Best Budget Routers Under $50 in 2018

Update 2018: The best budget router for most people is the TP-Link N450. (read the in-depth review below)

Best Budget Routers Under $50 in 2018

These routers are cheap in terms of price only. Some of these, are in fact, bestsellers in router category.

Best Cheap Routers Data Transfer Rate Comm Standard
1. TP-Link N450 450 Mbps 802 11 BGN
2. TP-Link N300 300 Mbps 802 11 BGN
3. Linksys WRT54GL 54 MBps 802 11 BG
4. ASUS 3-In-1 Wireless Router 300 Mbps 802 11 BGN
5. Medialink Wifi Router 300 Mbps 802 11 BGN

TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Router

51u67-k7-ul-_sl1002_Of all the routers our top contender was the TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Router. This little monster does its job without any hiccups. It has a bomb-proof reliability, consistency and speed to start with. The router has terrific networking capability. The security measure it features is then just another trait this charming prince has.

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This router comes with 3 5dBi antennas and its 802.11n technology is 15 times speedier and covers 5 times wider the range than the 802.11g technology. TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Router is extremely reliable. The users have praised it especially for the consistency it has shown.  It offers a quality wireless and wired connection. Now who wouldn’t want that!

This router is very reasonable if compared to others…. I mean the  NETGEAR RangeMax Wireless Router has half the speed of this router but the price isn’t half,technically  this makes it cheaper.
Unlike most of the routers, the speed and signals won’t be buggy. Hardly would you experience any issue of speed fluctuation over a distant connection. We tried and tested it in various buildings and it passed in every situation. Whether in a steel concrete building or in a multi-story building the consistency of speed was there.

Supported by QSS, the router assures prevention from any type of intrusion. It also offers parental control settings to let you keep a check on usage by children or employees. Along with this, it also offers an option of bandwidth allotment over all the devices in a network to avoid abuse of usage of data.

TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Router has four strong Ethernet ports to make connectivity possible for your devices. Against other routers, TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Router has the capability to ensure supply of strong connection regardless of the amount of load on a connection. At a time you could connect 20 devices without any issues with speed.

To maneuver TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Router is like a piece of cake. All you have to do is plug-and-play. The manual will help even if you face any issue in configuration. Even those with a lack of experience of the technology say that they got along with it very well.


  • Fast speed
  • Wide range
  • Secure
  • Easy to maneuver
  • economical


  • Ugly three creepy antennas

TP-Link N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Router

This one really deserves kudos!  Without breaking your bank the router would provide you mind-blowing excellency in terms of speed and reliability. While on the contrary, a router that may be 3 times the price of this router will tend to be just “okay” in performance.

It comes with 2 5dBi antennas that provide speedy connection of 2.4 GHz within a decent amount of range that it covers. This product has a capability of processing data to the maximum speed of 300 Mbps. The speed is adequate enough for you to enjoy live streaming, heavy online gaming, sharing files, and sharing music, multi-tasking, uploading and doing all the basic stuff you do on the internet.

Talking of the range it covers we experienced that its area coverage was good but not as good as our best. Although they both come from the same brand but still this model is a little less competitive in terms of range. However, it is still fitting to serve the range of an apartment, a small house or a small office.

TP-Link N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Router provides the security for your connection possessing all the latest security options. By using the WPS button a simple click makes your connection safe from intrusions. You could also set a limit on when and how to turn on your internet connection; this safeguards your children from the undesired usage of internet.

To top it all, this device is compatible with both 802.11b/g products. The router has 4 LAN ports that allow connectivity to various devices and enables you to make your own connection. The competency of this device is very impressive; it is capable of managing around 15 devices admirably.

If you want a low price, efficient, and reliable router for an area not too extensive, then this is the absolute thing that we would suggest. It has proven itself to be the best in serving a decent amount of range.


  • Fast speed
  • Decent range
  • Secure
  • compatible with both 802.11b/g products
  • economical


  • range not too wide for large space

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Linksys WRT54GL Wi -Fi Wireless-G Broadband Router

If you are looking for something not that pricy but is swanky then Linksys WRT54GL Wi-Fi Wireless-G Broadband Router is what we recommend. Without letting your pocket feel light it will bring to you a beauty. The ultramarine blue and glossy black color of this bombshell have just nailed it.

