Update 2017: The best gaming speakers for most people is the Cyber Acoustics CA-3602a. It offers the best balance of features, functions and value for money. (see in-depth review below. )

Have you ever wondered how amazing would it be if you could listen to every other sound your game has? Have you ever taken the time out to imagine the feeling you will get if you could completely immerse into your game; if you could even hear the deep breaths of your enemies as you lay your arms on them and feel as though you’re in the game, living that moment? Yes, that certainly would be the best feeling you can ever get and you can have it only if you have gaming speakers good enough to make sure to acquaint you with even the slightest sounds in the game!

To boil it all down, There are people who make their peace with the average gaming sounds that their computers produce, but then there are people who just can’t accept that and crave for much louder and clearer sounds, for these people, manufacturers have come up with specialist gaming speakers that can be attached to the computer or the gaming console and produce sounds louder and clearer than ever before!

Quick Picks: The Top 5 Gaming Speakers

Best Gaming Speakers Overall RatingsRelative Price
1. Cyber Acoustics Powered SpeakersA$
2. Logitech X-540A+$$$$$$
3. Genius SW-G2.1 2000A$$$
4. Genius SW-G2.1 1250A+$$
5. GOgroove BassPULSEB$$

Factors you must take into account to make sure to buy the best gaming speaker/ FAQS:

Size of the speaker:

The general idea is that the greater the size, the better the speaker tends to be. This is so because bigger sized speakers come with accelerated bass and take greater power watts to function on which in result produces a much better and HD sound quality as compared to a small speaker. So if you’re looking for a speaker that should give you distortion-free sound when you put the speaker on full volume and one that generates deep and rich bass, then you would be best suited with a bigger speaker. A 5.1 speaker in your case will prove optimal.

Size of your room:

Yes, it may sound a little inappropriate here but it sure plays an important part while you buy yourself a gaming speaker. The size matters because, you wouldn’t want to disturb others just to give yourself a gratifying gaming experience, right?

So if you have to place these speakers in your room and if the room is not that huge, a 2.1 set of speakers should do just fine for you. However, if you intend to place them in a gaming zone type place, then a 5.1-7.1 would be more preferable.

Audio quality:

While looking for gaming speakers, make sure to look for speakers specifically designed to cater your gaming needs. This is so because as the trend toward gaming speakers is becoming greater than ever, manufactures have come up with speakers that have high power system, which is the industry reference standard. These speakers make sure to have audio accuracy, depth and detail based on the dynamic digital signal processing.

Subwoofers and tweeters:

These fall in the special features a speaker may have. Sub woofers and tweeters basically assist the main speaker in a way that they enhance the sound quality and the bass levels in particular to a much greater degree, giving the user the opportunity to enjoy loud and clear music.

For a gamer, these features may matter a lot as you might be looking for speakers that highlight even the most unimportant sounds in the game.

Battery life:

If you’re looking to buy Bluetooth speakers then the battery life will matter a lot to you since you wouldn’t want the battery to run down just after a few hours of use and especially while you’re in the middle of an intense game.

So to steer clear of all these problems, you should make sure to get a speaker system that has a long battery life.

Also, as gamers prefer brighter graphics and all, this tends to affect the battery life greatly because the brighter the graphics, the more strain there will be on the battery. So to enjoy both bright graphics and good battery life, you should specifically mention that to the sales man and he will guide you on which speaker will work the best for you as manufacturers have built up speakers that let the both things co-exist.

Multiple inputs:

Having a speaker with multiple inputs that are compatible with not only your computer but also with your smartphone, iPod, mp3 player etc. will make your life much easier by enabling you play games on any of these devices and have the experience as you would enjoy while playing on your PC.

Some Common Terms

Power handling:

This refers to the amount of power the speaker can bare without breaking down or going through any other problem. Power handling is measured by two components.


Also called nominal power, shows the amount of power the speaker has the capability to cope up with for a longer period of time.


This shows the max amount of electrical energy the speaker can combat for short bursts.
Frequency: the distance the speaker can easily travel.

So before buying a speaker you must make sure the speakers have reasonable RMS and Peak levels and frequency level according to your needs.

Reviews of the Best Gaming Speakers

Cyber Acoustics 30 Watt Powered Speakers with Subwoofer for PC

If you’re on a low budget but are not willing to let go of the benefits that come with an incredible gaming speaker, then this speaker is what your heart wants and your pocket agrees with! Cyber acoustic speaker is one of the greatly conceived speakers. It has over 3000 satisfied consumers, who have given great customer feedbacks about the speaker.

It has the ability to generate up to 30 Watts of power, which will result in greater sound quality with minimal sound distortions as you turn the volume to full. In addition to the already amazing sound quality, it comes with a subwoofer, which can easily be hooked up with the computer or the gaming console and will create an even better sound quality and zero distortions as you turn the volume up!

