Best Marine Speakers 2018

Update 2018: The best marine speakers for most people is the Polk Audio DB651. (read the in-depth review below)

Best Marine Speakers 2018

Best Marine SpeakersOverall RatingsRelative Price
1. Polk Audio DB651A+$$$
2. JBL MS6200A+$$$$
4. Pyle Dual 6.5'' Waterproof Marine SpeakersB$
5. BOSS AUDIO Package + Amplifier A+$$$$$$

3 Best Marine Speaker Reviews

Polk Audio DB651 Marine Speakers

Declared one of the best Polk Marine speakers, this 6-1/2″ / 6-3/4″ 2-way coaxial speaker set has all that it takes to make it stand out. It may seem a little tiny in size but do not judge it from its size as it offers what some even large speakers fail to.

It has an ideal amplified power giving out the peak power of 320 watts per speaker, and RMS 120 watts/ speaker. What these measures basically suggest is that the speaker is capable of giving out an excellent sound quality, enriched with deep bass. It shall also help to save up a lot of electrical cost as it won’t need too much current to operate on.

Furthermore, as it is a coaxial speaker, and what makes it different from regular speakers is that it has a tweeter incorporated into the speaker. The tweeter lies either on bridge above the woofer or on the pole in the center of it. This saves you from allocating any additional space for subwoofer or the tweeter.

Moreover, the tweeter it has is no normal tweeter. It is a 3/4″ Liquid-Cooled Silk/Polymer composite Dome Tweeter, which is the best tweeter in market. It shall increase the frequency response of the speaker and minimize any sound distortions when at full volume. It shall also prevent the speaker from heating up every now and then. Hence, making the speaker a lot easier to handle and long lasting.

Also, it has a polymer/mica composite mineral filled cone woofer, which is rust and heat proof. This is one the reasons which makes this speaker perfect for your boat. And not only this, but it is also marine certified, which will sit perfectly for your boat.

Things we liked:

  • Coaxial
  • Polymer/mica woofer (perfect material for marine speakers)
  • Lightweight
  • Liquid cooled polymer tweeters

Things we disliked:

  • None.

JBL MS6200 Marine speaker review

Not only does this marine speaker have the perfect look and the perfect size, but also the perfect features. This sophisticatedly designed Marine speaker has the perfect size of 6.5 inches, which will sit perfectly for your boat.

It has the peak power of 180 watts and RMS of 60 Watts, which suggest excellent power handling. It shall give out an amazing sound quality filled with deep bass and minimal sound distortions. It shall also save up a lot of electric cost for you as it does not require a lot of power to work on.

Furthermore, it has the optimum sensitivity level of 91Db. This shall further to the effectiveness of this speaker and make this beauty sound like a beast!

Also, it has a frequency response of 55 Hz to 20K Hz, which is just perfect. This suggests that your speaker can travel great distances without interfering with the sound quality. A higher frequency response also means that you can play your music at full volume and experience no sound distortions at all.

Moreover, it features a Polypropylene woofer cone, which is the ideal material for marine speakers and shall protect it from any harsh conditions. Hence, adding to the durability of the speaker.

Things we liked:

  • Sleek and sophisticated design
  • Perfect size
  • Optimum frequency response

BOSS AUDIO MR60W Speaker Review

This speaker set has at its disposal an array of features that will make you go bonkers for this little heavenly set! It comes in a pair of two speakers. Each weighing 6.5 inches, which is the ideal size for marine speakers. And only does the size make it perfect for your boat but everything else that this set beholds!

It gives out a 200 Watts – 100 Watts RMS Power Handling per Pair – amplified power, which promises to deliver an excellent sound quality, with great bass. and what further enhances the sound quality and the depth of the bass is the Polypropylene Woofer Cone. Not only will the woofer enhance the sound quality but the material used on the woofer, will protect the speaker from any harsh environments.

Furthermore, it has a frequency response of 80 Hz to 20k Hz, which will make your music travel great distances. It shall also add to the sound quality and prevent any sound distortions when you turn the volume to full.

Moreover, it features the ideal sensitivity level of 90Db, which means you can consume a huge amount of power. To sum up, it is undoubtedly one of the best marine speakers you can ever find.

Things we liked:

  • The 6.5-inch size
  • Woofer’s material (Polypropylene)
  • Frequency response

Things we disliked:

  • 4 Ohms impedance

Factors to consider before purchasing Marine Speakers

It is not every day that you buy speakers, so why not get one that serves you right? You will definitely want one that gives out an amazing sound quality and stays with you for a good time. Now, we know it might get a bit frustrating and hectic when you hunt for the best speakers. So to save you from this pain, we have boiled down a list of all the important factors you must consider.

