Best Bluetooth Adapters 2018

Update 2018: The best bluetooth adaptor for most people is Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter. (read the in-depth review below)

Best Bluetooth Adapters 2018

Best Bluetooth AdaptersRatingsPriceItem Weight
1. Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter A+ (Best Seller)$$2.4 ounces
2. Avantree Bluetooth 4.0 USB DongleA+$$0.2 ounces
3. Costech Bluetooth 4.0 USB AdapterA$0.3 ounces
4. SoundBot SB340 Universal Plug and Play Bluetooth 4.0 B$0.3 ounces

10 Best Bluetooth Adapter Reviews

Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 adapter

Best Bluetooth AdapterThe USB Bluetooth Adapter from Plugable is one of the best bluetooth adapter you can get. As of 2016, it is the bestseller on Amazon.

Firstly, this small USB is compatible with Windows system 8 and higher, plus it also connects to Linux PC’s without any difficulty. The compact design of this Bluetooth adapter allows safe connection with laptops during travels, where you can leave the device plugged in for days.

Secondly, it is installed with the 4.0 Bluetooth technology that does more work and consumes less power. It is capable of working with Raspbian and Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi.

Thirdly, the parcel contains user-friendly manual and CD that makes the configuration undemanding and quick.

The customers love the Plugable Bluetooth adapter and we hope that you will too!

Costech 4.0 USB adapter

Bluetooth Adapter reviewsThis is a class 2 adapter and has all the characteristics of a class 2 adapter. It is a Bluetooth device that makes a wireless connection between your PC and other devices a piece of cake. It is a very easy to manage the device and even easier to set up. It comes with an installation driver that walks you through every step, making the dongle ready for your use in a blink of an eye.

It is to be paired with devices that are used in a closed proximity of 10m like printer, headsets, speakers etc. It transfers data at the speed of 3 Mbps, which is very impressive for any Bluetooth device.

The Costech supports 4.0 technology which is the latest in the tech industry. This also supports previous versions of Bluetooth like 3.0, 2.1, 2.0. It consumes very less energy, putting a lesser load on your pocket and more on being awesome. It is very compatible with Windows, Vista, XP and other systems, so it’s probably going to work perfectly well with your setup.

This device is enough for a creating a mini piconet of your own making your life easier and on its way to modernism.

Avantree Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle adapter

Avantree presents to you a new Bluetooth adapter that can range up to 50 m. It makes the exchange of data and music streaming very fast and convenient.

Furthermore, it is reliable, stable and easy to configure, involving no complex steps for setting up. It is compatible with the following operating systems (both 32 and 64 bit): Windows, XP, 7 and 8 Vista. But the setback is that it does not support Mac, so this is a caution for all the Mac users out there.

The compact USB dongle is not only easy to use but allows you to plug and play through your systems connecting any device of your choice.

This snugly device offers a lot and that also by fitting right into your budget. The packaging includes the adapter itself, a user manual and a Quick Start Guide.

Using this device you can listen to your favorite music through headsets or connect yourself to a projector to watch movies on the big screen.

Soundbot SB340 Universal Bluetooth 4.0 USB adapter

The Soundbot is a gold-plated Bluetooth adapter that allows effortless connection with your stereo headsets, keyboard, mouse, speakers etc.

This class 2 adapter uses Smart Ready specifications with the 4.0 version. It consumes less energy like all 4.0 Bluetooth adapters, along with being backward compatible.

This USB is compatible with Windows 7 and 8, XP, Vista, supporting both 32 and 64 bit systems. This will leave your desks clutter-free from all the wires and long cords.

The data transfer speed that this USB displays in 3 Mbps and the maximum communication that it can reach is between 30k-100k per second.

This lightweight miracle of technology is for all those who hate untying a bunch of wires every time they clean their working desk.

Pros and Cons of Bluetooth Adapters

No product is perfect because there is always something that makes it not that perfect. Here are some of the pros and cons of using Bluetooth technology.


