5 Best Entry Level Road Bikes for Beginners 2017

Quick Update 2017: The best entry level road bike for beginners is the GMC Denali Road Bike. It features a lightweight aluminum frame and Shimano derailleur & Revo shifts which make the gear shifting smooth and easy. The bicycle is an excellent all round bike which is available in 3 excellent colors which include black-green, red and pink. If this is your first bike, this is all you need to get started.

If the GMC Denali bicycle is unavailable or out of stock, the Vilano Shadow Road Bike is our runner-up.

Now before you go on and purchase your very first road bike, use this page as a resource for helping you select one.

Research about these bicycles was actually pretty interesting. I had to go through a lot of user comments ( which was kinda boring ) which did help me get a clearer picture of the winners in the category.

If you want to see more details of a particular bike, simply click the image to go to Amazon.com

GMC Denali Road Bike ( Under $300 $250* )

At first, I was a little skeptical of this bike as it’s not one I have ridden before, being a bike enthusiast. However after 2 weeks of road testing, I am surprised to say that I’m hooked!

The lightweight aluminum frame gives me the greatest performance advantage when climbing up steep roads and hills whilst allowing me to ride swiftly across the street. Moreover, the high-performance 700c tires also allow me to deliver maximum performance.

Alloy calipers and alloy brake levers are also a feature that I love about this bike. Safety is really important to me due to previous injuries and these calipers and brakes allow safe mounting of my bike. Secure mounting of the bike is very important; a loose front brake can cause severe abdominal injury.

Overall I recommend this bike to anyone seeking to replace their old bike or trying biking for the first time. You won’t regret it!

Here is a video review of the bike. Note: The Bicycle is now updated to the new 2016 version.

(*At the time of publishing)

Vilano Shadow Road Bike ( Under $400 )

Best Entry level road bike from VilanoThis bike is suitable for both fitness junkies and also for budding athletes. I am a little bit of both and also use this bike to commute to and from work.

I find this bike a perfect combination of features and class, with no regrets in buying it. This bike is fairly easy to set-up and you don’t need any fancy tools for assembly. The integrated brake levers/shifters allow me to feel safe on the road, with heavy traffic where I live, I often have to brake in the nick of time.

It’s also great as a beginner’s bike with a 14-speed scale that you can adjust to your liking. The bike is cleverly designed to reduce the effects of vibrations. Moreover, the heavy wheels make the stress of a bumpy road a breeze!

Perhaps the most desirable feature of this bike is that it is much more affordable than other bikes of its kind on the market. You simply can’t go wrong with this exceptional bike!

Here is quick look at the bike:

Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike ( Under $400 )

This is a great beginners bike that is not only attractive in its appearance but also boasts some great features. If you are looking for a versatile, high-performance bike on a budget, then look no further.

This bike has it all! It is fairly easy to assemble with no need for complicated tools so you don’t have the hassle (and added cost) of getting it assembled. Its steel frame means that it will last you a long time before you need to replace it.

A bonus feature is the Down Tube water bottle mounts, riding can make you thirsty and it’s great to be able to carry water without a heavy backpack weighing you down. If you are small-framed then this bike is absolute, perfectly sized for you! With free shipping and a great price, this bike is ideal for fitness enthusiasts, new bikers and or simply those looking to stay fit.

Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 Bike ( under $300 )

The Schwinn Volare is great for reaching your personal fitness goals, riding for as a favorite past-time, racing or conquering rugged mountain hills.

As an added bonus enjoy free lifetime warranty as long as you own this bike. Its alloy fitness style frame is not only lightweight but is also highly resistant to wear and tear.

So whether you are riding under the beating sun or in a freak storm, you can be sure the Schwinn can handle it! It’s also great for those who like slow relaxing rides or need to get to work fast with its 21-speed scale that you can adjust to your liking. Shimano rear derailleur allows you to shift swiftly between gears, reducing the risk of injury and falls.

Enjoy the ride on a classy Schwinn, you know you want to!

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Century Sports Complete Road Bike

If you are thinking of which bike is best for achieving your high-performance goals and joining the likes of top road riders, then this is the bike for you.

