Best Cable Modems 2017 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Update 2017: The best cable modem for most people is the ARRIS SURFboard SB6183. It offers a better balance of price & features than the other 13 routers we tested. (read the in-depth review below. )

Are you using a cable connection? If “yes” then you would for sure know of this gadget that provides a cable connection to your devices. Well, that device is a cable modem.

If you are currently renting one then did you know you could have acquired one at a low front cost and saved hundreds of bucks all these years? If not, we are sure now you do. Interested in buying one?

Now with floods of details, you wouldn’t be able to buy and choose the best. So to help you we extensively researched for days upon days and shortlisted the top one’s for you so that you could choose the best cable modem for yourself and ditch the rental modems squeezing hundreds of dollars out of your pocket yearly.

1. ARRIS SURFboard SB6183 Cable Modem – Best Cable Modem Overall.



ARRIS have a legacy since over a half century for providing innovation and connectivity. ARRIS is the forbearer for bringing all these networking and connectivity to your home. That being said, we completely think that this cable modem by ARRIS is reliable. Besides, this cable modem is a best seller and has hit the cable modem reviews list as a top-charter.

Speed, compatibility, and standard

So this model here supports DOCSIS 3.0, it is simply ruling in the world of cable modem these days. DOCSIS2.0 supports a single channel, while, 3.0 supports channel bonding. With that said, you could use multiple channels so multi-channel usage upgrades your internet speed.

Now that you know this cable modem supports channel bonding we can better explain the quality of its channel bonding. This cable modem supports 16 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels (16×4), the usual ones are 8×4 so this one supports more channels making your internet speed faster as more channels could handle traffic congestion efficiently.

This cable modem has a blazing fast internet speed. With channel bonding that offers a capped speed of 686Mbps in download and a max speed of 131 Mbps in upload channels, this is remarkable . With this speed, you would get an exciting media experience. You could do fast gaming, downloading, uploading video streaming and much more. It’s actually one of the best in speed if we compare it to other cable modems out there.

Talking about its compatibility you may actually find it great as its compatible with the leading American ISPs such as Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Charter and then some other regional internet service providers.

Ventilation and design

This cable modem has a brilliant built with large ventilation space so that the cable modem doesn’t get hot and this prevents it from being inefficient and from derailing, giving it a long life. Heat in the modem is just like a vegetable, the more you cook it the more nutrition it loses. So if a cable modem overheats, it omits and waists higher amount of power making your modem inefficient. Not to mention, high power consumption also means a higher monthly bill that adds an unwanted extra bit of dollars to your monthly cost.

The bad part

The only thing that we think should have improved is that this cable modem should have had a power on/off button this wouldn’t have only made your modem being easily powered off while you didn’t need it, preventing it from any thunderstorm or short circuit. But this would have also saved you energy and utility bill with efficient and easy power on/off button.

Final words

This is a fast cable modem, you would love the speed beyond any shadow of a doubt. If it’s compatible with your ISP then go ahead and buy this because speed is something this modem boasts of being the best nowadays.


  • High speed with latest standard of internet and latest modem version
  • Supported by major U.S leading service providers
  • Easy installation and good ventilation space
  • Led lights for easy interpretation


  • No on/off button or other quick keys

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2. ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem (an alternate choice to SB6183)


If you liked SB6183 from ARRIS but want something even faster than you could just get your hands on the better sibling it is a fresher version of SB6183 that we have recommended in our top chart. Well, you may be thinking why we haven’t considered at the top most.

So here is the answer to your query, this modem is not as widely compatible with the leading United States’ ISPs as is or top charter. On top of it, this modem is slightly more expensive than the SB6183. So those who prefer price over speed wouldn’t want this knowing that the speed of SB6183 isn’t bad at all, it’s just that SB6190 is better.

However, this modem here has some considerable qualities that make it worth a shot. Starting with its standard which is DOCSIS 3.0 that means it is of the latest standard with channel bonding capability.

The number of channels is the kicker here, this modem has 32 downstream channels and 8 upstream channels. So you get highly efficient speed with multiple channels and minimal traffic congestion, you get to have an exploding lag-free experience. The brilliance really comes to use when you have to do some heavy load stuff like watching ultra-HD quality videos.

The speed is impeccably great with 1.4 GB downloading speed and a 246 Mbps up streaming speed. This is absolutely insane! It’s the best cable modem for gaming indeed.

