Best Cheap Road Bikes 2017 (Top 5 Reviews)

Quick Update 2017: The best cheap road bike for most people is the Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Road Bike. The bike gets an excellent rating on Amazon and features Lightweight Aluminum Frame, Shimano shifter & derailleur, and Quick-Release Front Wheels.

These bikes are only cheap in price and not in quality. In fact, all of these bikes are top rated & Best Sellers on Amazon.

I think you are probably familiar with what road bikes are and therefore, I won’t waste time with a descriptive intro about that.

However, if you are just starting out with road bikes, this guide may be more relevant to you.

Let’s dive into the reviews.

#1 Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed Road Bike

The Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Road Bike is a new release by Merax. This bike is getting popular due to the excellent built quality and durability. Merax is already known for making some of the best cheap road bikes out there. Click here to see Current Price and Discount.

The bike is built with durable and solid aluminum frame. The frame is even though really strong but still really light weight. I also love the color and style of the bicycle.

Some Nerdy Details: 

  1. Shimano TZ-31 model Front Derailleur
  2. Shimano RD-TZ50 are the Rear Derailleur.
  3. Aluminum Caliper Brakes
  4. 700*28C Kenda Tires
  5. 28 LBS in total weight

The bike currently is #1 Best Selling Bike in Road bike category, Even though it’s not very expensive. One of the Top Rated bike at this price is a bargain. View Complete Details and More User Reviews of this Number Selling Bike On Amazon.

#2 Vilano Aluminum Cheap Road Bike

A Guide to the Cheapest Road bicycles OnlineThe Vilano Aluminum Road Bike is another really nice cheap road bike that gets an impressive rating on Amazon and cost a little more than the merax finiss ( Reviewed above ). Check out the Current Discounted Price Here.

The reason why it’s a little expensive than the one reviewed above ( although getting a lesser rating ) is due to the Vilano brand repute. It’s been making bicycles for a while now and is a trustworthy brand.

Technical Details: 

  • 21 Speed bicycle
  • Shimano front and back shifters
  • KMC Durable Chain
  • Alloy Handlebar
  • Aluminum solid and durable bicycle frame.

Overall, the Vilano Aluminum Road is a great cheap road bike at a great price. For more Details about this bikes, Visit Amazon’s Sale Page here.

#3 Merax 21 Speed 700C Road Bicycle

Low Budget Road BicyclesThe Merax 21 Speed is an outstanding bike and is currently on 100 dollar discount. Check out the Exact Price here. 

Again, the bike is made from aluminum frame giving it a stronger body. The green color is also really appealing.

Just like the other road bicycle reviewed, this bicycle also has Shimano back front Derailleurs. The bike weight 27 and a half pounds. And as you could see the image, the bicycle comes with a handy bottle cage.

People seem to really like this bike. A lot of users gave it a perfect 5 out 5 ratings and gave this bike really good reviews. Read all the User Reviews Here.

#4 Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 Road Bicycle

If you have the budget to spend a little more and get a better quality bicycle, you should probably go for the Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400. It’s relatively expensive but the extra cost is definitely worth the money.

The bikes in a very nice and kinda cool black color. I personally like the color of the bicycle. Again, the frame is built from high-quality aluminum. The bike also comes in one of the best sellers in road bicycle category.

Schwinn is already known for manufacturing some of the best bicycles and this one comes at a very reasonable price tag. Although not the best road bicycle, still the Phocus provides you with great value. Going through the user reviews on Amazon, it seems people kinda really like this bicycle.

The Schwinn bike also comes with a lifetime warranty.

#5 Vilano Shadow Road Bike

Okay, so if you are willing to spend an even more to get an outstanding bicycle that would last many years to come, you should probably invest in Vilano Shadow Road Bike. This bicycle is absolutely amazing.

Why is this bike Amazing? Here are the Details:

  1. Shimano STI Integrated Shifters
  2. Vibrant Black Color – Looks really nice.
  3. Double Butted Aero frame ( made of aluminum )
  4. Saddle — Anatomic Comfort
  5. Shimano Tourney Back & Shimano front Derailleur
  6. A total of 14 speeds
  7. KMC Chain ( which is really durable )

In Short, the Vilano Shadow is an amazing bicycle with really good user reviews. I’d highly recommend to people looking for a low priced high-quality bicycle.

#6 2015 Kestrel Talon Bike ( Premium bicycle)

If you are a veteran rider or just want to pursue cycling as a long term sport, you should definitely go for this bicycle. This is a great investment and you probably don’t have to change a bicycle once you become a veteran rider.

This post is specifically about the cheap bicycles so I want to review this one in detail. This one’s for another post.

We are going to review this bike separately in future. For now, you can check out the Amazon Sales page if you want to see more details.

Why do I Recommend Amazon for cheap road bikes?

If you want to buy cheap road bikes, I’ll highly recommend Amazon. Sure, there are other good bicycle stores but none of them compete with the giant. The reason why I recommend amazon is because most of the suppliers/manufacturer over there offer out of the box customer service. Plus, you get top notch quality bicycles in a reasonable amount. And you always get to see a really nice discount on almost all of the products in the store. So you are sure you are paying exactly what the product is actually worth. In addition, if something goes wrong amazon usually takes care of that.

The GMC Denali ( Not Reviewed in This Post )

One of the top-notch bicycles is not included in this list as we have reviewed that separately. You can check out the review of GMC Denali road bike over here.

However, lately, the GMC bike is having some manufacturing issue, therefore, we do not recommend going for that bike. As soon as the issue is cleared we’d update this page to include the GMC bike too.

What to do If the bicycle is not running smoothly? and is assembling the bike easy?

So you’ve received your bicycle and you took some time to assemble it but when you try to ride that for the first time, it doesn’t ride smoothly. Alright, nothing to panic about. Your bike is perfectly okay. However, you need to take your bicycle to your local shop and tell them to fine tune it. They would charge anywhere between 20 bucks to 50. And you’d be good to go.

Now for the people who find the assembling process difficult. Well, I think the assembling part is fun. It’s easy. It’s intuitive and you get to learn a thing or two. Most bikes would roughly take 30 to 45 mins to assemble. You should probably check the manual or guide that comes with the bike. However, if you are stuck somewhere, try googling stuff. Seriously it’s not that difficult if you try.

However, if you still not sure how to assemble, you could get help from your local bike shop. They would charge a little.

What’s the Best Entry Level Road Bike?

If you are just starting out with cycling and stuff, I think all of the bicycles reviewed in this post are great! You are not spending 1 or 2k for the bicycles. In fact, you are spending almost one-third of what you’d spend if you were to buy from a bike store. The reason perhaps they are cheaper relatively to local shops is that they don’t have any overheads ( just a guess ).

However, the bikes you see in bicycle shops are for more advance riders. These bikes are for starters. So if you are experienced rider and have been riding for years, you should probably go for #6 reviewed above.

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