Best Bean Bag Chairs (Top 5 Reviews)

71yzx-lr68l-_sl1500_Lack of sleep and multiple other factors have led to an increase in stress and anxiety on average.

You have to get therapies and take appointments from expensive masseuse to deal with it.

Now save some money, cancel all your appointments and invest in the best bean bag chair so that this cozy nap station brings peace to your life.

Here is the list of some best bean bag chairs that we short-listed after an extensive research:

Top 5 Best Bean Bag Chair Reviews

Here is a quick overview of the top picks:

Top Bean Bag Chairs Weight Color Options? 
1. Cozy Sack Bean Bag Chair 54.7 pounds Yes, 21
2. Big Joe XL Comfort Suede 53 pounds Yes, 6
3. Chill Bag Bean Bag Chair 35.7 pounds Yes, 22
4. Flash Furniture Bean Bag Chair 12 pounds Yes, 4
5. Big Joe Dorm Chair 4 pounds Yes, 6

Make sure to read the in-depth reviews below:

1. Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair for adults

Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair comes in a large size that could easily accommodate 3 people and is best for a spacious room. As the name says it really is cozy, filled with the softest unsullied urethane foam available. Along with being comfy, the urethanes used in it doesn’t sit down. It stays fluffy and swollen even if “The Big Show” and “Mark Henry” sit on it together all their lives.

This cozy bean bag goes well with people of all types and ages. It can change shape so you can shape it up and use it according to your requirement. Once you get up from the chair, all you do is fluff it up a bit and it becomes as new and fresh as was  when unused.

Not only could you shape up this to your style but you could also choose amongst the 18 color available and have the bean bag that blends well with your house décor.

The sturdy cover of this bean bag prevents it from any type of scratch or tear. It is highly recommendable for families with pets or little monstrous kids who make sure all furniture of the house has pencils poked in it. This bean bag would fight your kids and pets for you.

It’s the best relaxation treatment you could get. The adjustable soft bag prevents any part of your body from absorbing stress or is in a position that might give stress. As you lay on it the bag melts in and adjusts with all points of your body very well. And the best thing is it doesn’t get warm even if you sit on it for hours.

As good as it is, it’s a perfect choice the only set back is that because of the large size it has got, it is around 54.7 lbs. and this makes it way too heavy to carry. So if once unboxed and set up, moving it or playing with your décor would be difficult because the big bean bag may need some really good muscles to do it.


  • Adjust 3 people
  • Sturdy, recommendable for kids or pets
  • Comfortable
  • Doesn’t get warm
  • Stays swelled for long
  • A little fluffing gets it my position
  • Adjusts with the body
  • Colour choice


  • Heavy

2. Big Joe 6-Foot XL Fuf in Comfort Suede

You’ll be infatuated by the Big Joe 6-Foot XL Fuf in Comfort Suede that would never end serving tenderness and calmness to you. The interior and exterior are both so soft that once you jump into it you would forget all your stress and wouldn’t want to get up all your life.

The inner is made with extra-soft foam that would never settle down once you hop out of it, you’ll see it bounces bag and is fat as before. The outer fabric used in the cover is suede and we all know how soft and relaxing suede feels.

Its large size makes it a multi-purpose bean bag you could use it as a bed, place it in the living room, TV lounge or dorm room. It can be used by families and individual as the large size can accommodate 3 people easily.

You could just flip the sides and position it as you prefer, the vertical positioning gives your back a support while the horizontal positioning makes it wide, which is ideal for a TV lounge setting.

It’s available in 5 astonishing colors so you could choose according to the color theme of your house. There were a few issues that users experienced such as amusing smell initially but that goes away with time. The other thing was the weight, it’s around 60 kg which is too heavy and must be a hell of a job to move the thing around. We must not recommend this to people who have a pet because suede attracts fur and hair and cleaning it is always a hell of an issue.


  • Super comfortable
  • Suede exterior
  • Foam interior
  • Large size
  • Multi-purpose
  • Multiple colours


  • Not feasible if you have pets
  • Hefty
  • Initially an amusing smell

3. Chill Bag – Best Bean Bag Chair under $100

If you are looking for a bean bag that is ideal for an individual especially children, then Chill Bag is the best thing.  The design and material are all safe for children. So now the children would have their personal space and the rest of the furniture may be safe from any type spillage or stain. At the same little hands may not access and open the zipper, thus preventing the filling from spreading out.

Its removable cover makes it very easy to wash the cover and let your place look neat. It has an inner liner that is zipped with a zip lock at the end this way the bag may be secured from any type of access of children.

Though called a bean bag but this thing is made of the super fine shredded foam that makes it very comfortable. It comes in double stitched design that makes the bean bag strong, as the stitches won’t open up quickly making the bean bag long lasting for you.

This bag comes in a variety of marvelous colors and is of reasonable size (almost around 4ft.) so this can fit in any room and you may buy the color compliment the color scheme of the room as well.

