Update 2017: The best modem router combo for most people is the ARRIS SURFboard SBG6782AC. It offers that best balance of price, function, and features than any other router we tested.  (Read the full review below.)

The modem router combo have become increasingly popular in the recent years for a number of reasons, the main one being that it saves you from the hassle to wire your computer and internet device up with a LAN cable every time you have to make use of the internet.

Top 5 Modem Router Combo Reviews

Device NameWireless TypeOverall Ratings
1. ARRIS SURFboard AC1800802.11 a/b/g/nA+
2. Zoom Telephonics AC1900802.11 A/C, 802.11 a/b/g/nA
3. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 802.11 a/b/g/n/acA
4. Netgear N3002.4 GHz Radio FrequencyA
5. Netgear Cgd24g 54802.11gB


1. ARRIS SURFboard SBG6782-AC – The best cable modem wifi router combo. 

This cable modem wireless router combo is “something”. It is the dexterous geek who is always at the top in the good lists of everyone.

The users are utterly satisfied with tons of groovy features and blazing fast speed this modem has got. We looked at it from all angles and this modem proved itself more than deserving to sit at the top in our cable modem/router reviews.

Biomechanics and speed

This modem supports DOCSIS3.0 meaning this would give you fast speed. For those who don’t know DOCSIS 3.0 is better than the previous versions as it supports multi- channeling that enables the cable modem to manage traffic efficiently. Along with multi-channeling, the inbuilt router comes equipped with dual-band, one being a 2.4 GHz band and the other one being a 5 GHz band. Now in easier words, consider channels and bands as lanes in a road, on a single-lane road in the midst of a heavy traffic jam even a Bugatti Chiron wouldn’t be able to speed up, despite all the horsepower. So no matter how much the max speed of internet is on your device if there is traffic congestion then speed may slow down, and that is when multi-channeling and bands come to the rescue.

Talking further more about the channels, there are 8 downstream channels with capped speed of 343 Mbps and 4 upstream channels with a max speed of 131Mbps. On top of it, it comes with a wireless standard 802.11ac, which  is fastest of all, let alone being 3xs faster than the previously most popular N-wireless. And yet, this cable modem has IPv6 internet standard which is the latest and efficient allowing multiple browsing session simultaneously. These features together, in turn, improve the speed and open the door of exotic media experience for you.

And yet you would be thrilled to know that SBG6782-AC has MU-MIMO technology which efficiently handles multi-users by allocating data efficiently to very client. Plus the Beamforming technology reinforces the signal strength by shedding focused signal to each device rather than broadcasting data in the whole direction.


We are totally content with the compatibility, the wireless system is compatible with 802.11 g/b/n/ac standard. Plus the cable modem is supported by some of the leading internet service providers of U.S, including Comcast/Xfinity, Cox, Charter and several others.


This is a multi-talented device along with being a cable modem and wireless router, the 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports give it an extra fast wired networking capability. To add to it, the super amazing MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) technology further enhances the connectivity and networking of all your devices for you as the media files are transferred over coaxial wires which is way faster than the wireless transfers.


The installation process is a snap, all you need to do is plug the system and configure it using the web interface which makes it  easier than ever. You would master the thing even if you don’t have the very technical knowledge that normally gets you through the process of these types.

The bad part

There is some part of the modem that we didn’t like, the first one isn’t that serious but just so that you know this modem is a giant, it has a large footprint and may occupy a big desk space but with an absolute performance, we shouldn’t really mind it being big. The real issue we find here is that this system isn’t compatible with Macintosh computers so for those who have Macintosh OS may want to reconsider buying this.

Final words

Winding it up for you, we would recommend you definitely buy this for the amazing features and extra fast gaming and media experience you get from this. This in fact is one of the best gateways but buy it only if it is compatible with your ISP and devices.

This portable modem will make your life much easier if the slow internet speed is one of your main concerns. If you’re currently stuck at modems with the speed of DOCSIS 2.0, then you really need to upgrade your internet service.

Arris surfboard provides speed up to 1800 mbps and download speed of up to 343 mbps, as it entails DOCSIS 3.0. Modems with DOSCIC 3.0 are becoming increasingly popular due to their amazing speed and features. These have the capability to provide undistorted wifi for up to 10-15 people, without affecting the speed. And these provide 8 times faster speed than does docsis 2.0.