And yet there is more to it, you get an excellent ventilation space with almost the whole side body with ventilation holes preventing your modem from excessive heat. It may seem futile but here is the thing, this is the most eminent feature as it prevents your modem from overheating or rotting.

The bad part

Talking of this cable modem we think it is expensive a little more than the normal ones but it wouldn’t cost you an arm or a leg, so not to worry of it! Especially when the quality and features are so good

Final words

With all this, we think this modem is absolutely great just check for its compatibility. It’s compatible with cox, charter, time warner and a few others. This wouldn’t go with Comcast and many other brands so check with your ISP and then buy this modem.



3. TP-Link (TC-7610-E) – The best cable modem for speed.


If you are stuck with a rotten cable modem that doesn’t perform well and not to mention you pay some kind of rental for it then the best advice right now would be to ditch it! Get this super amazing predator from TP-Link that bites up every inch of sublimity and would give you all that you would want from a modem.

Speed, compatibility and standard

With an 8×2 channels (8 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels) this modem gives a max download speed of 343 Mbps and an upload speed of 131 Mbps. On testing it the average speed is almost 174.86 Mbps in downloading and upload speed of 24.95 Mbps which is competent enough to give you thrilling speed and media experience, it’s gonna amaze you especially if you are a gamer. Along with this, being a DOCSIS 3.0 version gives it a natural superiority over the previous version, it’s 8x faster than the previous version (DOCSIS 2.0). To top it all, it has the latest internet standard i.e. IvP6

Talking about the compatibility, we were actually impressed as it is supported by almost all the major U.S service providers that you could think of including Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Charter, and Brighthouse network, TWC, Cablevision, WoW and some other ISPs. With that said, we think this is absolutely going to be widely accepted by you all as you may have one of these service providers.

The compatibility glory story doesn’t end here, there’s yet more to come. You could connect it to your Macintosh or Windows system or to any of your wireless system via the gigabit Ethernet port for connectivity. Plus this is CableLabs approved and can adapt to older versions of DOCSIS (1.0, 1.1, 2.0) and the latest one which is 3.0.

Installation and ventilation

The installation is simple all you do is, turn the power on and configure the modem with the help of web interface and voilà your modem is good to go. The thing doesn’t heat up probably due to the efficient structure and the large ventilation space which increases the efficiency of your modem. This modem is appreciably a compact cable modem, good enough to tuck in your small space or under the table without any issue.

The bad part

The shortcoming here is that there isn’t any power in/off or reset button so in case you need to resolve your trouble shoot issue, which is solved 9/10 times by resetting, you would need to pull apart the plug and then insert it in, which is cumbersome if you need to do it frequently.

Final words

Finally, we would like to say that this modem by TP-link has a state-of-a-art performance it would work tremendously. So if it’s compatible with your ISP then it’s one of the best cable modems that you could consider for home.


  • High speed with latest standard of internet and latest modem version
  • Compatible with numerous service providers
  • Easy installation
  • Reasonable


  • No quick access button



4. ARRIS SURFboard SB6141

This one is again by ARRIS, so what yet makes us choose another product from the same brand is that this is generally supported by major ISPs of USA. With that said, it is assured that the modem would be compatible with your ISP as well. This is one of the earlier versions but still tends to be there as a recommendable modem due to its amazing features that would let the thing out last as the best modem for even more years ahead.

Speed and standard

The support to a DOCSIS 3.0 standard makes the modem a latest and efficient one with multi- channeling. So there are 4 download channels and 4 upload channels. This would be helpful in improving your internet. With multi-bounding and the gigabit Ethernet port you get a stronger less congested connection. This all boils down to this modem having a super amazing speed and exciting experience to enhance your use with your internet, computer, and everything in between.

This modem is CableLabs certified making it viable for you and to add to it this is compatible with most of the USA’s major service providers. With that now you could completely count on this modem because it may go with your ISP (do check for compatibility with your ISP though)

Ventilation, design, installation and helpful keys

We liked the design as it had a large ventilation space to make the air pass through without reserving much heat which of course is beneficial for the system as it doesn’t preserve much heat while at the same time it is safe for you as there isn’t any risk of the thing catching fire. The temperature is impressively low under 90F˚.