1. Sound quality:

It is a must to check for sound quality. With all the noise and nuisance at sea, you would want a speaker that gives out crisp and clear sound even at high volume. Now you can determine the sound quality empirically or just by looking at the Watts, Decibels and Frequency response. To even ease up the process for you, here is how these 3 measures help you in determining the sound quality:

Frequency: It tells you about the area your speakers can cover up. The higher the frequency response, the better the speaker is likely to be. It starts from as low as 20 Hz and goes up as high as 20kHz. The ideal speaker will be one with the frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz.

Watts: They act as a measure of the speaker’s maximum amplified power. The greater the Watts, the better the speaker will work for you.

Decibels: They show how effectively can the speaker use the power from the amplifier. A higher rating would point toward a better sound quality with minimum distortions and deep bass even at full volume.

2. Impedance:

Measured in Ohms, it determines the ability of the speaker to let the electrical current pass through it. There are basically 3 impedance levels being 4,8 and 16 Ohms. To get the best out of your speaker and consume energy go for either an 8 or 16 Ohms speaker.

3. Hertz:

It is measured in Hz and they suggest the sound, particularly the bass level of your speaker. Unlike most other factors, the lower the Hz is, the deeper bass will the speaker generate.

4. Durability:

This matters a lot as you would not want a speaker that will break just within a year or even before that. A good speaker calls for longevity. So make sure to check for that.

5. Sensitivity:

This determines the amount of power your speaker needs to power on. The higher the sensitivity level, the more effective the speaker will be.

6. Texture of the speaker:

It is best to get a marine speaker that fights up to all weather conditions, no matter how harsh. The better the texture, the better the material used, the longer the period will your speaker serve. It is recommended to get a speaker that has a rubber surrounding and the outer body is made in either plastic or polymer. These materials are considered the best for marine speakers as they protect the speaker from all harsh conditions and add to the durability.

7. Material of the woofer:

It may seem a bit irrelevant, but it is very important to check for it as well. Like watts, decibels etc. material also affects the effectiveness of the woofer. To keep it short and simple, the lighter the material is used on the woofer, the greater the bass will the speaker generate.

8. Size of the speaker:

This happens to be an extremely important factor when it comes to best marine speakers. You need to get a speaker that perfectly fits in your boat or there is no point of the purchase. Since boats are usually not that large, so a speaker of somewhat around 6×9 inches will do just fine for you.

However, do not limit your options, these speakers come in various sizes. Just make sure they are not too big for your boat. But also, bear in mind that typically smaller sized speakers give out a slightly inferior sound quality than large speakers. But there are anomalies too, just get one that matches all your needs.

9.Magnetically shielded:

This is important because the magnets in your speaker may interfere with the navigation of your boat. So to steer clear of that look for a speaker that is magnetically shielded.

10. Color and style of the speaker

This happens to be your very personal choice. To your benefit, marine speakers come in a number of different styles and colors. So just pick one that blends well with the interior of your boat or in fact, adds color to its elegance.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Marine Speakers:


  • Water-resistant: With these speakers installed in your boat, you won’t have to worry about the water hitting them. And by water-resistant we do not mean splash resistant but they are also submergible in water.
  • Rust proof: They have been designed to encounter any rust and salt corrosion in the sea. Hence, making them last longer.
  • Prone to harsh conditions: It is clear how harsh the weather can get at sea. There can be series of high velocity wind storms and rainy days. But what is great about these speakers is that they will work just fine no matter how bad the weather gets.
  • Different styles and colors: As mentioned above, marine speakers like most speakers come in various colors and designs. Hence, making it possible for you to choose the one that goes best with the interior of your boat.


  • Smaller in size: These speakers are usually smaller in size than the regular speakers. This may mean that they can’t give as excellent a sound quality as do regular speakers.
  • Smaller tweeters: This may mean that marine speakers have lower frequency responses than regular speakers.
  • A little harder to install: They may require 6 mounting halls than the standard 4 holes. Hence, making the whole installation a bit cumbersome.
  • Lack of positive and negative markings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) What is the typical price range of Marine speakers?

A. The price ranges from as low as $50 to as high as $200.

Q2) Should I check for frequency response?

Yes, it tells you how wide an area can your speaker cover up. The higher it is, the better it will work for you.

Q3) What is the ideal impedance level for Marine speakers?

Depends on the size. 8 Ohms will be ideal for a 6×9 inches speaker.

Q4) Does the size affect the sound quality?

Yes, in most instances, it does. Typically, the bigger the speaker is in size the greater the sound quality will it generate

Q5) What is the best place to get Marine speakers?

Q6) What is the perfect size of marine speakers I should get?

A 6×9 inches will do just fine for you.