  • Extra-fast speed with IPv6, DOCSIS 3.0, and 802.11ac latest standards
  • Multi-channeling and banding handling traffic congestion efficiently
  • Super amazing networking with Gigabit port and MoCA tech
  • Compatible with major service providers


  • Large size

2. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 – Best Cable Modem Router Under $300.

If you have a little higher range of budget, shelling out to around $200 then we say you buy this cable modem wifi router combo. Not only are the alluring new-age features worth the money but the screaming fast lag-free speed gives you reliable smooth experience which pays off every cent you have spent on the modem.

Biomechanics, speed and standards

Now this is a router plus cable modem in one device with both the things coming in with the latest standards. In more precise words, the cable modem supports DOCSIS 3.0 version which is the latest in the market and is going to hang around for quite some time. Plus the 802.11ac type of wireless connection is edgy with a fast speed, almost 3xs faster than the N-wireless network.

The gateway supports up to 960 Mbps of speed which is fantastic. Moreover, as the thing comes with channel bonding tech there are several channels. Not impressed yet? Well, now you would be. There are 24 downstream channels and 8 upstream channels that make it absolutely fast even during peak hours. The multi-channeling handles the traffic congestion efficient better than the average multi-channels like 8×4 or 4×4, let alone the single channel.

The 1.6 GHz dual-core processor gives further reinforcement to the speed and enhances your gaming and streaming experience. This isn’t it, this cable modem router comes with Beamforming tech which gives focal signals to the clients by locating it rather than shedding signals in the whole direction, which is weaker and inefficient compared to the Beamforming tech. With all the speed this is indeed the best cable modem router for gaming.

Installation and use

Any Netgear product is easy to maneuver with the Netgear genie app. Once you install the cable modem, which is also by the way very easy, then all you have to do is get the thing connected to the installed app on your cell phone or PC and then use and control the device with your app.

Networking and compatibility

The networking is also amazing you could create your own wireless network with extra great compatibility. It is compatible with wireless-n/b/g/ac devices. Plus there is Gigabit Ethernet port as well if you want a better-wired connection. Due to the multi-channeling, there is plenty of capacity fair enough to handle multiple devices.

Coming to the cable compatibility, this is one of the most widely compatible devices which works with numerous service providers including some famous like Cox, Charter, Comcast, Time Warner cable, Cablevision, and Bright house network.

The bad part

Customers are really happy with this thing they get exciting experience due to all the features this combination modem has got but still the thing comes from a lavishing race and is undeniably expensive. The other thing that we didn’t like is the USB port of 2.0 version, a 3.0 version would have had been more appreciated here, especially at a price pretty high!

Final words

Summing it for you, we would like to say that this modem router is the best thing for you especially if USB port is not the thing you use frequently. For the unbeatably fast speed, we think it is a viable choice, worth your money.

Netgear is known to be one of the greatest manufactures of networking equipment, especially. So, I don’t think there’s much to be said for this particular modem router combo as the brand itself speaks for it. However, let’s still take a look at the features of this modem router combo.


  • A fast speed 24×8 channels
  • Efficient wireless 802.11 ac standard giving great output
  • Dual band, Beamforming tech and 1.6 GHz processor for an enhance speed
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Easy use and installation plus high level of safety


  • Outdated USB port
  • High price


To sum it all up, it is one of the best modem router combos out there, so it shouldn’t even take you a minute to get your hands on it.


3. Zoom Telephonics AC1900 – Best Cable Modem Router Under $200

Zoom 5363 is parallel to almost all the leading cable modem WiFi router or gateways that is there in the market. You would hardly find any hitch or problem with this device it works well with most of the major ISP and gives an absolute performance for a better output. With that said, this modem router smoothly makes it to our cable modem router review list.

Speed and modem network standards

The router is equipped with a dual band that has a total of a 1900 Mbps theoretical speed. The dual band makes it very efficient as not only would it adjust the traffic congestion efficiently but you would also get high speed for a better media experience on your 5GHz band with a speed of 1300Mbps and there is another 2.4 GHz with a speed of 600Mbps for your old devices or low load activities.

The cable modem supports DOCSIS 3.0 version which is fast and efficient compared to its earlier version. DOCSIS 3.0 supports channel bonding which isn’t the case with the earlier versions. Talking in the same context, this modem has 8×4 channels with a speed of 343Mbps.