Furthermore, it has a desktop control pad, which will enable you to easily control the volume and the bass levels according your likes. It also gives you the liberty to connect these speakers to not only your computer but also to your phone, iPod or anything else that supports aux. Also, it features headphone jacks that let you to confine your music just to yourself whenever you feel it may disturb others.

To sum it all up, Cyber acoustic is a great speaker that comes at an incredibly reasonable cost to you and the benefits it can give you will surely overweigh the price it came at!

Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System with Subwoofer

You can take your gaming experience to the next level by having these Logitech speakers that make sure to acquaint you with the tiniest sounds in your game.

We all know the struggle of getting shot down by our enemies as soon as they approach us, and while we are busy panicking and thinking what to do next, the they have already managed to killed us, but that would not be the case if you had these Logitech speakers, which produces sound quality so great and clear that you can easily decipher the closeness of your enemy to yourself, by hearing their footsteps and then prepare yourself for your next move.

This 5.1 speaker set has a number of amazing features. First of all it has a wired control center, which means you can easily connect all 5 speakers to the center speaker channel and place the five of them either adjacent to each other or spread them out through room, to make sure the whole room captures the sound quality they produce. But even if you place them all together, you won’t have to worry a bit because this 5.1 speaker set features Frequency Directed Dual Driver Technology (FDDT) which makes sure to evenly spread the sound out in the whole room and makes sure not a single area goes without the amazing sound quality.

Furthermore, it has a frequency level of 40Hz to 20K Hz, which till date is the optimal frequency level and ensures that the sound travels good distances. Due this factor, you can even arrange gaming matches at big halls and let everyone in the hall to immerse themselves in this amazing experience.

To give your gaming another edge, this speaker set is complemented by a sub-woofer, which plays its part in enhancing the sound quality to a greater degree by producing even higher levels of bass and prevents any distortions in sound as you turn the volume up.

Logitech X-540 also features a matrix mode, which mixes all left-right stereo sounds into surround sounds and sheds lights upon the minutest sounds in your game.

To conclude, Logitech X-540 is one of the best gaming speaker sets in market and one that has made the lives of thousands of gamers a lot easier.

Genius SW-G2.1 2000 2.1 Channel 45 Watts RMS Gaming Woofer Speaker System

If you are looking for a speaker that not only gives you great sound quality but also adds colors to lounge, then you’ve come at the right place. This genius SW-G2.1 speaker has been given this unique curvaceous look that whoever enters the room won’t be able to help themselves from noticing it!

Furthermore it can channel surround sounds, via power as high as 45 watts, into amazing HD speaker sound, which shall be able to highlight even the most trivial sounds of your game and make you feel as though you are in that game, living that moment! Wouldn’t that be just great? Just imagine yourself being in that position and you will know what I’m talking about.

In addition to the high definition sound quality, this speaker set also allows you refrain your music to yourself through headphone jacks. It also has dual input jacks that will not only support your PC, but also your Tv, Dvds and gaming consoles, and this shows the versatility that comes with this speaker set.

It also gives you the liberty to adjust the volume and bass levels according to your needs through its volume and bass controls and enjoy your music in your own special way.

Lastly, it has an Ultra-rigid MDF wooden cabinet subwoofer, which shall be able to produce deep bass and further improve the sound quality and prevent any sound distortions in between the game!

Update: Check out more awesome gaming speakers:

Genius SW-G2.1 1250 2.1 Speaker System

With the total output power of 38 watts, this speaker set can turn all the surrounding sounds into an amazing, high definition, distortion-free sound, with deep bass fit for your games, music, movies or anything else for that matter!

Moreover, the curvaceous, sleek and sophisticated design does put it in a better position than are most of the speakers in. this speaker set can not only give your gaming sound a higher edge but it can also make your entire room look way better with its presence.

It is a 2.1 speaker set that has a total of 4 speakers in it, including the center channel speaker to which the rest of the 3 speakers can easily be connected. A 2.1 speaker set should be able to produce sound loud enough to capture a wide area.

However, if you still feel that these speakers lack something, then they also have an Ultra-rigid MDF wooden cabinet subwoofer, which will further enhance the sound quality and provide you with rich and deep bass, to give you a gaming experience greater than ever before!

Genius SW-G2.1 1250 2.1 Speaker System also includes adjustable bass and volume controls through which you can easily tune your gaming sounds as you want them to.

To conclude, this speaker system has received great reviews since it has been launched and has managed to make quite a good mark on the overall speaker market and one thing is for sure that with the features this speaker set has you surely won’t regret your purchase.

