Best Exercise Ab Machines 2018

Update 2018: The bets Best Exercise Ab Machines for most people is the XMark Adjustable Decline Bench. (read the in-depth review below)

Best Exercise Ab Machines 2018

Top Exercise Ab Machines  Ratings Price Estimate
1. XMark Adjustable Decline Bench A+ $$$$$$
2. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro A+ $
3. ACF Ab Roller A $
4. Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench B $$$$$
5. Flawless Fitness Ab Roller Wheel A $

Read the in-depth reviews below

1. XMark Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench – Best Ab Machine Overall.

XMark 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416.1 marked the spot on the top of the list. It comes in with a comfortable 2.5 inches cushion and in a great quality seat that is double stitched and tear free.

The salient feature of this item is its 12 adjustment points; it’s really useful for as  the beginners could go to the advanced stage gradually with help of these adjustment points.

Normally others have 3 or 4 adjustment points and when you want to level up, you are so reluctant to do it because a big gallop is what you aren’t capable of. But XMark 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416.1 does it in 12 parts and the smaller step becomes an uncomplicated and achievable goal.

It comes with ergonomically positioned rollers in the bottom where the legs could rest against it during the crunches, this helps in reduced strain on the back.

This item really is magnificent where others can’t handle too much weight, which is a pure irony (if fat burners aren’t for fat then for whom is it for); this one just nails it by being capable of carrying a heavy load on itself. To our surprise, this also can be used easily used by people even over 6”.

The results are superb; you would get an intense body in weeks.  Once you get it out of the box you can set it up easily with the help of the guideline in 10 minutes. From then onward a daily exercise will make you look flaming hot.

This is a multi-purpose bench that does it for the whole body. It can be used in 4-positions and targets all parts of the body. Every inch of the body fat in fire and is melting away when you use this machine.

All in all, it’s a safe investment; the only problem is the knee cushions which pop out frequently. Is becomes really annoying to set up the knee cushions when in midst of your workout. Other than this it was great!

Key Points:

  • Comfortable
  • Targets the whole body
  • 12 adjustment points
  • Can manage 300lb. above person easily
  • Manages height of around 6.5”
  • 4-position use


  • Leg cushion isn’t of great quality

Check out the video to see how it works:


2. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro – Our Best Ab Machine for home use.

This ab roller by “Navy Seal” is an exciting machine that will give you a jaw-dropping flat stomach and tight abs. With other ab-rollers, the size and balancing are the basic issues, either they have those old-school narrow rollers to offer or the rollers are enormously big for the body to get along with it. This ab-roller comes in a perfect size that makes it easy to balance.

It has been engineered and put together in such a way that when you use it the only area where you feel pressure and stress are the abdomen, midriff, and arms. You really wouldn’t want a piece of junk causing pain on the back spinal cord and shoulders for good.

The Ab-roller is very easy to set up, just put all the parts together and then on a plain surface start rolling it. You would have to roll in an out in a plank position. The exercising is hard to do, your body starts sweating after 5-10 reps and this means you are doing it the right way

The Ab-roller would have been a Mr. Perfectionist if it had come along with equally amazing knee-pads. Though the material is thick but it’s very slippery. If you use Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro with a different and better knee-pad you’ll find it great!

Key Points:

  • Tightens arms and abs
  • Easy to set up
  • Good balance
  • Wide wheels


  • Poor quality knee-pads

Check out the video below to see how it actually looks like:

3. ACF Ab Roller – Best Ab Machine for Abdominal Exercise

Souped up with a sturdy built and sensational design ACF Ab Roller for Abdominal Exercise is also worth a kick. It comes within a very low-price range. It has a great outcome you may get an alluring flat stomach and hardcore abs in weeks after getting your hands on this ab-roller.

The light-weight of this machine makes it easy to carry around, so whether you are at your home or not you would surely make it to the gym that is packed in your bag is in the car!. The ab-roller comes in a bright red and black color, from amongst which you could choose the color you prefer.

All in all, it is great, reasonable, and sturdy. The only glitch in this machine was the narrow wheels that made it wobbly and difficult to get along with. However, with time it gets easier for the user to handle it. Whereas, or the other qualities it has got especially the price it is worth a shot.

4. Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench

Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench will be ripping it for you like a pro; you would get the super strong calves and thighs, toned up body, a flat stomach, visibly outlined abs and much more out of this one bench. Usually a bench shaped machine is more of a “horses for the courses” type which is made for abs and only does for the abs, nothing beyond that. Whereas, this is multi-purpose equipment that can be used in various ways, it does the work for the whole body.

The bench is thickly padded making it sofa-like comfortable. This isn’t only relaxing for the body but when you rest your back on it and do the exercise you won’t get rubbed against it or your spinal cord won’t feel any type of unruly pressure or soreness. The material used in the machine is made out of quality steel, making it durable.

The 4-position adjustable bench has numerous work out options along with the traditional crunches you could do sit-ups, hyper-extensions, step-ups and much more. What you do is, just adjust the incline of the bench and then do the crunches, raise the seat and stand behind it for extensions, step on the bottom rod for step-ups and there are many other ways to play with this genius.

What may become a slight issue is that this isn’t meant for people of all types; mainly users above the height of 6” just don’t find it fitting for their height. Whereas, there is a limit to the load Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench can handle; it can only handle up to 250 lbs. So only if you fall in this range you may benefit from it otherwise it is no good to you.

5. Flawless Fitness Ab Roller Wheel – Best Budget Exercise Ab Machine.

Flawless Fitness Ab Roller Wheel is an epic roller that you may just want to grab right away to get a Hollywood body. The roller comes in choices of delectable orange and black colour. The roller has a quality rubber used in its wheel that makes its grip strong and safe for use. The handles that come along with this roller can’t get any better! All in all, the structure is a comfy state-of-art.

The roller is best for core workouts. It tones up your abdomen, mid-riff, arms and back. This is highly commendable; it’s just like “a big bang for peanuts”. In such a compact shape and reasonable price, it offers you so much.

This is very safe to use and has a sturdy body, this means neither you nor your ab-roller is in problem. Even if you haven’t done any type of work-out in your whole life you’d still find this easy to use.

All you do is start from hand on the handle and knees on the floor, then glide back and forth, do as many reps as possible and that’s it! Although narrow wheels aren’t that good in balance but this one aced it! Due to the strong grip it has got you just couldn’t feel more balanced.

It is phenomenal equipment for your gym; the only thing missing in it is knee-pad. Other than that it was a swanky gym buddy that you should get.

A little about Ab-exercise machines

Ab-machines are exercise machines which help you perform certain set of exercises, when you do those exercises you feel strain in the abdominal area and this pressure transforms your not-so-good looking abs to ripping flat and stiff abs.

The right way to use Ab-exercise machine

Well, of course, every machine has their own work out method so all can’t be explained. But the point to take here is, that whatever step you do the target area should feel stress. When the target area feels stress it burns the fat accumulated there. Remember if any other part feels stress and not the target point then you are doing it the wrong way.

For example, your crunches are done the wrong way if you feel a strain on the back instead of tummy. This causes a wasteful exhaustion and doesn’t give the absolute result you would intend for.

The best way to exercise

According to the experts, the best way to do the exercise is that you do it in front of a mirror and match your body-movement to the one that you see on the guidance videos. This way you could figure out your mistake and instantly amend it.


It is important for you to denote here that the ab-machines are not meant for tummy contraction; its main purpose is making the muscles firm and toning up your body. For tummy contraction, it is better that you do some warm-up exercises and 15-30 minutes of running prior to the ab-exercise so that you get the contraction along with muscles strengthening.


For the patient’s with spinal cord issue or hernia it is strictly prohibited for them to use any type of ab exercise machine or even do any ab-exercise. While, those who have had any type of operation in the recent years they should first consult their doctors and then use the machine. It is better for all the users to at least once consult the doctors or professionals before using these tough machines.

The Competition: Other Top Ab Machines and Rollers to Consider

AB-WOW Ab Roller

This groovy roller does as it says in the tagline that it will take your body from flab to WOW ABS. The ab-roller comes along with a knee-pad, elastic bands, and a bag. This extra equipment is very handy and distinguishes this roller from its competitors.

