The Best DD-WRT Routers

Gone have the days of slow internet and limited access to all what you can avail from your router. With the astounding invention of DD-WRT firmware, you can now not only have a dazzling internet speed but also increased security, wider coverage, VLAN support and a lot more.

You can either get yourself a router which has DD-WRT firmware or simply unlock your current router and upgrade its factory default firmware with the DD-WRT firmware.

However, we do realize how exhaustive it can be to find yourself the Best DD-WRT router. So with this article, we intend to ease the whole frustrating process up for you!

Quick Picks: The Best DD-WRT Routers

Best DD-WRT RoutersOverall RatingsRelative Price
1. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900A+$$$$$$$
2. NETGEAR WNR3500L N300 B$$
3. TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750A$$$$
4. ASUS RT-AC5300A+$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
5. TRENDnet TEW-828DRU AC3200A$$$$$$$$

Factors to consider about DD-WRT Routers:

There are a few considerations that you need to bear in mind before you buy a DD-WRT router. Now, of course, these routers work the same way as do the regular ones but what distinguishes these is that they are the better versions. So, without further delay, the following is the list of some crucial factors you can’t overlook when it comes to routers.


This happens to be the most important factor you need to check for. Despite such tremendous technological progress, there are still routers that are not compatible with the DD-WRT firmware. So to save yourself from wasting your hard-earned money, make sure you check for compatibility.


Like all other routers, you have to check for the Docile no. of DD-WRT routers too. There are mainly 3 Docile numbers, 1.0-3.0. a router with a docile of 1.0 gives out the slowest speed of all and has now become outdated. Then, comes the 2.0, which is okay if you’re up for slow downloads and lesser coverage. The fastest of all three is the docile 3.0, which gives out an internet speed of 343 Mbps and is by far the greatest speed.


The range is an extremely important factor, which you simply cannot overlook. It tells you how wide an area can your router cover up. The higher it is, the better it will work for you. It typically lies somewhere between 5000 to 10,000 square feet.

Intended purpose:

This, too, plays a great role in getting a DD-WRT router. The kind of router you need will greatly vary if you need it for either your home or your workplace. If you need it for your workplace, then get one which covers up for a greater range, has advanced QoS settings etc. Just make sure to enlighten the technician about it who can then guide you further.

Speed of network throughput:

Typically measured in megabits, kilobits, and/or bits per second (bps), this tells you the rate at which information can be processed. The higher the rate, the faster the internet tends to work.


Again, no matter what you buy, you will simply take a look at the price tag one way or another. So, to save yourself from any foolish offers, just browse a little and get an idea of the common price range. This way you can make sure not to fall for traps or pay more than what the router is worth.

Pros and Cons of DD-WRT Routers:


There comes a number of benefits with using DD-WRT firmware. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

  • Greater speed
  • Wider coverage
  • VLAN support
  • Built-in DNS caching: This will speed up your browsing and open up an array of sites for you.
  • Secured network-throughput options
  • Greater security with Radius Authentication
  • Better QoS controls: These shall allow you to allocate bandwidths according to your need.
  • Options to set up WI-FI hotspots with the help of integrated Chillispot or NocatSplash.
  • Adds stability to your connection


However, let’s not escape the fact that nothing is perfect.

  • Compatibility issues: You will have to check for compatibility of your router with DD-WRT firmware. You may have to change your router in case it is not compatible.
  • Expensive

It can put a little strain on your pocket since “great things come at great cost.” However, in this case, the cost may not be THAT great it will be expensive than the regular ones.

But note, that DD-WRT despite these two issues is widely used and is declared the best internet firmware.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) How do I upgrade it to make sure I have the latest release?

Ans. Just reset to default settings before and after every flash and then simply reset it manually.

Q2) Where are the DD-WRT firmware default settings stored?

Ans. They are stored in NVRAM.

Q3) Can we upgrade our Router with DD-WRT?

Ans. yes, you surely can. just make sure your router is compatible with the DD-WRT Firmware.

Q4) what is the common price range?

