Best Desktop Computers for Photo Editing, Photoshop & Graphic Design

If you need the best computer for Photoshop, then “best” here means the one that is fast, has good visuals, and has the storage that could handle all your software. The specs and details are all gonna be really tricky for you to understand.

So we have short-listed below the 7 best computers for photo editing by testing and reading through all the specs and features, now you would simply need choosing one for yourself.

Dell x8900

Dell x8900 is a total treat, it keeps up with your basic requirements and you could simply enjoy the best photo editing experience with all the amazing capabilities this computer has got for you.

You have a plenty of space to dump your stuff and get it all in one place. You could save your media files, games files and more. Not to mention, transferring your photos and all becomes a child’s play with a 19-in-1 media card reader. All of it and the further option of external storage that you could avail with ten USB ports and a hard drive tray give you plenteous of space for your stuff.

To give you the ultimately fastest speed, with no lags and halts, this computer comes with an amazing Intel i7 processor that is the fastest you would get and being a quad-core processor gives it furthermore speed and ability to run things simultaneously. Now the extra brownie points this computer gets is for its 32GB RAM which gives the best speed for the purpose behind it all, which is your graphic and photo editing stuff. With the 2TB hard drive storage and the 32GB SSD storage you could have a fast running system as usually it’s the hard drive that speeds up your OS. So when counting the speed perks you would certainly want to bet on this one as it gets the most numbers.

talking about the sound and graphical output we would say that Dell has out beaten many by giving the best picture quality with enhanced richness and more definition in the quality due to the NVIDIA  GTX 745 graphical input, this would just start giving you the reality you want in your graphics. Plus the integrated 7.1 AUDIO plays the perfect couple part by enhancing the sound quality.

Now the only part where you would like Dell to improve is where it fails to be user-friendly. You don’t get the best customization option if you want some upgrading or similar stuff you would need to do some serious effort for it. But for the rest part, it is gonna be a really exciting roller coaster that will give you all the thrills you want for your Photoshop.

prove is where it fails to be user-friendly. You don’t get the best customization option if you want some upgrading or similar stuff you would need to do some serious effort for it. But for the rest part, it is gonna be a really exciting roller coaster that will give you all the thrills you want for your Photoshop.


  • Fast processing with an Intel i7 processor and 32GB RAM
  • High storage option with SDD and HDD storage option
  • High graphics and sound
  • Easy to transfer information
  • Extension storage option


  • Expensive
  • Unintuitive to configure

HP ENVY Phoenix 860-121


Performing flawlessly with all the extra perks make HP a top charter of our reviews. With all the essentials and the extra good points, this is the most intuitive and exciting computer you would want instantly for all stuff that you need doing with your photos and all.

Having a processor from Intel and on top of it being a 6th generation i7 processor gives your computer all the speeds that make your graphical editing as speedy as you would need it to be. Besides, a quad-core processor enables your computer for multitasking and you could enjoy music, game and photo editing all at once. Nonetheless, the NVIDIA GeForce 970 graphics takes it to an upper notch by giving it premium quality visuals.

Drop off all your stuff in your computer, edit it and do more than that because the storage it has can load onto itself whatever you throw at it. With 2TB HDD and 128GB SDD, your computer would surely never get exhausted . The icing on the cake is the ease in transfer of data as there is 3.0, 2.0and eSATA USB storage option you also have a 7-in-1 media digital media reader, so if no cable, no need to worry these options are more than willing to let you avail the opportunity of ease in data transfer. To add to it there is also a Bluetooth option.

Now the cutting edge feature that makes it the very futuristic device you need at your home is the wireless capability. Not only does it offer a wireless connection but it can be compatible with all standards of wireless devices, which is 802.11a/b/g/n/ac. So now connect to your printer or other devices without all the wires tangled up and lying at your place.

You could customize the system to your ease. Without any tech dealing, this is one of the simplest systems your hands would find. A little pricey, though, but this serves its purpose with all the ease you want and if you have been loyal to HP all along then continue it with this computer that would serve your loyalty the best.


