Best Bicycle Speakers 2018

Update 2018: The best bicycle speakers for most people is the ECEEN Bicycle Speaker. (Read the in-depth review below)

Best Bicycle Speakers 2018

Best Bicycle SpeakersOverall RatingsRelative PriceColor Option?
1. ECEEN Bicycle Speaker A+$$Yes
2. Joyiqi Bicycle Portable SpeakerA+$$No
3. Goal Zero 90401 Rockout SpeakerA+$Yes
4. Ivation Bike BeakonA$$Yes
5. Schwinn Bike SpeakerA$No

Reviews of the Best Bicycle Speakers


Best Bicycle SpeakersThese speakers won’t only look dashing sitting on your bicycle handle plus they would keep you fully entertained on your biking adventures. The Eceen wireless Bluetooth speakers come with a hefty looking pouch, which attaches itself to your bicycle handle with Velcro straps. These speakers not only look good in their vibrant red color but provide storage space for your phone, music device, sunglasses or any other small item that you may need on your journey. The exterior is not only tough looking but protects your belongings from weather and shock. This feature makes it very useful because you always have a carry-on that you need to safely tuck away for example keys.

Furthermore, these speakers support Bluetooth, giving you the option of controlling your music directly from the music device. And if you don’t want to connect it through Bluetooth then there is always the option of attaching them to your speakers through the standard 3.5 mm audio jack. The Eceen speakers have a built-in amplifier that can increase the sound to phenomenal levels, allowing you to enjoy your music at desired volumes. Plus you can always plug-in your headphones to the speakers for a private music session.

Some of the additional features that these speakers have include the 4000 mAh rechargeable battery that stores power for playing music up to 15 hours non-stop and can also be used for recharging your mobile in case you are running on a low-battery.

These compact and amazing speakers deliver the true meaning of being ‘handy’.


These cylinder-shaped speakers fit nicely on your handlebar and gives out excellent music quality. They come with four detachable bodies, all in different colors to add a little extra ‘something’ to your bike. The rubber material of these speakers gives it a protective exterior from the weather, breakage, and water. The rubberized body has markings on the side that display the control buttons like play, pause, skip, volume +/- etc.

The Joyiqi are best to be used by professional bikers for their durability and portable features. These speakers are wireless and can be connected to your music device through Bluetooth or cable.
Although these speakers do not a have headphone jack but that can easily be waived as the Joyiqi compensates by giving the option of directly connecting your SD card to the speaker.

Moreover, it comes with an instruction manual making it easy-to-install. The 820 mAh batteries can keep these speakers going for 10 hours straight, playing your favorite tunes over and over again. The addition of voice-input option has made taking calls very easy through these multi-colored tweeters, making it possible for you to gossip-and-ride at the same time!

The water-proof body of these portable speakers is very light-weight and bikers won’t feel any extra weight after they would install these speakers!


bicycle speaker reviewsThe Goal Zero Rockout speakers have proven that it is possible to produce stereo-like sounds from bicycle speakers. The Rockout’s have a built-in wooden sound box, that is capable of producing high-quality sounds with different bass levels. Playing music on these while riding can make your trip one of the most amazing journeys because what’s better than doing your two most favorite things together.

The Rockout speakers come in a weather resistant zip-lock pouch, next to which you can keep your iPod or mobile for safe keeping. This speaker is not wireless nor supports Bluetooth connectivity but has all these other amazing features.

It’s black and green color makes it nice to look at, which you can hang on our bike to show-off without damaging the speakers because of its shock-proof cord. It protects the speaker from wet weather conditions or in case something spills on it.

To top everything off, the chargeable batteries can be charged by electricity or solar energy taking more time of course, but leaving you with less to worry about while riding your bike.


This speaker gets you ‘rollin’ once they gear up and get going. They come with two mini monster-like speakers that produce clear and amplified tunes that will blow your brains away.

What makes them special you say? Well, my friends, these tiny tweeters are a huge package, they support Bluetooth devices from v1.1 and up, remembering names of previously connected devices for auto-connect. And for all the non-Bluetooth members it offers auxiliary input jack for easy connectivity.

