13 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses

The Korean entertainment industry is very strong and is flourishing with every passing day. With the growth of the industry the beautiful Korean actresses have also grabbed some international attention. Here are the most beautiful Korean actresses who are perfect divas with velvety white flawless skin and smooth curvy bodies making them no less than any Hollywood actress.

1. Choi Ji Woo

Choi Ji-woo is the most respected and appreciated name of the Korean film and television industry. Choi is one of the most famous actresses of Korea who has alluring good-looks. With beauty she carries grace that makes her exceedingly elegant and desirable all over the world.

Choi has appeared in some famous movies and is known all over the world for her astounding work. She has also earned recognition in the TV industry; Winter Sonata, Twenty Again, Beautiful Days and Temptation are one of the most famous dramas she has worked in. She is a brand ambassador for some famous brands. Choi has a sound reputation in the world and has been awarded a several times in certain big platforms as well. Choi has shared camera with Paris Hilton in Marie Claire photo shoot and has appeared in New York Fashion Week.

The 41 years is not married yet though there were speculations that she is going to marry her co-star Lee Seo Jin but she denied to all of it. Choi says that marriage was a fantasy for her in her 20s and 30s but now she thinks as long as she is happy being single she wouldn’t get married and have regrets.

2. Park shin Hye

Park shin Hye is one of those young attractive actresses that Korea has got, who attained worldwide fame in a very young age. She has been named in the Forbes list of 40 most powerful celebrities of Korea as well. The gorgeous diva started her career playing the young role of the main actress in the mega blockbuster Stairway to Heavens.

The actress has appeared in several roles, initially she wasn’t applauded hardly by the critics but gradually her work was getting acceptance and was appreciated by the people. Her most famous work includes you’re Beautiful, Heartstrings, Doctors, The Heir and many more. The actress has also appeared in some worldwide famous movies such as The Miracle in Cell No. 7. This movie had grossed the third highest revenue in the history of Korean films and she was awarded for the best actress after this in the Baeksang Arts Award and the Punchon Film Fest.

The actress has not only got an exquisite face but is also involved in charity work and is struggling for the cause of underprivileged children. The actress isn’t yet involved with anyone so far but she has revealed that she has had certain affairs in the past. She also said that she felt that she doesn’t have all the time for relationship at this stage of life so she may not be seeing anyone for quite some time.

3. Yoon Eun Hye

Yoon Eun Hye is a former member of the famous Korean band Kpop girls group “Baby V.O.X.” She was not much famous during her time in the band. It was when she left the band and joined TV for the first time appearing in the drama Princess Hour that she got all the stardom and fame befalling before her. Yoon is a soft classic Korean beauty with pleasant smile and has a graceful personality. Yoon is one of the gorgeous Korean actresses that have been awarded multiple of times for their work.

The admiration for Yoon’s looks and work is growing ever since she broke with her band and appeared in TV after 2005. Some of her commendable work is Coffee Prince, Missing You and her appearance in the variety shoe X-man. She has also received some great awards such as Baeksang award, The MBC drama awards, and the Star News Chief Producer’s Choice Award for various categories.

Yoon is an international star who works in China, japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well and at the same time she has started her own fashion designing business. So the 32 years old involved herself in tons work and may just have missed on finding a life partner and is a single.

4.  Song Hye Kyo

Song joined the Korean entertainment industry 20 years ago by joining the modelling profession. However, the gorgeous beauty got veneration after her appearance in the drama Autumn in My Heart. The actress has been ranked as the 18th in TC Candler list of most beautiful faces in 2010.

Song is a renowned and beautiful Korean actress who has appeared in some mega hit movies and dramas. One of her drama All-In was very famous and got high ratings but for some time songs work didn’t break in well and she had to face some harsh roasting. However, eventually the camera and people couldn’t just deny the magnetic beauty and her appearance in the movie Hwang-jin-in brought her back to the limelight. Since years Song has given some high-rating shows and movies of them the most recent example is Descendants of the Sun.

Song was with lee Byung Hun in 2003, the couple were likely to get married until they broke up because of difference in values of life, later Song was seen with Hyun Bin the couple seemed to be magically in love but things went bad and both of them parted ways. Now Song is expected to be involved with Yu A In, though nothing is official but pictures and vague statements hints that there is something to it, only official acceptances from both the parties are in the waiting list to confirm the news

5. Han Ga In

The 32 years old Han Ga In is a phenomenal beauty, she has got milky white silky skin with soft beautiful eyes. Han is a very famous South Korean actress known for her smooth curves. In her initial years her appearance in Yellow-Handkerchief gave her a sound recognition. The camera started loving her looks and she became one of the most prominent and desired actress and model.