  • High-quality output with all the high standard of GPU and fats procession with an upper-grade CPU
  • Wireless connection option so need of cable wires
  • High quality sound and video
  • Very easy to use
  • Capacious storage space


  • Expensive

CybertronPC Patriot A10-7


Do you want something below 600 bucks? then you ain’t gonna hit at nothing better than this one that would fight all the mess your computer creates for you when it plans on lingering around rather than serving its purpose.

The quad-core processor equipped by AMD, which are considered the best vendor next to Intel, makes the game better for you by putting down some price while providing the very speed Intel does provide. Now the 4.1 GHz speed can crack it up for you by becoming extra fast. 8GB RAM is gonna be good enough to make things smooth while your computer runs.

Now that was the speed, coming to the storage we think this one offers good enough storage with 1TB HDD storage and then, of course, the extension storage ports like six USB ports also gives you the space that would keep all your things attached to your system so you could easily edit your media stuff as video and photos that acquire a heck of a large space in your systems.

Your ears would get the high definition sound quality with the 8.0 audio that gives every beat the very touch it needs for refinement. Now the other best part is that the system runs with ultimate coolness. when it comes to your computer system never settle on a thing that runs hot because that would not only add to your energy bill but it would drag on things making things slower which you wouldn’t want.

Well, the look of it isn’t great, maybe Cybertron wanted to try a new look which ended up into a disaster. Plus with speed and storage is good but not too good to settle in well for those who do some serious photo editing and all. The price is great and if you are at just an elementary part of photo editing or need something for some basic photo shops then this would be quite good for you to consider.


  • Reasonable
  • Fast speed processor to execute order fastly
  • Decent amount of storage space
  • High quality sound and good picture quality
  • Runs cool and quiet


  • Not good looking
  • For basic users not for professionals

Apple iMac MK482LL/A


For all those who are MAC OS fans or who are more apt to MAC system then the best for them would be choosing a MAC OS. So for them, the best computer would be Apple iMac MK482LL/A it has all the best qualities you are gonna need but the only thing that doesn’t  make it the best of all is its price that shells out to over $2000 so you ain’t gonna find it too good for the pockets.

Now for the speed, it is gonna serve well, with the Intel i5 quad core processor and a speed of 3.3 GHz you could handle all things with a snap as it processes as fast as you would need it be. The 8GB RAM cuts out all the lags for you as 8GB is gonna be good enough to handle multiple tasks when your computer runs. So now you could do all the Photoshops you need to do on this system. The storage is good enough with 2TB fusion drive that could intake and run ample of stuff.

Now the best part, where Apple never misses on hitting, is the style. In a matt silver aluminum body with a sleek 5mm edge, you get the most impressive computer for your home. And the mouse and keyboard you get won’t only decrease items in your cart but they are also one of the best performing smooth and elegant appliances you would get.

Moreover, you get an absolutely near-to-life picture with an additional 25% of variants of colors than before.  The anti-reflective screen makes things more vibrant for you by eliminating around 75% of reflection for you compared to other PCs.

Coming to the downside which is the price, as discussed above, the major disappointment is that the price is one of the highest of all that we tested but we wouldn’t have complained much if it had got Intel i7 processor or if there would have had been SSD storage. The price would have seemed to be a little more worth investing. But as an Apple device for Photoshop, this is the best one you could get that has ample of speed and more importantly high-definition graphics.


  • Fast speed
  • Smart design with all the elementary appliances
  • High-quality picture with reduced reflection and more color variants


  • Expensive

Acer AT3-710-UR56



This one by ACER has been cut to give you the maximum level of performance you would need for your stuff. Now the thing that would allure you even more to it is the price. This is one of the best budget Photoshop computers you are gonna get with plenty of upsides to it.

the first thing you are gonna like is that there is ample of space for you to throw at your computer every bit of data, software , file, music, movies, games and all you have. So the 2TB HDD would play the part in handling all your stuff exquisitely.