GOgroove BassPULSE Computer Speaker System

Gogroove computer speaker set has features just as amazing as the look it has! First of all, it is a 2.1 speaker set, which shall be able to take your gaming experience to a whole new level in terms of sound quality. This speaker set should be able to produce a high definition sound quality that sheds light upon even the minutest sounds in your game, be it the sound of someone’s footsteps or the sound of the sea waves.

Furthermore, this handsome guy is compatible with almost all brands of PCs, be it ASUS , Acer , Alienware , Cybertron , Cyberpower , Dell , Lenovo , Samsung or any other computer this speaker set should work just fine with it. And to your amazement, this speaker set, unlike most of other PC speakers, is also compatible with Apple’s Macbook. This does give it an edge over other speakers, right?

Not just that, it also has a side-firing subwoofer, which shall enhance the sound quality, particularly bass levels, to a much greater degree and enable the speaker set to cover a wider range. It also has volume and bass controls built on the front/ center channel speaker that shall allow you to manage your sound system in a way you find better for yourself.

In addition to all the features aforementioned, this speaker set has blue LED-lights that pulse with the bass level once it has exceeded 80%. So just take a moment here and imagine playing a great racing game and imagine the aura of the room with all the lights turned off and just the speaker lights on that pulse with your car’s speed, the greater the side, the wider the fluctuations!

Lastly, not only can you connect these speakers with your PC, but you can also connect them with your iPod, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or whatever that has a standard 3.5mm AUX audio output, it also features headphone jacks, which will allow you to have some private time with your speakers.

If you really want to give your gaming experience the edge you have always wanted it to have then this speaker set will make sure to meet all your expectations!

Klipsch 1015115 Klipsch Stadium

Are you fed up of the wiring system you have to go through every time you have to connect your speakers to your PC? If yes, then these Klipsch speakers are meant for you.

This speaker system is wireless, which shall give you the liberty of enjoying the benefits that come from a wireless sound system. The most important one is that it saves you from the hassle of connecting the devices up and rearranging the wires every now and then. Secondly, a wireless system means, you can place these speakers anywhere you want without worrying about sockets etc and furnish your room without having to compromise on the look of your room just because you previously needed to place the speakers close to the socket. Well, not anymore!

Also, to top it all of you can even enjoy these speakers even when the electricity’s out and you can’t seem to drain power out from somewhere else. You can also carry these around and use them in places where there’s no such thing as power supply!

Moreover, they are complemented with Horn-loaded Linear Travel Suspension tweeters, which help in generating a greater, distortion free sound quality. And not just tweeters, my friend, they also come with Dual, horizontally-opposed, long-throw subwoofers with Tractrix ports that shall produce bass greater than ever.

Furthermore, they have a DSP-controlled digital amplifier for a total system power of 400 Watts peak, which is an optimal level of power a speaker shall generate.

Also, these speakers aren’t that big in size so you won’t have to reserve a huge space for them and place them anywhere you want.

To toss it all off, Kilpsch gaming speakers are simply amazing and worth the purchase.

Mackie CR3, 3″ Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors

Mackie CR3 gives you the stereo sound you expect from the looks of it. These speakers are fit for any sort of multimedia creation or entertainment facilities, and most importantly for your gaming as these speakers make sure not to overlook even the slightest sounds in your game.

Moreover, this speaker set has a frequency level of 80 HZ to 20K Hz, which is one of the greatest frequency levels ever and should be able to cover greater areas. This means that even if you have a gaming zone set up somewhere you can easily install this set of speakers and make sure your customers have the best gaming experience ever as the sound alone can have a huge impact on the gamer’s overall idea of the game, and the general idea is that the greater the sound quality, the better the gamer tends to like the game and the experience he gets out of it.

Furthermore, it also has a convenient front panel volume knob with lit power rings that allow you to easily tune the volume and bass levels and the lit power rings notify you of the power the speaker is working on.

You can conveniently hook this set of speakers up with either your PC, your gaming console, smartphone, iPod or whatever device that is compatible with the speaker and get started with an amazing sound experience you shall cherish for the rest of your life.


With the increasing trend toward gaming speakers, manufacturers have come up with speakers specifically designed to cater your gaming needs. All you have to do is let the shop manager know the purpose behind the speakers and he/she will further guide you that which speakers will meet your purpose in the best way possible. Also, as gaming speakers have become extremely popular, they do not even cost that much anymore and you can easily buy them even if you have a low budget as the price starts from mere $50. These gaming speakers have the ability to actually take your gaming experience to a whole new level and make you feel as though you are a part of that game. However, you will only be able to get what this is all about once to make use of such speakers. and with the popularity these speakers are gaining, it seems quite obvious how amazing these speakers are.