Best Cheap Hybrid Bikes 2018

Update: The best cheap hybrid bike for most people is the Schwinn Men’s Network hybrid bike

In the post you would check out the top cheap hybrid bikes but these bicycles are only “Cheap” in terms of the price. Infact most of them are best sellers on Amazon!

The reviewed bikes are top notch in quality and would cost you at least 2-3 times less than what you’d pay at your local bike shop.

Read the reviews below:


Commuting to work on a bike is rarely as easy as they make it seem in films: the wind is never just perfect, the roads are never even, and you can’t freewheel down a hill whilst zigzagging through rush hour traffic. It’s not something that happens in the real world and you are after all a real person.

The Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 hybrid bicycle is a bike that is designed for the real man; a man who gets up and puts his socks on one at a time, but is still expected to carry out superhero duties during the day.

It gives you the best of both worlds in the sense that it provides smooth riding over even surfaces as well as on roads that may have been damaged.

Schwinn has promoted itself to a much loved American name in cycling. They pride themselves quality and affordability to make the ordinary seem extraordinary. They are so confident in their design that this bike comes with a lifetime warranty, not that you’ll ever need it.

The Network 3.0 is built for tough whilst at the same time offering comfort and reliability. The bicycle is equipped with Shimano EZ Fire shifters that will allow you to switch to and from 21 different speed settings. Along with the spring-loaded padded seat, you’ll be able to face real-world cycling issues like potholes and steep hills with absolute ease.

There is a reason why there’s a ‘win’ in ‘Schwinn’. – Perhaps the best hybrid bike under $300 mark!

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Diamondback 2015 Edgewood Hybrid Bike Under $500

The toughest substance known to man is the diamond. It can’t be broken when dropped and it is known to withstand any type of weather elements. Diamonds are forged under extreme pressure in circumstances that largely contrasts the final product – a shiny little rock desired by many.

True to its name, the Diamondback 2015 Edgewood bike has upgraded your favourite hybrid bike into something even more spectacular.  As the brand suggests, this bike performs at its best under the heavy pressures of the urban setting. It is the diamond found in the concrete rough of the city and promises durability, strength, and style.

Diamondback Bicycles have been in the cycling industry for many years and they only produce quality cycling machines. The toughness is camouflaged by a classic design that won’t ever go out of style. Men, women, and children will be able to enjoy their morning commute due to the flexibility of this bicycle.

This bike works well under strenuous circumstances, as is the case with the production of diamonds. There are many hills to climb and many potholes to drive over, but with the right equipment, you’ll be left with something far too precious to even remember the struggles you faced.

The 2015 Edgewood still comes with the same aluminium frame, but it has been reinforced even more to ensure long-lasting quality. It has also been integrated with a new set of 700c wheels to provide you with a more upright riding position. Anyone who owns a diamond should, after all, walk upright with pride.

A Few More Important Point About This Bike:

Suspension fork and seat posting

The Edgewood Hybrid’s frame is enhanced with Sport Hybrid Geometry technology which ensures the durability of this bike. Even though it makes for a perfect mode of transportation through rough and smooth terrains, its seat posting remains comfortable so that you can concentrate on the scenery and the road without any external distractions.

7-Speed drivetrain

This new-age bike also comes with a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain which allows you to switch to and from 21 different gear settings. With an adjustable stem you can choose the perfect gear for any terrain!

700c road wheels

The wheels of this bad boy are specifically produced to carry you through rough landscapes on its smooth design. You can experience the comfort of paved road on gravel surroundings without feeling any damage or difference to your tyres!

The Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Edgewood is perhaps does not fall under cheap hybrid bikes category as this is the most pricy bike here. However, we had to include this as it really stand out from the pack.

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Vilano Performance Hybrid Flat Bar Bike Under $300

Picture this: you’re on your way home from work during your bicycle commute. It’s in the middle of summer and the sun is still shining at a fairly high peak. You can smell the flowers hanging from the shop windows and you can almost see the miniscule fur on the bee’s body. Your phone rings, but you’re on a hill and your brakes won’t let you stop properly. When you eventually get to the bottom, you answer.

YOU: Hey, what’s up?

FRIEND: Hey, why did you take so long to answer?

(Uncomfortable silence)

FRIEND: Never mind, listen, we’re going for a bike ride in the woods to celebrate Peter’s birthday. Are you going to join us?

YOU: Well… uh… I don’t really…

FRIEND: (slightly annoyed): You always do this! Last time we went riding you also had a million and ten excuses. Do you not want to hang out with us or what?

YOU (apologetic): No! That’s not it at all. It’s just –

FRIEND: Forget it. We’ll see you at the barbeque. IF you can make it.

(Call is cut).

Or: you make an investment and buy the Vilano Performance Hybrid bike. Wipe those pictures and situations out of your mind. You should be able to attend any type of cycling event, be it a race or something more relaxing. The bicycle is equipped with special Shimano gear technology that will help you find the perfect speed. It’s built for comfort and style, so you’ll look and feel great wherever you go. Stop making excuses. Find the bike that can do everything.

