Best Cheap Bikes 2017 – Affordable Bicycles on Sale.

You’re probably here because you were looking for affordable bicycles to buy online.

You’d find this page useful if you are looking for low-priced options and want an overview of the types of bikes available.

But before we go into the types of bikes and where you can get the best price, let me assure you that these bikes are cheap only in terms of price. Some of these bikes are outstanding in quality and some even “best sellers“.

I highly recommend amazon if you are looking to buy bikes online as the store offers some of the best deals and discounts out there. Also, most of the suppliers provide a really good after sales support. So, if you want to part replaced, you just contact the supplier and they usually replace the part in a day or two.

Read the different types of bikes available below:

Mountain Bikes

What are Mountain bikes? – This is basically a bike that is created for off-road cycling.

These bikes are usually ridden on unpaved environments.

Mountain Bikes can be classified into 2 categories:

  • Hardtail: A frame with a front suspension fork and no rear suspension.
  • Dual Suspension: A front suspension fork and rear suspension with a rear shock and linkage that allow the rear wheel to move on pivots.

If you are just starting out the mountain bikes, I’d suggest you read this Guide to some of the cheap mountain bikes you could find online. Again, most of these bikes are top sellers on Amazon.

Road Bikes

These bikes are basically built for cycling on paved roads. Some people also include these under racing bike category. However, other sources distinguish them from racing category.

What are the common features and how do you distinguish them from other bicycle types?

  • Firstly, the tires are high pressured and narrow, primarily to decrease resistance due to the paved path.
  • These bikes are also overall lightweight compared to other bikes.
  • And they also use derailleur gears. ( However, may use fixed gear as well.)

Some of the famous road bikes include the GMC Denali bikeVilano Aluminum Road Bike and Merax 21 Speed 700C Aluminum Road Bike. All of these bikes come at an affordable price. Check out the top cheap road bikes.

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BMX bikes

BMX stands for “bicycle motocross”. They are basically off-road sports bicycles mainly used for stunt riding and racing.

BMX bikes are usually lightweight as they are made up of aluminium. However, cheaper bikes also offer steel frames that are heavier.

Also, I think they look kinda cool too…

The wheels are smaller and much smaller than standard bikes. We, at planet cheap bikes, created an ultimate guide to the cheap BMX bikes.

Fixie Bikes

Fixed Gear Bikes, also commonly known as fixie bikes, has a drive train with no freewheel mechanism.

The Fixie gear bikes have become increasingly popular among urban cyclists as the bike ass simplicity to riding and makes riding fun. What I particularly like about fixie bikes is that fact that these are stylish, usually cheaper than other bike types and comes in vibrant beautiful colors. If you are looking for cheap fixie bikes, you can read the complete guide here on

However, this type of bicycle does not allow the rider to coast, as there is not free wheel mechanism in place and, therefore, the pedals do not stay stationary during riding. Click here to go the ‘cheap fixie bikes guide page.

Some of the fixie bikes don’t even have brakes! the rider slows down or stop the bike by opposing the motion of moving pedals. This does not make cycling these bikes as dangerous.

Hybrid Bikes

As apparent from the name, the hybrid bikes combine characteristics from other bike types such as mountain bikes, touring and road bikes. They are also popular among beginner cyclist, children, commuters and casual riders.

Hybrid bikes usually offer straight handlebars and upright seating posture as can be seen on mountain bikes and lighter thinner wheels & smooth tires of road bikes.

This allows the bike to travel faster and with less effort on the path. Additionally, hybrid bikes also offer mount racks & bags for transporting belongings just like a touring bike.

I like the Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 700C Hybrid Bicycle under this category as the bike is perfect for cruising and offers some of the best bike components. We’ve just posted a complete cheap hybrid bikes guide.

Folding Bicycles

Folding cycles are mainly used for facilitating transport and storage. As the name suggest, these bikes are easily fold-able and can be easily carried anywhere such as in building and public transports. And Perhaps when traveling out of station.

Plus, they can also be easily kept and stored in cars, boats or planes. Visit the best cheap folding bikes page to view more info.

Before folding bikes were made, the cyclist had to dismantle the bike into parts if they wanted to carry them. folding bikes can be relatively bit pricey than the equal non-foldable model.

Comfort Bikes

Comfort bikes are a subclass of hybrid category bikes. The frame of the comfort bikes is mainly designed for comfort and the bike offers a more back-friendly position.

Hybrid bikes usually use the Road bike’s 700c tire and provide comfortable luxurious seating.

Some of the most famous comfort bikes include the 26″ Next Avalon Men’s Comfort Bike with Full Suspension, Vilano C1 Women’s Comfort Road Bike and Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Insight Disc Complete Performance Hybrid Bike.

Cruiser Bicycles

Also, know by the name beach cruiser, these bikes are really popular among casual riders and vacationers because these are really easy to ride and offer stability.

The Cruiser bicycles feature upright seating posture, a single-speed drivetrain and simple but functional frame. Like the comfort bikes, these bikes are also somewhat associated with hybrid bike category.

They are relatively affordable than other bike types and that is the main reason why they became the popular choice for beginner and casual riders. Some of the most popular models of Cruiser type bike include Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle, Northwoods Pomona Women’s Cruiser Bike, and Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bike.

All of these bikes are available in the top sellers link provided on this page at the very beginning.

Electric Bicycles

Also known as booster bikes or E-Bikes, electric bikes consist of an electric motor that is used to generate force to move forward. E-bikes are getting popular day by day as the bike offer sustainable energy source to travel. Here is the Planet Cheap bikes guide on the Best Electric Bikes, Including the cheaper versions.

There are basically 3 broad categories of bikes:

  1. Electric bikes with pedal-assist only: The motor inside assists and have pedal assist only. There are two further categories namely Pedelecs ( which are classified as bikes ) and S-Pedelecs ( which are classified as motorcycles or moped )
  2. E-bikes with power-on-demand and pedal-assist: This Basically combines both pedal-assist sensors as well as a throttle.
  3. E-bikes with power-on-demand only: With this bike category, the rider can ride by pedal alone or ride by the assisting motor only and also using both.

How do Cycling benefits your health?

  • It is perhaps the easiest and a fun way to keep your body healthy.
  • There is almost no learning involved in bicycling.
  • It is easier on joints.
  • You get to exercise outdoors, which helps alleviate your mood.
  • Cycling builds strength and muscle tone
  • Biking on regular basis also builds stamina
  • Greatly improves heart health.
  • Cycling and getting a cheap bike is also cheaper than going to a gym.


Building a habit takes time and effort. And in reality, you don’t need those expensive bikes to get started, even your rusty old bike would do the trick.

Start slow and build up your routine consistently. Make the process easier for yourself initially, so that you stick to the habit.

And Remember to stay safe and wear a helmet while riding.


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