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Update 2017: The Best 2.1 computer speakers for most people is the Logitech Z623. It offers the best balance of function, features and value for money. (Read the in-depth review below.)

Computers have become our hub for watching movies, listening to music, gaming or media streaming. And so it is essential for you to buy good quality computer speakers as then you can truly enjoy what the entertainment sector has in-store for you.

Imagine watching a horror movie on your computer without speakers. How unfair is that? Where the movie got ruined because you were so stuck on the subtitles and the poor sound quality butchered the horror scenes. And so to save yourself from that dilemma we are offering an alternative ‘2.1 computer speakers.’

2.1 computer speakers come with two satellite speakers and a subwoofer. These are the perfect speakers for your computer because they aren’t that expensive nor do they take up a lot your desk space. They fulfill all your computers needs from listening to music to web surfing, where you might need to watch video clips or listen to an audio etc.

Quick Picks: Best 2.1 Computer Speakers

Best 2.1 Computer SpeakersOverall RatingsRelative Price
1. Logitech Z623A+$$$
2. Klipsch ProMedia A+$$$$
3. Creative A250A$
4. Altec Lansing BXR1221 A$
5. Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 300 AC A$$

Best 2.1 Computer Speaker Reviews

1. Logitech Z623

Best 2.1 Computer SpeakersThese dynamite speakers have been launched after the Z2300 speakers and include many of its features. They produce 200watts sound, which is perfect for watching movies, playing games or listening to your favorite track.

This speaker comes with two well-designed speakers along with a subwoofer, that gives out excellent bass and treble balance. The right speaker holds the volume control and bass control knob, which can help you adjust sound just the way you like it!

Furthermore, these babies come with an Aux input which allows you to connect other devices to your speakers as well. Although these speakers are bulky and take a little space but they are worth the pain.

To put the cherry on top, these speakers are THX certified and also contain an SD connector wire in the box, which is irreplaceable and a high-quality wire used to power the subwoofer.

These speakers produce crystal clear sound without distortion at high volumes and its exceptional quality material is capable of resisting fast vibrations, making it the perfect combo!

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2. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

2.1 computer speaker reviewsThese heavy and three member speakers come with two satellite speakers, a subwoofer, volume and bass controller, along with 3.5 mm audio jack.

Although these features seems quiet basic but the Klipsch Promedia is pretty dawn serious when it gets to playing music.

They produce lion roaring sounds when played at high volumes, although they may be some distortion but that is because of some unique sound modifications.

And above that, these hefty speakers are THX certified with 200 watts sound power, which can get up to incredibly loud volume. It features a 31 Hz to 20 KHz frequency response range and is best for bass lovers.

Additional to the above features, these speakers come in a sturdy and durable material, which helps it tolerate the vibrations and also it sounds incredible while playing low-end sounds.

These speakers may have some cons but overall is a great investment and should be given a shot.

3. Creative A250 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

These durable well-designed speakers come with the creative IFP and DSE design, which ensures stunning audio quality and enhanced bass response and loudness.

To add more, these speakers sound like the best speakers to go with movies, gaming and much more. They come with two satellite speakers and a subwoofer that ensures to give music that edge and great frequency distribution.

Also this device incorporates a volume controller and power button, coming in a durable design which has been given the energy star certificate.

For your convenience, the manufacture added small footprints to the speakers for easy placement, long cord between the speakers and subwoofer for setting them according to your will plus it comes with warranty, which makes it a risk-free purchase.

These speakers do not only sound great but also look great in their shiny black body, making this product seems like a sensible purchase and that will not get your hopes down!

4. Altec Lansing BXR1221 2.1 Speaker System

These new and innovative design speakers come in a 3-piece set, with two speakers and subwoofer for adding more depth and impact to sounds being played. Its petite design measuring 3.7 inch for speakers and 7.3 inch for subwoofer, makes it portable and saves ample space on your desk.

Its elegant body compliments your computer and not only this it delivers sound like never before. The music coming out off these speakers is natural, uncolored and rich in its elements.

On the contrary, these speakers do not offer any Aux inputs or bass controller, but has a power and volume button and comes with a one-year warranty.

5. Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 300

These monster speakers are huge in size and can even be connected to our TV, to enjoy your favorite show like ‘Game of Thrones.’As the name suggests these speakers are really legendary and will be leaving a legacy behind, with it sleek looks and powerful sound player.

On top of that, these speakers are the daddy of other computer speakers putting them all to shame, it accompanies 5 acoustic drivers which are placed in wood boxes, to give out natural and phenomenal sounds.

This system will turn your room into a mini theater, the burly amplifier that it comes with, houses all the input and output sources including Auxiliary inputs, USB port, audio jack, with stylish bass, treble and volume controller. The design will make your heart skip a beat and can make anyone fall in love with it.

