Update 2017: The best computer speaker under $100 is Bose Companion 2. (read in-depth review below.)

You may have the best computer or laptop but if you do not own a pair of Speakers to go with it then, you’ll be putting yourself in a lot of pain.

In my opinion, PC’s have been the best invention yet but they still lack in the sound department, and that is why I’m here to explain to you which Computer Speakers to buy to get the optimal sound results in just under $100!

I have listed below some of the best inexpensive speakers for you, so that you don’t have to spend a bucket full to get studio-like sound experience.

Quick Picks: The Top 5 Computer Speakers

Best Computer Speakers under $100 Overall RatingsRelative Price
1. Bose Companion 2A+$$
2. Cyber Acoustics Powered SpeakersA$
3. Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200A$
4. JBL Pebbles Plug and Play StereoA+$$$
5. AmazonBasics AC Powered Computer SpeakersA+$

Reviews of The best computer speakers under $100

Boss companion 2 series III

First in line are the Boss companion 2, which are coming in a neat matte design with foam grills.

Also, Boss which has been in the sound industry for quite some time has mastered the art of providing great sound! And that is what these speakers prove; they have Truespace digital processing circuitry that produces the same crystal clear sound at every volume.

In addition to that, these babies come with 3.5mm male-to-male wire and a power adaptor.

In the front, these speakers hold the volume knob and head phone jack and the back offers connector port, AUX port, an RCA input and DC power port.

Moreover, this selection of inputs gives you the option of connected your smartphone, iPod or other devices to play your favorite music selection anytime.

Don’t be fooled by its small size because these are packed with energy and once they are switched on, they are going to blow your mind away!

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602

This awesome invention of mankind is one of the cheap speakers to go to, with price under $50. They might as well hand it free to the customers considering the features that it presents.

These sleek deigned Cyber Acoustics comes with two satellite speakers, a wooden cabinet subwoofer and lastly a mini controller device.

Furthermore, these speakers have very good sound quality accompanied with a well-built plastic structure. The added bonus of the mini controller, gives you command over the on/off, volume and bass settings. It also holds an AUX input and headphone jack.

Make sure you make space for the subwoofer that measures about 8”x10”x8”, but the speakers are miniature in size and can sit anywhere. This device is a total of 30w with speakers having 6w each and the subwoofer provides the rest of the 18w sound. The CA-3602 is a top-notch device and will look very classy sitting alongside your computer. This device has also performed very well with movies and games.

These speakers will not disappoint you and will give you the value for your money.

Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200

If you are looking for a well-in-the-budget multimedia speakers, which can connect to more than one device at a time, then the 20 watts Logitech Z200 are the best ones for you.

The Z200 comes in a cool black body design, which offers a volume and base controller at front, along with the headphone jack and a 3.5mm AUX input slot.

Furthermore, these speakers are very portable and can be placed anywhere, without taking much of your space.

Its small structure and high power seems uncanny but it can fill a standard sized room with rich and clear music without difficulty. Moreover, its fingertip control makes it fun to use with an integrated tone adjuster, for getting to the desired bass levels. The headphone port can be useful when you are looking for privacy while playing your favorite movie or song.

Its high time that you should all give these great speakers a shot.

Update: Other Excellent Computer Speakers Under $100:

JBL Pebbles Plug

The JBL Pebbles Plugs offers a unique and stylish design, which makes them stand out from the other speakers.

There teensy size makes them space-effective and allows you to place them anywhere you like.

Besides, their eye catchy design is not the only remarkable thing that they offer; they produce high quality audio while playing music and sounds. And that is all available under $100.

On top of that it offers other features like hidden cable wrap, smooth curves, quirky volume controls which all adds to its attractiveness. It is a user-friendly device with built in USB and AUX ports that also supports devices other than computers.

This little grenade is destined to blow you away with its look and features combined. This is the best speaker choice for all the customers out there!

Zenbre Z3

These Zenbre Z3 speakers are remarkable, with its minute adorable size to its high standard features.

These speakers outrun all the other speakers available in the market. They offer two 5watts Bluetooth supporting speakers, even from 33 feet.

What’s more is that its trendsetting design speaks louder than words can express. The mini size makes it not only an indoor device but can also be enjoyed at parties or outdoor activities.

These puppies have a 40mm voice coin, SNR greater than 90db and THD up to 0.3%, which enables it to produce big sounds compared to its small size.

The Zenbre Z3 has batteries that can last as long as 10 hours and are rechargeable through any USB enabled device.

Moreover, the extra features that it offers are just amazing like FM radio, TF card capability, answering phone calls through hands free and much more!

Now coming back to the design, this eye candy device has sensitive-touch option wheel on the front, its elongated size makes it easier to hold and less prone to slip from hand. It supports a 3.5mm audio jack to connect to computers, iPods, laptops etc.

