Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50

Update 2018: The best bluetooth speaker under $50 is DKnight MagicBox II Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Wireless speaker. (read the in-depth review below)

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100Overall RatingsRelative PriceOffer Color Option?
1. DKnight MagicBox II Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Wireless speakerA+$$Yes
2. Bluetooth Speakers TaoTronics Boom X Stereo 20W SpeakerA+$$$No
3. Captain Bluetooth Speakers PortableA$$Yes
4. DOSS Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth V4.0 Portable SpeakerB$Yes
5. Roker S-Cannon Wireless Stereo Portable Bluetooth B$No

Factors to consider before purchasing Bluetooth speakers/FAQ’s


This is the reason why you are buying Bluetooth speakers in the first place instead of wired ones. The biggest hurdles in devices to become portable is their power supply cable, so here, batteries are used which are either rechargeable or replaceable. This makes these speakers easy to carry around, without worrying where to plug them in.

To check weight and size should be made a priority. Keep in mind lightweight and small speakers can easily be carried around e.g. on parties, travels or even around the house. Hence, making size directly proportional to portability, if one increases then the other increases automatically.


Bluetooth technology is becoming viral because it requires no network to connect and can be used anywhere in the world. The only thing that restricts it is the range Bluetooth signals can reach up to and that’s between 30-100 feet. Nowadays it’s common for speaker range to be up to 33 feet and so you may keep a lookout for speakers with a wide range option.


As mentioned above it is up to you whether your speakers should be powered by rechargeable or replaceable batteries. Mostly, Bluetooth speakers come with rechargeable batteries where the fuss of carrying extra batteries every time you use your speaker is eliminated. But you need to choose batteries which offer plenty of playback time before the battery runs down. 10 hours continuous battery is a good option but if it offers more time then don’t waste a second before buying those awesome speakers.


Not all speakers are made for the outdoors. If you are an outdoor enthusiast then you may want to keep an eye open for speakers with features like water or weather resistance. If you take your speaker out for a dunk in the pool without checking its specifications, then you may find yourself holding a box that once was a speaker.

But not to sweat, there are tons of rugged speakers out there that can resist all kinds of severe treatments and still won’t miss a beat while playing your favorite tunes.

Sound Quality

Wireless or wired the most important thing for a speaker is to produce high-quality sounds. Some speakers may not offer special features but are able to produce top-notch audio. Large speakers tend to balance sound quality and bass perfectly while the tiny ones may not offer such sheer sound quality. But that does not mean all small speakers are the same. Size isn’t everything. So search for the speaker which comes in the perfect sound and shape.

Special Features

It would never hurt to get something extra!

Looks: it is important to opt for the speakers that sound amazing, but it would be an added bonus if they are also good looking. They will add the edge to your desk or room without you making any extra effort.

Call options: many Bluetooth speakers offer to receive call option, where you can directly answer your phone calls. This gives you the freedom from holding your phone to your ears. Instead, continue with whatever you were doing without restricting your arms.

Others: other features include radio, LED display and water and weather resistance.

All these make the speaker more attractive and give the user variety plus value for their money.


Bluetooth speakers are generally for playing sounds from Bluetooth enabled devices. But in the case of non-Bluetooth devices, high branded speakers should offer alternative connecting ways. These ways can include AUX inputs, SD, and TF card slots etc. The speakers that offer these options are versatile and should be at the top of your speaker list.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bluetooth Speakers


  1. Take less gives more: Bluetooth connection takes very less power and now you don’t need hefty power adaptors to keep Bluetooth speakers running. In fact, they can easily work on batteries and that too for 5-15 hours straight depending on the size and price of the speakers. And it only takes 2-3 hours for the batteries to get full and start working again.
  2. Portability is everything: the great thing about Bluetooth speakers is that they are portable. They are lightweight and do not consume a lot of space which makes them easy to carry around on your ventures.
  3. Wireless is the way to go: since Bluetooth speakers are wireless, so you won’t have to fiddle with numerous amounts of wires and adaptors. Leaving you wire-and-worry free.
  4. Get Set Go: setting up Bluetooth speakers is as easy as saying voila! There are no drivers or CD’s needed for installation. The connection is built automatically; you just need to switch the devices on.
  5. In or out: these speakers are great for indoor or outdoor activities, bringing you seamless music connection within minutes.


