded. The top vent is with the option of open or close at will.The visor is dual protected from scratches and fog. The face mask does not only makes you look like a fighter but also fights away debris and flying bugs from entering your mouth. Isn’t that sweet? Not the of course!The aerodynamic outer shell does not create any hindrance during your fast drives but regardless of what others say, this makes you stand out of the pack and go raw!


No matter what others think, this helmet shows that you are daring and that’s the quality that all true bikers share. Apart from all the good stuff, there was nothing seriously wrong with this model and we would highly recommend it.

  • Mouthpiece protecting from dirt and debris from reaching the mouth and eyes.
  • Quick release google system removes the off-road googles from the single clasps
  • Outstanding design for real daredevils
  • We couldn’t find anything seriously wrong except that some people complained about the speaker pads being too small for fitting helmet speakers.

8. Nolan N44 Trilogy Solid Helmet


The Nolan N44 is a huge evolution of the N43E, and is both updated in functionality and design. Nolan is known for making some sick design helmets, which are very much liked by famous racers like Casey Stoner.

The N44 is suitable for both summer and winter days meeting the needs of expert motorcyclists. This is a modular helmet which can be customized by adding or removing several parts like the face shield, chin bar and peak all which are included in the box.This DOT approved model is perfect for urban riding considering its sturdiness and airflow system. The ventilation is centralized with air boosters attached for experiencing rides without mouthpieces. The visor also has an air slot for facilitation breathing. And without interrupting the airflow and compromising protection the N44 brings you the safest rides of all.

The ultrawide Pinlock ready face shield expands the field of vision along with providing two sun shields for UV protection.Other features include polycarbonate shell, double lever retention system and inner comfort padding for increasing safety measures and comfort level.


This is one of the helmets under which you do not feel claustrophobic and is a great choice to have. There are different configurations for wearing this helmet depending on what kind of journey you are undertaking. There seems to be no problem apart from having no control over the noise once the speed is increased. Other than that it is like a diamond in the rough.

  • Flexibility in wearing because the peak, shield, and chin bar are removable, making this into a ¾ or full helmet on a choice.
  • Wider field of vision facilitating clarity and sight.
  • Air booster airflow system that does not make you feel trapped or suffocated.
  • The noise level rises once the speed is increased, so the rider has to use ear plugs to cancel out the excessive noise.

9. AGV K3 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


AGV is a high-quality Italian brand established since 1947. It has been highly associated with motorcycle champions like Valentino Rossi and that’s what the K3 represents. It is a replica of one of his helmets which are ideal for young racers and fans to wear and fulfill their bike dreams.

It is the only full-face thermoplastic model in the AGV range. K3 is the perfect choice for riders looking for a safe, durable and affordable helmet. The modern design and look have been inspired by the AGV stealth, S-4, Ti-tech and GP-tech which defines the true style of AGV helmets.

The outer shell is made with the high resistant thermoplastic durable material. The interiors have been greatly improved with Dry-Lex fabric with hygienic treatment, which is removable and washable if it gets dirty.The retention system is pretty sweet with double-D-ring strap. The perimetrical visor seal improves the protection on the face area. Not only this it is super airy and ventilated because of the front and back air inlets.


AGV has brought a very nice and affordable helmets for starters being your companion on rides and roads. The only problem with this is that noise reduction is not possible so you may have to use earplugs on a busy road.

  • Attractive design which will add to your swag while riding your sports bike.
  • The K3 comes at a very affordable price that all can easily fit in their budget.
  • Extra quick shield releaser makes the removal of the shield a piece of cake and not at all time consuming.
  • Noise reduction feature has still to be worked on for making this the best helmet that one can get.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Helmet

Are they actually safe?

The primary reason behind buying a motorbike helmet is for protecting your head from injuries during bike accidents. And if a helmet has-it-all but does not do the basic job that it was purchased for, then there is no use in wearing a helmet what so ever. So make sure that the helmets you buy are Snell approved, DOT certified and/or has “ECE 22.05” written in the product description.

Which kind of helmet would you need?

There are several kinds of helmets made for different occasions and scenarios. They are full-face helmet for bike racers or for dangerous roads, half helmet or open-face helmet for long journeys. So evaluate what kind of riding you will be doing and choose your helmet according to that.

Visibility should be perfect.

Wind and debris can decrease your vision if your eyes are not properly covered during a bike ride. So find helmets which offer good-quality shields and offer other bonuses like UV protection, anti-fogging and anti-scratching for driving safely and with full clarity in all kinds of weather.

Helmets need proper ventilation.

If you live in a hot climate zone, then this is a necessity for you. Proper ventilation does not only make breathing easy, but it also avoids humidity and heat exhaustion. Even though more vents can mean more noise input but the bargain is pretty sweet if you get to breathe alongside a little noise.