Ans. $100-$250

Best DD-WRT Router Reviews

The market, nowadays, is filled with DD-WRT compatible Routers these days and ASUS RT-AC68U is just one of them. This sophisticated piece of technology offers you with features so great that you won’t be able to resist it. To make it brief, it is a Dual-Bandwidth router, with Broadcom TurboQAMTM technology. it gives an internet speed of as high as 1900 Mbps, which by far is the greatest speed. And it is not just the speed that makes it special but a lot more features. (To get a full review of this Router, read on).


This DD-WRT firmware router has all that it takes to make it stand out amongst all other Routers. It is a dual bandwidth router, which makes it possible for you to allocate the bandwidths according to your need. You can allocate the 802.11 AC (5 Ghz) bandwidth, which gives an internet speed of 1900 Mbps, to heavier tasks that require greater internet speed and mbps to work on. And allocate the 802.11N (2.4 Ghz) bandwidth with 600 Mbps speed to the less demanding tasks.

Furthermore, it features Broadcom TurboQAMTM technology, which improves the router’s performance by 33%. And not just that, it has a 1 GB WAN port, a 4 GB LAN port and 1 x USB3.0/1 x USB 2.0 support Printer/HDD/ (3G/4G dongle). These additional features shall make media sharing and file transferring a lot quicker and easier for you. And with the help of LAN port, you can focus the internet to a single task too if you need the best speed.

Moreover, it promises to deliver a much wider WI-FI coverage using AiRadar with Beam forming technology. This shall ensure that you get great internet signals even while you’re not sitting too close to the router.

Also, what sets this Router apart from most others is the AiCloud technology that allows for media sharing even with your smartphones.

The main purpose of this DD-WRT Router is to make your life easier rather than adding to your problems. So with this intent in mind, it comes with an ASUSWRT interface. This shall make the whole installation process a lot convenient and time-saving for you. You can easily set this device up in 3 steps, via your tablet, laptop or smartphone.

All in all, this DD-WRT router is something worth your money. And what may make you even more satisfied is that it has been ranked as the “Highest Customer Satisfaction with Wireless Routers in the U.S.” by J.D power.

Things we liked:

  • Ease of installation
  • Dual Bandwidth
  • LAN and WAN Ports
  • Wider WI-FI coverage

Things we disliked:

  • Instability at times


NETGEAR WNR3500L N300 happens to be one of the most popular Routers these days. What has put this router in such a fine position is the number of astounding features it offers.

It is a Linux firmware DD-WRT router, which leaves no room for any doubts about the remarkability of this router. One thing is for sure that it will provide you with an excellent internet speed, and a greater WI-FI coverage.

Also, it features Parental Controls that allow you to refrain your children or employees from any undesirable sites. Not all routers have this!

Furthermore, it has 5 ethernet ports, 1 WAN and 4 LAN cables with auto-sensing technology. These cables shall allow you to connect your router with your laptop etc. with a LAN wire, too in case you want to focus the speed to yourself or your laptop does not have WI-FI.

You can also easily share and transfer media files with the router, as it allows for USB storage. It also makes the whole operation and management a lot easier by using App-Easy dashboard controls.

Things we liked:

  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of management
  • 4 LAN cables
  • Parental controls

Things we disliked:

  • Not very wide WI-FI coverage. Only suitable for homes or small sized places.
  • Not very durable.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900

It is a dual-bandwidth DD-WRT router, which has at its disposal an array of astounding features.

It is dual-Bandwidth, which means you can allocate both 5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz bandwidths according to your needs. you can allocate the 5 GHz bandwidth, which delivers a 1300 Mbps speed for heavier tasks. And the 2.4 GHZ bandwidth, with an internet speed of 600 Mbps to lighter tasks. This sure will make your life easier as you can enjoy greater speed for more important tasks.

Also, what distinguishes this router from most others is the Netgear Genie. This amazing feature allows you to control your internet connection with a remote even when you’re away. This sure puts you in a better position as you can always make sure you’re managing your home network effectively.

Furthermore, it has a 1 GHz Dual core processor, which shall give an excellent network throughput rate. It shall also keep your device from heating up. Hence, adding to durability.

Moreover, it has 5 ethernet ports, 1 WAN and 4 LAN cables. These shall make your device universally compatible. They shall come in handy when you need to channelize the speed to just one task.