Talking about the exterior, it holds a set of music control buttons, which are sized and shaped just right for the user to play, pause, and rewind music. On the side, it holds an SD card slot, for playing melodies stored on your SD card in MP3 or WMA format.

For the cherry on top, Invasion added some extra special features which make them stand out and subdue all other speakers which are in the running. Ivasion Bike Beakon comes with the option of tuning into the radio when you want to listen to the news or any RJ. Plus these speakers incorporate a flashlight which will prove very handy while riding after sunset or in the dark, giving your bicycle its very own headlights.

Coming towards the interior, these Ivasion speakers support a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can play 4 hours of continuous music on the loudest setting possible. Light-weight and durable are added bonuses, where the mount is attached to the bike handle for tight grip. And every time you want to take-off the speaker, there is no need to go through the hassle of removing the mount, as these speakers easily come off it when needed for other purposes.


These Bluetooth speakers make your bike experiences fun, easy and hassle-free. These speakers do not come with an audio jack, so it only capable of supporting Bluetooth enabled music devices from 100 meters away.
Firstly, it comes with a built-in subwoofer which gives out crystal clear sounds and can deliver distortion free sounds at extremely high volumes. The rechargeable battery supports playback for up to 8 hours, and when the battery is critically low the speaker will ring an alarm after every 60 seconds.

Secondly, blue tunes come with a built-in LED light and a safety blinker for increasing night visibility. Plus this model is water-resistant so make sure not to take it out in heavy rainfall, as it can easily be taken off the plastic mount for safe-keeping.

Lastly, don’t miss a chance to get your hands on this super cool speaker.

Take a look at how one of the best bicycle speaker from Schwinn looks like:


While buying speakers for your bicycle adventures, you must keep in mind some factors. They will help you spend your hard-earned money on the best-suited speakers out there for you.

Volume and Sound Quality:

This decision entirely depends on you and on the locations where you mostly ride your bicycle. If you have to cross areas with traffic and a lot of commotion, then having speakers which can reach loud volumes without distorting the sound will be best for you. And if your daily route is through nature and peaceful places, then speakers with good sound quality and moderate volumes will be enough for you. But again it is entirely up to you and what you prefer, because listening to loud music was never up to nature anyways.

Case size:

It will always be an act of intelligence on your side if you pick speakers that come along with goodies like a case. These compact cases are sturdy and most importantly can carry your mobile or music device safely. Let’s face it, music devices are not that cheap and recreating your entire playlist is not like having a picnic in your garden. It is not compulsory for you to use it, but having it just-in-case is a sensible thought.

Power Supply option:

Which is best among rechargeable or disposable batteries? This is a question that you need to answer yourself. Although using both batteries has its pros and cons but which one to pick rests on you. You have to keep in mind that rechargeable batteries have to be charged regularly, in case you run on low battery during one of your rides and would have to dread the rest of the ride back home. On the other hand, disposable batteries eradicate the hassle of recharging your speakers again and again, but you always have to have a set of spare batteries on you especially during one of your long biking adventures.

Mounting Options:

There are two choices for attaching your speakers to your bicycle Velcro straps or mounting brackets. Velcro straps are cheap and firmly hold you speakers but they can wear off with time and then you might have to replace them. Velcro makes the speakers easy to install and take off when needed for charging or other uses. On the other hand, mounting brackets are tough and durable, best to be used by mountain bikers, which ride through very bumpy and irregular terrains and need something tough to hold the speakers right in their place. These mounts can come in colorful designs, giving your bike a little upward push appearance-wise. But in other situations, taking off these brackets is very hard in case you want to fit them on another one of your bikes etc.


There are certain options and extra features you need to see before you jump into buying these speakers. Some speakers may offer something extra and that too in cheap prices, unlike other speakers that charge the same but attach no special settings. Some of these settings include:

Mobile charging option

This feature will always attract customers like magnets, as charging your mobile-while-cycling option can never go to waste.

Call-taking option

It is very dangerous and always tricky to answer your phone while riding a bike as it will divide your attention plus can be a leading cause of accidents. Speakers which allow you to wirelessly connect your device for either playing music or taking calls are always preferred. So now you can talk-and-turn simultaneously without risking your life.