Design is important

We all know that helmet provides the wearer with a comfortable and safe ride but it won’t hurt if it adds to your swag as well. There is nothing wrong in looking like a bad ass and making heads turn while you are on your journeys. You can look for helmets that match your favorite design so that you can ride good, feel good and most importantly look good.

Extra Features and Accessories

Branded helmets give riders features like extra padding, UV rays protection, anti-fogging and anti-scratching shield. But there are more advance features out there that will make you feel like Iron Man. Yes, you heard me right. The Bluetooth feature, speaker system, and GPRS would allow you to chit chat on phone calls without risking holding your cell to your ear. Also, the speaker system can allow music to be played and the helmet can act as your private surround system. And last but not the least, the GPRS giving you directions from inside your helmet. This will make you feel like a super hero because this is exactly what Iron man’s helmet does.

Why Brands?

People say that branded items are expensive; we say that they are expensive for a reason. There are many brands that are serving the helmet industry for quite some time and it would not be a waste of money if you bought your helmet from these brands. As they know what they are manufacturing and will never compromise in quality, as quality is what makes a brand name.

Mentioned above are some factors that you should consider before buying yourself a helmet because a helmet may save you from a head injury but it would not be able to do so if you are a victim of some Ponzi scheme, choose your helmet wisely.

Names of some of the Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

We have previously mentioned some of the helmet brands present today, but now we will be talking about them in depth and what exactly they are famous for.They are 8 brands known today for bringing excellent products year after year and if you wish to buy a helmet for yourself then do buy it from these brands or don’t  at all.

1. Shoei

This is a Japanese company established in 1959. It has remained true to its roots and instead building a huge factory it believed in building their brand name. And that’s exactly what they did. They have brought forward a line of featured helmets that vary in prices and features alike. Shoei is still a small specialized company that is respected and considered an important player in the helmet industry. Another amazing fact about Shoei is that they believe so much in the quality of the product that they produce that they offer a 5-year warranty with every helmet purchased.2.

2. HJC Helmets

HJC has been in business since 1971 and it has succeeded in making a name for itself. It is very popular in North America and the popularity rate is increasing to other countries as well. They are known for producing high-quality, affordable and a stylish helmet for its buyers and that has built a very loyal customer base for HJC. The strict checking and quality-control have propelled the line of HJC helmets above its competitors. And this is due to the state of the art wind tunnel testing laboratory that HJC has constructed for checking quality and improving it for changing scenarios.

3. Bell Helmets

Bell Helmets belongs to the Bell motors who rules of driving from head to toe. They are the pioneers for creating the first ever full face helmet in 1971. They manufacture all kinds of helmets from full face to snowmobile to top-notch bicycle helmets. They are represented by many famous racers who put their trust in Bell helmets and wear them to their races. Their primary focus is the functionality of their product and there extra attention towards detail is what makes them one of the most distinguished brands in the industry.

4.Arai Helmets

Arai is another Japanese motorsport giant since 1926. This makes it the oldest and the strongest players in the industry. They specialize in making handmade helmets which are examined every step of the way. Their products exceed the Snell standard which has the most stringent rules of all and passing it is no child’s play. Arai is a remarkable brand to consider as many MotoGP racers such as Nicky Hayden use this brand. Consistency and legacy like this are both recognized and appreciated.

5. Nolan Helmets

Nolan is an Italy-based manufacturer which has dominated the European market and is gaining strong footing on this side of the world as well. Buyers who use this brand are usually safety conscious and want stylish choice for their ventures. The second name or style, Nolan has impressed many sportsmen who have been recorded to use Nolan helmets during their competitions.  Nolan produces premium helmets that are priced fairly alongside a five-year warranty. This company was established in 1973 and since then is known to pass all DOT quality standards.

6. Shark

Another European brand, which was established in France since 1986. They are best known for their technology and design which meets the needs of all motorcyclist. This company was founded by professional racers and that explains why they put so much emphasis on safety and performance. Shark’s detail and focus on innovation have made them popular among its competitors across the globe. The Shark Raw is one of its most famous and liked helmets. This brand produces 350,000 helmets per year and has 5000 outlets throughout the world!

7. AGV Helmets

AGV is an Italian brand founded by a man named Gino Amisano. AGV transitioned from making leather seats to making bike helmets in 1947. This top-quality brand is for all from sportsman to everyday riders. Some famous racers have been supporting AGV throughout their career. AGV is considered to be a pioneer in the motorcycle helmet world. They are believed to make premium quality helmets and have never wavered from their standards. Their US line has passed all DOT standards and is has also been certified with the ECE safety certificate which is a European standard.

8. KBC

A little over twenty years in business, KBC has succeeded in making a name for itself in such a short life span. They have impacted the market with some of their innovative designs for helmets. They have invested a lot in research and development to bring their game up a notch and be able to compete with the other brands which have been in the market for over 35 years.