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Other Types of Speakers Available for your Space

Anker Wireless Bluetooth

This cube-like speaker is not only adorable but comes with excellent features. This tiny bombshell supports Bluetooth connectivity and also has an Aux port, where you can easily connect any device to this speaker.

Moreover, it has Li-on rechargeable batteries, which can stay charged for up to 20 hours. Also, it can connect to any device from a 33 feet distance which makes it perfectly portable and to take along on trips and parties.

It makes sound up to 4 watts and doubles when used as a speakerphone. It is a very cheap product and includes a portable Bluetooth speaker, a USB cable, a 3.5 mm audio jack, a travel pouch and instruction manual. What more can a man ask for!

It is a very likable product due to its good looks and traits. It will look great sitting at a desk at home or whether at work. I give this product a thumbs up and so should you?

Boss Champion 20

Boss is the company which knows sound like the back of its hand and so they present to you the new sleek and stylish Champion 20 speakers.

These beauties are actually beasts when it comes to producing sound.

Moreover, they come with a control pod, which allows you to adjust volume, connect your headphones or other music devices with it.

Also, the silvery color of these speakers gives it a very modern look and they look great sitting next to your computer or laptop. This product is space-efficient taking very little area, although they do not come with a subwoofer but the sound that they produce is phenomenal and will make you fall in love with them instantly.

Unfortunately, these speakers are not wireless or otherwise they would be the have-it-all speakers.

Apart from that, these speakers are the champions and should be bought if you want to give your writing table a bit of a bling!

Factors to consider before buying Computer Speakers/FAQ

Expensive does not mean high quality

While buying your computer speakers, you do not necessarily have to pay a lot to get good sounds. Some cheap speakers are also available that produce studio-like sounds, you just need to look a little deeper.

Bass and Treble Control

It is always nice to own speakers that have this option because bass and treble adds a little party to music, allowing you to enjoy music like you have never done before. Also if the neighbors shout at you, you can always reduce the bass level without having to stop playing music all together.

Features to look for

There are a number of features that you should keep your eyes open for as these will maximize your investment in speakers because you would be taking advantage of these extra added characteristics as well.

  1. First comes the multiple Auxiliary inputs, which would keep you the liberty of using your computer speakers with other devices e.g. mp3 player, iPod etc.
  2. Secondly comes the option of being wired or wireless, where whenever you need you can play music through your Bluetooth option, relieving you of the burden of wires. This decision is entirely you own whether you want speakers with Bluetooth connectivity or not.
  3. Accessories like remote control, which would allow you to control sounds from a distance and not making you get up and go to the computer every time you need to adjust the volume.
  4. Looks can go a long way! Well one important aspects of buying speakers we usually forget is to consider the external look of the speaker. If it’s pretty then it will look pretty sitting next to your computer, adding a little beauty to your once boring writing desk!

Portability and Adaptability

Another important aspect to ponder upon is to see whether your chosen speakers are light in weight and have a petite size. This will make them easy to carry around, once you choose to shift them to another place.

Need them for…

You always need to be clear about your use, whether you are buying speakers for office or home use. This little consideration brings a lot of difference to the speakers you may choose.

Office is a corporate place, where you need speakers for work, so any good quality speakers would do and you would not be needing speakers with all the added features and specs until your work is related to media industry.

More speakers do not mean more fun

Buying the 5.1 or 7.1 speakers do not mean you will now get a surround sound experience, because a lot of things go into getting the best sound out of three or more speakers. As this would mean sound coming out of many outlets at the same time and so in order to get the most out of them the speakers placement, distance from one another, room size and many other factors need to be considered. This makes it a complex job, so I recommend buying 2.1 speakers for your computer.

Advantages of computer speakers

There are several advantages of computer speakers like:

  • They help alert the user if he/she makes an error or the batteries running low.
  • They really make your movie experience worth a while, with enhancing the sound quality and bringing the picture to life.
  • Using computer speakers is best while playing online games, which adds to the thrill and excitement.
  • They create the perfect ambiance for giving out presentations where a little video clip or audio track is involved.
  • They help blind people by turning words into sound so that they can easily benefit from computers.

Disadvantages of computer speakers

Everything has its pros and cons and so do computer speakers, while the pros have been listed above here are some cons:

  • The loud sounds that it produces can be disturbing for others.
  • They can be expensive.
  • Regularly listening to loud sounds can damage your hearing.


Buying computer speakers can be a game-changer for many as they fill your boring colorless life with a new flare of fun. We have offered her some of the best computer speakers which will definitely help you make the right decision, as we offer the perfect balance between looks, sound and budget.