It comes with a blazing fast speed that is good enough for you to do all your basic internet stuff easily. It is compatible with both wireless-g and wireless-b devices. It can reach up to the speed of 54 mbps. Not to mention it works effectively whether in wireless mode or whether connected through a cable wire.

This router has exceptional good security and control features. It has the network map viewing option which allows you to see all the devices connected to your network. This router features SPI firewall protection to counteract any type of malicious code or virus from attacking any device over the network. The device also has the option of parental control.

There are 4 strong Ethernet ports that and you get the Ethernet cable wire with it so that you could connect your devices to the router and could create your own connection. This router has the capability to manage heavy traffic and its port can also act as a gateway, thus, connecting several hubs together from other networks. For the beginners this simply means a very large network of dozens of devices could be created.

Our only gripe when coming to this router was that it had some initial problems when setting it up. Usually, people experienced initial configuration issues but that can be easily dealt with if help is taken from the internet or from the customer service.


  • cheap
  • adorable
  • fast speed
  • secure to use
  • network map


  • initial configuration

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ASUS 3-In-1 Wireless Router

ASUS is a cheapo that has all the great things packed up inside in its small body. It has a great multi-functionality. It works as a router, a wireless, and a repeater. This multi-talented is just what you would want if your range coverage requirement is not that high.

To start with this has a throughput of 300 Mbps. It can handle multi-tasking and execute heavy load functions as well. This means you could enjoy online gaming, video streaming, do web browsing and a lot more. Its 2 5dBi antennas are capable of shedding strong signals to your devices without any pause.
The router possesses all the latest security features allowing you to control your network. You could prioritize the system for every account over the network. So now you could set the bandwidth allocation and time span of usage for every device on your network and also prevent the usage of certain restricted sites.

To install and use ASUS 3-In-1 Wireless Router is always easy but what we want you to know is that this multi-functional device allows you to change the mode of it very easily. Directly or via your system you can change the mode to a router, repeater or access point (AP) just with a few clicks.

The slight glitch that we find in this router is that it isn’t feasible for a large space. It will be of best use if situated in a place where the devices are near to it. It works best for apartments, small houses or for RV or someplace equally sized like it.


  • reasonable
  • fast speed
  • secure to use
  • change mode easily


  • not for large space

Wireless Router w/ Wi-Fi Range Extender by Medialink

Wireless Router w/ Wi-Fi Range Extender by Medialink is a router and a range extender as well. It can make possible for the blazing fast internet to reach every nook and cranny of your house. It can extend your Wi-Fi range a further 1000 ft. We know it’s every embarrassing when you tell people when they are new to your place that signals would be retrievable if they are in a specific posture or if they go to the other end of sofa or bed. And let’s face it’s not only embarrassing but annoying as well to be in specific posture or place in order to retrieve signals.

This router has the speed of 300 Mbps and has two internal antennas. Although, it can be used as an independent router but still our recommendation is, that it’s best only when you are looking for a range extender.

This range extender is an exquisite one. It has cool LED lights indicating signal strength and being “antenna less” just makes it look even cooler. Along with that, it has wall mounting appliance with it so no more would your router lie on your desk or floor making things look untidy.

This Wi-Fi router/extender is very safe and compatible. It can easily be connected to almost all types of devices. It comes with QoS prioritization thus restricting any intrusion over the network. It is highly secure to use this router.

Using this is very easy once you get your hands on this device you have to turn on the power and just have a look at the special video made by Wireless Router w/ Wi-Fi Range Extender by Medialink that guides you on how to make your router start functioning.

As told earlier if you need something to extend your poor quality signals that have a narrow reach make Wireless Router w/ Wi-Fi Range Extender by Medialink your choice. However, to buy it as an independent router may not be that feasible, it doesn’t mean it’s an absolute junk but it isn’t as good as the other routers we mentioned.


  • Extend Wi-Fi range to further 1000 ft.
  • cool “antenna less” looks
  • easy to install and use
  • secure to use
  • reasonable


  • not too good as an independent router

NETGEAR Wireless Router – N300

This one from NETGEAR was also a good one. The speed is stable and good with maximum limit of 300 Mbps. Though many routers are good in wireless and wired connection but often in the case of downloading the speed isn’t equally good .However, this router is excellent in that case, it has a screaming fast internet speed and it manages to perform well in case of heavy load video gaming, video streaming, downloading and all daily stuff that we do on the internet.