Features of a typical Motorcycle helmet

The protection that a helmet gives to its rider comes from a three-layer defense. The helmets that consist of these safety layers are the ones you need to keep your eye on. Now let’s dig in a helmet and see what comes our way:

1. Outer Shell

This is the sturdy, hard core-shell that is made of thermoplastics or fiber-reinforced composites. What most of you would think is that this material is like steel and would bear the collision without bending. But the truth is, the principles used in the helmet are that the outer layer should compress and absorb the deathly blow of an accident. Absorbing the hit is better because it saves the rider from any kind of strong shock.

2. Impact-Absorbing Liner

This comes after the shell and is a layer of Styrofoam, that separates the outer shell from inner padding. This again works on the same mechanism of absorbing the collision and protecting the rider’s head from any kind of shock. Styrofoam can easily be damaged so it is wise for you to change this layer, even if you are in a minor accident.

3. Comfort Padding

This is the third and final layer of the helmet that is directly in contact with the face. Its purpose is to give the rider comfort but it also helps in protecting the face from bangs. This padding should be comfortable for two reasons, first, if a helmet is not comfy the rider would not wear it at all nullifying the use of helmets and the other is to fit the face snugly so that it does not go flying off every time you pull your breaks.

4. Retention System

In simple words, this is a chin strap. It is important for a strap to be comfortable and keep the helmet strapped on to the head at all times and turns.

Types of Motorbike Helmets

It does feel like there are a gazillion types of helmets but in reality, there are only five basic types of helmets. Take a look and each and decide for yourself which will do you some good.

Open Face Helmets (3/4 Helmet)

Open Face helmets cover the head entirely plus the base of the neck. This leaves the face entirely uncovered even though some have attached a Plexiglas for protection from flying debris or rain. This helmet is more ventilated but leaves the face very unsafe.

Half Helmets

This is exactly how the name describes it. Half helmets cover only the head area, leaving the back and neck entirely up to nature. Its shape is more like a half sphere, which makes it light and comfortable. But wearing a helmet which leaves most parts of your head unattended is like not wearing a helmet at all.

Full Face Helmets

These are the most famous kinds amongst racers and general public alike. It fits like a cocoon around your head and would protect your face, neck and head alike and that’s what we are talking around. It is a little heavier than the previous types but should be well-ventilated; otherwise, it would be like sticking your head in an oven on a hot day.

Modular Helmets

These are quite similar to the full face helmets in providing protection and coverage. But the added bonus is that the rider can flip up the facial portion with a swing of a hand to enjoy the luxurious wind on your face. This type is gaining a lot of popularity but is a little expensive and heavier than the previous type.

Dirt Bike or Off-road/ Motocross Helmets

These types of helmets are made for extreme sports where the danger of collision is likely very high. It has an elongated chin bar that protects the face from head-on accidents.

Different Genres associated with Helmets

We have been going on and on about helmets but we haven’t highlighted the types of riders and their preferences.

Helmets for Females

Anything associated with females is usually thought to be about looks and design and if you are going down that lane then you, my friend, have lost your way.

Accidents come unannounced and pretty won’t protect you, the most important thing in helmets is to see if they would be able to save you from getting hurt or not. But that does not mean that the helmet cannot be trendy at the same time.

Here are a few key factors to watch out for when you compare female motorcycle helmets:

Strength: The high-profile standards are Snell, Dot or ECE. If your helmet has even one of them then you are good to go ladies.

Light Weight: Your helmet should be light weighted and it should not strain your strain after prolong wearing. Good helmets always have a strong and durable shell that’s equally lightweight in nature.

Head Shape: The key feature that separates men helmets from women is the shape of the head. Female heads are usually smaller and so they cannot find the right comfort wearing male helmets.

Ventilation: Just like any other helmet, the ventilation system should be top class, so that you may not bake your face inside the helmet!

Design: one thing that females would compromise on is the design. A female helmet should not only feel like it but also show it. There are a lot of trendy helmets out there that visibly shout out that they belong to the female section.

Helmets for Kids

The reason why parents insist on making their child wear a bike helmet is because they want to be assured that there child stays out of danger at all times.Sure it can also make the child look cool and can also go with his ensemble, but the focus stays on safety. A kid’s helmet should have all the features mentioned above but what is more can you add to it that would make the child crave for the helmet himself?

Looks: If the helmet does not resemble you child’s favorite super hero then he won’ be excited to wear it. Thus the color and design are especially important for kids helmet.

Comfort: helmets build for kids should be made extra comfortable, with pads that are durable, removable and washable.

Final Thoughts

By now riding a motorbike without a helmet should be out of the question. Lately, statistics have shown that nothing saves motorcyclists lives better than a quality helmet. And also nothing looks dapper than a cool bike driven wearing an equally cool and sturdy looking helmet.So take your pick from our list of the Best Motorbike Helmets and enjoy a safe trip around your city any time of the year.

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