Best Cheap Folding Bikes 2018 ( Mostly Under $200 )

Quick Update 2018: The best cheap folding bike for most people is the Stowabike Folding Bike. (Read the in-depth review just below)

So before we begin reviewing the top foldable bikes out there, let me explain what a folding bicycle really in few short sentences. Basically, these bikes are built to fold in a very compact form mainly helping the cyclist to easily store and transport the bike anywhere.

Plus, they can be carried into your home with easy. They are also preferred by people who travel a lot. However, foldable bicycles are usually a bit pricy if compared to a equivalent non-folding bicycle.

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It is holiday time and you’ve officially climbed in your car on your way to the perfect breakaway location. You’ve managed to get the kids into the car, you’ve gotten the suitcases neatly stacked up to save space, and you’ve made sure that the tank is full of gas so that you don’t stop in the middle of any suspect corn mazes. Congratulations!

( Update: The Stowabike Cheap Folding Bike Is Right Now on Discount on Amazon. Click here to See the Offer )

Just as you think things are going super terrific, the kids start wailing. One of the bikes fell of the bike rack about 10 miles behind you. When you get to where you hit that awful bump in the road, you find that a massive truck has already used your bike frame as a toothpick. Good luck sitting with a crying kid the whole weekend.

Forget about it! The Stowabike Mountain Bike is the perfect solution to keeping everyone healthy and safe at all times. The foldable frame shrinks to a compact size so that you can chuck it in the back of your car without having to worry about bike racks and bicycles that fall off on odd roads.

Arrive at your location and let the kids carry them up the mountains in gorgeous carrier bags. You’ll find that this bike is perfect for keeping your family safe on cycling trails. With 18 different speeds you are in control of the velocity it takes, and its brakes are designed specifically to make you stop confidently on those rocky tracks. Experience smooth riding and no crying with these dual suspension mountain bikes!


Cheap folding bikesThere are days where you want to escape. The confines of the city pressing into your soul, causing claustrophobia and caged in feelings. It is days like these where you want to get onto a boat and paddle across the ocean, or even just a lake, to be alone with nature and her surroundings. Connecting with nature after all lets us connect with ourselves.

The Dahon Mariner D7 Folding bike is perfect for when you’re experiencing one of these days. It folds up into a compact size so you can store it in a closet or in the corner of a room. Grab it inside its carrier bag, hop on your boat, and head out to see the great beyond. It’s perfect to store on any boat and its lightweight barely contributes to the overall weight that will be carried.

Once you’ve reached you destination, catch a bus or a train and explore. You can take this bicycle anywhere you want to go and store it on public transport without bothering yourself or those around you. Find a biking trail with beautiful scenery, and get lost in the serene atmosphere Mother Earth has to offer.

This bicycle will be able to carry you over any terrain you’re willing to tackle. Choose between 7 different speed settings to ensure that you climb those hills properly or glide smoothly across the surface of gravel roads. Don’t worry about rust – this bicycle was made to endure any type of weather element.


So you’ve just moved to college. The excitement is written all over your face and you can’t wait to meet new friends, go on dates with cute potential partners, and go out to amazing places. It’s the time of your life and every second of it should be enjoyed. But things don’t always pan out as you think they will.

Mom and Dad couldn’t get you a car. That’s fine – loads of students go the eco-friendly way and ride their bikes around. You’ll definitely have great legs come Spring Break! But the person you’re sharing a room with brought their whole house to college so you don’t have space to store your bike. And heaven forbid that your front wheel should even touch their oversized, out-of-place bean bag. Seriously, what are you even thinking?

The solution to avoid this type of conflict is easy: the Schwinn Loop Folding bike. This bike is able to fold down to the size of 30” x 32 inches so you’ll be able to store it easily without anyone complaining about it. You’ll also be able to carry it around from class to class in a nifty carrier bag. Saving the environment and saving space has never been this easy, right?

Don’t underestimate this little bag of surprises though: when it has reached its final form, it gives you the opportunity to switch in between 7 different speeds. You’ll be able to have a smooth ride on those hectic hills, and on any type of road. So tell your roommate to put that in their pipe and smoke it! Not literally, though.


Nothing beats living near the sea. There is nothing better than waking up every morning to the gulls bleating their song of dawn, or the waves gently crashing on the shore in the distance. It is a feeling that is almost impossible to describe, and many of us don’t realise how lucky we are to live so close to a natural phenomenon. Many people spend thousands to come to the coasts every year and we have access to it 24 hours, 7 days a week.

However, a disadvantage of living near the ocean is the fact that some of your possessions may not last as long as they should. Salty air has a nasty way of ruining steel alloyed materials and can cause rust very quickly. This leads to you having to constantly replace the things that undergo that sort of damage.

Throw away your anti-rust kits because there is a solution to at least one of your problems. The Vilano Lightweight Aluminium folding bike is specifically designed for folks living along the coast and near the beach. This bad boy is rust resistant, meaning that salty air won’t be able to penetrate this material for quite a few years.

This bicycle is not limited to those people living near the ocean. Oh no! If you’re a city slicker and love visiting the beach on a regular occasion, fold this bicycle up within a matter of seconds and pop it in a carrier bag. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and will ensure that you have a smooth ride wherever you go.


So the Amazon guy has just left your house and you can’t wait to open the box you’ve just received. You’re already busy tearing the cardboard exterior and popping the bubble wrap before he put his truck into first gear. You absolutely can’t wait for that bike ride with your friend that’s taking place this afternoon. He’ll be so impressed with your new bike. But when you throw the contents out of its cage you realise with horror that your product hasn’t been assembled yet.

Frantically running around for a screwdriver, you find out you actually don’t own one. The manual has gone missing from its box and there are more screws on your carpet than actual carpet. Despondent, you sit amidst all the extra parts and pieces lying around, and you wish that you ordered the Best Choice 20” Folding Bicycle.

Of course you do! Best Choice is the obvious best choice for your biking needs, and the best part is that you don’t have to assemble it at all. That’s right! Throw away those ideas of buying a screwdriver because you don’t need one. Just unfold it, hop on, and show your friend how absolutely cool you are with your new bike.

When you’ve done your fair share of trail cycling for the day (which by the way will be a breeze as this baby can tackle any terrain), just fold it back up and put it in storage until the next time you use it!

What is the best place to buy a folding bicycle?

Definitely Amazon! I have mentioned this a couple of time before too and i am gonna say this again. Amazon is ( in my view ) the best place. Simply because of the lowest price offered and the quality of products provided by the sellers on Amazon are top notch. Plus, the after sales service is also excellent by most of the sellers. So i’d recommend Amazon any day for the getting the top rated cheap folding bikes.

Advantages of folding bikes

  • Could be used to carry anywhere.
  • Is great for travellers.
  • Lightweight ( most of them ) therefore could be easily moved.
  • Is awesome for tiny apartments.
  • Could be stored securely when not in use. So less rusting issues.
  • Stylish and most of them comfortable.
  • Could be stored in some protected place. So there is less chance of it being stolen.
  • Could be resold with great sale value. In other words ” Awesome Resale”

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