Best Camera Steadicams 2018

Update 2018: The best camera steadicam for most people is the Roxant PRO.(read the in-depth review below.)

Best Camera Steadicam 2018

Top Camera Steadicams Weight Ratings
1. Roxant PRO 2.8 pounds A
2. Imoreden S-60C 4.7 pounds A
3. Ronkoen HD-2000  – (Best Quality pick) 7.4 pounds A+
4. Opteka X-GRIP EX MK II – (Best budget pick) 0.45 Pounds A
5. AFUNTA Pro 2.2 pounds B

1. The ROXANT PRO – Best Steadicam Overall.

The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO (Midnight Black Limited Edition with Low Profile Handle) is gobsmacking stabilizer that would just not stop astounding you at any level. The steadicam can handle up to 2.1 lbs. of the weight of your video camera .This can be synchronized with every type of camera including GoPro, smartphones, canon, Nikon and many others.

The handle of this stabilizer is engulfed in a squishy soft foam gripper that makes it very comfortable for the hand to carry. It makes it slip-free and comfortable that surely becomes a life saver for users when they are shooting or recording for hours.

The Steadicam comes with 3 counter weights that could be removed or added any time you want. This helps in adjusting the Steadicam according to the weight of the video camera it carries. For lighter weight cameras you could remove the extra weight and adjust it accordingly.

The screw loosening and tightening option is the real beat this Steadicam has got. You could loosen the screw to make the synchronizer of your Steadicam, paired with the camera, move. You could also tighten it up to make it stable. This completely depends on what result you want in the footage you make.

This is a real bargain because the result you see would be as if you have used some expensive professional tool, however, the price charges is way less for what it has to offer. It is easy to setup this stabilizer; this is a bee’s knees that you must grab.

The one thing that chances are you may not like is the gap between the handle and the rod where you adjust the counter weight is a little smaller than in other steadicam. It won’t be a problem for you if you have a really good grip on the up/down movement of your hands.


The alternate to this design – The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO (red)

Roxana offers another alternate for those who either prefer metallic red colour or the rubber gripper it comes along with. It also is advisable for those who like a little longer handle. The handle that this design features is slightly longer and has rubber gripper other than that all the appliances, features and capacity that the midnight black steadicam (limited edition) has got is exactly similar to this one.

(NOTE: for those who like the black steadicam cash in on the opportunity before they run out of the stock)

Key Points:

  • Limit up to 2.1 lbs.
  • Choices of Comfortable handle (rubber or foam)
  • Choice of volar (red or black)
  • Adjustable weight and screw
  • Reasonable
  • Easy to set up


  • Tight space between the end of the steadicam and handle

See how this works:

2. IMORDEN S-60C – Best Carbon Handheld Camera Stabilizer

This one is a real beat, along with other features it had a great weight range that could go with this steadicam. IMORDEN S-60C Carbon Handheld Camera Stabilizer can carry a camera of range 2-6 lbs. on itself. Its superior fiber-shaft built is capable of carrying heavy weight on itself. The whistle-blower here is that the body of the shaft weighs around 1 kg that is a kg lesser than the weight of aluminium body stabilizers. It saves you from fatigue and pain that the heavy weight may cause in case of alumina stabilizers.

This is a steal! In the price it offers, it possesses way too many qualities. It has several quick releases that are very important in video making. Imagine you want to record Usain Bolt running and have a stabilizer without quick releases, you may just be ready to record when the bolt has bolted through the finish line. The point of it all is that the quick release knob in the plate that pairs with the camera, the quick release in extension point, and one in the weight adjustment point really helps to put it together for you in a click of a tic!

You’ll surely fancy the height that comes with this Steadicam .When you want a view of something that can’t be captured because of the crowd or something else coming in the way then height of this camera will save your day. For instance, if you are passing by the Santiago Bernabèu (real Madrid stadium) and there is a crowd there chances are that the crowd has surrounded Ronaldo. You won’t need to go through the hassle of pushes and bumps to capture him, all you do is take out your Steadicam and capture him live despite the hundreds or thousands of heads coming in the way.

It comes with a spring release that makes the picture even smoother and focused. The only thing that we didn’t like, though it won’t be a deal breaker, is that the top plate is always on the move. It isn’t stable. However, time will do it for you once you get hold of it you may not find it problematic and may love this thing for its outstanding results.