There is live parental control option in it that allows you to keep a constant check on some special imp address. So this router decreases your insecurity. It has 4 LAN ports that make it possible for you to create a network.

The router is very easy to install and use. It has an easy-to-use dashboard that helps to monitor, using, controlling and repairing your network very easily. Users found it very friendly all the buttons were there on the router and instruction alongside the buttons were very helpful for the users.

The size or this device is larger against others for those who like spacious things they may like it, otherwise, you should know that it occupies large space against other routers. Plus it can’t be positioned in every way , you would have to keep it in a vertical position all the time. It gets very irritating often, I mean positioning your router is the last thing you would like to do.

For its price and amazing speed, it is smashingly great. Though the positioning and size may be mildly annoying but if you are cool with that then NETGEAR Wireless Router – N300 will do it for you.


  • reasonable
  • fast speed
  • easy to use
  • wide range


  • large size
  • vertical positioning

Other Notable Routers: Recently Added Reviews

NETGEAR CM400 Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.0

We found CM400 Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.0 great too from NET-GEAR. If you are paying rentals for your cable modem then just ditch it and buy this for once and for all. This is extremely cheap it may be equal to your total of 3-4 months’ of rent expense that you pay for your modem .Buy this and own it forever that means “NO RENT ANYMORE”.

The speed of this is screaming fast it has a max speed of 343 Mbps and is supported by 4×8 channels (4 upstream 8 downstream channel).It has strong Gigabit Ethernet port providing extremely speedy connection to the devices over the network.

It has cable 1 cable coaxial port and Ethernet ports as well. It can be connected to router , Ethernet devices and to cable internet .It is compatible with almost all the leading brands of U.S cable internet (for e.g. XFINITY,TIME WARNER,COX,CHARTER and many more).it is CABLE LABS approved and just so that you know CABLE LABS is affiliated with some leading cable internet providers of USA.

For the newbies, it would be very easy to setup .Once plugged in there is a power button that you switch on and it will be good to go. It is secure and safe to use, it meets up with the latest security standards.
The only grouse we had regarding this cable modem was that for those who want a wireless connection they may not find this of much use. It cannot create a wireless connection .To do that you would first need to connect it to the router via Ethernet cable wire and then wireless connection is created through the router.

For those of you who don’t need a wireless connection, this is the best choice for you then. Even if you want wireless connection and have a router, get this, pair it with your router and you’ll see how this becomes a game changer for you. So if a pairing isn’t an issue for you this charming prince will surely be the best thing for you.


  • relatively cheap against rental modems
  • fast speed
  • secure to use
  • CABLE LABS approved


  • Cannot create wireless connection independently

NETGEAR RangeMax Wireless Router

To start with, this is an absolute economical router that may all the necessary features that may be required by you. It will cost you, for once and for all, around what you may be paying for a rental modem in a month… NETGEAR is one of the leading brands that can be trusted for the quality it has been serving since years.

This router, though not as speedy as some other router that we suggested, does provide an adequate amount of speed and range coverage. It has the maximum speed of processing 150 Mbps. Whether wired or wirelesses, both ways it works efficiently. You’ll be able to share files very network, upload, download, enjoy live streaming and do online games.

It has been very easy for the users to install and maintain this. Once you get your hands on it, it will be 5 minutes from then that your router will be good to go. All you have to do is plug it in, take assistance from manuals and then start it ….that’s it!

It has 4 LAN and 1 WAN port that is sufficient enough to allow you create a network between almost 20 devices easily .It is compatible with 802.11g/n/b products thus enabling you to widen your range of devices that could be connected to the network.

This is a slim and trim, light weight router perfect for you to carry. Our only gripe regarding this router is that it doesn’t possess a USB port.

This router is ideal for you if you need a router from the small or medium house or if you may not be in need of extra throughput. For the decent amount of range it covers and the consistent, moderate speed of connection it provides it is a bombshell that you should consider.


  • light weight
  • cheap
  • consistent speed


  • narrow range


For the beginners we must recommend you to buy the product that matches your requirement. Create a checklist, see if the product meets your entire requirement’s list (for example speed, range coverage, price etc.) and then make your decision. These routers are best in budget and quality. If you come across something other than this there are high chances we may have tested it and it was just not better than the recommendations we made. Wi-Fi router is an important thing to have and making a wrong decision would really make things hell for….So Good luck on your decision!

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