Few years back she appeared in the Drama Moon Embracing the Sun and this became the top most rated program of its time. Han also appeared in the film Architect 101 that was a mega blockbuster and the film grossed a large amount all over the world.

Ga-in appeared in a TV quiz show during her high-school times and it was from there that she was offered a role and became famous. Ga-in has worked with some leading international brands; she has appeared in the Asian Airline commercial and done work for various other brands too.

Ga-in got married in 2007 to her co-star Yeon Jung Hoon who shared screen with her in Yellow Handkerchief (2003). The couple just had their first daughter in April, 2016

6. Park Min Young

The Healer actress Min Young is not only a famous Korean actress but she is loved in China as well, during her drama Healing the gorgeous Young was one of the top most searched lady in the Chinese social media. Whoosh! This is like 1 billion people searching her. Now she also works for the Chinese entertainment industry.

The most desired actress appeared in several famous dramas Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Remember-War of the Son, and City Hunter which had pretty high ratings. She also made it to the film industry by debuting in the film The Cat.

The gorgeous South Korean diva has also earned several awards in her life one being for the best debutant for her film The Cat and drama Unstoppable High Kick. The actress also gave some great music videos as Haru-Haru, Love Story, and Don’t Say Good-Bye.  The actress has also appeared in some of leading international brands commercial such as Lipton ice tea, LG and Korean airline.

The 30 years old gorgeous is yet single but she is a big fan of experiencing the magic of love and having a beautiful family. In an interview with paparazzi she said that really wants to get madly in love, get herself married to the right guy and have a sweet perfect family.

7. Moon Chae-won

The 30 years old dazzling actress has a South Korean origin, she is one of the very few Korean actresses who got fame very quickly. Moon is an actress with beauty and brains she carries a wonderful charming personality that instantaneously attract the audience.

A year after her first gig in Mackerel Run, Moon was offered a role in Painter of the Wind and that made her famous and known in Korea. Moon has played the lead role in Brilliant Legacy that became a big hit and consequently Moon became one of the top class actresses of Korea. The Princess Man, War of the Arrows, Good Doctor, Innocent Man, Its Okay Daddy, and Good Doctor are then the name of just some other top-rated high grossing projects that moon has appeared in.

Moon has also received several honours and awards over the limited time of her career of them one is the Grand Bell Award for the best new actress and Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival Award for the best actress in 2015.

The cute 5.6” actress is single and hasn’t yet disclosed about any affair or relationship. There is yet a lot more to come from the young, talented and charismatic actress.

8. Kim Tae Hee

The 36 years old Kim Tae Hee is one of the well-known and pretty faces from the Korean show business. The actress belongs to South Korea and has worked for the both Korean modelling and television industry. She has adorable soft features and brown hair that blends in well with her creamy white skin adding to her beauty.

The actress has appeared in several dramas and is an ambassador for various famous Asian brands. Her most famous dramas are IRIS, Young Pal, Sage of Calligraphy Wang Xi Zhi, My Princess, Love Story in Harvard, And Stairway to Heaven in which she played the role of negative sister and stood out. Kim Tae Hee is 5.4 ½ in height that is pretty decent in Asian region and is a famous model as well. Kim Tae Hee is educated and has studied in the Seoul national university.

As soft and pretty she is from outside the Korean people find her the same from inside as well, she has a charming and lovable personality. Kim and Rain, a famous Korean singer, were heard to be together a few years ago. They after some time of the relationship admitted they were together and now the couple is one of the hottest topics of Korea. They make a perfect duo both are at the most desired people of Korea, are at peak of their careers and are likely to get married sooner.

9. Eugene (Kim Yoo Jin)

Eugene is South Korean beauty who has got the flawless velvety soft shiny skin and attractive features making her one of the beautiful Korean actress. The actress is a former member of the girls group called S.E.S. she was already very famous before her acting career. In the 90s and in early 2000s Korea loved her as singer even when she parted her ways form the group she gave in some successful solo albums.