It is 7005 aluminum alloy frameset is one of the most durable you’ll find, with great power transfer that never fails to deliver. The Diamondback is specifically designed with a high headtube that puts you in a slightly more upright position than a race bike.

Dual control integrated shifter/brakes allow faster braking ensuring your safety on the road. This most amazing feature is that its alloy frame comes with Enhanced Performance Geometry that reduces fatigue on long rides. Your neck and back are particularly prone to fatigue when riding long distances—this is where the Enhanced Performance Geometry becomes more apparent.

With a great mix of FSA and Shimano components, you can be sure you made the right decision with a Diamondback.


The Vilano is especially suited to entry-level riders with its combination of features and an excellent price. A light-weight aluminum steel frame makes climbing hills and steep roads all the more easier with increased stability and control, so you can save your energy.

Moreover the bike is semi-assembled when you buy it so you only need a few more easy steps for complete set-up. You can also swiftly shift gears as the brake shifters are located in an accessible position.

With fives sizes to choose from, individuals from any built can select the size that suits them. Often small framed individuals struggle to find the right bike, if this is the case then the Vilano FORZA 4.0 is the perfect choice.

A 24 point speed scale means you can cruise along the road or if you like the high-life you could even race other riders! Whatever the reason you choose to ride, the Vilano certainly has it all.


This is the one of the first bikes designed for both road and triathlon use, so it surely caters to a wide range of riders. Its frame is designed to perfection with purposefully devised angular tubes that give you an aerodynamic edge sure to be the envy of many.

As it’s made from carbon fiber, this bike is fairly light-weight, which in combination with its design mean that you can expect to cut through the air with ease! In fact the carbon is a blend of high and medium modulus fiber that ensures that you don’t compromise on comfort.

The Shimano 105sti group-set brakes and shifters are specifically designed for rapid and precise gear changes. Whilst scanning the market you will find similar bikes at almost double the price! Whether you are a budding athlete or a riding enthusiast this bike caters to your taste, whilst not breaking the budget!


Designed through the collaboration of some of the greatest minds in this industry, this bike is one of the fastest rides you will find on the market that oozes luxury. The Advanced Monocoque Molding Process SLP carbon construction creates highly lightweight frame that is under 900g, making you the swiftest rider on the road.

Over 300 individual carbon pieces are used to build its unique layup in order to optimize ride and performance. Moreover, its Continuous Fiber Technology fork and tapered head tube provide supreme steering precision, delivering confidence in a struggling peloton and whilst turning high-speed corners in the midst of a powerful adrenaline filled race. With the Podium Equip you can be assured that you are getting unparalleled ride quality and a build that is one of the most classiest and superior on the market. Wouldn’t you like to own a world-class road race machine that promises to deliver?


This bike is a great option for those who are looking for a ride to commute to and from work and are looking for affordable transport. It is especially designed for cruising through the city or navigating through heavy traffic. Escape the high cost of public transport by owning a Takara Kabuto.

Moreover if you are looking for a bike that is both affordable and attractive then the Takara Kabuto delivers in both aspects. With an overall green/blue paint-job and intricately designed handles you end up with a stylish design that is both sleek and elegant. Its flip-flop hub lets you interchange between using it as a fixed gear bike or to ride it in a standard single speed mode. An added bonus is the alloy side pulling brakes that are functional and reliable so you can feel safe on the road. A great price

Few Important Things to Consider Before Buying

  • Always, make sure you are paying the discounted price. Often you would see the same product from different suppliers that are selling on lesser price. It’s Great to save even a few bucks.
  • Read at least 5 to 10 user reviews before purchasing the cycle. Read the best and worst review on the sales page, that would give you a better idea of the product. However, do keep in mind that no product would get perfect 5 out 5 reviews. There are always people who complain about the product. So I think if the product gets 80-90 percent good reviews ( 4 or 5 stars ) it’s probably a good bike.
  • If you want to check out, even more, cheap road bikes that absolutely rock!! – Click here to see the guide. 

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