The other feature that we appreciate in this cable modem is the power on/off button. The ‘one push’ button becomes very useful in not only conserving the energy as it makes it very easy for you to switch the modem off when needed. But along with this, the button is also very useful to prevent any short circuit that may be due to a direct plugging in/out.

To install and configure the modem is very easy all you have to do is follow the basic steps mentioned in the user guide and just get the thing going. Plus the web interface is going to make it very easy for you to manipulate your modem. To make it further easy there are several LED lighted icons that let you apprehend several things like power, up streaming, down streaming, and more.

The bad part

Well you may not like the fact that this thing every now and then has some kind of issue with rebooting. Not that it affects the quality but it becomes a little spiky and would get you on your nerves when you have to reboot the thing all the time making it a bummer. Or maybe on a second thought, it is not that bad! Especially considering it has a reset button for you to easily deal with issues of these types and that is why this made it to our list, out beating some others.

Final words

From where we see it this thing is absolute crack, you would love it. This is a bit costly, like not the bank breaking costly but slightly costlier than the regular. However, with the plethora of features this one is completely worth the investment.


  • Supported by many major united states ISP
  • Decent speed with DOCSIS standard and 4×4 channel streaming
  • Great design with large ventilation space
  • Easy to use and configure option


  • Relatively less speed than others only 4×4 channels



5. Zoom model 5345 – Best value cable modem.

Another modem that we looked into and found it great is the zoom cable modem. It is highly reasonable, you could get it at the price of your 4-5 months rental payments and save yourself some dollars afterward.

Compatibility, speed and standard

Zoom 5345 goes well with leading major internet service providers making it equally good as some of the other cable modems that have a wide extensity of compatibility. This modem works with Comcast Xfinity, time warner, and some other ISPs. It’s the best cable modem for the money.

The other thing you would definitely like is that this modem supports DOCSIS 3.0 standard but it would be able to support the older versions as well in case you haven’t upgraded your cable connection. It would correspond to DOCSIS 2.0 and 1.1 as well so your legs aren’t tied to get your devices upgraded.

With this modem, you could connect to all your Ethernet devices whether it is your windows computer or a Macintosh. Plus it is compatible with your wireless system as well that has an Ethernet port so this way you could get it connected to multiple devices at your home. And yet there is more to it.

With 8×4 channel bonding this modem gives excellent speed capped with a max speed of 343 Mbps which would be sufficient for all you do. The 8 downstream channels become faster than the modems that have an only 4 downstream channels (depending on your ISP). Talking about the speed we would also like to mention here that the booting speed of this modem is impressively lower than some other expensive ones that we tested it took an average of 26 seconds (App).

the full-band capture digital tuner allows lets the service providers give you more fast speed and this way you could enjoy better HD quality video streaming and you could change channels instantaneously as there isn’t any frequency allocation involved after the digital tuning system.

This modem is certified by CableLabs making it a viable modem to use at home.

Ventilation and other features

The structure of this modem is good enough, with a large ventilation space and a compact design with a lightweight we think this would be easy to place in any place at your home. The icons with LED light indication make it absolutely easy for you to check.

This modem has a power on/off button that is very useful in energy conservation. The added button of the reset option is what we highly appreciate because with this you could instantly with a click of a button check for troubleshooting issues rather than pulling apart the plug which is a lengthier process.

The bad part

The only downside to this modem is that this modem heats up to a high temperature, despite the large ventilation space the modem has a pretty much temperature which is not only going to be inefficient for your system but it may also lead to high power consumption.

Final words

To sum it up for you, we would recommend this cable modem if your internet service provider supports it because it has a variety of compatibility options and an appreciable speed that would pull it up for you.


  • High speed with 8×4 channels and full-band digital tuning technology
  • The booting time is low
  • It is compatible with multiple standards and devices plus it could also connect to your router
  • Appreciable design with large ventilation space


  • The modem heats up quickly




Netgear is known for its networking and technological gadgets, this one here is no less than any good cable modem. It has all the essentials that would make your cable modem go perfectly great for you.

Compatibility, speed and standard

This modem by Netgear is CableLabs certified for the US customers making it a doable modem. The DOCSIS 3.0 version makes it faster and abler than the 2.0 version. With an 8×4 channels, you could now enjoy a fast speed internet (partially dependent on your internet service provider). The multi-bonded channels control the traffic efficiently and allow you to have a better media experience, gaming, video conferencing, live streaming, music and much more.