Some more technology

There is a plethora of features and technologies that enhance every bit of connectivity and internet speed for you. Talking about speed, this router comes with Beamforming technology that gives more targeted signals to the connected devices by specifically locating it. Plus the MoCA technology enhances your home connection for you. And yet to add to it, the QoS support also enhance your internet speed and experience by eliminating any chances of breakage of signals by bouncing devices on different bands. It prioritizes the devices that would need more bandwidth.


When it comes to the security of your wireless connection then this modem router is one of the best to consider. With firewall protection and VPN standards, your system is protected by malware and trespassers. So you could securely create a network without any malware attack risk.

Another positive point of this modem router combo is that it allows you to set parental controls to steer clear from any undesirable sites.

Compatibility and networking

Zoom 5363 is highly compatible, it is compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac devices. This device gets along with all major ISP such as Comcast, Cox, Charter, Bright House and more! You could check it with your ISP and most probably they would support this product. And yes, this device supports DOCSIS 1.1 and 2.0 standards as well. So you wouldn’t disagree if we say it spreads its arms in all direction capable of holding onto any device of your house easily.

The networking is excellent, it can manage up to hundreds of devices with an amusing wireless networking capability and with 4 gigabit LAN ports you could have an excellent and fast wired connection. The range is also highly appreciable, it would cover a range of almost a large house.

To configure and get the system going is very easy with the user-friendly options and the manual guide.

The bad part

The only setback is that this router doesn’t have a USB port but apart from that despite nit-picking, we couldn’t find a single thing that could be considered much of an issue or a cause for dissatisfaction.

Final words

This is a crackerjack you are definitely gonna love zoom 5363. It doesn’t only work but it makes you want to work with all the amusing features that make your internet work at a fiery speed for all the fun that you want to get from it.

Furthermore, it comes with a 3×3 dual-band wireless AC1900 router and four-port Gigabit Ethernet switch, which shall allow you to enjoy your use of internet via wifi, which you can use from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. And not only that, the wifi-router has Auto Negotiation and Auto MDIX, which shall make your life much easier! However, having a standard of docsis 3.0 was not just good enough for it so it comes with 3 dual band antennas, which further enhance the speed, reliability, and range of this modem router combo. The greatest advantage of having a router and a single integrated unit is that it shall save you from external wiring, which in return will save yours from any disruptions in by alleviating a single point of failure.


  • Latest standards and fast speed
  • Uncomplicated setup
  • Giga but port for a fast connection and a better home networking with MoCA tech
  • High compatibility
  • Secure and safe to use with parental control


  • Outdated USB port

4. TP-Link N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Cable Modem Router TC-W7960

Are you looking for a low-priced 2-in-1 device that functions dually as a router and a cable modem? Then this is exactly the right spot. You wouldn’t only have to pay a low price but quality and variety of features is also what you get. Yes, you got it right, low price, multi-functionality and variety of features all at one station and that station is TP-Link TC-W7960.

Wi-Fi and cable modem standards plus the speed

To start with, this modem supports DOCSIS 3.0 version which is the best. It supports multi-bonding of the channels. In this modem, you get 8 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels which is pretty decent for an optimum amount of speed and efficiency. The download speed caps to a maximum of 343Mbps and upload speed roofs to 131 Mbps (the speed on your modem may though vary due to your subscription package or for other reasons with your ISP).

The Wi-Fi speed is 300Mbps which is good, 300 Mbps means high-speed games, quick transfer of files, streaming and much more. Plus the QoS (quality of standards) tech eliminates chances of lags and hiccups when you work, it intelligently prioritizes high data consumption clients by allocating them more bandwidth while at the same time allocating lesser bandwidth to light load works like web browsing or call. This increases the efficiency of allocation and speed of your data transfer.

Installation, security, compatibility and networking

The installation is very easy and with the parental control option, you could restrict sites that are undesired. To add to it, separate guest user option and trespasser control prevent privacy your system from break-ins.

This is a widely compatible modem which would probably work with your ISP some leading ISP that this works with is Comcast, Cox, Charter, Time warner, Cablevision, TCM.

With four Gigabit ports you could get easy and fast wired connection, Gigabit nowadays boasts of the most efficient wired connection.

The bad part

Now the downside to this device is that the wireless system is just normal. The wireless type is the conventional one plus this is a single 2.4 GHz band. Not only does it slow down your internet during peak hours but it fails to connect to 802.11ac devices making you stick to narrow range of devices. Being an old school boy, this thing has yet another downside that the USB port is 2.0 version which is not as efficient and fast as is the latest one so the storage may be a little slower than the other ones.