  • Range: the biggest dilemma with Bluetooth is that its signals can easily be interrupted and so the device and speakers have to be in range to play distortion-free music.
  • Power: Bluetooth speakers do not have the wow element, where the sound produced by them is nothing compared to regular speakers. They lack the raw power, richness and depth that a regular speaker can achieve.
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth is not supported by all music devices and so this can create connectivity issues.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 50 Bucks Reviews

DKnight MagicBox (#1 Bluetooth Speaker under 50 bucks)

Like the name, this speaker will be your knight in shining armor. It is the solution to all your music-playing dilemmas. It’s the second iteration of the original MagicBox, where the exterior is the same but the interior has been given some impressive upgrades.

This version comes with a 10-watt speaker along with an enhanced passive radiator. This improved radiator can produce 30% louder volume compared to the previous model. Also, it is capable of providing the listener with rich bass without distortions, even at high volumes.

It is installed with the latest 4.0 Bluetooth technology and can support music from distances of 30 feet. The exterior comes with control buttons such as playback, volume and lets you answer your phone calls directly.
The battery life of 10 hours is not that impressive but would do for any average music-lover. It has other options such as being lightweight, able to play music through a 3.5 audio jack and easy to pair without needing a pin code.

Combining all these features the MagicBox II has made quite an impression.

TaoTronics Boom X

This speaker comes with the combo of beauty and a beat. Its aluminum body is not only stylish but also sturdy looking. This speaker comes with 20-watt speakers with powerful passive radiator. The sound that comes out of this speaker is phenomenal, with perfect bass and stereo-like quality. This is said to be the only speaker on the market that provides such high-class properties at such low price.

Furthermore, this product has amazing portability and won’t fail you on parties, during workouts or just casual lounging around the house. It can play music through any Bluetooth enabled device and can catch signals from up to 33 feet distances.

One set back of the Boom X is that it supports a 4000 mAH rechargeable battery, which only provides with 6 hours of playback music. But that does not mean that you cannot enjoy its wonderful features for music, games and movies.

The built-in mic and sensor buttons can make receiving calls a piece of cake, allowing you to chit chat with your friends for long hours without holding the phone to your ear.

Captain Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

This dynamic 52mm diameter speaker will put your hooves on a groove. The powerful sound and rich bass that this rectangular-shaped speaker produces is uncanny. Making you jump up every time it plays a song.
Firstly, the Captain speaker supports 3.0 Bluetooth technology which is not the latest but provides instant connectivity and can play from a 33 feet range.

Secondly, the company gives other connectivity options for non-Bluetooth devices like an audio jack, SD card, and TF card slots. And when you can’t find anything that you like, you can always tune into the radio and switch through the channels. And this all is made possible through the LED display that these speakers come with.

Thirdly, along with easy connect to computers, tablets, mobiles and iPod; these speakers have call-receiving options as well. The Captain speakers soothe the eyes as well as the ears because of it’s elegant design. The indentations on this speaker make it easy to hold and increases its portability.

This product does not only give you wider variety but is a complete entertainment package. Quickly grab one before the Captain’s ship sails!

Doss Wireless Hands-free Bluetooth Speaker

Did you ever want simple but spectacular looking speaker? Well, no need to long for that because Doss brings you the Bluetooth speakers that are going to blow your brains away.

This 12-watt monster speaker will breathe life into your parties, workouts or gatherings, with its superior, dual high-performance drivers. To top that off, it produces enhanced bass volumes and stereo-like sounds.

Moreover, it has a signature look which leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. It adds an edge to your desk or rooms and people will ask about it when they see you carrying it around. On the top, it holds sensitive touch buttons for managing music volumes, selection and hands-free for answering phone calls.

To add to that, these speakers have enough juice to last you a total of 12 hours, which is a very impressive considering the battery life of other branded speakers.

Another feature involves 4.0 Bluetooth technology, 3.5mm audio jack, TF card slot and USB cable for charging.
All that this product has to offer is bound to give your life a little zest.