With a max speed of 342 Mbps, the modem delivers a decent output at an average download speed of almost 55 Mbps and an upload speed of 11 Mbps. So the thing would work great for you if you are a gamer or do similar heavy load stuff.

This modem is one of those modems that come in the list of highly compatible modems. Most of the major U.S. service providers support the Netgear modem. It has been approved by Comcast, cox, charter, time warner, XFINITY, cable vision and some other regional ISP. With this list, it totally excels in compatibility.

It has gigabit Ethernet port which is comparatively better than the plain Ethernet port as it transfers connection faster. Plus this is compatible with many devices including your Macintosh systems, windows systems, wireless routers (including the latest 802.11ac standards) allowing you to share a connection over a network. So the overall compatibility is absolutely satisfying.

Installation and other features

we think this modem has a fair enough ease in installation, you would get it all done like a pro within 5 minutes the setup is very easy with 4 step guide that you would have to follow written on the box. And for the Xfinity customers, it has been made further easier with the self-activation option.

Coming to the other features we think the power on/off button and the reset button is also good as it makes it very easy for you to turn your system on and off plus and also resetting it when you have any mechanical issue. The modem comes in a compact palm size that you could place easily anywhere.

The bad part

The modem works efficiently without heating up much, this is an indicator to the fact that the modem consumes less energy and would work for long due to efficient operation.

Coming to the booting speed we think this, in fact, is the one that required high time to reboot than most of the cable modems we tested. It has a rebooting speed of an average 47 seconds which is way higher than the average rebooting speed of almost 35 seconds.

The other thing that you may not like is that the modem has a relatively lesser ventilation space but we wouldn’t complain much about this as the system is efficient enough to not heat up plus this is a small tiny modem that wouldn’t heat up fiery or cause any serious risk.

Final words

Finally, we would like to put it altogether suggesting you to consider this modem especially if you are a Comcast/Xfinity customer for its hassle free installation plus impeccable speed. This is the best cable router for Comcast customers.


  • High speed for a better media experience
  • Compatible with most of the U.S leading service providers
  • Reset/ on-off button for energy conservation and ease in resolving troubleshoot
  • Gigabit Ethernet port for fast connection with Ethernet devices


  • High reboot time plus less ventilation space

Check out the video unboxing, setup, test and review:



7. D-Link DCM-301

This modem sits in our bets cable modem list for its price that is affordable for you than renting a modem or buying one of the expensive breeds in our line-up. The modem wouldn’t only have some speed to offer but it has sufficient other qualities that make it a great consideration.

Speed and standard

So what outstands for this modem is that the modem has a good enough speed with 8×4 channels so you get to do awesome downloads, games, and stuff. It is a DOCSIS 3.0 version which is 8 times faster than the DOCSIS 2.0 version. The speed is maximum 343 Mbps( downstream) and 131 Mbps (upstream) so this is great but that’s just on paper actually the with an average of 35 Mbps (downstream) which is great if you consider it for anything you want to get done, you could do gaming and high-grade video conferencing and live streaming at this speed.

When it comes to modems the rebooting speed is essential to consider especially if you are used to getting things done hastily, meaning who can wait a whole minute every time you turn on the system. So the point we are trying to make here is that the thing would turn on very swiftly, your system is ready to operate in less than half a minute after you turn on the power.

With a gigabit Ethernet port, you get to have a faster connection with your computers systems or any Ethernet supporting dock including the wireless router that could enable you to get cable connection over multiple devices connected to your network.

Ventilation, installation and compatibility

With an impressive ventilation space the modem doesn’t heat up while operating, for those who don’t know, not roasting while operating wouldn’t only save power but it extends the life of your modem and gives it more efficiency.

This modem is compatible with major leading brands of U.S including Comcast/Xfinity Cox, Time Warner, Brighthouse network, and other regional service providers. It isn’t compatible yet with the charter so those of you who have charter as your service provider shouldn’t consider this.

With a very simple to maneuver options and easy installation, we think you would love it. Whether you are a whiz or a novice you would get the thing going with an absolute ease, no technicalities, and an ultimate guide for you to get it done.

The bad part

This little guy is good enough with speed and all but we didn’t find it having any sort of reset button which is a lifesaver in letting you have an easy and quick way to resolve any troubleshoot issue. That being said we suppose that it would have been much better with a power on/off or reset button.