  • Wireless all the way: the biggest advantage of Bluetooth technology is that it decreases the number of long cords that you may have to use with your devices. Making you cord-free and your devices out and about without the bunch of wires sticking out of them. With the increase in the use of devices by us today, the need for a clutter-free technology is becoming more popular. This also increases the mobility of devices, where there is no worry about carrying the extra leads.
  • No need for a clear line of sight: like infrared technology the devices connected need to be facing each other, but that’s not the case here. Bluetooth devices need to be in close proximity but they need not be facing each other and nothing in between them would disrupt the signal even if the devices are in separate rooms.
  • Range: these Bluetooth adapters can offer range up to 100 meters, but that depends on your use whether you want more range or less. As there are different classes of Bluetooth adapters that offer a variety of ranges. And so making you the decision maker of which class to use.
  • Low charge plus low battery use: low is the way to go with Bluetooth technology. Using Bluetooth takes very little power; this makes it an ideal tool to use for electronic devices. Using Bluetooth adapter with laptops will be great due to the low-power consumption option. The other best thing about Bluetooth is that it is free of charge. How awesome does one feel when you receive a benefit and that too without having to spend any penny from your pocket. There would be no extra bill that you would have to add to your monthly budget like you have to do for Wi-Fi or other services. There are a few things in the world that are free and using Bluetooth is among them!
  • Simplicity: the fact that everybody can figure out how to connect two devices together through Bluetooth is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity. The simplicity and ease with which one can use Bluetooth connection are one of its biggest advantages.
  • Security on point: the data that you transfer through Bluetooth is well protected. Other Bluetooth connections need your acceptance in order to be connected to your device, which makes you in control of with whom to share your files.


  • Transferring speed: even though Bluetooth is cheap and can transfer data without any difficult but Wi-Fi direct is giving it some tough competition.
  • Everything Bluetooth: in order to connect your mouse, keypad, tablet etc. to your PC, you need to make sure these devices support a Bluetooth connection. So buying mouse or keypad that supports Bluetooth can be a little expensive. But the investment is a one-time thing and after that, you can enjoy wireless cheap connection for a long time.
  • Not very user-friendly: it is very easy to use a Bluetooth connection once it is setup and configured. But the initial configuration can be very complex for some devices. Some Bluetooth devices like printer, a keypad may ask to walk the user through an installation wizard or some may need the user to enter a command into the command prompt. But once everything is setup then that’s where the fun begins.
  • Insecurity: Bluetooth connection is safe from hackers or data theft but it may face some interference from other Bluetooth devices. If you work where there are a lot of Bluetooth users then you may find your keypad typing words on someone else’s system. This can be a problem and so in order to avoid it, you will have to increase the distance between his and your desk.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons. Bluetooth is a great invention and is bringing a new meaning to the word ease.

Factors to consider before buying a Bluetooth Adapter/FAQ’s

There are a few things you need to consider before rushing off to buy the best Bluetooth adapter. These considerations include distance range, compatibility, pairing, and class. (All of them discuss below in detail)

No need to get all confused because these are just fancy words for something very simple.


we all have a bunch of selective devices that we use more. So before buying Bluetooth adapter, you must careful to see whether this adapter supports the devices that you may be using it. These devices can be from different categories like printers, keyboards, tablets, speakers, headsets etc. So choose the adapter which will be worth bragging about.


you can be a user of Mac, Windows, Vista or any other system. But what you need to be careful about is if the Bluetooth Adapter you are buying is compatible with the system that you are using or not. It shouldn’t be the case if you spend your hard-earned money on an adapter and then you come home to find that it’s not compatible with the PC or laptop that you are using. This is especially for Mac users because not all Bluetooth adapters work well with this system. So be vigilant and don’t give yourself an unpleasant surprise after purchasing your new adapter.

Make sure your Bluetooth adapter is using 4.0 technology:

Another important factor that you must keep a look out for is that your Bluetooth adapter should be supporting the new 4.0 Bluetooth technology. This technology can now offer more range meaning can connect to devices at a distance. Plus it also consumes less energy than before, which is great for laptops because they are usually running on charged battery. 4.0 technology is backward compatible and can connect to devices which are still using older Bluetooth technologies like the 3.0, 2.1, 2.0 versions. So as you guys can see that buying the adapter with the latest technology will be of a great benefit to you.

Class 1 vs. Class 2

Reviewing the differences between class 1 and class 2 Bluetooth adapters would not only help you to figure out which one to buy but also increase your know-how about Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth adapters make your computer system capable of supporting Bluetooth devices without built-in Bluetooth hardware. And so you need to see which adapter would suit you best.

Class 1 adapters are better for industrial devices that require long-distance connectivity and class 2 are better suited to consumer devices that don’t need connections to be over very long distances. Some of the distances between class 1 and class 2 adapters are listed below.