Usually, users complain when they sit on this thing, they feel that they touch the floor. Well, this is simply because this bean bag chair is ideally designed for young teens or children and when adults sit on it can’t hold on to the weight. The thing is ideally best for children, so if you are looking for something for the young ones in the house then this is the definite choice.


  • Safe for children
  • Comfortable
  • Comes in variety of color
  • Removable cover
  • Secure zipper in the inner liner


  • Not for adults

4. Oversized Bean Bag Chair for Gaming & more

Reasonable, snug, quality and safe are the four words that would simply describe this bean bag chair. This bean bag chair is highly affordable and is best for an individual. We found it great, especially for those who want to buy a low-priced item.

The exterior is removable and easy to wash and has a highly stain proof material. This thing might last clean forever and may seem to be new all the time. The fiber beads inside are secured with a zipper so it’s highly safe in case of children as well.

The bean bag is very light it has almost a weight of 12 lbs. that is too less. It can be easily moved around, stored, or taken out, as the weight is so less thus mobility is never an issue. You could just take it to a picnic spot or beach lay back and enjoy the scenery with the help of this bean bag.

All over it is a good pick for the price it has got. The only thing that may be an issue there is that the fluffiness isn’t too much so for those who like an extra swollen bean bag chair it’s not ideal. However, for the rest, it has at this price it is the best thing.


  • Lightweight/mobility
  • Relatively reasonable
  • Cosy
  • Child safe lock
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Removable cover


  • A little flat

5. Big Joe Dorm Chair – Best Bean Bag chair under $50

The tough easy to clean and comfortable chair that Big Joe brings to us is perfect for an individual. You would love it your house or in your hotel room. It has a really lightweight so carrying it around is not a problem at all. You could just grab it around where you crash in, be it your parents’ home, your friend’s home or hostel room, your cozy bed goes with you.

The chair has been covered with a strong ballistic fabric that prevents it from stain and even if something spills over it a dampened cloth rubbed over it does it for you. The outer cover could be removed as well so that you could clean it whenever you wish. While the double stitching makes it strong and prevents the stitches from loosening up.

It has various unique features as a side pocket and an elastic loop on the side for a water bottle. This cozy thing wouldn’t let you stand up for hours your snacks and water/beverages would be all on the side and you may eat it when you wish without springing out of the squishy comfy chair.

Available in various colors this thing would cost you peanuts. The only thing that is an issue is the size; it is just too small for tall people. I mean they could sit on it, but you don’t just sit on your beanbag, you curl and spread your self all over it and that would only be possible if you are a kid. So it’s the best thing for kids the adults can only consider it for sitting purpose.


  • Comfy
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to take it along with you
  • Double stitching
  • Side pocket and loop for keeping water or things
  • Available in various colors


  • Not ideal for an adult

Alternative Top Rated Bean Bag Chair: The Competition

Bean Sack Big Joe – Pink Beanbag chair

Most of the bean bags come in indefinite shape and some people just don’t like it because setting it up to certain position takes time. The Bean Sack by Big Joe comes in a chair like shape; it has a properly designed back and popped out side handles this makes it very easy for you to sit straight on it. So now you could relax work or watch TV conveniently.

The bean bag chair comes in beautiful a polka dot that makes it look unique and cute. Its design and size make it best for kids and the price in which Bean Sack by Big Joe comes is extremely reasonable.

This bean bag chair comes in various colors that you could select for your room. The bag is extra comfortable and comes with Ultimax beans. The Ultimax beans make it too good; you could just sink into it and then would not want to get out of it ever again.

There were, however, some issues reported by the customers that the color didn’t seem exactly as the thing was in the picture but if color means nothing to you then dive in and make this your choice.

Intex Beanless Bag Inflatable Chair

If you are looking for something could store or take out any time you want it around then Intex Beanless Bag Inflatable Chair is the best thing. Just inflate it by pumping in air and it is ready for use in a jiffy. You could deflate it fold it and store it or carry it around easily without a much space required for it.

The best part is, instead of some plastic-like or similar synthetic material, this chair comes in a corduroy material. It comes in a smooth grayish color that merges with everything and stain don’t show much on the gray color like it would have in some light color.

It highly affordable, for the price it has got it is giving a great bang for the buck. It wouldn’t deflate quickly as the other air filled items do. It is durable and reliable and for this all it is surely worth a shot.

The only problem is, of course, the air filling process, you never know how much air is precise, too much is too tight and if it’s less, then you could just sink in.  You would have to have a special equipment to get this thing ready. For the rest parts, it was good and is worth a kick especially if you already have an air filling pump or machine at home.

Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair

Bean bags aren’t fun until you get it in a plain square shape bag and then you could use it as you wish. You could just pose it vertically to sit right up straight on it or you could keep it flat and lean your back on it. The original style just can’t be beaten up by the modern ones and stays an all-time favorite.

