10 Famous Black Country Male Singers

Country singing has its origin rooting back to the southern States of America. The elements of traditional ballads and cowboy style with classical music attracted people and made this genre popular in the 40s. Country singing has gained recognition ever since. Though country singing is dominated by the whites but some of the famous Black Country male singers have also attributed to country singing, of them the most popular are the ones we picked.

#1. Charley pride

Credits: wikipedia.com

credits: wikipedia.org

Charley Pride, originally named Charl Frank Pride, was very passionate about singing since a young age. He learned to play guitar on his own, in his early 20s, he made it to the baseball team which was also one of his dreams. It was during a trip to Nashville that pride met Jack Johnson who promised him a contract.

A year after this incident pride recorded his first song which was then forwarded to RCA it was accepted and his song snakes crawl at nights became a big hit. Pride has given many major solo hits of them the prominent ones are is anybody Goin’ to San Antone, just between you and me, and Kiss an Angel Good Mornin.

Pride has received many accolades over the decades; he has received an Academy of Country Music Award and a Grammy along with various other awards. He is the second African-American to become a member of Grand Ole Opry. Not only that but his name has also been entered in Country Music Hall of Fame which is  probably the highest honor for a country artist.

He has a melodious voice which is ruling the world of country music since decades and the lyrics of his songs, mostly written by him, has just throbbed the hearts of his devotees. He lives in Texas with his 3 children and a beautiful wife Rezone.


#2. Carl ray

Carl’s melodic voice and his charming personality never let his fans down. Carl has a natural charisma of hypnotizing his audience; he makes them move with him. Carl has adopted a unique style of singing; he blends in the country music with the contemporary and gives a fresh thing to the audience’s ears. That is what makes him popular even beyond the borders of America.

Carl was devoted to country music since his childhood, he mentions it repeatedly that he was a fan of the song funky music white boy. His passion made him one of the most famous international country singer. Carl has a dream that his songs do the same magic with the audiences that once funky music white boy did to him.

Carl has given some melodious and heart-aching songs that melt you right away on hitting your ears. One of the most famous is she makes the bad times roll away, and then again. Carl is undoubtedly an impassioned person who carries warmth and tenderness in his voice that captures the heart of his audience and this makes him famous world-wide. He lives with his family in Tulsa.

#3. Aaron Neville

credits: wikipedia.com

credits: wikipedia.org

Aaron Neville is yet a name of another melodious voice. he has given several hits over the years, of which a few were with his brothers as well they grouped together as the “Neville brothers”. Aaron has an African-American background and influence of creole and Cajun in his music often reflects the African-American culture.

Initially, his fame was limited to New Orleans but gradually after Over You and Tell It like It Is he started getting recognized all across America. His famous songs include Everybody Plays Fool, Don’t Take Me Away, Don’t Know Much, All My Life, and Can’t Stop My Heart from Loving You.

Neville had pretty tough time after the Katrina hurricane struck New Orleans, he moved to Nashville and the people of New Orleans couldn’t listen to Neville for a long while. his popularity faded away until he came back into New Orleans in 2008 and sung Bring It on Home that made him rise to fame once again.

Neville has given solo and group albums and he sings for television, movies, and events as well. Neville is a famous name in the Black Country music history. His wife Joel died in 2007, who lost her life while struggling with cancer. A year after her death he married Sarah Friedman and lives with her now.


#4. Milton Patton

Credits: miltonpattonmusic.com

Milton is one of the latest flag bearers of the Black Country singing legacy. Milton was hailed for his performance in NBCs America’s got talent in 2013. The self-acclaimed Arkansas Country Boy is a singer, song writer, and producer.

He released some popular songs that revived the classical country singing. Milton started classical singing when only contemporary genres were the ones that grossed higher. His devotion for the early country songs led him to produce the pure classic type of country songs and revive the true essence of country singing.

Some of the euphonious songs that Milton sang are Get Us In Trouble, The Break Up, I Don’t Blame You, and Long Black Leather Coat. Milton is in his 20s and there is a lot more to come from him. His bold and strong stance makes him a singer who sings for the art rather than for the money.