Final words

The wireless network and the cable modem functionality with decent speed, security and easy installment makes this device recommendable and of course, the low price makes this one of the best value modem router combo that we could recommend.


  • Latest DOCSIS standard with enhanced speed
  • Efficient QoS standard for a lag-free experience
  • Fast wired connection with gigabit port
  • Good compatibility


  • Old version inbuilt router with a single band and outdated USB port


5. TP-Link AC1750 (C7000)

If you are a “Gamoholic’ then you would be surely willing to invest all that you have for a high-quality gaming experience. Don’t worry we aren’t asking you to break your bank, it’s just a little more investment than normal that we expect you do and get this interesting C7000 that would take you to a highest notch of media experience with your networking device. C7000 has aced it in reference to speed in all ends.

Speed and version

So continuing with the speed talk, you would get an astonishing speed with the cable modem that has 16 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels with a capped speed talking of above 600 Mbps. This is only the cable modem, the wireless networking offers an amazing speed of 1750Mbps. The inbuilt router has 2 bands one being a 2.4GHz band the other one being a 5.0GHz band.

Furthermore, the biomechanics of the device is specifically designed to boost the speed as there are 6 internal antennas that enhance the signals and the amplifiers further assists in executing efficient signal broadcasting. Moreover, the Beamforming technology enhances the quality of signals by signalling focused connection to the devices by locating and targeting it.

Networking, processing and connection

This device has dual core processor that boosts your wireless and wired connection by executing instructions quickly. Plus the Gigabits port that boasts to be the fastest of all transfers ultra-fast connection over the Ethernet cable. Now isn’t this exciting! The gigabit port gives you the best connection and with 4 of them, you can get well connected to your devices. The wireless connection is also very good which can create a network of dozens of devices.


Talking about the compatibility, we loved the fact that this is compatible with almost all the leading brands of USA, it is like being compatible with almost all ISP that US houses use. This is compatible with Cox, Brighthouse networks, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable, Xfinity, Charter and more. It is compatible with 802.11 g/n/b/ac devices which mean even if you have relatively old model devices (i.e. devices aren’t supporting the latest 802,11ac) it would definitely work with this.

The bad part

There is only a slight of glitch with this device that it comes with a typical outdated 2.0 USB port which doesn’t carry out storage and processing as fast as the latest one, which is the 3.0 USB port. But not to worry of that, you won’t be sacked with it, it is just gonna be slightly slower than the newer version.

Final words

Now with so many perks you are definitely going to enjoy every moment of your experience with this modem/router. We totally recommend you buy this to get the never ending lag-free entertainment experience.


  • Fast internet speed with 16×4 channels and a dual band inbuilt router
  • Beamforming technology with internal antennas and amplifier to boost your Wi-Fi connection
  • Fast gigabit port for a better-wired connection
  • Compatibly with almost all major service providers of USA


  • USB port is old version which is slow

6. Netgear Cable Modem Router (C3000)

Now there is another gateway that we recommend you buy. This modem router is more of a reasonable one but with better looks, not the one screaming out about its low price, plus there are certain features that are really not the ones that you do get in the reasonable ones. Above all, it is a wireless/ router/ cable modem all in one.

Network standards, channels and speed

This modem comes with a DOCSIS 3.0 technology which is the very next generation technology it is almost 4xs faster than the previous single channelled 2.0 version. With the multiplicity of channeling, you get 8×4 channels, 8 download channels, and 4 download channels. This is utterly fast as there is efficient management of traffic congestion in the peak hours. Along with this, the IPv6 internet protocol is going to give you ultimate speed as this is the latest version banging up the market with its high tier speed and efficiency.

Compatibility and installation

This CableLabs certified device is viable for your home use. Netgear products are known for its effectiveness and compatibility and so this one by Netgear also inherits the family legacy. This is compatible with almost all ruling IPS like charter, cox, bright house networks, Medialink, Comcast, Cablevision, time Warner cable and much more. This isn’t it the Xfinity customers get added benefit of self-activation on configuration and installing process. As for the other ISP users, it isn’t that the others then couldn’t get installed, if you look at the installation process it is very simple.

Control and security standards

Manipulating and running this device becomes a no-brainer with the Netgear Genie app. Plus your system becomes secure with the guest setting so your privacy is not disturbed and with latest security protocols you prevent your system from trespassers. With the parental control setting, you could now restrict any undesired site from opening.