The elastic becomes very useful for you; you can just stretch it by fitting the hooked side against the feet .The the elastic band expands when you glide-out and this requires some real man-power shredding off the body fat even rapidly. This targets the abs, arms, back and the chest. The extra input results into a better rock solid ab and well sculpted arms. Now who would say no to that!

It comes with a very reasonable pricing and has a sturdy rubber wheel that has strong grip for a secure usage. The handles are really comfortable for the hands.

The only glitch with this one was that it is a little bit difficult to use which is a good thing for better shape, but mostly the beginners don’t like it for this. They find it strenuous to use it and mostly give up on it. The stretchable band is sometimes difficult in adjusting against the feet and if it releases on itself suddenly it can give you really hard be very cautious when using it.

URBNFit Ab Roller

For someone who wants to buy an ultra-cheap machine then URBNFit Ab Roller will do it for them it comes in a really simple design. It may just be the cheapest against all other but still does cuts the mustard. It has two wheels and a moderate handle that makes the body go well with it.

The machine will slay your fat like an expert, it tones up the body targeting the arms, chest, midriff, back, and abs. All you do is roll in-and-out and you get the desirable results in a few week.

The machine is very easy to assemble all you do is un-box it and attach the parts. The light weight machine makes it possible for you to carry it around. It is durable and may last for years.

The grip of the product is not of an outstanding quality it is just okay; it easily drifts away and doesn’t have a strong control. Due to this if it is used on floor of any type it is more likely to cause you injury as you may lose balance and get hurt. However, on rugs, carpets, and full body exercise mats the outcome is great. All over it is still great for the extremely low price it charges and is advisable to those who are on a tight budget.

ProSource Dual Ab Wheel Roller

ProSource Dual Ab Wheel Roller is an all-rounder for the better price, good quality, color variety and the desirable result it gives. The ab-roller comes in 3 colors which include blue, red and white. It is two wheel ab-rollers with a decent capability of balancing the body.

The ab-roller works best for the upper body including the lower back, upper back, abdomen, mid-riff, chest, and arms. It has admirable results as you use it you get a shaped up, stiff and sculpted body making you look stunning.

It is reliable and durable, once bought you may find it to be a smart investment. For the money, it charges it has a lot to offer.

The phenomenal ab-roller is a safe-play the only thing you wouldn’t find pleasant is that the wider wheels are far better than these narrow ones. If you have the extra bucks to invest in health then it is better if work well!

The Ab Wheel Roller Pro

Speaking of The Ab Wheel Roller Pro, we must say the incredible roller is the best thing since the sliced bread. This comes in a double wheel design that is phenomenal in balancing the weight of your body on it. Its hard core structure makes it a safe-bet, if once you have it you won’t then need to buy a new thing for a long time.

The nifty roller targets your abs, midriff, chest, arms and the back. This means your upper body will get unbelievably terrific once you make this your pal. All you do is roll in-and-out. That’s I!

It is super light in, so now you won’t miss out on your exercise for ever whether on a trip or at work. All you have to do is take with yourself this small, lightweight roller and use it any time. So exercise becomes your “any place any time thing”. Save your time and take your gym with you rather than going to your gym.

Here is the best part, this will cost you peanuts! In weeks this roller will make you look like you’ve joined some top-notch gym. However, on the contrary, what you pay for this is lesser than monthly subscription fees that you may have had paid otherwise for joining a gym.

It scored five on five for its durability, price and results; it works absolutely great and is highly durable. There aren’t any springs attached to it this, it’s a good thing in terms of work out. I mean, without springs the wheels would sway away easily and in order to control this extra effort will be required, this is challenging and challenge makes the body better. But the problem comes for the beginner to adapt to a no-spring roller; it’s difficult and risky too! Other than it would have been better if Knee-pads would have been given along with it!


To feel confident in your skin you have to give in some effort and do exercises. Abdomen looks the worst when fats hang lose on them! To deal with it, buy the best ab exercise machine right away so that this summer you could show-off you’re smooth, stiff and steamy hot body.

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