  • Quick-releases
  • Extension option
  • 2-6 lbs.
  • Spring release
  • Reasonable
  • Light-weight


  • Moving plate (a problem for beginners)


3. Ronkoen HD-2000 – Best Quality Camera Steadicam

Kudos for this one for its quick balancing capabilities once you get it, and start using it you’ll become a pro in a day or two. This is a system designed video stabilizer; it goes very well with almost all types of video cameras.

The extending option enables it to carry more weight. It is very easy to set it up; all you do is put on the camera do a down test and get the stabilizer ready.

The stabilizer has some awesome contraction options that make it easy for you to pack it and put it in your bag while on the trip. Now you won’t need a separate bag for your camera and its appliances like a tripod or something equally big. Just put it in the bag that comes along with Ronkoen HD-2000In the box and throws it in your bag pack. That’s it!

It has quick releases with an adjustable  plate that makes it easy for you to set up your stabilizer, the adjustable plate along with the height of the Steadicam makes it capable of being highly steady, firm, and smooth. Along with this, it has shown a very low rate of friction in its joints.

A slight thing that you may say is a setback is the weight of this camera. It comes in carbon fiber and aluminum alloy; both the designs were heavy to carry causing fatigue. If you’re used to toughing things or interact infrequently with video making then weight won’t sting you and this may be a perfect choice to make.


  • Capable of carrying weight
  • Quick releases
  • Adjustable plates
  • Can adapt too many video cameras
  • Contraction makes less spacious


  • Heavy weight (may cause pain for frequent users

4. Opteka X-GRIP EX MK II – Best Camera Steadicam under $50. 

Opteka X-GRIP EX MK II just aced it with its strong aluminum body that makes it capable of carrying up to 10lb weight on itself. With its rock solid body and unbelievably reasonable price we considered it to be a safe bet.

We adore it for its easy to use structure, holding it is really amazing for the hands. You can just flip the synchronizer as you wish, move it forward, and turn it 90˚ around. This gives you a bump-free smooth footage. Seriously, you just start feeling dizzy when the camera encircles the focus point of the footage instead of going along with the thing/person being focused, it’s really annoying for the eye but this stabilizer eliminates this problem for you.

The stabilizer goes well with the cameras of most types. It can also be mounted on to a tripod making it a multi-purpose tool for you. Now who wouldn’t want this!

The one thing that bugged some users and we want to pass on to you is the weight. Well, of course, with advantages come to some disadvantages as well, being a heavy weight camera adapter it comes with the disadvantage of being bulky. So, if your camera is heavy and can’t mount to other lightweight stabilizers then this should be your ultimate choice. Otherwise, have mercy on your elbows and buy a light weight stabilizer that it can adapt to.

5. AFUNTA Pro Handheld video Camera Stabilizer

If you are in search of a stabilizer that comes in really cheap then here you go without breaking your banks get AFUNTA Pro Handheld video Camera Stabilizer it will do the job for you. With its solid metal body and good rubber grip we can say this beast is a sure bet.

It comes with counter weights for adjustment it can load upon 2.1 lbs. on itself (camera + lenses). It goes well with numerous types of cameras. The handle is tremendously comfortable.

The stabilizer is light and easy to carry around, there weren’t any complains in terms of pain and weariness. It smoothly absorbs all the weight of camera leaving less for the elbow to worry about.

It doesn’t have as an outstanding result as others do, but for the price it charges it is worth a kick. I mean it is 1/3 the price of its competitor and in terms of quality it is almost parallel to its competitors. There are some complains about the stiffness in the knobs, but lubrication will take care of it for sure. Lubrication will make it smooth as if stiffness never touched it. For its low price and considerable qualities, it is worth a shot.

Consideration before buying a steadicam

The weight of your camera

If you have a camera you bought prior to the purchase of steadicam then do check the weight and make sure the steadicam you buy is able to carry it around easily. Also look for what the mounting options is, check whether or not your camera brand can be mounted over the steadicam you are going to buy.

How frequently you record

If you are one of those people who are married to cameras and use it very frequently then it is better that you consider the comfort of your stabilizer. In this case, buy a stabilizer that is light to carry and is made in such a way that it absorbs the weight of your camera and leaves less for you to carry.