Here is the review and some important features of the bike:

When it comes to hybrid bikes, Vilano ensures that their products are built to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. The 21-speed commuter road bike is then no different to their other high quality products and makes it affordable for bike riders to get the best of both worlds in one product.

The Vilano 21-speed commuter road bike is a firm favourite of the users on, and people aren’t shy to rate it as a 5-star product. Its high performance qualities and abilities to perform the task of riding a road bike effectively were only some of the reasons why customers love this product.


An aspect that makes this product special in its sort is the fact that it is equipped with V-brakes or linear pull brakes as it is also known. This ensures that the bike’s brakes are on the same level as those used in mountain bikes, which means that these type of brakes are more secure, efficient, and durable than normal road bike brakes.


Another great quality about this bike is the fact that it can be shifted in between 21 different speeds. It is equipped with Shimano components which make for easy and smooth gear changes during fitness riding or normal commuting during different types of traffic hours.

Double butted Aluminium frame

The frame of this bike is aluminium in order to ensure the durability of this product. Its aero tubing properties make it lightweight but still a force to be reckoned with. The seat has been designed for optimum comfort so your focus falls on the terrain at all times.

Northwoods Ladies Hybrid Bicycle Under $200

There is nothing worse than having to commute on a bike that is not suited for the shape of your body – ladies will know how difficult it is to try and ride a bike that is just too uncomfortable. The Northwoods ladies hybrid bicycle is a first-class solution to this problem, and is designed specifically for the woman on the move.

Whether you’re commuting to town or taking a leisurely drive in the park with hubby, this bike will ensure that you get optimum comfort whilst pedalling. Northwoods have been in the biking industry for years and, like this product, their bikes have only received stellar reviews on


What makes this bike unique is the fact that it is equipped with v-brakes, or better known as linear pull brakes. These are the same type of brakes used on mountain bikes and ensure that you’ll be able to exercise braking in a powerful and confident way. They are designed to be long-lasting so no matter how many times you want to stop, you can be sure that they won’t fail you!


The Northwood ladies cheap hybrid bike comes with a gearbox that gives you the ability to choose between 21 different speeds. Take it slow on Sunday afternoon whilst eating ice cream or race down the town square when you need to be home urgently. It is equipped with Shimano technology which means that you’ll be able to handle those hills much better, too.

Aluminium frame

Even though the bike has a lightweight frame, it should definitely not be underestimated. It is enforced with aluminium which ensures that you’ll be able to ride this bike for many years to come. Quality and durability has never been made this affordable.

Schwinn Discover Men’s Cheap Hybrid Bike

Once upon a time in a kingdom surrounded with tall buildings and huge skyscrapers, lived a man with his family. This wasn’t an ordinary man; he was the royal protector and had to constantly ride back and forth through dangerous areas that required his full concentration. The only problem was that his bike wasn’t made to drive through these dangerous areas, so he had to walk many miles in order to get to the king’s castle.

On one particular day he had almost made it to the castle when he met an old wizard who was in desperate need of water. Being the kind man he is, he offered the wizard a sip of the water he carried with him. The wizard thanked him many times, and asked how he could ever repay the man who had a heart of gold. Well, the man said, he could really use a reliable mode of transportation as the king needs constant protection and his walking doesn’t get him there fast enough.

The wizard waved his magic wand and said a few enchanting words, and right before the man’s very eyes appeared a beautiful beast of a bicycle. While the man was still in shock, the wizard explained to him that this wasn’t an ordinary bike; it was a Schwinn Discovery, made especially for men who are constantly on the move.

From that they on, the man was always on time and nothing could ever stop him or his bike. He could tackle dirt roads, paved roads, and the Shimano derailleur took care of those steep hills for him. Legend has it that he rode on for a hundred years, and you can still see him on his Schwinn after all this time.

It’s difficult to come by bikes that can do the job of both a road bike and a comfort bike whilst at the same time being really durable; a bike that is both comfortable but still versatile in the sense that it can tackle many different terrains. It used to be difficult, until now.

Of Course that is just a fabricated story made up by me. Lol ( But hey this is my blog, i could write whatever i want, right? )

Well, Enough of the story… Now Let me Come to the Real review of the bicycle:

The Schwinn’s hybrid bike for men is a great investment to make for the on-the-go-guy. Schwinn has proudly been transporting American’s since 1895 with their innovative ideas and reliable products. It goes without saying that this bike is no different when it comes to their superb quality.

Aluminium frame

The quality aspects of this bike already start at the frame. It is made up of aluminium which ensures for durability against different types of weathers and terrains. It is equipped with a suspension fork that has been specifically designed to handle any obstructions in the roads. You can know handle those nasty potholes with ease!


Whether you’re in a hurry to deliver the milk to the missus or whether you’re enjoying the scenery with your children, you are in absolute control of the speed of this bike. With 21 different speed settings you alone are responsible for setting the pace whilst riding this beauty. The gears are equipped with Shimano shifters which make for extra smooth handling.

Padded Saddle

Even though this cheap hybrid bike is made for different types of outings, it is still designed in a special way that ensures you’re comfortable at all times. With shock absorption technology you’ll barely feel those bumps in the road that you’re used to.

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