The Zenbre Z3 offers pleasure to the eyes but also the ears. These speakers are recommended as a definite buy for you all!

Amazon Basics AC powdered computer speakers A150

These basic speakers, as the name suggests providers user with all the usual features and is a very good option if you are looking for speakers for regular use.

The Amazon Basics are the ultimate sound system, which produce high quality sound that only comes when subwoofers are used along with speakers.

There compact size makes them easily fit your table without disturbing or cluttering your work table.

They are powdered with an AC plug, which can be directly be placed in the power socket. It also has an AUX input and can also be charged through a USB port. It has a volume knob and a 3.5mm headphone jack which will cut you off from the world, taking you to another dimension of fun. It has a 5’ 10” audio cable and a 53” cord between the two speakers, which makes them easy to move around.

Moreover, it quite easy to set up with no additional wires to plug, it is very light in weight which allows you to carry them around with ease.

Logitech speaker system Z313

The speakers are very easy to setup, where you can relax back and let them take you to a roller-coaster ride. They come with twin satellite speakers, a subwoofer and a control pod.

These speakers offer you 25watts sound and give off the perfectly balanced rich bass, even in non-spacious environments.

The sound it provides is clutter free, with no distortions at higher volumes.

Its compact design makes it fit anywhere, and the controller pod can control the volume and provide you with a headphone jack, not wanting you sit close to the system every time you want connect your air phones or change the volume.

This cheap device is a very good option to have at home, if you are not looking for more advanced features like AUX or Bluetooth support.

Logitech S150

These mini monsters do come at a very cheap price but they do not compromise on quality.

Furthermore, these simple everyday use speakers come with volume controller, USB port and an LED light indicator.

These speakers are best to use for those who aren’t looking for something fancy but just want really good quality speakers to go with their daily use.

These are very good to place in your office or your working desk at home.

Amazon Basics USB powdered speakers A100

Here is another great and simple speaker device from Amazon Basics. Who have aimed on bring their simple minded consumes with the most simple kind of speakers.

Which are free from all technicalities, are easy to set up and offer great sound quality.

Furthermore, these speakers are 5V USB powered, with LED indicator and volume controller on front.

Its matte design with metal grills and plastic indents for contrast makes it very contemporary looking, and it adds a great look to your work table.

Overall it’s a great product to buy and is for all those consumers looking for moderate and good value speakers.

Factors to consider before purchase

Here are some factors you need to consider before making a purchase, so that your hard earned money does not goes to waste.


The first things you should always consider are the features that come along a specific speaker. The most important are the sound quality, greatly depending on the bass and treble mix. The quality it offers at different levels of volume and the number of auxiliary inputs it offers in order for you to connect your speakers with devices of your choice. The speaker should be user-friendly with easy to setup and use features. Plus one very important thing to remember is that the wattages a speaker has does not always equal to the volume that it can reach, so be careful while making a purchase and don’t be fooled by the features that the speaker shows.


Another factor is to see what your usage requirements, whether you want it for office use or want it for playing music or movies. Similarly, you would not need a surround system for playing a video on YouTube. So first of all, you need to decide what kind of speakers you need.


It is important to consider the battery life for wireless speakers, the longer the battery time the better because you wouldn’t want the speakers to die during a party or a movie.


This is also up to you and what you want. But if you like both, then there are a ton of options that offer both these features.


Speakers should be considered but the extra accessories that come along with it can help you make a better decision that fulfills your needs, like a volume remote control.


This is really important, to carry out your own little research before going in for the buy, see for yourself and if the speaker sounds satisfy you then you should only buy it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Speakers

There are a few advantages and disadvantages regarding speakers and they are listed below to help you make an informed decision.


  • Speakers are simple to operate and no extra wires are needed to get them going. All the necessary accessories are provided along the speaker.
  • They can help blind people, for whom using computer can be difficult if does not make any sound.
  • Speakers help you to enjoy a certain program or movie, which comes to life through the good quality sound that the speakers produce.
  • They are quite compact in size and do not take a lot of space on your desk.
  • Wireless headphones do not come with a lot of wiring and that makes them easy to set up alongside pools and patios.


There can be some disadvantages associated with speakers such as:

  • They can disturb others when played using higher volumes, but the option of headphones is always there.
  • There can be the wires connected to your speakers which increases wire mess and tripping, but if they are kept in an organized manner then this problem can be solved.
  • Many other devices emit radio waves, and if these waves are at the same frequency as your speakers then you can receive some distorted sounds.
  • Wireless speakers have proved not to work as well as other speakers because they do not the power supply and so cannot deliver music with a lot of power.


Speakers have become a necessity, because there is a lot of content out there that is available visually and let’s face it, it’s fun watching something then reading about it and speakers add to that experience, as sound plays a very important role in bringing the picture to life. I hope this article proved to be informative and helped you in some way!