The bad part

The downside is that the wireless type is the older one with 802.11n version and the USB port is also outdated so this is going to be slightly inefficient. But this wouldn’t be that much of an issue if you don’t have all the latest devices (it would easily connect to 802.11 a/b/g/n devices). Talking of the range we wouldn’t say it is bad, it works well in a medium/small house with almost a single story reach but this wouldn’t do you much good in a large space.

Final words

So if you liked this then you have perhaps made a good choice. This would give you an efficient output for your house. We totally recommend you buy this as this is a reasonable and nifty device.


  • Latest standard of Internet and cable connection
  • Low price
  • High compatibility
  • Easy installation and secure use


  • Medium range
  • Old version of the wireless type

7. ARRIS SURFboard SBG6580

We picked yet another one from Motorola because of its appealing feature and excellent performance. Not to mention, this has all the latest technology to meet up the high standards that networking   device have nowadays. Plus another worth mentioning thing is that this modem router is comparatively reasonable than some others with same features. Well, it isn’t too reasonable in itself it is just a little low priced compared to some others you may get with the same features.

Connection standards and speed

The cable standard is the DOCSIS 3.0 version which is faster than the previous versions due to its channel bonding tech. With a downstream speed of 343Mbps and upstream speed of 131Mbps the cable modem efficiently transfers data over the cable wire. The good that this does to you is that you enjoy a high-end media experience, gaming, file sharing and all that you could think of , of course , relating to your internet and computer. With this speed ARRIS SB6850 simultaneously gives a blazing fast wireless Wi-Fi speed with its dual band, the 5 GHz being at a theoretical speed of 1300 Mbps and the 2.4 GHz being at a speed of 600 Mbps. Impressed already? Well, there is still a lot more to talk about!

The modem router comes with gigabit port that executes fast connection efficiently through the Ethernet port so you could have a fast wired connection. Plus the wireless connection is efficient enough to handle a dozens of devices efficiently.


The service providers that could be there in a common American house would go well with this. It is compatible with ISPs such as bright house network, Mediacom, Charter, Comcast/Xfinity, time warner network and more.

The bad part

The only setback this modem router has, which by the way is typical for any 4/5 years old models of modem router, is that it has a wireless type of 802.11n which falls short in speed and range than the elite version 802.11ac.

Final words

Overall this is a decent modem router to go for with a mid-range price and mid-range coverage, good for any user who wouldn’t need the high spec for some crazy heavy load stuff or for hundreds of clients, in other words this is totally going to work for you if you need it for an average house.


  • Fast gigabit port for efficient wired connection
  • Supporting DOCSIS 3.0 standard which is fast and supports multi-channeling for a fast internet speed
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Compatible with almost all the leading service providers
  • Good output for an average space


  • N-wireless network (outdated)

8. NETGEAR C3700 – Best cable modem router under $100.

Netgear has a distinguished name in the market of networking devices. when you talk of any device and gadget that is used for connectivity, of all the best names, Netgear immediately pops up in your mind. Occupying the centre stage in the market, Netgear has yet another modem router that acclaims to have all those quality that makes it hit our pick list.

Price and speed

This router modem gets a crowning touch with an amazing price of fewer than 100 bucks while most of the competitors are above hundred bucks. Yes, despite being the best brand it is humbled with a low price, unlike the spoiled expensive brats.

Talking about the speed we may say that it runs fast with the channel bonding and dual-band tech that allows efficient traffic management and has a maximizing speed even during the peak hours. With 8×4 channels of max 340 Mbps speed and simultaneously functioning dual band at a max theoretical speed of 600 Mbps you get to do gaming, file transfer and everything in between, dexterously. Not to mention, this supports the DOCSIS 3.0 standard which is 8xs faster than the 2.0 version and even faster than anything introduced earlier before this.


Talking of the range, C3700 passed the range test with flying colours, the system efficiently had its range spread over every nook and cranny of the house and the distance covered is roughly equal to any large sized house or anything beneath it. This would be graciously good enough for you!

Installation and safety

Coming to the installation and all, we would simply say this has aced it. But for those who still need details, the installation is very easy with the Netgear interface and controlling is even easier with the Netgear genie App. plus there is easy on/off button for the Wi-Fi system.