Final words

All in all, if you are a Comcast, cox, Time warner, Brighthouse network customer or a customer of any other ISP (in case missed the name) that supports this modem then we recommend you buy this for its high speed and power efficiency.


  • Good speed with latest DOCSIS version
  • Power efficient with good ventilation space
  • Compatible with several service providers
  • Fast rebooting and high-speed gigabit Ethernet port
  • Easy to install


  • No reset on/off button for easy restart or on/off
  • Not supported by charter



8. Cisco DPC3010

Cisco 3010 is all over a commendable modem that would perform well, as it comes from a renowned brand Cisco. So you could totally count on it with your money and time as long as it is compatible with your ISP.

Standard and speed

With a DOCSIS 3.0 version, it supports channel bonding and this makes it 8 xs faster than the 2.0 version or any version earlier as they only supported single channel. It has 8×4 channels with a max speed of (App) 340 down and a max speed of 130 up. That being said you could get a high amount of speed or your internet stuff as the connectivity is impressively fast.

Ventilation and aesthetics

With an efficient air-cool system for prevention from heat, the modem becomes efficient in conserving energy and it also extends the life of the modem. The modem has a good built all over it doesn’t need any vertical standing so with that you don’t have to be precautious about the positioning and the LED indicators are decent enough for guidance.

The bad part

What could have improved this modem is that it should have had been compatible with a wide range of service providers right now the compatibility isn’t that impressive, it isn’t compatible with time warner, Brighthouse, and a few others so check with your service provider and then give a thought to this one. Plus there isn’t any button for a quick start or easy troubleshoot resolving.

Final words

All over this is worth a kick the speed of this cable modem is good and with an enhanced aesthetics this is going to completely stay cool and efficient.


  • Fast speed and supports latest standards
  • Great ventilation, cool while operating and easy installation


  • No easy access button
  • Narrow domain of compatibility



9. Linksys CM3008

This one has just hit the market, it is a fresh one which boasts of some qualities that may want you to consider it as well.

Speed and compatibility

The Intel puma chipset boosts the speed of upstream and downstream channels giving it a fast speed. With multi-channelling capability it is ideal for HD quality media streaming, gaming or video conferencing. To take it to a greater degree this modem takes an average of half minute in rebooting which is moderately low and is a good thing as it saves time.

This is CableLabs certified and supports DOCSIS 3.0 devices plus the Ethernet makes it able to connect to any Ethernet device. This modem is compatible with some major service providers including charter, cox, time warner, and Comcast.

Ventilation and other features

With large ventilation space, the thing is going to stay cooler for you and this would enhance the efficiency. There are led light indicators for various icons which are good enough for easy interpretation.

The bad part

The only downside to this is that it supports internet plans of up to 100 Mbps, this isn’t slow at all but maybe some of you prefer even higher than this and that is where this product may fail you.

Final words

All over the modem is good if and you could consider it as a reasonable cable modem.


  • High speed with latest standard and multiple channeling
  • Certified and compatible largely
  • Cool while operation and great Led indicators


  • Limited 100Mbps internet plan




Why buy a cable modem?

If you have a cable connection or if you want a cable connection then it may be that your ISP provides you with a cable modem. Now if your ISP is being gracious then why would you opt to buy a cable modem yourself? Well here’s the thing, your service provider is being no sweet and considerate, and they charge monthly fees of almost $10-15 monthly. This makes almost around $120 for a year and then multiply it by the years you are gonna make in this world! Just kidding no one knows that. But the point here is that a modem costs you around what you pay in 4-6 months of rent and then the thing is yours to keep. You save $120 a year and that is why you would need a cable modem.

Plus the service provider does not provide the top-notch one they just give you a standard cable modem. So you could get a smashing one yourself and enjoy a high-quality speed and product with better efficiency.

How to buy the best cable modem

The complexity of cable modems makes it perplexing for one to decide which one to go for. So to make it easy here are answers to some general questions that may come up when you would need to make your choice.

Which standard is good?

The standards/versions of cable modems are a little tricky to understand. For cable modem that you bring home, they have DOCSIS technology that enables the service providers to transmit data over the cable wires.

DOCSIS comes in several standards as 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 or above. The latest and most efficient standard would be 3.0 or anything above. It supports multi-channel bonding enabling more efficient and fast speed. It comes with an average speed of 340 Mbps downstream and 130 Mbps upstream( his is standard there are higher speeds also offered). With this speed, you could have a blasting experience.