The speed is good enough with the next generation Intel i5 quad core processor. To make it even smooth and seamless for you there is a 16 GB memory with a 4GB video memory so that when you run things on your system it runs at an utterly efficient speed for you.

To make the graphics better for you this computer comes equipped with a NVIDIA GTX745 graphical processor that gives you high-quality graphics. Animations and picture would be coming out of your screen with this quality.

The external storage extension plays an important part for you in extending your storage limit and in addition, it also makes storing data easy for you as you could input your data via the USB switches. If you have no wires or storage devices even then you need not worrying because the wireless compatibility (only for wireless AC standards) and the Bluetooth connection can do it all for you without the wires getting involved.

Now this would have had been even better with an SDD storage option or maybe a better sound surround, this one has got a 5.1 channel audio support. But as it performs well and comes at such a gracious price so we wouldn’t complain much instead you could readily put your trust upon it for its reliable performance and quiet and cool operation.


  • Ample of storage space and high speed
  • High-quality graphics
  • Extended connection and external storage option
  • Wireless connection
  • Reasonable


  • The sound quality is not of a very high quality

What to consider for the best computer for Photoshop


RAM also known as random-access memory is used for running live tasks when your computer is powered on. Now when you run Photoshops then you need some good amount of RAM to do it as high RAM would run the heavy load Photoshop and similar stuff as music or photo references all for you very smoothly. Now you shouldn’t settle for anything lower than 8GB RAM. There is a 64GB RAM computer as well but for that you would need an upgrade for plus it would rarely be used for Photoshops so no need of investing much unless you deal in some high-grade scientific graphics.


The processor of your system actually runs everything so you order an action and processor executes it. The faster the processor the better and faster your computer works. So for a processor, first of all, there are a lot of vendors backing the processor for your computers the best of all is Intel but if your computer has AMD that is also gonna work good enough for you.  the speed of your processor measured in GHz is best if it  is above 3GHz as Photoshop action has billions  of  instructions and these instruction needs to be executed very fastly so a 3GHz or above would do that.

Your processor can be single core or multiple cores the best thing for you would be to find a  quad-core processor as it increases the speed while multi-tasking preventing your computer from exhaustion. Now the thing with the cores and clock speed is that they are inversely related so you need some trade-off. For photo-editing, it is best that you don’t go beyond 4 core processor and in 4-core you get the optimum level of clock speed needed to run Photoshops.


GPU brings about a great deal of change in all your Photoshop and screen display so if you need some good display, for instance, a 4k or 5rk display then you are gonna need an out-and-out GPU for it. Mostly your computer has various standard and vendors for graphics. For a computer that you specifically choose for photo editing, you need to be very particular on which one your computer has. Normally NVIDIA is considered to be the best especially GTX range by NVIDIA.


Your storage is highly essential. So for it, you have multiple types of drive. The SSD aka solid-state drive is the best, it has a huge space but an HDD wouldn’t be bad if you badly need saving some money because SSD is gonna push up the price.


Remember if you get a monitor it should have good enough size that would make you run your Photoshops quickly. To make things clear and clean go for a less shiny screen because reflection is gonna become a real pain in lights.

LAPTOP vs. COMPUTER for Photoshop

Now this is the most asked question and as there are laptops available for Photoshop purpose so mostly people go on for it instead of investing in a computer that is expensive and immobile if compared against laptops.

We wouldn’t recommend you buy a laptop because positioning it for a better angle is a hell of a job to do in fact you can’t do that.  plus the memory and the speed of the computer is comparatively faster than a laptop so you should invest as much as you can to get rid of freezes especially when editing photos and videos because a slight freeze brings about a huge imperfection in the result and it would drag on things for you.

So our verdict would definitely be a computer for Photoshop!


Alright! So this was all on the best computers for Photoshops. We listed the best ones you could get, so now you do your part on choosing the one that best fits your requirement and then order it or buy it right away and enjoy the art of editing.

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