The multi-shaping comes in useful, you could just get your bean bag ready for TV lounge by laying it horizontally, do your homework when on the chair is on erect position, and keep it flat to lay on it_ voilà

The bag is filled with UltimaX beans that are reliable. The double stitching and a secure zipper add safety to your bean bag. This is a durable bean bag, the quality is tremendous. It comes in a smartMax fabric that is water resistant, stain-free and easy to wash. With this all, it’s a bombastic choice.

The only part where you wouldn’t like it that in summers the thing will beat tons of sweat out of you. The exterior is water resistant and that explains the plastic texture that makes it warm for you. So if you really are not in the hot zone go for this, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Cozy Sack 4-Feet Bean Bag Chair

Cozy Sack 4-Feet Bean Bag Chair would also be a safe bet. Coming in virgin urethane foam, the chair is comfortable and the size of the chair is ideal for an individual. The bag comes in some 18 various designs and colors so you could choose the best thing complimenting your décor.

The bag has a faux suede exterior that is polyester but gives an impression and feeling of suede which is actually a good thing. Unless you are a “100% pure freak” you would love it this way because the synthetic material is rough and tough and easy to wash. This is absolutely not an option you find in original suede, one hard jump or one spin in the washing machine and boom! You’re suede is gone.

No matter how much weight you load onto your chair it’s still gonna be firm and fleecy as before. All the layers of fabric are double stitched, this makes it strong. The zipper used in it is No.5 YKK that is strong and long lasting, it won’t get stuck or break.

The only problem with this is it is very heavy to start with. Filling it is a torment, the foam comes in stiff and firm pieces and fluffing up it all will make you cry. The foam is gonna be all over the place and once you are done, cleaning the place and taking care of bits and bobs is a night mare. But once this is over then the chair is all ready to serve to your relaxation.

Factors to consider before buying a bean bag chair

1. Material

What type of material is good for you depends completely on the fact that, for whom it is bought

For adults

For adults, it is ideal that they buy soft material like suede, cotton, corduroy, leather or similar material that is relaxing for the body. Keep in mind that relaxation is important and adults are less likely to rip-off or stain the bean bag thus the flimsiness of the pure material won’t be an issue.


For children, it is better that the material used in the cover is easily washable in that case synthetic material is best. The cover should be removable so that it could be easily washed when needed to be. The material must be sturdy and hard to rip-off if you have those wicked children who take it as a duty upon themselves to rip-off everything.


For pets, a sturdy rip-free material is best because their claw may just easily damage the chair. The other factor that you might want to consider is the fact that the material should be smooth and must not attract animal hair or fur.

2. Appropriate filling

The filling depends on the purpose the bean bag chair is bought for


If you want a picnic bean bag chair that is mobile then you should buy the one with polyester or bean UltimaX Bean filling because that comes in light weight and easy to carry around. if you buy urethane foam filling which is very heavy then on every trip you might just need a bulldozer to take it to the picnic spot.

For home

For home, it is best to use urethane foam filling it is of high quality, is very comfortable and above all it doesn’t get warm. Other considerable material could be beads or some natural material filling like rice.

For pets

Pets don’t need something very soft because it could sink in and the physical requirement of human and pets aren’t the same. So find something in wood carving filling or similar rough thing as it is much better for the physic of a pet.

3. Design

The design is best if it is made such that it has a multi-shaping option so that you position it as preferred but still if you think that you may not need multi-positioning then for a TV lounge set up the chair on which leaning back is easy would be better. For work, the one with back support is better so that you could easily sit up straight and write or do whatever you want to do. Whereas, for a nap a flat and wide bean bag chair would be best.

It is better you buy a bean bag with double stitches and secure zipper so that it doesn’t open up easily especially in the case of children or else it may take you hours to clean the mess.

As far as the color scheme is concerned it bests that you buy the one that blends in well with the theme of your house décor. The color and design must complement the furnishing of the room for where you are going to buy this for.

4. Size

Size is an essential issue, the size for an adult is ideally 4 ft. but we wouldn’t recommend 4 ft. for tall people. Especially, if you want a bean bag on which you could just curl and make it your nap station then a 5-6 ft. is much better. As far as the kids are concerned 3-4 ft. is perfect.

You should also consider the area of the room where you are gonna place it because you really don’t want a 6 ft. chair for a matchbox sized room. For dorm rooms or large rooms 6ft. is good whereas for small rooms something small is better so that you have space to breathe.

How to maintain your bean bag chair

To maintain your bean bag chair fluff it up regularly so that it doesn’t sit down. It’s best that you do a little fluffing daily so that you won’t have to do much of fluffing after a long time.

Wash the cover if your bean bag doesn’t come with a separate cover then make one in order so that you use that one as exterior this way your bean bag would stay clean.

Try preventing it from spillage of any type of liquid especially milk or liquid with milk ingredients or else there may be an awful odor that you would have to live with all your life.


Life has gotten so fast we don’t have time for relaxation. The little time we get, we should spend it on the coziest thing. So buy the best bean bag chair for yourself and hop in it to relieve all your stress because it’s the best relaxation therapist you could find.

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