Things we liked:

  • Ethernet ports
  • Ease of installation
  • Netgear Genie
  • Dual-bandwidth

Things we disliked:

  • None. It is perfect!

TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750

This happens to be one of the most infamous DD-WRT Routers nowadays. It promises to deliver what you have always hoped for in an internet connection. It features 802.11 AC, which is by far the best WI-FI measure. This means you can enjoy the greater coverage and better speed with this Router.

Furthermore, It is an IP-based dual-band router, with a lot better QOS settings. Hence, allowing you to effectively and conveniently manage your bandwidths. This gives you the freedom to allocate the 5 GHz bandwidth, with the speed of 1300 Mbps, to more demanding tasks. By doing this you can easily get done with all your main tasks a lot more quickly than ever before.

Moreover, it has built-in USB ports, which shall allow for media sharing. Also, it ensures greater security by using WPA wireless security encryption with the WPS button. This shall keep your connection away from hackers trying to invade your privacy and confidential information.

To sum up, it is an amazing router with amazing features and one you should consider for sure.

Things we liked:

  • Increased security
  • Ease of media sharing
  • Ease of installation

Things we disliked:

  • Limited WI-FI range


This DD-WRT 802.11ac Router is a rarity amongst routers in a number of ways. It gives what most others fail to.

First of all, it is a Tri-Band Router. Yes, you read it right. TRI-BAND! It has two 5 GHZ bandwidths and a single 2.4 GHZ bandwidth. it gives out an internet speed of as high as 5334 Mbps. Yes! That is simply terrific!

You can use the 5 GHZ Bandwidths to get over with heavier, more demanding tasks. And you can allocate the 2.4 GHz bandwidth to less demanding tasks, that do not require a lot of speed. This shall save you from a lot of time and frustration. Hence, making your life a lot easier.

Furthermore, it has a WI-FI coverage of up to 5000 square feet. Not a lot of routers have this wide coverage. You can easily install this router in your office and ensure that no one is deprived of the internet. And just because it has a wider coverage it does not mean it will compromise on the speed and the stability.

Moreover, it features AiProtection, which means you can keep it safe from any hackers. And also it shall keep all the confidential information only and only to yourself.

Thing we liked:

  • Greater security
  • Wider range
  • Amazing speed
  • Easy set up

Things we disliked:

  • Nothing! It is awesome!

TRENDnet TEW-828DRU AC3200

This router is one in a million. One that you should not miss out on. One that lives up to all your expectations. And one that is just amazing.

It is a TRI-BAND router, with the internet speed of 3200 Mbps. Not a lot of routers are TRI-BAND these days. It features Dual 5 GHz bandwidths, each with 1300 Mbps speed. You can allocate the Dual 5 GHz bandwidth to heavier tasks. And the 2.4 GHz bandwidth, which gives out a speed of 600 Mbps, to trivial tasks.

Furthermore, it comes with 4 Ethernet ports, that can be used as LAN/ VAN ports. These shall allow you to wire up your devices too in case you can’t avail the wireless service. However, the speed will go uncompromised in both wired and wireless instances.

Moreover, it has 1 GHz dual-core CPU and 3 integrated co-processors that shall ensure faster processing. To be more technical it has a penta-core processing power of 2.96GHz.

Things we liked: Tri-band

  1. Tri-band
  2. Internet speed of 3200 Mbps
  3. Amazing WI-FI coverage
  4. Faster media sharing

Things we disliked:

  • A bit harder to install
  • Poor quality control standards


It is no secret that routers with the docile power of 1.0 and 2.0 have now become completely outdated. It is now time for amazing Docile 3.0 internet speeds that go up to 5334 Mbps. And with the best DD-WRT routers, you can easily get this dazzling speed.

Also, to your astonishment, technology is an ongoing process that never rests. So every day newer models of DD-WRT Routers keep showing up with upgraded features.

However, we do understand the inconvenience that comes with hunting the best DD-WRT Router. So with this article, we tried to enlighten you with every other detail you need to know to get the best router out there. And We sincerely hope it helped you in one way or another!

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