However, the speed is not solely dependent on the version, it also matters on the speed subscription you have applied for or on the max speed your IPS has to offer. But if you need high speed you could always simply upgrade your subscribed speed without any issue if your modem supports it, which would be a definite case when you have a modem supporting DOCSIS 3.0 version.

What design is the best?

When it comes to aesthetics of your cable modems then looks aren’t what we are talking about it. Rather it is the built that you should consider. So a large ventilation space is admirable as it lets air pass through and this keeps your modem cool. Being cool for any electronic device is best because not only does it run efficiently but it saves power as well. On the contrary, the hotness and heating in your modem are a sign of inefficiency and power loss.

Which price is good?

A modem is generally not a pricey thing, but it is always wise to save dollars if you get a chance. In a case of a modem, we would always advise you don’t go for all those fancy features and latest models when all you need is a simple speed with maybe 30-50 Mbps. But as the difference isn’t much so maybe later you change plans and need an upgrading and that is when you wouldn’t need to buy a new one if you already have a capable modem with upgraded version. All you would need is to renew your deal with the providers.

What speed is best for you?

Speed relies on various factors, first of all, it relies on your subscription and what the service providers have to offer about that you couldn’t do much. You role is to be played when it comes to selecting factors other than this.

For a high speed, it is best you go for the latest version of modem i.e.DOCSIS3.0. Plus the recommended internet standard for speed would be Iv6p. Along with that check the speed that the modem supports normally anything above 50 Mbps is super-fast and the one crossing hundred would be gobsmacking so with that you can judge what you want.

One thing to note here is that the written speed isn’t what you get on average it is the capped speed that the modem could hit maximum. For average speed check, it is best you have an internet speed check or look through the speed check review we have given so you make the best decision.

The other factor is the Ethernet port and the cable wire quality. A high-quality cable wire would have strength and tautness that would eliminate any chance of emission of data over the path and this would enhance the speed. A gigabit Ethernet port is preferable as it has more speed than those traditional ones.

Is it compatible with your ISP?

It would be ridiculous if you buy a modem blindfolded without even giving a second of thought to its compatibility. If you buy the best cable modem and it isn’t compatible with your ISP then you are doomed because it would be a piece of junk you would have invested in, doing you no good. So always check for compatibility of the cable modem with your ISP. You could go to official website of you ISP or give them a call to seek help in checking the compatibility of the product you are gonna buy.

What role does the temperature play?

The other more important information that you need to look for is the temperature of the modem when operating. With this, you could judge the efficiency and longevity of the modem. It is preferred to be lower anything below 90˚F would be good.

Other features

The LED lit icons are highly appreciable especially if they come in multi-color. It instantly tells you what’s up with your modem. Which channel is working and what is “on” or “not on”? plus you shouldn’t mind a power on/off button or the restart button it helps you turn the system on/off or resolve troubleshoot issues in an instant without plugging the switch out of the socket and then inserting it in back.

What does a cable modem do?

A cable modem connects your device to the internet service provider via a cable wire connection. The modem is actually the retriever here that can be connected to any device( that could be connected to the Ethernet port).

Do you need a cable modem?

If you have a cable connection then you would need a cable modem. But please remember this only a cable connection we are talking about don’t confuse it with any other connection type or structure. If you have a wireless router or a DSL or fiber wired connection by your ISP then don’t buy a cable modem.

There are wireless connection other types as well for networking but a cable connection is presumed to be faster and a cable modem provides a wireless connection as well if you connect it to a wireless router via an Ethernet cable.

Tips to maintain and run your cable modem

When you issue a cable modem, plug in the switch and configure your system. When operating your cable modem, take care that the temperature doesn’t rise much. Plus avoid leaving it on when you intend to leave or sleep. There are cases where modems catch fire! Yup, unbelievable though but this could catch fire if there is an issue with ventilation and all. So you don’t want it to mess up with your devices or even worse your place.

For a cable modem if you confront any issue the simplest trick to get it resolved is to reboot the system. Funny, though but all technological devices restart functioning properly half of the time like this.


A cable modem is as difficult to choose as it seems, so don’t even think of getting one without any proper guidance. To advise you on the perfect thing, we wrote an impartial best cable modem review above so that all you need to do is read and make the choice leading to an eternal satisfaction.

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