This modem router is very safe and secure with all the latest security standards, i.e. WPA2, for your wireless connection so that the trespassers don’t break in. plus for even more privacy there is a guest user session so you could easily avoid any interference of guest over your network. Plus the firewall security measure prevents any attack of malware over the connection.

The bad part

With N-wireless type, the router becomes a little bit of a passé type compared to the latest standard but for the rest, it is good and would work well for you.

Final words

You could count on this device for its speed and user-friendly and safety options plus the price of this modem router has an edge over the competitors making it a better choice.


  • Fast speed with latest DOCSIS standard and multi-channeling.
  • Easy installation control and high level of compatibility
  • Safe and secure to use
  • A good large range of Wi-Fi coverage
  • Reasonable if compared to competitors


  • Old version of wireless type

What is a cable modem wifi router combo

A cable modem router also widely known as a gateway or a combination modem is a single device with a dual function of a modem and of a router. The modem comes with an inbuilt router in it.

The Combo works in a way that it gives internet access via ISP using a cable modem to a number of devices all at the same time, in the form of Wifi.

All you have to do to get the wifi process started is connect the modem’s LAN wire to the router’s WAN port.

Why a cable modem router?

In order to get under the skin of the question in a better way, we would like to first briefly brush through what router is and what a modem is. A modem is a device that enables the data from your internet provider to transfer over a coaxial cable wire connected to your device. A modem can be a connected to a single device at a time. Whereas, a router connected to a modem creates and gives a wireless connection to several devices.

Coming back to our main question, we need cable modem router that comes in a shape of a modem and has an inbuilt router inside it. So you buy a single device that dually functions for you instead of buying two separate devices. If you only need connection with 1 device at a time then a modem works perfectly fine. but remember a modem doesn’t directly connect to some devices as it needs Ethernet port and some devices like our smartphones don’t have it so in that case you need a router, so why not an inbuilt router that comes with the combination modem.

The advantages of a cable modem router

Space saving

With two devices bundled in one, you could now save yourself some space plus with fewer wires you also spare the mess that it does create. No matter how good you are with the wires they always misbehave, tangle up themselves, show up out even if you hide it and do everything you expect them not to do so why not just take them out of the scene?

Ease of installation

With a single device, the effort is reduced as you need to install one device instead of setting u you cable and router separately with each other and then with the clients they need to handle.

Easy controlling

With one device if you have to do anything for example check for the trouble shoots you know where the problem is, it is in your cable modem router and this way you could easily target the issue. In a separate modem and router case, you would need to first check your router then modem which is a double effort!

You save some money

Now it’s not that we bet you save money, some very cheap low standard router combed with very cheap low grade modem may be cheaper than a good combination modem so there is no betting on this one. But if you go for the upper level products then the combination modem or gateway may beat the separately bought router and modem devices in price.

Factors to consider while purchasing a modem router combo

What are the standards and versions you would need to consider?

DOCSIS standard

For the DOCSIS standard it is best you go for 3.0 version or anything above because not only is it faster than the previous versions but it supports multi-channeling simultaneously which is not the case with the previous version they only have a single channel functioning to offer at a time.

Wireless type

For the wireless type we recommend you go for 802.11ac because this is the latest and the fastest you could get however if you want to settle for something less in price and you have a old model devices all compatible with 802.11n then you could go for it. As long as it is compatible, you wouldn’t mind having an N-wireless type.

Internet protocol

For internet protocol simply the latest one is the IPv6 which is the internet protocol version. This is the most efficient you could get.

Which cable modem to get?

It mainly depends on the DOCSIS (data over cable service interface specification) standard the modem has. In simple terms, Docsis simply determines the speed of the internet you use. There are three basic standards: Docsis 1.x; Docsis 2.0; Docsis 3.0.

Docsis 3.0 provides the greatest speed and it has a download speed of 343 mpbs and a regular speed of up to 1800 mbps. It is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to generate amazing internet speeds.

So, if you’re someone who easily gets annoyed by slow internet speed, then you must get a modem that has a standard of 3.0 mbps.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it best to buy a new, used or a refurbished modem?

To be honest, if you can find a used modem in a good condition then it would be best to buy that one instead of spending double the amount on a new one. This is so because modems rarely break down because once they’ve been set up they stay in the same place for a good period of time as you do not have to reset them every now and then, which results in a greater durability.

Moreover, used or refurbished modems are usually the ones returned by customers mainly because they don’t need them anymore as newer versions keep coming up.

