Best Cheap Fixie Bikes 2018

Quick Update 2018: The best cheap fixie bike for most people is the Vilano Fixed Gear Bike. This is a great starter bike which offers a flip-flop hub that allows it to be either a single speed or a fixed gear bike. The bike outperformed competing models that cost far more money, offering a better balance of price, and features than any other bicycle we tried.

Fixie Bikes ( or sometimes referred to as Fixed Gear Bikes ) are bicycles that simplify the cycling process. It has no freewheel mechanism and is becoming rapidly popular day by day among urban cyclists.

Read the In-depth reviews of the top rated bikes below.

What are the Advantages of Fixie Bikes?

Firstly, Fixie Bikes are lightweight because they have no extra parts as there are in a fully geared bicycles. These parts include cables, derailleurs, freewheel hub and more. Also, because there is fewer sideways force on the chain, it will wear out less fast.

In addition, the fixed gear bicycle is mechanically efficient because the power is directly transferred from pedals to wheels. Rest of the advantages are listed in bullet points below:

  • Requires less energy than a geared bike.
  • Also, these bicycles are better in slippery conditions.
  • Promotes more effective pedalling style. So a fixed gear bike is a good option if you are considering to be the veteran rider.

However, you can’t coast on a fixed gear bike as there is no freewheel mechanism. So if you are used to other bike types, you might want to get used to a bit on a fixie bicycle.

Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixed Gear Bike

It is not very often where you come across reviews claiming that their ‘deal of the year’ product is truly a deal not to be missed. This, however, is not the case with the Takara Sugiyama flat bar bike. If it’s affordability and quality that you’re after when looking for a bike, then you have just met your match.

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The Takara Sugiyama flat bar bike is great for those who are on the road a lot and who are eco-conscious about their environment. This bike is designed and produced by the reputable Takara company, who make it their goal to distribute affordable products to the public.

Steel frame

The bicycle is enforced with a steel frame that promises durability on imperfect terrains. It is handcrafted and is equipped with horizontal dropouts, giving it the ability to handle the big city and its less than loving nature. It stands no chance against unwanted debris that may cause damage to bikes otherwise, and its flat bars make for comfortable riding.

Fixed gear and single speed mode

The Takara Sugiyama flat bar bike is great for beginners or those who prefer riding without having to change gears. You can choose to ride in a fixed gear or in single speed mode by simply flipping the rear wheel. This makes it so much easier for you to concentrate on the road without having to adjust gear components.

32-Hole alloy wheels

The tyres on this bad boy are equipped with a 32-hole alloy, ensuring that you’ll still have a smooth ride, wherever you are. The 700 x 32 tyres make for easier riding when coming face to face with road obstacles like potholes.

Pure Fix Cycles Single Speed Urban Road Bike

Commuting with a car or four-wheeled vehicle may get a bit monotonous for the city slicker and riding a bike can offer many advantages. The Pure Fix Cycles single speed urban road bike is perfect for the beginner bike rider in order to test the boundaries of fitness and the overall enjoyment of bike riding.

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Switching to the single speed urban road bike will not only enhance your life quality, but you’ll also be contributing to an eco-friendly mode of transportation. Pure Fix Cycles are in the business of producing affordable quality bikes in order to make bike riding more accessible to the public.

Tensile steel frame

The single speed urban road bike is made up of a frame consisting of tensile steel, which means that you’ll be buying high-quality material that is built to last. This frame will be able to withstand strenuous weather elements and the usual hustle and bustle of the city.

Single speed and fixed gear

This bike puts the control directly into your hands by allowing you to easily change from single speed to a fixed gear. Simply turn the flip-flop rear wheel to make a choice between these settings. If you still feel restricted, you have the option to remove the brakes for a smoother ride.

700cc Kenda Wheels

The tubes and tyres on the single speed urban road bike are perfect for handling those annoying potholes. The tubing is designed especially for better control, and the 700cc Kenda wheels promise a smooth ride on urban terrain.

Vilano Fixie Bike

As the saying goes, less is more, and this is exactly the case with the Vilano fixed gear road bike. It’s perfect for anyone who has never ridden a bike before, or for someone who prefers the simple things in life. Even though this bike comes without any frills, gadgets, or external perks, it’s still a great buy for anyone who wants to buy a value for money product.

The Vilano fixed gear road bike is proudly produced by Vilano, a company who excels in delivering quality products to their customers. Affordable biking is the name of the game here, and this bike definitely does not disappoint its users.

Hi-ten steel fork

What makes this bike unique is the fact that it combines professionalism with starter aspects, making sure that anyone can ride this type of bike. Its frame and fork are made up of durable hi-ten steel which also contributes to the handling of this bike. No obstacle is tough enough to compete against this type of material and you can be sure that you’ll be riding this bad boy for a long time!

Fixed gear and single speed riding

Opposite to most road bikes, the Vilano road bike gives you the ability to ride it in a fixed gear or in single speed riding. Just flip the rear wheel to change between these two modes! This is great for beginners, or those who prefer riding a bike without gears.

700cc tyres

This road bike is equipped with 700cc tyres that will ensure a smooth journey for you or the rider you’re buying it for. With a high thread count, you can be sure that these tyres are durable and won’t have to be replaced on a regular occasion.

Critical Cycles fixed gear/single speed urban road bike

When buying a bike, it is difficult to shop for one that meets all the needs it should and be the desirable size that you want it to be. The Critical Cycles fixed gear/single speed urban road bike is the solution to your problem. It comes with the option to choose different sizes depending on the goal you have in mind for it.

The urban road bike is perfect for any city dweller looking for some adventure – be it on the beach, on the road, or in the park doing tricks. Critical Cycles have designed this bike in order for you to have fun in the concrete jungle whilst still maintaining their strong sense of quality.

Fixed gear and single speed

The urban road bike is great for any commuter who doesn’t feel the need to change gears whilst riding. The fixed gear and single speed mode can easily be activated by giving the flip-flop rear wheel a swing. The speed and style are put directly in your control.

Wanda tyres

No matter which mode you choose to ride this bike, you won’t have to worry about potholes or debris from the roads ever again. The Wanda tyres that are attached to this bike make for smooth riding and ensure that you’ll be able to explore the whole city on your own terms.

Promax brakes

You won’t have to worry about things like unnecessary skidding or faulty brakes with this urban road bike. It comes equipped with renowned Promax brakes and Well-Go pedals that ensure a constant dependability and durability of your bike.

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How do you stop a fixie bike?

Here is a video showing you how to stop your fixie bike:

Did you find your cheap fixie bike here on – We did our best to give to unbiased reviews on the top rated bikes under this type so if you think we missed a great bike, you can comment below to tell us.

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