Eugene for the first time mad it to the big screen by appearing in the film Unstoppable Marriage that did a decent job at the box office. Some of famous dramas that Eugene has appeared in is One Mom And Three Dads, Kim Takgu, King Of Baking and the very famous top-rated A Hundred Year Legacy. Eugene has also done some successful hosting in the variety show Happy Together Friends and Get It Beauty. With all this the unbelievable gorgeous Eugene is also an author to two books.

Eugene got married to the Korean actor Ki tae young in 2011 and she is mother to a cute daughter now.

10. Ha Ji-won

The South Korean actress Ha Ji-won originally named Jeon Hae-Rim is a famous international star.  Some of her big hits that are world-wide famous are Hwang Jini, Secret Garden and Empress Ki. The actress has been struggling since early 90s and finally made it to the entertainment industry by appearing in new Generation Report: Adults Don’t Understand Us. Ha’s biggest breakthrough was her role in the drama Beautiful Life in which she played the lead role.

Ha appeared in many famous films and dramas in her career and has received many awards and accolades throughout. She has also been honoured with the Baeksang award for most popular actress. Just like many Korean actresses Ha did not limit herself to acting; in fact she tried herself in singing and was commended for her soft melodious voice. Though music is an on-off thing for Ha but still she managed to collect some achievements, she has recorded several OSTs and made her albums too.

Ji-won has confessed to relationships earlier in her life but right now she claims to be single though there are very hot rumours that there might be something between Ha Ji-Won and the Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin who is 6 years younger than Ha.

11. Lee ha Nui

Lee ha Nui known as Honey Lee is one of the curvaceous actresses with soft, creamy light skin. The actress has also secured 3rd place in the Miss World Competition in 2007. The vegan actress has her origins from South Korea. The vivacious actress has also won the miss Korea pageant competition becoming a beauty pageant.

The actress made it to acting after her debut in Partner after that she has done several films and dramas. Her famous dramas include Pasta, Shine or Go Crazy, Shark and Modern Farmer. She has also given in some block buster films such as Deranged, I am a king, and Tazza: The Hidden Card.

The Korean beauty is a multi-talented actress who has pulled it off in singing and presenting as well. She has hosted a vegan recipe cooking show, ha-nui has co-hosted Real Time TV Entertainment, and she frequently appears in talk shows. The overpowering beauty endorses for leading brands as tommy Hilfiger (Korea) and vogue.

Ha-nui is recently with the Korean actor yoon Kye-Sang they have had been together for quite a long time. The couple is in the career building stage of their life and don’t have any marriage plans for now.

12. Jun Ji Hyun

Jun started her career with modelling and acting, she appeared in a film White Valentine but her major breakthrough was the Samsung commercial that gave her popularity, her effervescent  dance was admired all over Korea and she became an icon since then. Jun did many famous films after that such as My Sassy Girl which was not only highest grossing but was translated over many languages and premiered world-wide another film of her The Thieves was also a box office sensational.

Jun has also appeared in Hollywood film Blood: The Last Vampire, she had learned martial arts for the film and did a decent job. Jun has worked for the Chinese entertainment industry as well. Jun has also had the honour to be the first Korean actress to be selected by any International magazine for photo-shoot when she did a photo-shoot for the Vogue Magazine.

In 2016 Jun was also listed in the Forbes for Koreas top 40 most powerful celebrity, she was also in the top 10 most powerful celebrity category a year prior to this. Jun has also appeared in many ads and has a very powerful statistics, in every ad she appears she moves the company sales up. For example SK telecom, the clothing line Nepa in china, Samsung zipel refrigerator, reebok sportswear and many more experienced sales rise after casting her in their ads. Jun got married to Choi Hun-Hyuk in 2012 and they have a son together.

13. Ji hyo-song

Hyo-Hung’s original name is Song Ji-hyo, she is a south Korean actress and model who made it to the entertainment industry by playing a part in Wishing Stairs after that she did some famous films and dramas the most famous Being Princess Hours, Jumong, A Frozen Flower, Emergency Couple, and Ex-Girl Friend Club.

The actress is a also a Maestro in hosting variety shows her vivacious personality does so well in the variety shows that after her appearance in Running Man the production team of the show organized another season as well. Her casual and charming personality allured all the Asian audience.

Ji hyo song is elegant smart and at the top of her career, she is considering settling down on finding the right man but for now she is single.


The Korean entertainment industry is filled with dazzling beauties but these were the most beautiful Korean actresses the industry has, who aren’t only famous in Korea but are an iconic figure internationally as well.

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