The structure of the steadicam

Look for all the bits and bobs in the design consider these points and see whether these requirements are checked or not

  • The size of the handle: buy the size you prefer be it long or short
  • The material of the gripper: the material of gripper may come in foam, rubber, plastic so check for that as well. Choose what suits you
  • The length of steadicam: try going for the long length if your camera is heavy and vice versa
  • The smoothness and friction of the handle: make sure the handle is movable the ones with springs are the best they hardly make the steadicam move.
  • The pairing of your camera and steadicam: is your camera going to be able to pair with the steadicam or not? Sometimes the plates or screws may not be able to adjust with the camera you have.
  • The setting up of your steadicam: check whether setting up easy and less time-consuming or not/

Quick guidance on how to setup a steadicam

  • Unbox your steadicam
  • Attach all the parts and tighten the screw
  • Mount your camera over the synchronizer of your steadicam (make sure it’s done properly or the next step would be cry over the breakage of your 3000 bucks DSLR)
  • Do the drop test (YouTube has got numerous videos on this step). In this test you hold up the steadicam on one end and then release it .This test is actually for the balancing of the camera with the length of your steadicam, the length should be adjusted where when the steadicam is released, as mentioned earlier, it doesn’t moves too much or too less. Usually the experts say if it goes up for around 2 seconds then the thing is all set and good to go.
  • Now practice a lot on how to use a steadicam try using it while running ,walking ,going side by side ,while sitting down, walking up and down the stairs and in every position you think would help you. Go out to various places such as your garden, in a crowd; try it in the mountains, in the car and where ever you think you would need to learn how to use it. Remember, only practice help you become a pro. Remember the practice step continues for ever!

Alternatives: Other Best Camera Steadicams

Opteka SteadyVid EX MK II

Opteka SteadyVid EX MK II has a tough-body with low price and comes with a sleek design. Its metal body make it sturdy and feasible for you to use. Along with the rubber gripper that engulfs around the handle is really cool and smooth as well. The counter weights are polished and glossy that gives a neat-cut to your stabilizer.

It can manage uptown 3.5 lbs. less so actually with its small slim body, it does a lot and is compatible as well with various video cameras that you may be using.

The process of setting it up is a cold piece of work; it isn’t too easy for one to get hold of it instantaneously. Time is required for one to get their selves used to it. But here is the good thing, once set up, rotating the camera is a piece of cake, just loosen the screw rotate your camera and then adjust the screw. Bingo!

The friction of the handle wasn’t up to par. I mean when it shakes, it makes the whole thing move with itself that makes the quality of footage decline. When the whole thing moves it disturbs the smoothness of the video.

However, at this price this thing is still brilliant the qualities of it outnumber the slight defects making it recommendable.

Neewer Carbon Fiber 52″/131cm Handheld Stabilizer

If you go for Neewer Carbon Fiber 52″/131cm Handheld Stabilizer it would be indeed a decent call it comes in a light weight, is flexible, durable and does its work really well. The price of it is middle-ranged so we wouldn’t say it’s cheap but calling it affordable won’t be wrong as well, unless or until you’re on a really tight budget.

The stabilizer has a very powerful capacity and long length of almost 11 lbs. This must make a list including almost all the DSLR and video cameras? /camcorder (except that Hollywood heavy duty pro type). Now the problem of compatibility is almost dealt with.

The grip is very strong and the rotation is to the minimum making it absolutely bumping free, thus you get a first-class result. There is an option of low and high angles for better results, the stabilizer comes with removable counter weights, the length of this handy tool deals professionally with heavy weight cameras. The handle comes in a smooth, spongy gripper making it all comfortable for you.

The balancing of weights is a little tricky here, the users usually complain about this. The light weight body and the heavy counter weights don’t go easy on each other, this just makes it a little complicated to adjust the stabilizer with a camera and so to get it going. But if you get hold of it then this stabilizer may definitely go well for you.


Your expensive great quality DSLR cameras are useless if you don’t capture smooth footages so buy a steadicam right away! And yes, your steadicam would be a first-degree criminal if it breaks your DSLR by mistake due to the poor quality it might have. So choose amongst the best DSLR camera steadicam we have recommended above and start enjoying the art of video making.

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