Lastly, as modems have long lives so before they actually stop working they become obsolete. So I, for one, believe it is always a better option to go for a used or a refurbished one than for a new one as both can serve you equally well.

What security standards must your device possess?

In a wireless system, you would actually be officially doomed if you get a thing with weak security standards. What happens is, that as everyone nearby your device including neighbours could retrieve the signals so they could simply break-in, this weaken the strength of signals due to heavy traffic. But if you have high-security standards as WPA and more appreciated WPA2 then it would be difficult for the trespassers to break in. Along with this SPI firewall and other malware protection techs are also appreciated to prevent the spread of virus in your network.

Should I get a warranty?

Yes, it will cost you nothing and save you a lot if in case your modem router combo breaks down.

Does the number of users actually affect the internet speed and signals?

Yes, it most certainly does. The greater the number of users, the weaker the signals become for every user. So if you need a modem router combo for more than say, 7-10 people, then it would be best to get one with a standard of 3.0 DOCSIS.

What price should you go for?

Its better you invest much, not like investing much for the sake of wasting money but investment on some appreciated latest feature is best. But for those of you who are on a budget check may go for relatively low priced ones that we have recommended as it would also work well for you.

Should I Rent the modem router combo or just buy it?

Well, it depends on the size of your pocket. However, it is always best to buy one as the rented modem router combo will cost you way more than if you simply purchased one for yourself.

Is your modem router combo compatible with your ISP?

It is important for you to consider whether your modem router is compatible with your ISP or not. For compatibility, it is best you check with your ISP yourself or go to their official website where the list of all compatible devices is given and you could easily look for the one you are interested in.

What are the factors that enhance the speed and range of your internet in a modem router combo?

In a modem router combo, there are various factors that affect the speed and range, some may be related to what the service provider has to offer, and for that, you couldn’t do much. However, as far as the factors in the device are considered, what you could do there is consider the factors and then make a choice accordingly. Those factors are;


The number of channels affects the speed by bouncing traffic/client on various channels so as there would be more channels, each channel would have lesser clients to handle and there are less lagging and load preventing it from any slowdown of speed.


The number of bands also plays the same role as channels. In easier terms, each band is like a \ router so a higher number of bands mean more routers which , in turn, enhances the signal speed for the clients each band needs to control. So a tri-band or a dual band is much better to consider it is like 3 or 2 routers functioning respectively.

Other technologies and bio-mechanics

The processor speed is also a factor that influences the speed, normally a speed of above 1.0 processor is good, plus a dual processor is much better. The Other technology is the QoS technology, which is the quality of support, this enhances the connection by prioritizing the devices that need more throughput. The Beamforming technology strengthens the signal by targeting the device and broadcasting focused signals.

The Competition: Alternative Best Modem Router Combos

Netgear N300 Wi-Fi DOCSIS 3.0 – Cable Modem Router

This modem router combo provides a standard speed of 3.0 Docsis. A 3.0 doscic speed accounts in a 43 mbps down speed and 31 mbps up speed per channel and has the capability of being linked with 4 to 8 down and 4 up channels, which is amazing!

Furthermore, this modem router combo is certified to work with a number of cable channels including XFINITY from Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Cablevision, Bright House Networks, and a lot more. Cable channels basically increase the download speed your internet already has. So, the more cables your modem is linked with the greater the download speed you are likely to enjoy.

This modem router has an 8×4 channel bonding, which will basically increase your internet’s download speed up to 360 mbps.

Also, if you are already an XINFINITY user, you easily qualify for a self-activation, which means your modem router combo will connect to the channels automatically without your having to go through the whole process.

However, the major drawback it has is that, the maximum speed the cable channel can enhance is up to 360 mbps, which is just what 17 mbps greater than the built-in speed of this modem router combo. This is something the customers have had trouble with except for this one issue it is a fine modem router combo!

ZOOM ADSL Modem/Router with Wireless-N

It is one of the best modem router combos out there. It has the capability to generate high-speed internet for computers, tablets, mobile phones etc. without the need of getting a well-maintained wire system.