#5. Darius Rucker

credits: wikipedia.org

Darius Rucker is another known name when it comes to the country singers. Rucker first gained recognition from being a guitarist and vocalist in the band named “Hootie and the Blowfish”. Rucker had co-written most of the songs for the band of which several hit the Billboards chart.

For the first time, Rucker gave a solo in 2002 which didn’t hit big, but Rucker never gave up on singing. In 2008 Don’t Think I Don’t Think about It made it huge and he gained much appreciation after that. It Won’t Be Like This for Long, Alright, History in the Making If I Told You and True Believers are his albums that topped the charts for a long time.

Rucker is the 3rd African-American to get a Grammy first being Charlie Pride. He has performed on many international stages sharing the stage with some great singers as Lady Antebellum (in 2012 in a concert) and many others that include Adele, Lionel Richie, and Edwin McCain. Rucker lives with his wife Daniela Rosa and they have 2 children together.


#6. Cleve Francis


Francis was very passionate about singing since his childhood but his family could not afford to let him pursue a career that had uncertain optimism. However, he did a little bit of singing and playing guitar along with his education. When he became a successful cardiologist during his campaign for AIDS in the 1980s has sung a song we’re All in This Together that became very famous and after that, he preceded with singing as a career.

Francis’ songs are more famous for the causes that are behind it, after his first official song for AIDS he co-wrote and sang many songs for different causes. It was until the song Martin, that he released for the memory and dreams of martin Luther king Jr, that Francis became nationwide famous. In the 1990s after some break, he came back with a hit song love light. His major breakthrough that made him a darling of leading newspapers and magazine was A Tourist in Paradise. After this the American people new about Dr. Francis, a cardiologist, who could sing fabulously.

Francis usually writes and records song along with being president of Mount Vernon cardiology associates. His fondness for and talent gives him the delicacy that singing gifts to people and this makes him a brilliant motivational speaker.


#7. Troy Lee Coleman III

Troy lee who is known by his stage name as Cowboy Troy is a famous American rapper and country singer who is the official member of Muzikmafia. Prior to singing, he was a manager; in 2005 he released his first solo album Cool Loco Motives through the Warner Bros and RAYBAW label. The song became a sensational hit and made it to no.2 in the charts of Billboard’s Hot Country charts and was no.1 in iTunes music stores.

The African-American became a figure of sensation after he sung Our America that hit the hearts of every African-American as the lyrics were all about the memorable speech of Martin Luther king Jr “I have a dream speech”.

Cowboy troy has melody and depth in his singing that makes his song emotional and lively. he infuses modern day rap with country music compelling all the ears listening to him. Troy’s Chicken with the Train reached all heights of fame and also made to 48th position on Billboards top 100 charts. Tory has appeared in many live shows, events, and has given several solos and group albums. Troy got married in 2003; he and his wife have triplets together.

#8. Trini Triggs

The 51 years old Louisiana’s country boy made it to the industry in the late 90s by releasing his first album under the label of MCG/curb records. his heart-throbbing melody caught the audience’s attention immediately.

His first song made it to the Billboards Hot Country Chart and was praised on an international level. After his first hit he has released several country genres mostly under the label of “Asylum and Curb Records”.

Trini’s song Tequila was famous world-wide and was one of the highest grossing country songs for Trini. Some of Trini’s other songs that made it big internationally are Horse To Mexico, We’re Americans, Heaven On The Earth, Shake The Dice, You Make It Look So Easy, and The Last Dance.

Trini’s soft heart-aching voice and his intense looks make him famous. Trini had a career of 18 years and may seem to have a lot more to give in the coming years.


#9. Dwight quick

Nashville’s country singer Dwight Quick is one of the most famous Black singers. Quick is more known for his traditional style of singing that takes his audience to 60s. His traditional style gives the audience the taste of long gone legendaries like Lead Belly and Alan Jackson.

Dwight has a jam-packed audience in events, bars, and lounges back at home in Nashville. he has also been honored with international success and has enjoyed most of his songs hitting the country’s billboard top chart.



These were the famous Black Country male singers that we selected. They have been very sensitive and devoted towards the genre. Their mesmerizing voice and deeply inflicting vocals have been of great importance over the years for the art of singing and there is yet a lot more to come from them.


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