Bluetooth connectivity

Modern technology is eliminating the idea of using wires for connecting and has shifted to wireless features. Bluetooth is amongst one of the leading wireless connections and so bicycle speakers that offer this feature are rated as one of the best.

Full control

It is always beneficial if the speaker holds buttons to control music directly instead of always turning towards your music device whenever you want to play, pause, skip or change the volume. This is one of the basic and useful features that you should look for while speaker-shopping.


Like all products bicycle, speakers have their pros and cons as well. So let’s take a look at what these speakers have to offer.


WIRELESS IS THE WAY TO GO! – It is as obvious as day that wireless speakers do not have any wires and so you don’t have to worry about playing tug of war with them, this scenario could have been possible if you got yourself all tangled up while riding your bike.

MAKING EVERY SECOND COUNT! – Riding your bike and listening to music go hand in hand. This makes you cherish every moment that you spend on that rotating machine riding through some peaceful route while listening to your favorite tunes.


CHARGING IS TOUGH – The only con that there seems to be regarding bicycle speakers is that they need to be regularly charged, which can be tricky to remember, as with every pleasure comes a little pain. But apart from that bicycle speakers are an amazing product and will guarantee to make your rides memorable.

Additional Bicycle Speakers Options


Let’s get back into the groove with these Trendwoo Freeman torch cum speakers. They come with some amazing features turning into an entertainment unit during the day and transforming into a night light after sunset.

They incorporate all the features that one could image having a bicycle speaker. It is 2.1 Bluetooth compatible, with aux input, answering calls and battery charging functions.

Furthermore, music can be controlled through the music device along with the external control buttons given in the face of these speakers. It is designed according to international standards, with top-notch sounds and amalgamation of convenient characteristics.

It has a 10-meter transmission distance, with being ultra-portable, due to its small size and easy lift off option from the mount brackets. The torch has seven lightning modes with high, low, medium, S0S beams that are visible from distances as far as 250 meters. Making night rides possible now.

These speakers are weather-proofed making these very useful for sporting activities. Its original Samsung batteries keep the music running for 7-10 hours and 4-5 hours with the highlighting mode.
This product will keep you company and give you good value for your money.


Here is another speaker from the Ivasions. This Boomer includes two installing choices, which are easy to maneuver. One is a hard-plastic strap and the other is made from silicon, this makes unstrapping and attaching the speaker to the bike a piece of cake. These speakers are portable due to its light weight and small dimensions. And now that mounting and unmounting is so effortless, these tweeters can easily be carried elsewhere.

When it comes to sound, this dynamite fires up from the sides and gives stereo-like quality. You can access music through mobile, mp3 player, IPod, tablet etc. It also supports Bluetooth connection for answering calls and listening to wireless music on the go.

It features the standard 1200 mAh lithium batteries, which provides you with ample time to plug-and-play your favorite tunes all day long.


This simple but fun looking speaker has the signature body design, which Ivasion incorporates in mostly all its bicycle speakers. It can go and fit anywhere due to its 3.5” cylindrical shape and it can play music via Bluetooth, audio jack or SD card. The Bullet is a versatile product and would never give you any reason to complain about its music player.

These lightweight speakers are easy to ride around with, which can play music for 6 hours at midrange without a single break.

This Bullet super speaker comes with four detachable cases, all in different colors of red, blue, green and black. Where you can switch and play around with colors just like you will with the music.


As the name suggests, this is something new to the long line of bicycle speakers. Its unique innovative feature is designed keeping the outdoor enthusiast in mind. And so these petite, tube-shaped speakers are extremely portable, its small size and shape make it fit absolutely anywhere. This amazing and distinct feature that it carries is that it can be strapped to possibly anything, bicycle handle, canoe paddle, walking stick, the possibilities are infinite.

It supports Bluetooth and holds an AUX port for connecting to devices without Bluetooth option. It comes in two cool and rugged looking colors, which makes it perfect to take along on your travels.

Moreover, its 600 mAh battery is worthy of keeping it up and shining for 6 hours straight. The StrapSound are water, dust, and shock resistant, truly is one of the best bicycle speaker to get for your bike. The sound levels that this little puppy can make are astonishing and it will truly be your travel buddy in all your ventures.

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