Roker S-Canon Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This Roker S-canon speaker may look like a coke can but its award winning design is space effective and can fit anywhere. This truly defines the meaning of small package but big sound. This comes with a 3-watt speaker which is 40 mm in diameter. The Bluetooth connectivity is faster and can play music for up to 5 hours or less depending on volume level.

The bottom of this speaker contains the slide on/off button for easy operation, an aux input and a TF card slot which can play MP3 music seamlessly.

This product is best to be used on wooden surfaces for best bass effect.
To cut the long short, this device offers all that you need in a Bluetooth speaker and that too at a very cheap price!

Waterproof Sport Speaker

This robust Bluetooth speaker is not only unique looking but also comes with exclusive features. To add to its long list of characteristics, the first one is that it is made using the 4.0 Bluetooth technology, which allows fast and steady connection with any Bluetooth enabled device within 33 feet.

Second, it comes with 3 built-in mics that make sound crystal clear while calling, eradicating any disturbances in the connection.

Third, its sporty looking exterior makes it perfect to be used outdoors as well as indoors. The water-resistant and dust-proof body protects it from water submersion or dust particles that can ruin the subwoofer.

Fourth, its 12 hour non-stop running battery makes it a good choice to take along on hikes or walks, where it can hang easily on your bag pack. This waterproof masterpiece speaker can also charge your phone through a USB cable, meaning it is a speaker cum power bank.

SoundPal F1

Now entertainment and music is just a cube away! Introducing to you this mind-blowing cube-shaped speaker. This comes with 5W Bluetooth speakers with a passive radiator for rich deep sounds, turning your house into a party place in seconds.

Furthermore, it is compatible with all Bluetooth devices phones, tablets, laptops, mp3 etc. It can play seamless music from 30 feet distances and is also equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack, for devices without Bluetooth connectivity.

Addition to that, the soundpal F1 can set your mood right with its 6-8 hours of non-stop music playing, powered by a built-in 800 mAH Li-ion battery.

The spell that this puppy will cast on you will last forever because of its stylish looks and smooth sound quality.

Archeer Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sick of all the boredom? Not to worry, this funky looking tweeter is going to tweak up your life a notch. The dual top-quality drivers are going to play melodies so rich, that you will fall in love with them instantaneously.

It is specially designed for outdoor activities such as poolside fun, beach, camping, hiking etc. Keeping that in mind, the company made these speakers sturdy-looking with water and dust resistant material. It can bear a splash or two, but beware not to take them for a dip in the pool.

It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5mm audio jack, 12-hour long-lasting battery, hook to clip onto backpacks while hiking and a built-in flashlight.

This full of funk Archeer speakers are not going to fail you!

Plusinno Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Plusinno Bluetooth speakers have become the ‘talking speakers’, with the integration of Siri and Google Now. You can now just tell the speaker to play your favorite song, talk about the weather or simply navigate.

This all-in-one gadget has revolutionized the speaker industry with its extra fine features and rugged exterior.
Firstly, this speaker contains NFC technology which allows you to remember and connect to previously paired devices. The amazing Aux-out feature can transport music playing on the speaker to other devices.

Secondly, this intelligent device can shift to standby mode when not in use to save battery power. The battery can support 12 hours of playtime at moderate volume, which can decrease as the volume level increases.

Lastly, this amazing device offers all other features available in standard Bluetooth speakers. Plus it comes in a silicone wrapping that can save guard speakers from collision damage from 1.5 meters. The Plusinno are water-resistant allowing it to outlast all your adventures.

Buyers are going to love this great invention, with its clear sound, rugged design, long durability and above all, the amazing price.

AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speakers

AmazonBasics always bring you simple and trustworthy products, which will be enough to fulfill the need of an average music lover.

These amazing 6w speakers come with a 15-hour battery life, which is impressive at such low price. It is compatible will all Bluetooth-enabled devices like mobile, notepad, tablet etc. It brings you great sound quality through wireless Bluetooth connection or the standard 3.5mm audio cable, which is not included in the box.

This basic speaker will allow you to play music and roam around your house due to its long range. Being your best pal and cheering you up when you feel down.

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