Best Cheap BMX Bikes 2017 (Top 5 Reviews)

Quick Update 2017: The Best Cheap BMX Bike for most people is the Diamondback Grind Pro 20″ BMX Bike. The bike gets an excellent rating on Amazon and features U-Brake, Single speed drivetrain and High tensile steel frame.

In this post, check out the top rated bicycles you can purchase right away without spending a fortune.

We simply thought of figuring out the most searched for bikes on the internet and found all the information we can.

( Note: Bikes reviewed here are cheap in terms of price only. Most of the cheap BMX bikes reviewed are Best Sellers! )

Take a look at these Top Rated ( including best sellers ) Bicycles on Amazon – The list updates every hour.

What are BMX bicycles? ( Skip if you know ) 

BMX'ersI know you probably know what these bikes are. However, there is no harm in reading this short little intro to the bike type. And perhaps some of the readers might be unclear what these are.

BMX Actually stands for “bicycle motocross”. These bicycles are basically built for off-road, stunt and other various types of cycling; including freestyle. These bikes look really cool. Probably because of vibrant color they offer. Normally, these bikes are available in 16″ to 26″ wheel. The most popular wheel size in 20″

What Wheel size usually suits:

  • Younger and Smaller Riders — 16 to 18
  • Most Average Riders —- 20
  • Taller riders —- Anything greater than 20.

The bikes are either available in aluminum or steel frame. Aluminium intuitively being better because it is light weight.

Alright, let’s review the top rated ones.

Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Grind Pro under $200

Guide : Cheap BMX Bikes As of 2015, this bike stands on the #1 position in the BMX category on Amazon and various retail stores. Check Current Price Here.

The bike kinda looks awesome too in the orange color.

The bike features: 

  • A steel frame
  • Wheel size = 20″
  • Mechanical rim for brakes; Promax Brakes
  • Tubular Chromoly; 3 piece cranks

I think the Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Grind Pro cheap BMX bike is perhaps one of the best you can get at this price point. And especially, if you are a beginner. The bike is durable and has a solid built.

It would take you approximately 20-40 mins to assemble the bike. And the assembly is also very easy and intuitive – You don’t have to open the manual if you are familiar with the setup. The paint on the bike is also really nicely done.

Diamondback is also one the great quality bicycle manufacturer. Although they mostly manufacture low to mid range bikes. But occasionally, you would also see high-end models.

You can check out the bike here: More Details and Buyer Reviews 

Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Viper BMX Bike under $150

Another high quality bmx model by Diamondback company. It also gets outstanding rating on Amazon.

95% user who bought the bike rated it with 4 and 5 stars, which basically means that people seem to like the bike. Also, the bike comes in a really nice blue color. Again, the frame is made up of steel and the bike features mechanical rim. Plus, 20-inch wheel size.

Main features of the bike ( as provided by the supplier )

  1. Alloy 36H rims
  2. Tubular Chromoly three piece crank
  3. Chromoly one piece cranks
  4. Alloy linear brakes
  5. The bike remains on the list of top 5 sellers in the BMX category bikes on Amazon Store.

Check out this bike on Amazon. Read more details about the bicycle and check out reviews of the people who bought the bike through the store.

Grenade Launch Men’s BMX Bike White 20″

This an alternative choice to the two bikes above. The bike looks really good in white color. Again, the frame of the bike is made up of steel ( Hi-tensile steel ) and is durable and solid overall.  Some of the users on the internet did not like the bike’s pedals. However, other than that, most were happy with their purchase. Also, if you are a beginner and you are looking for a BMX Bicycle, Go for this bike. The brand makes some of the solid bikes out there.

The fact is really like about the bike is the fact that it is one of the lightest bikes in the BMX bike category.

Main features:

  • Framed 2pc Bars
  • Stem —-Framed Alloy Front Load

To avail the warranty on this bike, you need a professional assembler. Overall, the bicycle is awesome for new riders and comes in an affordable price range. Take a look at the Grenade Launch Men’s BMX Bike here.

Madd Gear 20-Inch Boost BMX Bike

The Madd Gear Boost BMX Bike gets average ratings of 4.0 out of 5 on Amazon and would cost you around 300 bucks.

What I really think is cool on the bicycle are the cool green skull tattoos and the overall rich black color. Also, the overall deign kinda looks awesome.

What are some of the cool features of the bike?

  • U style brake
  • 10/10 rating black and green color.
  • Frame made up of steel.
  • The bike is durable
  • 20″ inch wheel size

The bike gets 4 or 5 stars by eighty percent of the user who purchased it. And personally, I think the bike would easily compete with a bike much expensive than this. Perhaps $3-400 expensive.

Framed Team BMX Bike

Another green/black bike. Not as good looking as the one reviewed above, however much more durable and comfortable. The bike gets an outstanding rating of 5 out of 5 on Amazon store. All of the people who reviewed the bike gave it hundred percent positive ratings. Below are some Features of the bikes you might want to know:

  1. Wheelbase: 38″
  2. Stand Over: 8″
  3. Tires: Wanda King
  4. Pedals: 1/2″ Nylon Composite
  5. Brake: Framed Alloy U-Brake
  6. Frame: Hi-Ten Steel ( which is better than normal steel bikes )

How much time do you require to assemble the bike, once it has been shipped by amazon?

-probably 35 to 45 mins; much quicker if you know a thing or two about bikes and how to assemble bmx types.

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