It is a modem and a router in itself, so you would not need to buy a separate router with it. It has the capability to generate internet speed as high as 300 Mbps. To break the overall speed down into specific categories, this modem router combo can provide a Maximum ADSL download speed of 27 Mbps and a maximum upload speed of 1.2 Mbps (3 Mbps for Annex M). However, the closer your modem/router is to your phone company’s ADSL equipment, the greater the speed is likely to be. Also, it may also depend on your ADSL service, so you must make sure to get a good service if you want to enjoy great internet speed. The best you can do to resolve this issue is to get yourself a Broadcom ADSL and a wireless N-technology services because this router/modem tends to work best with them.

Another positive about this modem/router is that it is compatible with any 2/2+ ADSL service, including Annex L, M and N. Furthermore, it has Built-in IPsec VPN Endpoint (Hardware VPN) and it supports IPv6 and IPv4 for powerful, flexible network addressing.

However, the main issue with this modem/router is that you cannot interlink your modem/router with any cable service in case you want to enhance your internet speed.

Netgear Cgd24g 54 Wireless Cable Modem Router Gateway

It happens to be netgear’s one of the best sellers. You don’t have to have a separate router to provide wifi services as this modem has a built-in external antenna and a built-in 802.11g wireless access point, which spreads a network that supports up to 54 mbps, without originating the need of any cables to run from the modem to the device on which internet has to be used.

Furthermore, it enables you to steer clear of any hackers as it has a double firewall with stateful packet inspection (SPI) and NAT (Network Address Translation). So with this modem/router, you do not have to worry about losing your confidential information to hackers.

Moreover, it has four Ethernet ports, so you can either connect your modem directly to your computer/ laptop etc. through LAN cables or just simply switch to wifi. Both will work equally well, no compromise will have to be reached on that point.

However, all good things come at a price and the price, in this case, is that it can easily get heated up and you may have to give it few breaks in between to prevent any damage to the device. Also, it may not be able to provide as high speed as do the latest modems.

TP Links N600 – Wireless Modem Router

This product is a well-made all-in-one device which presents features like ADSL2+Modem, a N600 Dual Band Router, a 4-port Gigabit switch and a USB Print Server. This device is the ultimate go-to the device if you want to save space plus your money. It fulfills most of the households and office service needs with it 24 Mbps bandwidth.

It can broadcast two wireless networks on 2.4GHz and 5GHz at one time with up to 300 Mbps on each band. The 2.4 GHz band provides common internet services and the 5GHzband is used for purposes like online gaming or HD video streaming, which are heavier tasks and require a fast internet connection and as a result, the fun of two bands can be had using a single device.

The 4-port switch is for connecting a printer, NAS, TV, and other network devices at the same time to let users enjoy the wireless or wired connection, where data of 1000 Mbps can travel at a single time!

The dual USB ports now allow to connect and share a printer among multiple users through wireless means. The USB ports could also be used to share data and files, by simply connecting a hard drive or flash drive to the router. There is also an FTP server so that users may access files without others knowing.

The TD-W8980 now comes with two working modes to choose from, first being the ADSL Modem Router Mode or the Wireless Router Mode. If you are using ADSL service to get the internet then use the first mode and if you are using cable, fiber or other types of internet service then choose the second one. The feature gives you the freedom to change your internet service whenever you want without paying an extra dime for it.

It is easy to set up device which comes with a Quick Setup Wizard on its web page, which helps you in a step by step process, to get your router going in no time!

GT784WN Wireless N DSL Modem Router

The GT784WN is one of a king routers, with a built-in 802.11n technology, which allows your connection and surfing speed to go up to 300 Mbps that is six times faster than previous router speeds. This device also carries a MIMO Smart Antenna which has a vast coverage and does not leave out any dead spots.

Since this device happens to have Backward Compatibility, all previously connected devices will automatically connect to the router’s new fast and improved speed. It also comes in with an AutoDetect Wizard that saves you the time and effort to install Cd’s instead it installs guides, that are easy to operate. The router also that does not allow unauthorized access with the help of its WPA/WPA2 encryption, that also prevents hacking, filters content, inspects packages and gives the option of customizing your own firewall.

The customer service that Actiontec provides is ready to assist 24/7 whether online or over the phone. This device is a must buy and if you wish to take advantage of the features that it provides, then don’t waste time and buy this brilliant device now.

Summing it up on cable modem router combo

Coming to the sum and substance, we would simply say that in today’s world everyone is looking for ways to improve their experience with tech and so should you. To get a high-end efficient internet speed in a compact device with fewer tension wires to handle you could simply choose the best cable modem router combo or in other words the best gateway from our suggestions and then make the best possible choice.

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