Bluetooth network is known as personal area network (PAN) also called a piconet. Devices connect to this piconet in order to exchange data and communicate with other devices, for example, your PC connects to your printer through Bluetooth adapter. If this adapter belongs to class 1 then the piconet established will extend further than a class 2 adapter. Class 1 adapters allow connection to be made over 100m or 330 feet where class 2 piconet is not over 10 m. Considering just the range you will say class 1 is the winner, but that’s not the case because in the daily routine you don’t need that much range.


Both the Bluetooth adapters come with antennas so that a stronger connection could be established between the devices. But the difference is that as class 1 provides with a longer range so it needs a larger antenna and in some cases, it also comes with an external antenna. On the other hand, class 2 has a built-in antenna that’s hidden behind the casing, as it does not require any outward antenna.


The other greater difference between the two adapters is power consumption. Since class 1 adapters need to send signals over longer distances it consumes larger amounts of power compared to class 2 Bluetooth adapters. If class 1 adapters are connected to a PC which derives energy from other outlets then this would result in greater energy bills. But if the system is battery operated like laptops then recharging would be more frequent.


As stated above class 1 adapters are better for industrial purposes, for example, it can be connected to an Ethernet port to make internet access wireless for all. Also, this adapter can replace a hardwired serial cable with a Bluetooth link. On the contrary, the class 2 adapters are best to connect tablets or PCs to a pair of Bluetooth headsets or for similar short-range connections.

Above we have given a complete understanding of the difference between different types of Bluetooth adapters. So that now it will become easy for you to choose an adapter and go wireless yourself.

Alternative Options: The Competing Bluetooth Adapters

Below is the list of 5 alternative best Bluetooth adapters you can find online.

ORICO Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle

Another Nano USB which upgrades your personal computer or laptop to be Bluetooth 4.0 enabled. This increases both its range and the decrease in power consumption.

First of all, this cute USB design looks really nice and its vibrant color makes it easily visible among other things. As its only 14mm in length and losing it amongst your things would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.
Secondly, the range is increased from 10 m to 20 m, making an easy connection with any common device that you might use with your computer system.

A minor drawback maybe that it’s not compatible with Mac OS but that’s okay as it supports a ton of other operating systems.

Last but not the least; it enables backward compatibility, so any device of yours without the latest Bluetooth version will work perfectly well with the ORICA Bluetooth dongle.

Its specs and looks both make it stand out among the other Bluetooth adapters.

Kinivo BTD-400 Bluetooth 4.0 USB adapter

This basic Bluetooth adapter offers all the features that a simple computer user may ask for.

This 4.0 technology USB is not going to be the reason for the increase in your electricity bill. Besides it supports all Windows, XP and Vista systems excluding the Mac and Linux PC’s.

To add more, it is fully compatible with all the older versions of Bluetooth. Now you can stream or enjoy lag-free music through your Bluetooth speakers all day long.

Edimax EW-7811Un USB adapter

The Edimax adapter is built with the latest Bluetooth specifications and wireless standards. This gives users 6 times of the usual speed and 3 times the coverage of 802.11b. As it supports 150Mbps 802.11n wireless data rate.

Moreover, this device is equipped with a Wi-Fi multimedia standard that lets you set priority standards to different types of data. Real-time data is transmitted within an eye blink and allows flawless streaming of music, video and skype.

Additionally, the compact design does not block the surrounding fb, making it space-effective. Its attractive black and gold color makes it look good while its lower energy consumption makes it ideal to be used along with laptops.

What’s more, you ask? Well, due to the 4.0 version this device supports backward compatibility, with extra security from WPA/PSK and WPA2/PSK. It comes with EZmax setup guide which displays setup guide in multiple languages.

This device is truly an award-winner with all its special specifications and features.

BESIGN BD01 Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle adapter

This device talks about being the ultimate easy solution for your computer to communicate with other Bluetooth devices.

The Besign offers high-speed transmitter of 3Mbps with operation range up to 10 m. It is compatible with Windows 7 and higher models, XP, and Vista. It does not support Mac OS and Linux operation system. But is your one stop solution for all Bluetooth based dilemmas.

It will free you from the hassle of sorting out wires making your life completely wire-free. Although this device comes at the end of the list, still it is one of the best bluetooth adapter on Amazon.


Bluetooth is the way of the current century and would definitely become more popular in days to come. Replacing all wired connections with its cost-free and easy connecting options.

So be one of the firsts, to take full advantage of such an amazing creation.

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