Alternative Choice: Other Top marine speakers to check out

Pyle Dual marine speaker review

If you’re looking for marine speakers then this 6.5” two-way speaker set will do just fine for you. With the perfect size and the perfect features, it will make your voyages all the more special.

This goes without saying that these speakers are water and rust resistant. They have been made prone to all harsh conditions, be it storms, heavy rainfall, etc. you will not be deprived of your music.

Furthermore, it has Polypropylene Cone in each speaker, and are surrounded with cloth. Polypropylene is the absolute perfect material for marine speakers as it keeps the speaker safe from water, and dust. Hence, making them last longer than they would otherwise.

Not only has this speaker set been designed with maximum care but it also gives excellent sound quality. What makes this possible is the amplified power output of 150 Watt (RMS Power: 75 Watt). This shall generate an HD sound quality enriched with deep bass.

The impedance level, however, is not at its best but given the size, a 4 Ohms shall do just fine for you.

Also, these speakers are very easy to install. They come with all the required cables and mounting hardware. This shall make the whole installation process very easy and time saving!

Things we liked:

  • Size
  • Ease of installation
  • Extra cables
  • Mounting hardware

Things we disliked:

  • Low impedance level

BOSS AUDIO ASK904B.64 Speaker review

This speaker happens to be one of the most popular marine speakers out there. It gives you everything that you have ever wished for in your marine speakers.

First of all, these speaker set comes in a pair of two 6.5” speakers with poly carbon cone and rubber surround. These shall keep your speaker safe and sound from any harsh environments at the sea without compromising on the sound.

Furthermore, they give out an amplified power output of 180 Watts, which is just perfect. Hence, generating an amazing sound quality even at full volumes.

Moreover, what sets these speakers apart from most others is that it has control buttons built on it. And not only that, but also comes with a remote control, which shall enable you tune the sound quality according to your likes. To keep the remote protected, it gives a Flush Mount Bezel along to cover it up in. And not just that, it gives out a water-resistant pouch for your phone too. So you won’t have to worry about streaming your music via your smartphone.

Another thing that makes this speaker set special is that it has built in Aux ports, and comes with a 10 ft. USB cable. This shall open up an array of options for you to play your music from.

Things we liked:

  1. Remote control
  2. Control buttons
  3. Extra cables
  4. Smartphone pouch
  5. Remote pouch

Things we disliked:

  • None. It’s awesome!

New Kenwood Outdoor Waterproof KMRM315BT

This speaker set is a rarity amongst marine speakers. It is not just a speaker but a Bluetooth marine speaker, which shall save you from the hassle of wires. And not only does it stream your music wirelessly but also has a built-in Mic, which shall allow you to take your calls.

Also, it features a number of applications and allows for connectivity android phone too. It also allows you to even use the internet radio via Pandora, iHeart Radio, Aupeo, and TuneIn.

Moreover, it also has a 13-digit LCD screen, which shall allow you to know what you’re playing.

Furthermore, it has a Polypropylene cone with cloth surround, which shall keep your speaker safe from all harsh conditions. Hence, adding to the durability of the speaker set.

Now, what you must be thinking is whether it gives out an amazing sound or not? Then worry not, my friends, because it is one of the loudest marine speakers with Built-in MOSFET amplifier (22 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels).

All in all, this speaker set will you the time of your life and give your music the edge you have always wished for.

Things we liked:

  • Remote control
  • Control buttons
  • Lcd display
  • Bluetooth
  • Mic – hand free calling

Things we disliked:

  • May not be fully water-resistant.

Infinity Reference 612m marine Speaker

This little champ is all you need if an upgrade to your marine speakers is what you’re looking for. It comes in a pair of two speakers each of 6.5”, which is just perfect.

It gives out an amplified power output of 225 watts, which is absolutely brilliant. It shall give out a remarkable sound quality even at full volume. Not only will it give a crisp and clear sound quality but also a deep and rich bass.

Furthermore, it comes with a sealed polypropylene cone, which is lightweight and the best material for marine speakers. The light weighted cone shall enhance the woofer’s bass and amplified power to a much greater extent. Hence, resulting in an excellent, undistorted sound quality.

Also, it is UV-resistant and covered with rubber, which shall protect it from any weather conditions. Be it heavy rainfall, storms, sunlight or whatsoever, your speaker will go unaffected.

Moreover, it has a Grille-mounted 1-1/4-inch polypropylene semi-dome tweeter, which shall add to the frequency response. Hence, making your music travel great distances at full volume with minimum sound distortions.

Things we liked:

  • Rubber surround
  • UV resistance
  • Mountability.


With the increasing popularity of marine speakers, every voyager looks for these nowadays. However, we do realize the struggle that comes with picking out the best Marine speaker. But with this article, we sincerely hope that you can now understand what exactly to look for in them and what makes them worth your while!

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